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    And yet neither hold a candle to this... And it even has the gray facemask several of y'all love! Plus, I don't think any big-time sports club anywhere uses Kelly green and metallic gold anywhere. If not, somebody should. (Like maybe Baylor.) Oh...and GOML.
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    Revolution really could use the Chivas USA treatment. Especially now that Bob Kraft is a creep and a laughingstock and torpedoed whatever tiny chance they ever had at a Boston-area stadium.
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    The gold helmet definitely > the matte green one
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    My all-time favorite fictional team? Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars! Every player had a slightly different design. (Yes, that's Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, and Richard Pryor.)
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    That's a great point and I, like you may have guessed, have been trying to stray away from non-NFL or at least non-NFL predecessors. But I know I'll have to for the Texans eventually and The Baltimore Stallions is a great triumph in Baltimore football, so here ya go: Baltimore Ravens 1994 Throwback: The Best American Canadian Football Team The most successful American team in the CFL and fastest expansion team to win a championship, the Baltimore Stallions were essentially the third-coming of the Baltimore Colts and led the way to bringing the Browns to Baltimore.
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    A Detroit franchise in the AAF could be interesting.
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    If they go for a bright and bold kelly green with a black and white trim, that's a pretty good colour combo. I get that it's BFBS and it's not really the Jets as we've known them, but it still might be a good design depending on the colour balance. I'm not ready to lose my mind just because there's some black on these uniforms.
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    Ah, yes...that rooster. The more international kits and crests I get to see and study, the broader my perspective gets--but I've yet to see a crest anywhere near as unique and elegant as France's cockerel --excuse me--the Coq Gaulois. (The three Fs are cool, too.) And after having done some research into how and why FFF adopted that as their national badge, I now know more about roosters than I ever thought I would. The more you know, kids.
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    Counterpoint: Is New York known in any capacity as a hub for military aviation? How about commercial aviation?
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    Someone make a New York Pigeons concept, asap.
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    This Lotto commercial has so much detail in it. First, We see that the New York team is playing a red and (probably) navy team. There are a few fans wearing red caps in the crowd, too. It might be a white "B" with a blue outline. Boston, perhaps. And what do we see in this same frame?! Could it be a pigeon? We also see at least 7 different type of caps and 6 jerseys, t-shirts, jackets, even a puffy vest in the way back. Other folks are wearing team colors, like the yellow jacket behind the main character and the beanie to his right, but I can't see logos on those. Finally, in a later frame we see a banner above the main character's right shoulder. The script below the arched NEW YORK wordmark is hard to read, but the first letter sure looks like a script P, and it's the right length roughly to read "Pigeons". All in all, this is an incredibly detailed production for a 30-second spot. A mascot costume, lots of different hats, jerseys, apparel, a banner, away team hats.
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    Man this kit is just absolutely gorgeous: I, for one, love that they went with gold names/numbers to match the crest as well. Overall I’m pretty indifferent to the debate over royal or navy for the French primary shirts, but one thing I do want to see return on a full time basis is the gold rooster, at least on the home shirts. It just looks right. Even the rose gold version on the women’s new WC kits looks fantastic. I don’t care as much about whether or not the rooster is gold on the away shirts, but I personally want it to always be gold on the home shirts again.
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    You think bright golden yellow is drab? I'm going blind just thinking about how you decorate your home.
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    Are you sure they did it on the road? The Orioles had gray roads throughout the 70s and 80s...and the picture above looks like Memorial Stadium.
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    Yeah, the gold is gorgeous. Could even develop it like Japan does to differentiate the men’s and women’s team with the men with the gold and the women with rose gold. plus the crest looks so much better with the FFF in the rectangle instead of the little bit of ground and the floating letters
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    I know this one! The "so bad it's almost good" classic . . . "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh".
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    That looks like a winner. Note the V-shaped supports for the upper deck.
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    Could they afford the rent in Ford Field?
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    Horrible. Just horrible. Get well Big Nurk. Hello first round exit for the Blazers. Again.
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    The 2019 NFL season is still a while away, but my assumption that throwbacks are going to come back for the occasion has encouraged me to refine by previous Packers alternate concepts and create a new one, so here they are: 1929 Throwback: The Return of the "Acme Packers" 2010 Alternate The wordmark is created from the warm-up jackets the 1929 squad had and the number were created to be as historically accurate as possible. This is also in a universe where there is no one helmet rule, so the 2010 brown helmet returns, but with a brown facemask due to may indifference with having gray. 1936 Throwback: The First Green and Gold Uniform The Packers won their fourth NFL championship in these and the wordmark is a recolored mark from the 1939 Packers Press Book (the earliest I could find with a nice wordmark). Due to the rather traditional block worn, the numbers are a modified version of the current numbers to match the style of the 1936 numbers. 1939 Throwback: The One That Always Has Way Too Big Yokes This uniform has been replicated twice now (1994, 2015-) and both times the yoke has been massive compared to what it should be. Also, like the 1936 throwback, the numbers have been simply modified. The wordmark has been taken from the 1945 Press Book.
