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    Fixing the pants went a long way for those uniforms.
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    You can't do helmets - jerseys - pants three different colors unless one is white. Basic football uniform rule.
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    One of their best looks with the current set. I like it.
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    What you guys are calling "boring" I actually think of as a positive. He doesn't talk through everything and lets the game play out without trying to be the star of the show. Let the game tell the story, with the announcer simply amplifying key parts without trying to become part of it. Similar to how I remember Pat Summerall. Sometimes silence and maintaining an even keel is better than screaming and going crazy. I think that kind of temprement is better when balanced with a more charismatic color guy (John Madden was the perfect counterpart to Summerall). I used to think Troy Aikman was good in that role, but he seems to have lost interest and has been mailing it in for a while now. Also, Tony Romo has raised the bar so high for color guys that all the others have dropped down a notch or five. I like Harlon too, even though his style is different than Bucks. There's no single way to do it, but the difference between the top guys and the jabronis that call Southern Ballsack State College vs Northwest South Eastern A&M is enormous.
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    No it wouldn’t and you should feel bad about even suggesting it.
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    There are quite a few dumb decisions you could dissect with the Rams' new uniforms... the horn split, the name tags, the gradients, the dishwater gray road uniforms... but the disconnect between the sleeves on the home vs road is the one for me that's the hardest to figure out what they were thinking. I mean, I dislike those other decisions, but I can see it as sort of a matter of taste. I like the horn as a single piece better, someone else might not. I like the jersey front cleaner, someone else might like those add-on accessories. I always see gradients as a cheap, minor league relic, someone else might still consider it a valid design choice. I think the oatmeal color goes poorly with the bright blue and yellow, someone else might think it's uniqueness makes it worth it. I get that those things are opinions, and there really isn't a right or wrong. But the sleeves? What? Why do they make the decision to go in such a radically different approach with the curved stripe-like element? And then, having made that decision, why add TV numbers to the road? And then, having made that decision, why stretch them horizontally? And then, having made that decision, why italicize them? What the hell? Wasn't there anybody in the room whose job it was to suggest possibly dialing it back a bit? It reminds me of what I feel when I see the Titans' current mess. It looks like everyone contributed a different idea, and there was no editor there with a scalpel to trim it back. But then, I guess you could say that about the whole uniform.
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    Man, this ND vs. UNC game is an absolutely beautiful uniform matchup.
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    I gotta say, there wasn't much I could do with these Rockets jerseys:
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    Mardi Gras Edition The Mardi Gras set brings back the pinstripes, familiar to NOLA’s basketball fans. The stripes take on the colors of Mardi Gras and the shape of the celebration’s beads.
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    I realize that's a pretty common opinion, but I've always had a soft spot for the white helmet, colored pants uniforms, providing the pants are gold, yellow, silver, or some other very light color. That USFL Breakers uniform is especially nice... one of my top ten all time favorite uniforms.
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    And the helmet can't be white. You can do dark-medium-white, medium-dark-white, but not white-dark-medium or white-medium-dark. Someone's going to post the Wyoming uniform in response to this, or the Chargers blue over yellow. Yes, those are also bad and both are (or would be, in Wyoming's case) better with white pants.
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    I really, really don't get the hate for Joe Buck. I don't think he's great or anything, but listening to him call a game doesn't make my ears bleed. He's fine. People just like to complain.
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    Always hated the gimmicky big-foot secondary logo. The Colorado C is so much better. The A-mountain crest is beautiful and timeless but the Avs could've had much nicer uniforms by emphasising their burgundy and steel blue instead of incorporating bland black in their colour scheme. The Avs' Stanley Cup-winning lineup in the 90's and early 2000's spared their uniforms a lot of necessary criticism.
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    Two more expansion teams that i'll add after another season(1978). First was a name I used before but I really think it works. In the mid 70s, the name Charm City was coined. Plus, the Colts would be there still, and the lucky horseshoe would be an easy tie in. Expect them to stay! Introducing the Baltimore Charms Had to pair them with another team. I deconstructed a logo concept I did for the for the Denver Bears that had this basic idea, but with a db. It's a good idea, so I made it work for the 'Yotes. Introducing the Denver Coyotes. Finally, after I made the chart above, I didn't realize that Minnesota had been worse than Atlanta over their brief history. Their logo looked somewhat outdated going in to the 70s. Thinking of campy cartoon like logos, then something clicked in my head that I could make the shape of Minnesota with a loon. Introducing the look for the loons for 1977.
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    I think the red facemask makes it more "Iowa State" and less "USC". I just wish Iowa State could work in a yellow helmet as an alt.
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    The Chargers blue over yellow is not bad. It is good. And they wear the blue tops with white pants just enough.
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    Unfortunately, I feel like this has been the case in way too many Nike/NFL redesigns. Browns, Bucs, Jaguars, Lions, Rams, Falcons and Titans. All had some nice touches but overall they just seem to be trying too hard. Weird number fonts, awkward wordmark placements, unnecessary helmet modifications and gradients are fine in small doses. But when you do all that at the same time, it's a mess.
