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    I feel like they do this stuff to differentiate just enough from prior iterations so superfans feel compelled to buy it. In other words:
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    Soooooooooooo close. The white accents on the blue jersey are completely unnecessary. Regardless, a marked improvement.
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    Because the team has been a total dumpster fire on and off the ice for the last 8-10 years. I'll just be over here breathing into a paper bag to calm myself down...
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    You want a mismatching helmet?
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    I’ll never be a fan of the alternating stripes on the white uniform, especially after they introduced this far superior design: But with that being said, these uniforms are a huge upgrade from the previous ones and the fine details are outstanding. Well done, Sabres!
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    Agreed. It makes the look feel very legit.
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    Maybe also these schools can say "because none of you idiots would just wear a damn mask at Wal-Mart, you're not getting football. I hope you're happy with yourselves."
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    His signature image doesn't match his username, so there you go.
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    Congratulations Sabres fans. You finally have the uniforms you wanted all the way back in 2005.
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    The Captaincy patches from the Turdburger set were excellent too. I wish they'd bring those back.
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    If the Padres brought back the late 70s uniforms, the reception would not have been good like it was imo, when they brought back a modernized retro look. In the NFL, the Bucs made the right call, by bringing back to right era. But even they updated the 2002 Super Bowl uniforms. Every team that made necessary changes to their nostalgia-inspired new uniforms usually got that majority positive reception. The dated flaws of the old look were repaired and polished. The only update made to the Sens 2D logo was that they used the fill tool, to change one of the multiple outlines in that very 90s logo from red to gold. They needed to do a lot more and that's why the new logo hasn't been well received. Many of the return to their roots rebrands have been successful. But this is one instance where the team missed the mark. The Sabres got it wrong the 1st time, but got it right the 2nd time.
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    Buffalonian, Sabres fan, wannabe designer, etc, etc. - I’m disappointed. Of course, to whatever degree, this is all subjective & a matter of taste... carrying over the 50th crest texture is the star of the show, but considering all they really had to do was slightly tweak their old uniforms, when you isolate that task, they took it in several poor directions. The white striping on the blue jersey is indefensible & every bit as clumsy as the weird silver piping we finally just ditched. Considering how minimalist this design is in the first place, that (subjective) misstep stands out like a sore thumb. I can't stand "change-for-change’s-sake” design in sports. I miss the shoulder logos from the original, but I understand dropping them, I guess. The mismatched striping pattern on the whites still bothers me, too. The team supposedly wanted to “modernize” this set, yet kept this clumsy design detail that serves no aesthetic purpose beyond copying the original style (why fans value inconsistent striping for the sake of “tradition” is an entirely separate soap box). If the goal was to bring the OG set into the 2020's, correcting the mismatched striping would have been a far more economic & logical move vs. just clumsily throwing thin white stripes into the sleeves of the home jerseys that already had ample contrast. I know it all seems nit-picky, but when so much of the work was already done in the past, when you look at what this team actually created that was “new” (and what they left on the table in the process), I’m not thrilled. The Winter Classic jersey was a much more respectable push into a clean modern design that honored the original set. Then again, for almost the past two decades, there isn’t a facet of this organization that can get out of its own way.
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    The one thing I think the Sabres were on too but sadly was demolished by the Turd Burger jersey was this wordmark. I hope somehow it can find it's way back into use.
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    It's inspired by the City of Buffalo's flag.
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    I like the white stripes, really makes it pop. I hate that the mismatched sleeve and hem strips are back on the white. They fixed that error, and now it's back. It was dumb then, it's terrible now.
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    Strangely, Christian Vazquez of the Red Sox is wearing St Louis Cardinals socks in tonight's game. If he wanted a fancy sock, why not go with the traditional Red Sox pattern?
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    I'd rate the horns 4th and numbers first, but that's like re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic (or something).
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    This whole #WeWantToPlay thing feels really stupid. Everybody wants games to happen, literally nobody is on the other side of this. Want isn't the issue.
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    I'm not entirely sure you'll ever get a look at the black jersey with white pants. They seem to be really heavily leaning into the all-black, fire, pretend "cutting edge" thing. Considering the all-black is so obviously going to be the main look, they have that nasty gradient thing they'll have to wear at least once, and they have a somewhat popular throwback uniform that checks the black over white box, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they new uniform never shows up on he field in the black over white form. That number font gets more atrocious every time I see it. I think it's replaced the Buccaneers' outgoing font as the NFL worst.
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    Can't we just get some of that Russian vaccine and pump the players full of it? Putin said it works, and he's never given me a reason to doubt his claims.
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    While I don't agree with all the rankings (NJ & Pitt ahead of Wings??), this is one of the more entertaining and creative critiques that I've read lately. I got a chuckle out of the "blobfish of the NHL" line. Just curious- If the Whalers were still around, where would you hang their hat? This was a good read, Cherry.
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    There were issues with the previous one - the 'pause button' effect for one - but it's so much better than the complete mess they've gone with here. Have we talked about how big the front numbers are? Every combo but the white on white is a clown suit - even the black on white. I can't even look at the black jersey because it looks like there's some weird effect on the numbers because of how the red and black meet - almost like when you're watching an old 3d movie without the glasses. The organization should be ashamed about this. I'm not sure if they're Bucs-level or Browns-level bad, but they're in that discussion - which says a lot.
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    I'm satisfied, and a little shocked they didn't screw it up. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/video/return-to-royal-uniform-reveal/t-277437090/c-5399327
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    Wow, this is so very, very good. I agree that the white is unnecessary on the homes. Worse, it interferes with the interaction between royal and gold. I love the names, unburdened with the white outline. Without any white to blur the line and clutter the design, the two colors play off each other gloriously. I know that teams feel the need to add a number outline to make the jerseys look less "cheap" or some such nonsense, but in this case gold numbers by themselves would have been so much stronger.
