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    Yo, something else happened on Monday too... The Spanos family could have done all of this with any NFL stadium fund money, which they would've found via either Bank of America, Chase, or the worst name in finance and NFL/big business' #1 partner...Goldman Sachs
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    If only: Rams in LA by themselves Raiders sharing Lego Levi's Chargers in SD without the clown Jags in St. Louis just because
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    Going to need to grab a pair of those Nets shorts
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    Bed-Stuy ain't Harlem, the Village, or SoHo, as far as internationally famous neighborhoods go. But it has definitely had more of a presence in American pop culture than most neighborhoods in most cities. Do The Right Thing probably did more to put Bed-Stuy on the map than Bigger did. Of course, I doubt the Nets will ever do any Spike-influenced branding, seeing as he's so associated with the Knicks.
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    To expand on this... I like a lot of the ideas on display, but nothing gels together. I'm sure someone will call these "nitpicks," but whatever. It's a public message board. I don't like the navy. Someone keeps trying to compare this to the Astros' rebrand, and no. The Astros' original look the current identity references used navy. The Brewers are trying to reference a uniform set that used athletic gold and royal blue, but they've shifted the royal to navy. It's a downgrade. It looks bland in the Brewers' case. The royal the set does feature is used so sparingly that it adds nothing. The updated ball in glove isn't that great, and the one update that would have made it nicer (the barley baseball) wasn't included. I was never the biggest ball in glove fan, but it's been robbed of all of its charm. And maybe it's just me, but the new navy ball in glove on a navy hat looks REALLY bland. The gold-panelled alternate cap is worse in that it's just ugly. The road alternate script is atrocious. I've seen plenty of bad handwriting in my day, but I've never seen writing that transforms from serifed text to cursive script at the horizontal division. The uniforms lack some unifying factors. The pinstriped homes lack cuff piping. The road greys have it. The alternate cream homes have it, but it's a different pattern than the road greys. The road navy alternate has it in (I think) the style of the road greys, but the colours aren't altered so it functionally looks like a third distinct style of sleeve piping. The utter lack of uniformity across all elements. I touched on this above, but it's a problem that covers both jerseys and logos. The jerseys feature a terrible "Milwaukee" script on the road alternate and block "MILWAUKEE" text on the road primary. That doesn't match. The above-mentioned sleeve piping doesn't match. The logos are all over the place. The primary is completely unnecessary. The beer barrel man, as nice as he is, doesn't appear on anything, making him unnecessary. The ball in glove logos feature a baseball that's distinct from the stand-alone barley baseball. The Wisconsin alternate is....also there? Logo-wise the team is all over the place. They really only need two, maybe three, logos. All in all? It's better than what they had, but it's far from perfect. It seems like the team was divided on whether they wanted to go with the inaugural beer barrel man/block M identity or the latter ball in glove identity. Someone should have taken charge with a decision one way or the other, but instead we got an identity with too many disparate elements all fighting for space. Everything looks fine on its own, but the whole set isn't coming together for me. Probably because it's made out of elements from different identities with no real effort to make it a cohesive package.
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    One of the very best rebrands in sports this year. No pun intended, but the Brewers covered all the bases on everything, from acknowledging their heritage and history to making little updates.
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    I think the Nets have largely got it right (apart from the on-court product) since they moved ... but the optics of the people who will wear those jerseys in 2020 Bed-Stuy vs. the Bed-Stuy of 25 years ago that they're allegedly paying tribute to says so, so much.
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    It’s not even so much a rule that’s in place, it’s simply the logistics of it all. The operations side of these teams are still run on about as shoestring of a budget as they can possibly get away with. I guarantee you everything from their crests they put on the jerseys to their signage has already been ordered and paid for. They would be lighting a HUGE chunk (if not all) of that budget on fire (no pun intended) if they were to back out now. I’ll give you an example. My club made the very slightest changes to their crest last season, and one of those changes caused our fans to absolutely flip out. They decided to remove the championship star from above the kit crest (there was a logic behind this, and while I disagreed with it, I understood it). People had a meltdown and the club attempted to rectify the issue nearly immediately. The problem was, the final design had already been submitted and by the time they realized how big of an issue it was, everything had already been ordered and was in production. They found a middle ground (that wasn’t exactly ideal, but it worked), but with a lot of this kind of stuff, the point of no return is WAY before the official unveiling. That’s one of the biggest issues with this Nike style “market research” they keep talking about. They spend so much time and effort trying to build up these metaphors and brand speak to explain every little detail, that they often times overlook the most crucial aspect of this whole process. Common sense. Instead of asking why each line or shape connects to their city or culture or fan base or whatever, they should be asking themselves the most basic questions. Such as “Does this, without any context, actually look good?” Or, “Does this have the potential to alienate or anger out most loyal supporters?”. Even harder questions such as “How can this be negatively interpreted by people who aren’t in the design room?” are so often ignored or forgotten about that it makes me want to pull my hair out. You cant foresee every potential issue with this kind of stuff. Hell, you’d be lucky to foresee ANY of the issues that later become problematic. But sometimes you have to simplify your thought process and ask yourself the most basic questions before you make huge choices like this. Oh, also... Burn baby burn, Soccer Inferno.
