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    Been a while since I posted something in here, but the talks about new uniforms for the Pats inspired me. I threw this together this afternoon, and I hope the team goes in this direction. I think this shifts away from some of the dated aspects of the current uniforms and back toward the classic elements seen in the pre-90's and color rush uniforms while keeping the core components of the one of the biggest brands in football.
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    It's not a fishing rod, it's a baseball bait.
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    The top one is actually a modified version of a concept posted on here over a year. It's so simple that it works.
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    I think that one on the right is the winner.
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    Easy. The NFL wouldn't let them ditch the St. Louis-era jerseys for throwbacks and still let them debut new uniforms when their stadium opens. So they had to keep the StL look around as a stopgap. They could wear the throwbacks as a de facto "home" look, but they still had to wear the white, navy, and old gold StL uniforms for half the season. They really wanted to get away from the St. Louis look though, so they swapped the gold horns out for the white horns. Since white horns on blue was an exclusively LA look for them. It wasn't meant as a long-term direction for the team. Just a way to diminish the St. Louis navy and old gold until such time as they could roll new unis out with their new stadium. Of course this hodgepodge could have been avoided had they taken the NFL up on their offer to switch to the throwbacks full time across the board when they moved to LA. They opted against that though, because doing that would have re-set the clock on uniform changes, and they'd have to wait five years before changing again. Which meant they couldn't debut in their new stadium with new unis. The Rams were dead-set on that happening, so they created the half-and-half "compromise" look for a few seasons to bridge the gap. That would have been ok I guess had the new uniforms for the new stadium worked out, but it looks like they're going to botch it. Making the whole LA Rams uniform story kind of a huge cluster Should have just gone with the throwbacks when they moved back and called it a day.
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    Well since everybody else is jumping off the bridge with their fixed versions of the Falcons logo...
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    So you're telling me the Rams' new look could potentially have more actual creamsicle in it than the Bucs' new look?
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    Here is my attempt at fixing their current logo. Preferring the one on the right.
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    I feel like that logo could use an extra red outline. They had it on the jersey and I think adds just enough.
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    Their super-futuristic stadium is 14 years old. I'm not saying that to be argumentative. I just think it's crazy how time flies!
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    I hope it works, but surely we need more data than 20 people and the endorsement of some guy with bad hair in DC.
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    I agree with that I just personally don't think it should be the Patriots even if they did rock it for 3 decades + Bills are ideal, Giants are blue and so that leaves the new guys. Houston, looking at you.
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    I don't really see the appeal in giving the Cardinals a traditional look again. Despite being the oldest team in the league, there really isn't this rich iconic history that they would be referencing. I could get on board with the direction more if there was this great brand recognition with the Cardinals of old and everybody associated their uniforms with iconic football moments, but outside of Pat Tillman that's far from the reality. In reality, they're a modern team with legends like Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner that helped really put them on the map over the past decade. Going forward, they're running what is probably the most cutting edge offense in the NFL lead by Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray. They play games in a super futuristic (spaceship-like) stadium. None of these things make me think that returning to a super old school look makes much sense. Outside of those considerations and without having the ability to even lean on things like nostalgia or rich tradition, you're ultimately left with a really dull uniform that is just not aesthetically-pleasing enough to justify bringing back from the dead IMO. Side note, if a team tried to tack a giant state flag on their sleeves in 2020, this board would be coming for their head.
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    Sometimes that's exactly what's needed.
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    I really wish they would just scrap the rams :censored: all together. Maybe the corona can help them pass time to get it right.
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    Yes that's because I made it in 15 minutes in Photoshop. I'll see if I can stop mass-production at Nike, but it might be too late at this point.
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    When your logo slick has to have that many distinct colors on multiple applications, maybe rethinking the gradient style would be a good idea. Granted, this team is almost certainly rolling things back at the first opportunity. It's just a matter of hoping that it's not too awful-looking on the uniforms.
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    They're both used in shadows, depending on the color of the LA. The heritage navy is used as a shadow on the light-background LA logo. The bone is found on the dark-background version.
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    I imagine if the Phanatic deal goes really south we could be seeing them again more.
