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    Playing around with an idea here. I've long thought soccer kits could do a better job of representing the franchise, city, and supporter culture that is unique to them. Seems to me that often designs are disconnected from that base beyond maybe crests and colors. Stripes, checkers, hoops, sashes, etc. are all great (and for some clubs those design elements become iconic), but more often they're just an abstract design chosen by a designer. No basis in narrative. No story behind it. So for this Timbers concept, I swung the pendulum back for a more literal interpretation of what the Portland Timbers culture is. Crunchy, muddy, rainy Pacific Northwest chic. Roots in logging culture, an evolution towards recreational enjoyment of the outdoors - camping, hiking, and hot coffee mixed with soggy soccer. So this kit is inspired by this little "Timbers Off-the-Pitch Starter Pack" I cooked up: I softened the color palette to mix in more natural greens (olives, sages, khakis) that you see in the forest. Heathered the jersey fabric for a more organic feel. Used the soccer socks to mimic classic hiking socks (can't go wrong with a Kirkland 6-Pack from Costco, imo). The crest on the jersey, shorts, and the league patch are embossed leather patches, that are tough enough for the elements, but still natural and crafted locally. Hopefully this is a kit Timber Jim would be proud of. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feed back. This may or may not become a series... I do want to explore a few other teams and see how their on-field look could better reflect their off-field culture. We'll see if inspiration strikes...!
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    Long post. I’ve acknowledged it once or twice in this thread, but seeing all of the shirts in a single graphic really drives home the point about sublimated graphics. That method of design shouldn’t be the primary way of introducing flourishes to a kit. I would say there are perhaps 3-4 shirts that have a design feature that would be noticeable from more than 15 feet away. Or to put it in other terms, noticeable while watching on TV or in the stands. Those few would be Atlanta (could still be difficult to discern the pinstripes, definitely a downgrade from the stripes), Portland with the half and half, Vancouver, and maybe San Jose, though I’m really splitting hairs about the side panels if I’m qualifying those as “design features.” The others with sublimated designs: Dallas, New England, Nashville, Chicago, Miami, NYCFC, Seattle (rumored leak), Columbus, MNUFC (they’re basically invisible but the water waves are definitely there), and Orlando. None of them will be noticeable on television. This trend of using a base template, using a generic pattern overlayed at 5% opacity, coming up with a BS narrative, and pitching it as “unique” is trash. The league is so generic right now. Where are the stripes? Where are the hoops? Where are the contrasting sleeves or shorts? Pinstripes (which now I’m realizing Cincy isn’t in that graphic)? Sashes? There’s so much more than can be done and instead adidas and MLS roll out these generic “designs” that could be switched out with any other club and pass as legitimate. Take another look and you’ll notice there’s only crew necks, v-necks, and henleys. The majority of the v-necks have the same style applied with a thin contrasting trim color on the collar. So much for “unique.” This is a further problem for an industry that pushes out new kits in the market every year. Adidas has to release the new design each season and none of the kits have time to achieve staying power. I think this industry trend sort of works in international football. Real Madrid or Bayern can look back on 100+ years of history, pull inspiration from old designs, reference their communities (some of which have been around for countless centuries) and try new things. That works for those clubs because there’s so much to use in the creative process. On the flip side, MLS clubs have at most 25 years of history to pull from, while approximately half of the clubs have rebranded with updated identities. Dallas doesn’t use the proper stripes, NYRB sold its soul to an energy drink and doesn’t wear stripes anymore, Chicago isn’t in red with that oh-so-recognizable white stripe, Columbus without a yellow top? - unthinkable, Montreal ditched their well known stripes for a generic black strip, Miami has an awesome color combo but is clueless about how to use it...I could go on and on. MLS really needs some help in the merchandising department. They need to reel it in from adidas and take back some control.
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    Always liked this one, somehow evokes playing catch in the backyard with dad.
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    1977, 1986, 1987, 1989. Each a bigger blowout than the last
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    It would be interesting, but NFL teams in Techfit and tiny UnderArmour numerals is something that I wouldn't really want to see. People give Nike a lot of flack here and they deserve it at times, but they're still the best we have in regards to football right now.
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    How exactly would Team Lebron wears white and Team Durant wears dark or vice versa be a mess? Simmons wears white and Embid wears black or blue. Same with Gobert/Mitchell, George/Leonard. It's not rocket science
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    John Elway was a big deal since the 80s, and so were the Broncos. They had Bills-level stink having lost so many (2?) Super Bowls, but that definitely changed in 1997. It always struck me as weird that the Broncos were the team mocked in the Hank Scorpio episode of the Simpsons. I think it has more to do with how "Denver Broncos" sounds more than, say, "Philadelphia Eagles" or "Arizona Cardinals" or "Indianapolis Colts."