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    Yeah, that’s the problem with this particular design. For as much as it absolutely sucks (probably the worst I’ve ever seen), you can tell by the way they’re marketing it that the club has thrown just about every chip they’ve got into this. The difference between this and the Houston logo they scrapped is that Houston hadn’t started producing the physical materials in enough numbers to really hurt the budget. Chicago Fire, I’m almost certain, already has HUGE shipments of merchandise banners/signs, promotional materials, graphics packages, etc that’s already been made up or under contract to be made and there is absolutely no backing out of it at this point. Notice how they’re being pretty much dead silent right now despite the backlash? That’s because even though they know with 100% certainty that people HATE this, they’re already way too far along in the process to reverse this. As of now, they’re just trying to ride it out hoping the negativity dies down. Thats also another reason why every single member of the front office that had anything to do with this should be :censored:canned. They’re lying about taking “18 months” to do market research on this. The response wouldn’t be so overwhelmingly poor had they done even an ounce of due diligence to make sure this wasn’t going to bomb this hard.
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    Others have said it before, but it needs to be repeated. Nike needs to stop.
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    Actually, my a$$ has spent too many nights in Lakeland in my lifetime. I had family who lived there until they wised up and moved to Brevard County. Though no place I've ever been in Florida beats Arcadia . All I was pointing out was that municipal governments like to raise the bed/room/rental car tax because those impacted by them generally can't vote there.
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    Most of the time when you try to appease everyone you end up pleasing no one that might be part of the problem here.
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    Bridgeview was Soccer Glendale, and after a few years of trying, they finally found a way to break the lease that everyone could live with. There's nowhere else in the market for them to play but Soldier. Anyway, the Fire's Supporter of the Year and Entire Focus Group sees what the real problem is here:
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    Frankly, if that's the case, neither the team or the league deserve the support of a single fan/customer.
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    Absolutely. There isn’t a price you can put on fixing a mistake that has the potential to be deadly. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I have enough faith in the team or the league to take this seriously enough to do something about it.
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    No. I will not stand for this unacceptable crazy talk. ALWAYS intend your puns. Even when you don't, at least pretend you did
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    Holy crap they actually did it lol. The Instagram comments are hilarious.
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    I've never heard of it I mean I'm just a Jewish kid from suburban Ontario, so you know. This stuff was sort of outside of my "orbit" as it were, but that does prove @Gothamite's point to a degree. I'm not sure I, or my "demo," is who Nike or the NBA are targeting, but still. Not everyone's into the stuff you're into
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    Hold the phone. They're wearing these 28 :censored:ING TIMES. TWENTY. EIGHT. 35% of their games, and damn near every game in January and March, will have the team wearing a uniform with something that NOBODY outside of Brooklyn has even the slightest clue what it means. Jesus H. Christ.
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    And because of course, those impacted by that tax with some exceptions, can't vote in Orange County elections.
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    Ain't about city money since most Florida cities have small city limits, with JAX as the outlier. It is about county money and Orange County spends freely on sports venues to the degree that they just approved to spend an additional $60M for the recently rebuilt Camping World Stadium to try to get 2026 World Cup games. They totally don't mind raising the Bed Tax another 1% cause kids need to see Mickey and parents ain't staying in Lakeland!.
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    Those St Louis uniforms are just gross.
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    I think it's both funny and sad that the people on these boards do unpaid work about a billion times better than "professionals" who have their work used. Excellent work here!
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    That.. my friend... is perfection! And much better than the clipart they threw together!
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    Dynamo Houston had to back out of a tone-deaf rebrand semi-recently, didn't they? As I recall, that was just an issue with 1836 being too emotionally charged for Mexicans who don't like that Texas broke off from Mexico. This is accidentally a gang symbol. I think that's much worse. It didn't!
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    What an amazing article. He wasn’t wrong. And then there’s this: What a putz.
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    Really cool concept idea! These have matched really well so far. I like how Vancouver has that rain pattern too, really appropriate. Minnesota has a cool 80s vibe going on, excellent job with that. My only complaint is that your outlines on the logos and advertisements are way too thin. For Hartford, the green of the logo bleeds into the sash too much, so you should either thicken the outline or make the green W white. For Montreal, the thin outlines make the ads (especially BMO) kinda awkward. I'd love to see a yellow & purple take on the Kings, and the SJ Sharks!
