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    The red on the falcons jersey represents their leads because it fades
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    Looks like they foreshadowed the ban on mass gatherings, too
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    If those pants don't work out for football, your idiot cousin Travis can wear them as sweatpants while he makes plans to kidnap a governor.
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    It's criminal that they don't wear the red billed caps with this alternate. They should wear it with everything, of course, but especially this.
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    I'm still not over them changing from this set to this:
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    I get that there’s been a few great ones (some on-brand, some great in a vacuum), but with as many misses as that program has had? Anything that leads to the Orlando Magic trotting out in charcoal and orange (among other examples) can’t be the greatest uniform thing the NBA has ever done. I’d argue that nothing’s diluted NBA teams’ brands more than the City Edition, even if some sets have been cool in a vacuum (like Portland’s newest). I mean, I’d willingly give up the Jazz redrock uniform ever existing if it meant the Jazz could actually have a consistent brand again. I’m sure I’d get roasted for that in my neck of the woods, but that’s just me.
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    City editions are the best thing uniform-wise the NBA has ever done. They are all over the place. Some are fantastic, crazy, ugly, boring and I'm here for all of it.
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    Heard here are some of the new city jerseys that I've heard are in the pipeline: CELTICS- red, white and green 'North End' jerseys, the numbers will be in a giant meatball ala the Warriors' cable car jerseys. NUGGETS- REDRUM jerseys. Icy blue and white, axes in doorways on the side panels. ROCKETS- black Rothko jerseys, no names, no numbers, etc. Just black. BULLS- Willis/Sears Tower jerseys. Complete with clear observation deck side panels. MAGIC- Waffle House design, all yellow, complete menu on front and back. CLIPPERS- David Hockney inspired jerseys, with this painting serving as inspiration.
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    Find a thread for people that care
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    Kind of striking how many people in a design community don't know Basquiat.
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    I don’t think Carolina needs updating. Unique colors, good balance. What they need to do is adjust the tv numbers, don’t wear white-white so much and don’t wear the black socks with the black pants. If you ask for an update, what you’ll get is an oversized logo, chrome mask, black-black home with black socks and white-white road with white socks, some weird font and a blue jersey with gradient.
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    The answer is simple. They don’t want three stripes on the sleeves.
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    Well, IMO, it isn't the combinations that make it a terrible uniform, the pointless parade of mix and match confusion just highlight how bad it is. The details make it awful in any possible combination. Taking a barely passable logo that was obviously meant to go on a white background, adding cluttered outlines, and putting it on a navy helmet was a bad decision. Going all in on the sword motif was a bad decision. Adding in a second shade of gray was a bad decision. Having those sword elements be double gray in some places, but gray and white on the helmet? The double bands on the pants? The glowing red Nike logos? The God awlful number font that needed adjustment after just one season? The light blue armpits? I dunno... It all seems pretty unsalvageable to me.
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    nope also, the Blazers uni is technically Dark Cinder, haha
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    Only the service academies should be allowed to wear camo, anything else is just fake patriotism.
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    I'm sure part of that is because Oregon has played for two national titles, and Maryland lost by 40 to Northwestern this weekend.
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    The Blazers have gone ahead and officially unveiled their new City uniform after the jersey was leaked yesterday: This is fantastic IMO. I obviously love the Oregon script but the topographic lines and side stripes honoring the state’s landscape are really nice as well. And the belt buckle and jocktag are nice tributes to the state’s nine tribal nations that really finish the look off. The full uniform also looks much better than the leaked replica jersey.
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    Are blackout jerseys to 2020 what baby blue and roundels were to the late-2000s?
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    Literally ALL Jacksonville had to do is fix their helmet. The uniforms were just fine. Actually, they were really sharp looking. Instead they overcompensated and went ultra plain and boring.
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    This x 1000. Under Armour has succeeded in making Maryland their Oregon, only for some reason there aren’t a million internet fanboys for whatever crap Maryland spews out each week. I’d also like to take this opportunity to post my favorite Maryland uniforms back from when Nike gave them a consistent identity that wasn’t just “our state flag threw up”. Probably controversial but I love them:
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    Denver Nuggets (a bit out of order for layout purposes):
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    When you are at work and you see all the good leaks!!
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    Here’s the new Blazers court for this upcoming season: I really love the split red and black design on the apron. In the mockup I posted a while back I had both baselines in red, so I’m pleasantly surprised to see that only one side is red while the other is black. I do think I would’ve preferred white keys, but the red keys still look quite good.