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    I always felt that this was perfect: The same way this was perfect: Though I'm noticing both of those are cursive writing in an increasingly cursive-less world. That probably has a lot to do with it, huh.
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    Remember this isn't just about the folks sitting at home on their couches. You've got announcers, coaches, spotters, officials not to mention fans in the stands that much prefer legible numbers.
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    There was something unique about every team having their own manufacture. I just missing seeing different brands other than Nike and Adidas in US sports. If the NFL never went with 1 sole manufacture, I wonder if more teams would have different uniform templates? Kinda like what goes on in College Football.
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    2013 was my personal favorite. The font alone gives me faux-1980s vibes. I think it's the best of all the WS logos in this millenium without question.
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    I really miss the 2008-2011 World Series logos where they went all in on the "Fall Classic" motif. Every logo in that era was autumnal colored and had leaves in the logo. Great fonts, and not any terrible looks. Kinda wish they would go back to it
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    This is total B.S. I bought 4 Sounders replicas in the first several years of the franchise. I’ve bought one in the years since the cost went to $90. I see less people around town wearing them even though we’ve won two titles since then and the team is still as popular as ever. This isn’t some luxury lifestyle brand, it’s a g-d soccer kit. It has a HUGE SPONSOR LOGO on it. Bring the damn price down.
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    Here's hard evidence refuting your claim.
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    Each one of those is in the greater Sounders color family, and pretty adjacent to the new Timbers as well. Really curious not to see a yellow option at all.
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    Are you comparing a navy blue baseball in a world series logo to people murdering each other? I didn't even disagree or agree, I just posted the logos. The 2005 logo would've looked better if it was a white ball (withnavy grid lines instead of green)
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    I don't argue any of that - I'm just saying that these issues aren't going to be brought to light, changed, made to matter, whatever on the basis of the World Cup.
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    What’s really wild is how much better that graphic looks, to me, than 2020. I’ll take three normalish collar designs over one single ostentatious one for everybody. (The bar has been so lowered.)
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    To expand on @Bmac's brightening This is a white balanced and slightly deartifacted version or
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    Rockstar is the one brand I refuse to drink. Stuff tastes like JP8 (jet fuel)
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    Since the 2019 World Series logo was revealed, I always wished that would be the permanent World Series logo. It and the other logos in the package were AWESOME.
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    They say the triangle on top is the shape of mountains. But to me it jumps out as the roof line of climate pledge arena. It's basically the only thing they saved from key arena due to its historical nature. Q&A in the Seattle times with Sue Bird and she said all teams will have new home/away and alternate jerseys supposed to drop in the next month.
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    Numbers need to be instantly recognizable. If you have to look for a few seconds to figure them out, no matter the size of your TV, its a bad font.
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    Crappy numbers look crappy regardless of clarity.
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    I don't know if this is the reasoning, but to me, this is a Dickies car with Menards on the rear quarter-panel whereas the examples above are Menards cars with various different sponsors on the hood. That distinction may matter to Menards when they're paying to put their name on the car. I'm a fan of the bright yellow myself. I would especially like it if I was a fan of the driver since it's easy to track on restarts or pack racing. That was one of the perks for me as a Gordon fan growing up -- the car was always easy to find in a pack. Even the Drive to End Hunger paint schemes (which were really underrated, imo) had the distinctive yellow numbers.
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    That’s kinda great, but those faux Pacers unis are gonna look so stupid on top of it.
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    I always love your concepts. As a Blazer fan, I'm obviously invested in what you're proposing. I like the tweaks to the Icon and Association, those simple changes to the wordmark and trim would go a long way. And I like the basic look of the Statement, but... the plaid really isn't doing it for me. While plaid is very much a Portland fashion staple, that particular plaid really doesn't speak to the city to me. I think the diagonal orientation is off, and the scale is a little small. I'd move it in one of two directions; either go full hipster lumberjack with a strong black and red buffalo check, or pay homage to the great Jack Ramsey with a 70's era plaid like his suits (and the patch that is my avatar). It also doesn't have to be all over, using the plaid in the trim or the waistband or the sash could be a stronger way of bringing in that design element. I really want a sick plaid Blazers jersey, I just have yet to see a concept that really makes it sing. I may have to try my hand at it some day.
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    I’d go with orange socks all-around, to avoid any leotard looks (like the Chargers did).
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    I'm not sure that the Middle East has nearly the passion for The Beautiful Game that is found in this post.