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    Pretty sure that's Ronde Barber. Tiki Barber, there's another Giants guy that television executives just couldn't wait to make a mainstream star out of. He was a correspondent for the Today Show for like three weeks and then everyone decided not to bother after all. Maybe he commiserated with Chelsea Clinton.
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    As I look at my schedule and realize that the amount of free time I'm gonna have is gonna be small for a couple weeks, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get another team up. Home - Away: I could have just fixed the problems with their IRL home and away uniforms, matching the hem stripes. But where is the fun in that? So the home and away's are sort of a "Forward Retro", I guess you could say? I recolored the '80-'88 jerseys to fit the black and silver themes right now. Back to the crown logo as the main jersey logo. Used the new wordmark logo to form a new LA monogram which takes its place on the shoulders. I did keep the font, despite not exactly matching the new wordmark, it still fits the vibes in my opinion, so it sticks around. Socks match the hem stripes. I also reformed the primary logo, into one more reminiscent of the Gretzky era logo. It currently takes it's place on the front of the pants. Alternate - I almost went with a straight color swap for the alternate. But I changed from that, reworking the 2014 Stadium Series jersey into a more normal uniform. Complete shoulder yokes, more normal stripes and just more normalcy in general. The new "global" logo is on the chest, LA still on the shoulders. I almost went with a silver helmet on these, after seeing it used with the 2020 SS jersey, but it didn't mesh with the design. Idk, maybe it's me, I just think the black helmet works better with it. Legacy - Not much of a debate here on these. Going with the original (between all the variations from '67-'80) Forum Blue uniforms, this time with the era appropriate hem stripe treatment, but otherwise it all stays the same as from the previous Heritage Nights uniforms. Reverse Retro - Come on. Once you saw Wild Wing was coming back, I know there's at least a few of you that wanted to see good ole Burger King come back . Now granted, the real RR that the Kings went with is gorgeous and easily the better choice than this, but just for the shock factor, I wanted to try it out. Yellow base, with purple to white gradients found throughout. Burger King head on the chest, era-appropriate Kings logos on the shoulders. Tried my best to replicate the number and name fonts. I got probably as close as I could. Since they wore their normal white socks with these, I recolored those to fit here. Helmet and gloves come over from the Legacy jerseys, plain purple pants for these. C&C welcome!
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    Arizona going red/white/red at UCLA: Utah going red/white/white in their newly scheduled game at UW:
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    Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, then.
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    Heads really need to roll with the Ravens. They had a coach that was "not consistently wearing masks" and didn't report his symptoms? That means that they weren't adequately explaining the serious of the situation, and didn't establish consequences for these actions. The coach's discipline should start with losing his job, but the organization itself needs to be held accountable for lack of control. Forfeit actually seems like getting off easy.
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    "Works" as in, you can tell the teams apart? Sure. "Works" as in, doesn't make you want to change the channel? Not so much.
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    Not to mention, the inclusion of light blue makes the Dash logo even better.
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    It’s gonna be great when Washington (hopefully) ends up hosting a 12-4 NFC West runner up in the playoffs
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    New Orlean's current uni set is a bit bland for a city with such a vibrant cultural and architectural history. The primary set features the city’s iconic wrought iron work down the side of the jerseys and shorts. "New Orleans" is shortened to "NOLA" on the navy and white uniforms. This set drops the awful, in my opinion contrasting collar. Association Icon Statement
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    Now its time for the next Independent team.... this is a team that I'd considered placing here because of how they are being ripped off by the Mountain West... a team that is located in the pacific, a team that has a unique look and a unique name.... yeah you probably guessed by now... I have made Independent... HAWAII RAINBOW WARRIORS Hawaii Rainbow Warriors becoming Independent requires it to become a popular travelling team as they play 6 of their games in road attire, 4 games are designated Home games especially with the double homes again a much well known school... the last 2 are reserved for the Alt and whatever they feel like wearing. With Hawaii out of the Mountain West... I feel that a team from the FCS would be promoted up to take their place. I mean it's bloody obvious who it is at this point.
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    Unpopular opinion, but I really liked this set too and I'd even prefer this to be used instead of the black pants. I know these pants were almost universally hated when they made their appearance.
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    Here's my ranking. I ranked them left to right within each tier based solely on my personal opinion. Most of the league is either average or solid. (Edit: I'd rank the niners a tier up now that I think about it, between Detroit and Las Vegas.)
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    The jerseys look unusually bright in that picture. Almost looks like the 90s shade. It's usually a better match. Not perfect, but better.
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    Are people really complaining about the shade of blue? IMO that’s the one part they nailed.