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    That’s...... actually not awful. I’m not gonna be advocating for a bunch of teams to bust out full color primary road uniforms any time soon, but if one or two teams want to have a solid color alternate I might not be totally against it, if done right.
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    I enjoyed this comment. It speaks to what people have found palatable about the Cleveland jersey -- it's goofy and ugly, but it's at least reflective of the Cavs franchise. So many of these other jerseys are disposable try-hard ugly designs that will last for exactly one season and then be discarded for something equally disposable yet likely remarkably similar next year. Or even when they're nice, they're barely worth iterating on. The Wizards and Sixers continue to have variations on a theme. Like, beyond the obvious, what really is the difference among these? Or, Philadelphia. In the abstract the idea is nice, but aren't these basically the same? I don't see a good reason for half of those to exist. This is like, 15 years worth of jerseys condensed into 3 seasons. It's madness.
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    Quick idea for a “neo-retro” Angels design using the red and gold color scheme:
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    I had to look up this teams jerseys again for the junior hockey thread, so it reminded me of the coloured pants discussion that sometimes arises. The Swift Current 57's of the WCBL (summer collegiate wood bat league in Alberta and Saskatchewan) have orange away pants. They have white for home, though in some pictures it looks like they do occasionally wear the orange pants at home.
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    The Rockies need to drop black and just be a purple and white team. Maybe with silver and/or cream trim, but black does nothing for them but muddy up a look that would otherwise have them standing out.
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    The only thing that does bother me is a certain blogger saying they are instantly his favorite uniforms JUST because they don't have an sponser ad (he's generally very anti-corporate), really wish there was other uniform or sports logo centric blogs out there.
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    So, I just wanted to address the off-centered wordmarks: -With the serifs, the B becomes wider than the S by a serif, shifting the W slightly right of middle. -The BRE is spaced out more than the WERS are on the actual jersey: (BRE has some space between the yellow border) (WERS are touching at the yellow) -As a result, on the uniform, it appears like the wordmark won't be as off center as it looks. In the case of the road MILWAUKEE: -The placket removes the kerning between the W and A causing the MILW to be shifted left. (Side note: This is very likely the reason the A looks the way it does; if it was a traditional triangular A, the space between the W and A on the uniform would look awful) -As a result, the AUKEE is spaced out a bit more than the MILW: -Again, on the uniform the wordmark is centered. The spacing corrections are barely visible and aren't that big of a deal. I'd rather have inconsistent spacing than this placket garbage:
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    Best look yet at the full Lakers City set: Honestly I think this is pretty sharp, at least in comparison to many of the other new City sets for this season. It could’ve been executed better, but as is it’s a pretty nice look IMO and a vast improvement over last year’s Magic-inspired purple and black design. I’d say it’s at least in the top third of this year’s City Edition collection. And just for fun, here’s another look at the Blazers’ gorgeous City set for this season: Yeah, this is fantastic and puts many of the other City editions for this year to shame. Has to at least be in the top three of this year’s City collection, if not #1.
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    Mutiny and a pirate theme makes sense....Mutiny and a cyber bat doesnt...
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    "The yellow sky represents the storied history of our mayors and our city council, who have long been unparalleled in their ability to piss on us and tell us it's raining."
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    Lol...I don't know if CLT would go over too well...if you know what I mean
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    Horrendous. Absolutely nothing is sacred anymore. What a corny, undignified look from the last team that should be doing that.
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    100 percent roster turnover from a championship team to a bunch of G-League guys plus Willie Cauley Stein.
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    I am so stuck when it comes to the Angels. CASE FOR NAVY CAPS AND UNDERSHIRTS: there's no question that it objectively looks the best; it brings the trim, scripts, names, and numbers into relief; more than any of that it allows the monogram to be clearly seen against the crown of the hat, which seems like the most critical design point of a baseball uniform CASE AGAINST: too much navy and red as it is, makes them look like a bunch of other teams, they've been aping the Red Sox in particular from day one CASE FOR RED CAPS AND UNDERSHIRTS: maximum contrast with the Dodgers, which is important CASE AGAINST: the Big A gets lost, I dunno they already look too much like the Cardinals anyway "no question that it objectively looks the best" would settle the debate with any other team, but in a photo finish I have to go with sticking to maximum red.
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    Mariners are past due for something new and unorthodox, but I'm not sure what. I've wondered whether they could pull off a Japanese League-inspired package somehow.
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    Might need to look up the definition of powder blue LOL
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    Ah, just like the nightmare he had when he realized that people liked Kubrick’s The Shining more than his book.
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    The Pirates’ non-outlined cap is superior to the outlined cap in all instances though, even if the outlined cap matches the alternate. The Mets, White Sox, Indians, and Royals have single color hat logos but outlines on the alternate jersey. The Mets don’t need the outline on the hat to match, either.
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