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    What's even more curious, is that this new "Sunset" color is in fact, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Florida Orange/U. of Tennessee Orange:
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    Thank you to everyone for the comments! Feels great to hear those things based off of small pencil drawing alone. That said, I hope the enthusiasm continues with the next step:
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    BAM! Forward motion old logo! Take that A off and let’s roll!
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    I'd say it's less popularity and more of a combination of being famous and infamous at the same time depending on what side you're on. Polarizing things where you can choose left/right, democrat/republican, good/evil, right/wrong usually capture people's attention. Semantics, I know JESUS CHRIST WHAT ARE WE DOING SOMEONE GIVE US A JERSEY LEAK OR SOMETHING
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    Very true. Similarly, people also hated the Bulls with a passion in the 90s because of all the winning. Every fanbase wanted to beat the Bulls and see Jordan cry. But to think they were unpopular would be a huge error.
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    While I think the Patriots of recent vintage have approached this but not equaled it, it is possible to be both popular and notorious -- See the Oakland/LA Raiders from 1970 thru about 1985 (or maybe I should just say the John Madden/Tom Flores Raiders). [Yeah, I just made myself feel old] BTW - I like notorious instead of unpopular to describe the Pats; the Bengals or the Lions are unpopular outside of their cities (and maybe in them, too), but the Pats are known and disliked. And I know I'm arguing about definitions, which are subjective, too.
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    Dear NFL Uniform Gods, Please give us something substantial to discuss this week. We need it. Thank you, CCSLC Boards
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    Did you know, Nike has no real control over the shells? They're an easy scapegoat, but they wouldn't be the ones to blame for a helmet blunder.
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    It wouldn’t be the Falcons?
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    I mean, was there any danger they were doing a logo change? Uniform tweaks, sure, but I've never heard any serious talk of changing the logo. It's held up well. I think it's a good logo no matter what team is using it.
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    I could buy the 1970s/1980s Patriots being one of those teams where, if you have to list all the teams by memory, they're the last one you get. There's no Boston in the name, so you skip over them, and they were really bad. The Bengals used to be that for me. I remember very clearly when I was getting back into football in 2001, I was in an AOL chat room, and I asked the room: the Cincinnati Bengals, are they still around? is that whole thing still an ongoing concern? You don't hear too much about them anymore, did I miss something?
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    I suspect that the source image for the new Rams logo was found on Google Image search. If you do a GIS for Ram + Sheep it's sitting on the first page. Yes, a picture of a ram should look like a ram but it really seems like it's THIS particular picture t hat was used. Here it is with the logo overlaid on top.
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    Considering they updated the bolt logo, it seems pretty obvious that there will be new bolt decals as well. If you’re wondering if they’re gonna go with vertical bolt decals like the ones in that pattern or the one coming off the ‘A’ in the word mark, then the answer is, quite simply, no.
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    Agreed, it would also help differentiate them from their in state rival cowboys.
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    I’ve always been of the opinion that of the red-blue teams, the Texans should be the ones to go red-heavy.
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    It did. In fact, it even had a blue counterpart that’s virtually never mentioned here.
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    I've seen that painting of the gold jerseys so many times that I am completely convinced that it never actually existed in real life.
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    word filter on the url so that it turns into a picture of an alligator wearing sunglasses
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    I'm going to start doing mod stuff if I see that Rams painting again. Kidding................or am I?
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    I've been wanting the powder blue and consistent bolt treatment for 30 years. This does it perfectly.
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    Anyone think Brady saw the uniforms and said “I’m out!”?
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    Put the Flying Elvis logo on the uniform and you have a great looking set.
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    https://www.fox29.com/news/sixers-michael-rubin-announces-plans-to-produce-masks-hospital-gowns-to-help-in-fight-against-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR3lzC4WPzJwExPbPnZgC4upkkSwKhEsmRx3AT1OcCCtBVbJwdP4WrO4EXc Phillies are letting their fabrics be used for gowns and masks.
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    Magic and Dominique at the 2003 jeep all star hoop it up.
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    This is exactly what the Rams should do. The logo they have had since 2000 is a damn decent logo. I'd understand the want for LA to leave it behind but it's a fantastic logo that looks great in the old color scheme. I'd hate for it to go only to see some boring 'LA' monogram, which I feel will be the case, unfortunately. Good work.
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