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    My issue is that it's not the right kind of Slime Green to use... THAT is the Slime Green they should of gone with..... NICK SLIME
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    Puma consistently produces beautiful and unique kits for their African national teams that pull from the colorful and rich cultures of those nations. You can see this with their kits for Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ghana, and others over the years (the most recent iterations of these teams are below). Ivory Coast: https://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2020/10/06/ivory-coast-2020-21-puma-home-and-away-jerseys/ Senegal: https://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2020/10/06/senegal-2020-21-puma-home-and-away-kits/ Ghana: https://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2020/10/05/ghana-2020-21-puma-home-and-away-kits/ I wanted to do something similar for another region of the world where unique and vibrant cultures coincide with a love for soccer, South America. I'll be creating kits for each of the 10 CONMEBOL (South American national team federation) teams using their classic looks, but upgraded with cultural and national imagery in the style of Puma's African kits. C&C is welcome as I have some doubts over how well I captured this theme for some of the teams. First up is Argentina: While Argentina has used white shorts with their classic sky blue and white striped tops in recent years, I've opted to revert back to black shorts as they used for most of their history. A sublimated 'Sun of May' motif is used within the white vertical stripes of the shirt. The 'Sun of May' sits centrally in the flag of Argentina and refers to the May Revolution of 1810, which marked the beginning of the independence from the Spanish Empire. The away kit is a customary dark blue with a sublimated abstraction of a man and woman dancing the tango, the world-renowned national dance of Argentina.
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    I for one think it's perfectly okay to overreact like a crazy person about literally anything when Dan Snyder might be involved.
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    I was thinking about this the other day and the only theory that makes sense to me is that they did not have an obvious shoulder treatment that was working and went down a few paths in terms of ideas. When it came time to pick a single design, the decision makers were split on picking a clear winner so they opted for the stl arch treatment on the home because it matched the helmet better and they absolutely could not resist the allure of having the 1st off-white streetwear inspired uniform in their regular rotation. The combined series of bad choices makes for what will go down as one of the worst redesigns of all time.
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    I understand it's just meant to be temporary, but how hard would it have been to get the helmet numbers to match the jerseys? The plain yellow numbers just look cheap & tacked on.
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    I don't mind Joe Buck. I wish there were more voices in NFL broadcasting, but it's low on my list of priorities. I think Tony Romo is great. So is the NBC team. I'd like Joe Buck and Troy Aikman more if they weren't forced to call Cowboys games every other week. Basically, anyone except for Mike Tirico and whatever dorks ESPN gets for MNF (though I think they're better this year?).
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    I really don't understand why so many owners seem so committed to making their fan base unhappy through uniforms. Maybe they're just really really bad at there jobs, or maybe they just like making people unhappy
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    I’ve got mine: I stand by ranking Denver high and Jacksonville low.
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    What would a design look like that incorporated the St. Louis Browns colors?
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    Nah, but I love seeing them every year for Thanksgiving. Wish Texans had a fauxback to wear.
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    The Mets had two black hats at the same time, which was super weird and totally pointless. They had the all black hat with the drop shadow which was a total mess and was ugly as all hell. But, they also had the road black cap with the blue bill and that is and will always be one of my favorite caps of all time. This should have been the only Mets black cap, and it would’ve been cool to see it used today (with a black jersey) in a similar frequency to how the Cardinals now use the navy cap.
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    Disagree and I don't think Jacksonville SHOULD be in any discussion for best uniforms. Not by a long shot. The current uniform set is too minimalist. About the only thing they got right with the redesign is the helmet. The lack of stripes on the pants are a terrible choice and the jerseys look weird with that teal piping. Another design where Nike crapped the bed and somehow the team approved the crappy look. Ugh. The Steelers are my team since I'm from the area and they are my second favorite uniforms in the league next to the Raiders. I'm definitely not a fan of the color rash uniforms, although I wouldn't mind the black pants with a white jersey to be worn on the road once or twice per season, but even at that, I would still prefer the classic look.
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    Moving onto the next program and back to the SEC where we head to a side that hates Alabama like most people do ((it's like everyone hates raymond or something)) and took their look from the Yale/Harvard winning mentality... however I see these guys as a Old School Giants/Patriots look that is prideful of it's Southern Roots. It makes me want to be a fan although I am more a fan of say the Seminoles for instance because its a team done right by Native American representation. time for the Rebels.... OF OLE MISS!!! Given that Ole Miss has extensive uniform history, it's natural to give these guys two uniform sets... the first is Red themed as in old School Patriots keeping their traditional grey pants but now offering Red road pants in question, the White helmets are unfortuately phased out as a result. Now we have the Giants themed set.... Navy themed home and Navy pant roads, keeping things in check. Thus I kept the Powder Blues and turned the new uniform into an Alt that they wear on special occasions.
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    Great Chiefs Raiders uniform matchup tonight. Love the classic Chiefs uniforms, but have always hated their blank front helmet bumper. And it’s HUGE on Mahomes’ helmet. To demonstrate:
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