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    Those are drop dead gorgeous tbh
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    Cleveland is practically irrelevant to the Rams' history. Nobody cares about when they were playing against the Boston Yanks at a high school field. For all intents and purposes, they're an old Los Angeles team that got booted out to St. Louis against the league's wishes but finally went back. Everything they do, visually speaking, should be in service of righting the wrong of that St. Louis relocation and retaking their place as the NFL team in the second-largest city in America, which dictates a level of seriousness that mid-to-small-market teams don't have to (and shouldn't) observe. Between segmenting the ram horn to suggest ocean waves and honor the Fibonacci sequence or something, proprietary-font numbers, a gradient on said numbers, vaporwave striping in the gradient, off-white in place of regular white except when it's not in place of regular white, and patches with contrasting stitching to evoke streetwear, there are too many ideas going on at once for one uniform. I didn't even get to how there are two versions of the script depending on whether or not the city name is included. Their peers along sport and market axes are the Lakers, Dodgers, Giants, and Bears, and their identity should fit comfortably among those. The Bengals looked their best when they didn't get carried away: the helmet and the tiger-striped inserts on the jerseys and pants were enough that the rest of the set was conservative: black/orange/white, block numbers, no shoulder yokes or white tiger tummies on the sides. The Bengals didn't even paint midfield and the endzones at Riverfront Stadium (though that may not have been so much about balanced minimalism as the fact that it cost money).
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    How will the QB know where his WRs are?
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    This picture really is perfect, because not only is that a great Maryland uniform, the huge shoulder pads also make the player look like a turtle.
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    The current Titans set presents relatively the same problem as the prior Jaguars set. Overly complicated, but one or two tweaks from being a good set. IMO, They could’ve just changed the helmet to the all black as they have now and adjusted the pants stripes to standard vertical stripes Blacks Pants [G/T/W] White Pants [T/B/G] Also, that gold color rush wasn’t bad, just misguided. Now with Jacksonville’s current set, they over adjusted and look like the Tropical Raiders (IDK I’m just trying to emphasize the lack of teal and gold). As for the Titans, eliminate the armpit stains and adjust and align the shoulder and pants stripe as the same. No “sword” tip or “slash” marks. Sorta kinda like so- (Side Note: I post those Oregon State uniforms a lot on these threads. They really are the most perfect uniforms I’ve seen in the past decade)
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    First time the Browns are going white over orange this season. Very happy about this.
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    Its about damn time :')
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    I don’t disagree with the principle, but you gotta admit, “Oregon Trail Blazers” makes too much sense to not take a swing... You might be onto something, because that sign has a colorful history. It used to actually say “White Stag,” and the lettering had a little more calligraphic gesture to it, and every time the sign’s been changed, the lettering has gotten a little more clumsy, to the point where the “Portland” that’s currently on the sign looks like it could just be the Brush Script typeface with a custom N to match “Oregon.”
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    They used to always wear blue socks with these until the last 2 or 3 years, I don't get it. Is neck to toe black really more fire emoji than beautiful electric blue socks with it? This is a good once or twice per year look. This is always trash
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    Congratulations to everyone involved in building this brand. Seattle’s bringing home some hardware before they even start playing: Rising from the Depths: Seattle Kraken—Clio Sports Awards
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    With Seattle going mono navy week 8, I really hope they wear navy over grey in week 17
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    I was quite partial to these.
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    I feel like they're always wearing this. Or maybe it's because they have so many jerseys with a circle logo in the middle that I get confused.
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    The problem I have with that 2004(?) Nike template (or at least how it was used, perhaps) is that it was very click-and-fill. Aside from national colors themselves, there was very little that distinguished a team’s base design from another. Look at the Nike template from 2018, for example, and you’ll see many teams doing thier own thing with it. Ignoring colors themselves and looking at each kit’s identity, France looked very different from Nigeria, who looked very different from England, who looked very different from the United States, and so on. Most teams still added elements that clearly distinguished themselves, whereas the use of the 2004 template in terms of distinguishing elements was limited to merely filling or not filling panels and piping. Perhaps that’s on the teams themselves, or perhaps that’s on Nike. In any case, it wasn’t good.
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    Lions/Falcons might be the ugliest game, aesthetically, in NFL history. There is nothing redeeming about either set (and I don't mind the Lions other sets), but the all gray against that gradient nightmare... yikes.
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    Still can’t believe that in a Navy blue dominant league, the Titans missed the mark so badly. Columbia blue Columbia blue Columbia blue. It’s all yours, own it!
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