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    Unfortunately, they did screw it up by bringing back the ridiculous mismatched stripes on the white sweater. I will never understand how anyone thinks that looks good.
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    Meh. It’s part of their signature look. It’s a flaw that really “makes” the uniform, you know? I do like the little white stripes as well, but I can see why it’s a flaw for some people. The updated crest looks fantastic, as well as the entirety of the road uniform and typography. It’s nice to see the Sabres didn’t completely screw it up!
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    Did everyone else get a personalized hanger effect, or was it just me? 9.5/10 The white stripes on the blue jersey could have been done better. The white jersey is perfect, which is what is most important to me. It's my all-time favorite jersey for anything.
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    Someone mentioned it earlier, but the fact that the yellow stripes on the shoulders carry a passing resemblance to St. Louis' Gateway Arch is hilarious to me. I can't NOT see it.
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    Oh ye of little faith.
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    like the choice of the helmet logo. nice way to break things up with the logo. I had heard a rumor they were going to have the B/Sword shoulder logo again. I'm kind of glad they didn't put one at all. More of a vintage look and obviously better than having the primary logo there again. I agree on the alternating stripes on the road. I'd have preferred they match the arms but to me that is a "Buffalo thing" so what the hell. give them a quirk to their identity again. and whoa... that flag is aggressive. Where's the sponsored by Mtn Dew logo?
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    Buffalo Sabres Return to Royal, Unveil New Logo and Uniforms August 11, 2020 - 13:40 PM This morning, the squeaky wheel got its grease. After begging and pleading for darn near twenty years, Buffalo Sabres fans finally got their royal blue back. With the goal of creating “a timeless uniform system that respects team heritage and looks boldly towards the future as well”, the Sabres today Read More...
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    i don't mind the idea of adding white to the home uniform, but i don't like it this way. I feel it'd look better if the white stripes were around the center stripe, like how Edmonton did their red stripes around the copper. overall though it looks nice. Logo is awesome. Happy they went with a regular collar, no laces. Clean. Interesting that the pant stripe looks to be solid gold with no white.
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    Vast improvement. Don't understand the need for the white trim on the home jerseys.
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    Agreed about the white accents, but beggars cant be choosers i guess.
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    I kind of agree that we're going through a 90s nostalgia phase, but as objective as I can be as a lifelong Sens fan, I really think the 2D Sens logo is just... the better logo. I would have liked to see the design modernized a bit, but I'm still excited about the new/old look. I know we've been seeing a lot of the kachina Coyotes logo, and I've always loved that one too, but I think it works better as a third jersey. The Sharks and Ducks and others have better looks right now, no need to go back in time for them. Not everything from the 90s translates to a better primary logo these days... I just think the Senators one actually does.
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    Up next: The Milwaukee Hops Logo Uniforms Updated league poster: C&C Welcome.
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    WINDSOR SPITFIRES The Spits have gone back and forth over the years on whether they should be a blue team or a red team. I decided to focus on double blue, with red accents, much like the flag of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). The primary is an update of their previous logo, which I've always liked, but which warranted a refresh. I made the frame the shape of a hockey rink, and tried to emphasize the hockey stick shape of the contrails. The shoulder patches are based on the RCAF roundel, using a 'W' for Windsor, and an 'MR' for former captain Mickey Renaud, who died of a heart condition during the 2007-08 season. I'm going to do a wacky, "Turn Ahead The Clock"-style alternate as well, but I wanted to have something more classic to replace the old throwback jersey. I came up with this 'W'-propeller logo: It seems a shame to relegate this to an alternate, as I think it's better than a lot of teams primaries will turn out, but I like the plane-on-a-rink even better. I'll have uniform concepts up as soon as I can, but please let me know what you think of these logos!
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    I like the latest version of the New Orleans logo, with the off-centre basketball, the best. My quibble is with division names. All of the cities in the "Central Division" are included in at least some definitions of the Midwest, but none of the cities in the "Midwest Division" are considered to be in the Midwest, in any definition I've heard. I think you can either leave the Central name as is, or call it the Midwest, but the current Midwest Division should be renamed. The easiest solution is probably just to swap the names of the Central and the Midwest. It also bothers me a little that Pittsburgh isn't on the Atlantic and Utah isn't on the Pacific, but I think those are acceptable compromises, and certainly not as confusing as the current NHL or NBA division names. Naming aside, I really like the logos you've posted so far! The basketball puns (Court Jesters, Hops) are a fun element too!
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    I guess I'll be the minority...I like the Brewers cream set better than the pinstripes.
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    I absolutely HATE the mono black for the Saints. The gold pants with either jersey is one of the best looks in the league, obviously I'm a little biased.
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    I admit, I was a bit skeptical of this idea at first. I liked the simple monochrome green look, but I played around with your idea and it's growing on me. Before I revamp the rest of the set though, I wanted to see if this is what you're suggesting: I decided to switch the colors of the front number too, to add more contrast against the word mark. With the addition of the bright green to the word mark and number, I may also add it to the sleeve striping too if it looks good. Otherwise, I included an updated Seattle primary logo and a cap with the bright green drop shadow as well. With the inclusion of the bright green into the primary home jersey (and potentially the away and away alt too), I figured I'd add it to the logo. I struggled with figuring out how to fix the mountains and the stretched-out feeling of them in my Seattle concept, so I went with another direction for this one. I ended up looking up other mountain-related logos to get ideas and ended up basing the primary off the shape/set-up of this logo here. The mountain is based off the view of Mt. Rainier from Seattle. What do y'all think? Should I update the rest of the Cascades accordingly?
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    I didn't think it was possible to dislike those bastards more, but
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