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    It would make sense that a team named after a felid would want a company named after another felid to manufacture their gear.
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    Thanks! The green and red touching is exactly what I was trying to avoid with my design, so I'll probably keep it as-is. Thanks! I'll work on tweaking the Mariners. And once I get through the last couple teams, I might go back and try the Rockies in Nuggets colors. Up today we have the St. Louis Cardinals! CARDINALS HOME CARDINALS ROAD CARDINALS HOME ALT CARDINALS ROAD ALT I wasn't originally going to touch St. Louis, but @TrueYankee26's suggestion to put the Cardinals in the colors of the St. Louis Blues--specifically their mid-90s look, because you can't have a team called the "Cardinals" without at least some red--earlier in this thread changed my mind. I like the idea of emphasizing yellow a bit more for the Cards and using a non-navy shade of blue. I decided to give the Cards contrasting front numbers and two alternates, a red one which would be worn at home and a blue one that could be worn both at home and away. And with the Cubs sporting navy and orange in my recolored league, there'd be no visual overlap between the two heated rivals. C&C appreciated. The next and final team is a surprise, and then I'll post the Rangers in Stars colors and Yankees in maroon as @Megildur requested.
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    I will admit I am half biased since the Phillies won this, but even still I think this was one of the best ones (I also agree with the 90s ones being perfect)
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    Pittsburgh Penguins I based this Penguins Reverse Retro concept off of the Pittsburgh Pirates 1925-28 jerseys, but I could have chosen any of the three jerseys that NHL team wore. I decided to use yellow pants mostly as an experiment, and also because I thought it might add to the vintage look. Thanks! Here's how it looks with blue equipment...
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    So I like thinking of ways to put Winter Classic games in non-traditional hockey markets. I have done Arizona/Vegas and the Florida Teams, and now I am trying to get a Los Angeles Winter Classic concept off the ground but this one is proving to be harder than the other two. The Kings logo/jerseys won't be an issue since they came around with the Expansion Six, and there was even a team back in the 40s called the LA Monarchs that I can draw inspiration from. The problem I am having is with the Ducks. I am stuck between trying to embrace their Disney heritage, and do a "What if Disney had the expansion team in the 50s" fauxback for them, or ignore that part of their history and use their current colors and branding and try to make the D Foot thing vintage looking. Here are two versions of the same logo I am working on but I think I am trying to force something that just isn't there. Even though I literally used a frame from an old Donald Duck cartoon for reference, I think the style still looks too modern for a Winter Classic. I even looked at some old Oregon Ducks logos for reference but I want it to be recognizably Disney if I do decide to go this route. I think there has to be something cool I can do with the Disney fauxback idea but I am just not finding it. Anyway, please let me know what you guys think. And if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this whole thing I would love to hear them.
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    Nothing on the Charge, so on to the next team. The Washington Justice. Now in my opinion the Justice might just have one of the worst logos in professional sports, I just don't like it. That's why their primary logo has been made a shoulder patch rather than having it be on the front of the jersey. Also, because most teams in OWL only have one logo, the Justice are one of the few teams that have a shoulder patch. Just like the Caps in the NHL the Justice have their name on the front of the jersey. While the striping on the jersey is based off the stripes within the logo. And because every team based out of DC has to have some reference to the DC flag, at least with all the concepts I've seen. Three stars are on the pants. As always C&C is welcome and appreciated.
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    Sigh. I would say it took no more than 10 minutes to make this. I'm aware that the font isn't correct, I figured I could be as lazy as the design of the whole thing.
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    I think this would’ve been a good time to revert to 1998’s ASG as well, and just have players wear their team specific Home or Road uniforms. It would be great to see again. As far as the court for this year’s game, it’s decent. It makes me think of the court from the 2018 game, or at least the baseline designs seem to callback to it for me.
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    Hi guys! So I've been away for a little but kept browsing the forum. I've been inspired by a lot of people posting their reimaginings of NBA teams like @Tore and @jb1322 (among others), and decided to give it a go! Some considerations before we start: - I'm a HUGE fan of 90's aesthetics, so some teams might incorporate elements from that era, but not in all the wilderness saw in those years - While it started as a good idea, the City Edition concept has started to run it's course. There are some amazing models (Memphis, Miami come to mind) but there's so much you can do with the story of a city. Some jerseys like Portland don't even remind me of the team they represent. So I've decided to keep it simple: Association, Icon and Statement. I'll try to keep them original enough to incorporate the team's colors, and don't fall on the BFBS jerseys seen all around the league. - I've started doing this during the pandemic, if there are mistakes in the templates please let me know. All said and done, let me present the first team: the San Antonio Spurs. As you can see, I decided to embrace the Fiesta colors fully. The script on Association & Icon is based off the Ebbets Vintage collection released some weeks ago (modified to fit into the design) and the terminations on the three straps around the jersey feature a silhouette of the iconic Alamo Mission. The Statement jersey features the script found on the City jerseys IRL, and the Alamo is more notable here. The pattern on the sides is based on the one found in the warm-up shirts used in mid 90s by the team. Let me know what do you think about it, and all feedback is welcome!