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    Brutal injury for Nurkic in Portland
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    That's basically the same look (different colors) that KState has. And it's freaking gorgeous. Baylor should be ashamed for ditching that look in favor of the Nike Neon Smorgasbord.
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    Concepts board would seem to be the place for concepts, but I've been told I'm wrong about that before....
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    So we're going back to the American jingoistic fighter jet routine again? Ugh. Every concept posted in these 92 pages that has received mostly positive reviews have had a decidedly obvious lack of two things: black and fighter jets. I'm still expecting the worst. Too much unnecessary black, but I'm still not prepared for some Top Gun stuff.
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    If that was the case, they would've :censored:ed up the Pac-12's marquee program for sure. Washington and OSU may be Oregon's rivals but there's no doubt that USC is the blue blood of the Pac-12 and their transition into Nike's new templates has been seamless.
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    Actual photo of MCM0313:
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    It fits Houston, as well as the target conservative audience. Good one.
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    Oh, man, I'd love to hear the follow up on this. I'm interested in why they chose to go so detailed. Yeah, it makes it more "real" but all these different hats, jerseys, apparel, and extras have got to add up when it comes to the budget.
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    I hope not. That'd change the meaning of the name from commercial to military jets.
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    That's not the first case.
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    Uniqueness for uniqueness’ sake is not good, especially when “unique” also means trashy.
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    I really miss this triple-striped collar style.
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    Could have won in week 2 at Birmingham.Lost 12-9 Could have won in week 5 at San Diego.Lost 27-25 Could have won in week 7 at San Antonio.Lost 19-15 There. Fixed for you. Thanks! I feel better now.
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    + looks good on muscular/trim athletes and stupid on fat guys.
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    and sequinned robes, on that quote though, i'm sure what we're all going to read into is that johnson wants to make the players happy with the re-design. that could really mean anything, but i'm sure some will jump to the conclusion that we're in for a more nike-ified look than most of us are hoping for.
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    Much like with the bowl games, basketball + energy = fun in Illustrator. So I present each regional bracket, displayed by team jerseys and scores. This will be updated again after next weekend's games. Click to enlarge.
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    Alright y’all, I thought about waiting a couple more days before posting the next team, but I’m bored in my room so I’m just gonna do it now. Buffalo Bills Helmet: It’s the return of the red shells with white face masks. I don’t dislike the current white helmets, I actually like them a lot, but I just like the red helmets more. The stripe is white-blue-white with a slight taper getting wider at the back, inspired by the logo. This stripe style is used through the whole uniform. Jerseys: Blue, white, and a red alternate. The Color Rush reds actually look decent on Madden when paired with white pants instead of the solid red pants and socks, so I added one here. The jerseys have the tapering stripes on the sleeves and the number font is the font from the 90s, a slightly different block. Pants: Two pairs, white and blue with the tapering three stripes on the sides. Combinations: Blue jerseys and red jerseys are always worn with white pants, the white jersey can be mixed with either color pants. No matter what jerseys or pants they wear, they have red socks. So there they are. Thoughts?
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    John Curtis HS Patriots don’t have bad unis.
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    Anything that looks like the flag is a flag, according to Section 3: “The words “flag, standard, colors, or ensign”, as used herein, shall include any flag, standard, colors, ensign, or any picture or representation of either, or of any part or parts of either, made of any substance or represented on any substance, of any size evidently purporting to be either of said flag, standard, colors, or ensign of the United States of America or a picture or a representation of either, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and the stripes, in any number of either thereof, or of any part or parts of either, by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the UnitedStates of America.”
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    The Blue Jays' occasional "Canada!" uniforms come to mind, where red goes from a minor accent color to the only color (aside from white). Unpopular opinion: I don't like those either.
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    I wouldn't say only...
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    I’m not sure how the split works, but if the majority of sales are in fact split, then the other teams would be putting pressure on the poor-selling ones to do something since everyone is impacted by a low performer. If I’m the Yankees, I’m pissed that I’m giving welfare to the Marlins, and I’m sure MLB also wants the low-selling teams to step it up. Regardless of any split, everyone benefits from more sales, so that certainly has a lot to do with it.
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    So does this mean New Era is moving away from the Pro Light (or whatever it’s called) caps with the rubber logos for ST? Hopefully so. I have the Braves cap, but I’m not much of a fan. They feel cheap and look a bit goofy. The Diamond Era line was much better. Also, I really like the Nats script. I wish they would wear that for their primaries. I can’t decide if I like the blue or red script more. Probably this red prototype.
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    That jersey is sexy and should be their primary homes immediately. The hat is meh.
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    An assigned white spring training uniform? Thats a first to my knowledge... Yeah, of course teams like the Tigers and Yankees might wear home jerseys during spring training home games, but i dont think theres ever been a special one for ST.
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