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    Given the nature of franchises there is likely some leeway that each club could use outside design resources unless the agreement with nike explicitly states otherwise. Using the packers as an example, as long as the on field product has a swoosh on it and it's approved by nfl properties you can do your own thing. Where I see the exclusive supplier agreements being more problematic is on the apparel/merch side of things where a single supplier ends up creating bland templated product because creating customized merch offerings for 32 clubs requires too much overhead. With that being said, nike has a very outsized influence where clubs that don't have a strong brand/retail sales will be much more influenced to go with the market leader and trust their designers to be on trend and improve their brand. In some instances like the broncos and seahawks you could see that partnership as successful, looking at the bucs and jags you could easily argue that nike added no value.
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    I agree. should have brought back white shorts. when added black, went monochrome for home orange.
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    That's disgusting. Worst World Series logo of all time.
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    Not to take away from the ladies (it's a well done logo, imo), but you think this could be a sign of what's to come for the eventual Sonics rebirth...?
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    Home - Away: While there isn't anything wrong with the current home and away in all honesty, I wanted to get away from a complete throwback look. So the look is pretty damn similar, but the stripes on the sleeves have been reduced drastically, and now terminate at an angle, somewhat similar to the late 90's uniforms, but more on those later. A new pants stripe that mimics the sleeve stripes is found on said pants, and the socks mirror the stripes on the hem. Alternate - Before I knew there was going to be a Reverse Retro program, I had borrowed inspiration from the uniform that would inspire said RR uniform. So basically the sleeve stripes stay the same, the hem changes to more of an angular design. I contemplated using the triangle-less penguin or Robo-Penguin but neither of them worked for me. Equipment is the same as the home/away, save for the helmet, which is gold. Legacy - Back to the very beginning for the Pens. The baby blue 1967 uniforms in their original glory, not the Winter Classic version we got some time ago. Since this was before the era of required helmets, wanted to do something different with a baby blue helmet just for fun. Reverse Retro - Since the Reverse Retro inspiration went elsewhere, I put the other Winter Classic inspiration to use. The 1970-71 uniform is now black and gold, with a twist. The often golden triangle is now baby blue. Hey, its a Reverse Retro isn't it? C&C welcome!!
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    Pants and jersey same color = monochrome.
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    It’s still monochrome, jersey, pants and even the helmet are all the same color. the socks are just separating it for looking like unitards.
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    Home - Away: Oh Edmonton, what ever will we do with you? I don't think a return to the Gretzky-era uniforms is the answer but what they have now doesn't work for me. For starters, made some tweaks to the logo, namely separating the letters from their "drips"(?), which will come in handy later. Returned to a shade of blue that isn't navy, but also isn't the same from the Gretzky era. Orange is the brighter shade they currently use now. The stripes don't change, nor does the font. What does change is the yoke goes away on both jerseys. The stripe fits the same as Gretz era, just doesn't have that taper at the bottom. Also on the pants, the oil drop now works as a simple secondary logo. Alternate - Keeping in with the home and away's theme, yoke's be gone. But at the base of it all, it's the old WHA alternate without the shoulder yoke. The numbers also aren't on the shoulders. Thought about it, tried it, didn't like it. Also, recall the letters being separated from their drips? Well that comes in handy here, when it mixes with the oil drop for the alternate logo. + Legacy - If there was any question about what throwback would be featured, this would be the easiest answer. Went to the 80's dynasty era uniforms, or the 2013-2017 home uniforms if you fancy. Reverse Retro - I like the approach they took with their RR, but I did it to a different jersey, the 2001-2007 alternate jersey. With the jersey becoming white, the main elements are orange, with the blue acting as a trim. C&C welcomed!
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    Next is my Boston Celtics concept that has been previously posted. The inspiration was Boston's MBTA trams and the North Station outside TD Bank. I wanted to get away from the safe designs the Celtics have been doing
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    I honestly never gave it a thought. So I tried it on the sleeves. It felt like too much on the hem and socks. I also just did it to the home and away to make the alternate unique and not just a straight up color flip Gave the away jersey a navy yoke. I'm just gonna let y'all look at this without me saying too much.
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