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    As a Falcons fan and resident Atlantan, I've been waiting for the day to come for the Dirty Birds to drop their Arena football look and get with the times. Needless to say, I'm excited. I wanted to try my hand at a new look. This concept is a blending of eras. It uses the red helmet and black jersey combination of the original 1960s teams. Light gray is used in place of white, reminiscent of the old sets with the gray pants and occasionally gray numbers. There are several combinations available as we saw the team use in the mid 2000s. A lot of concepts employ the shape of the wings on the sleeves and pants. This looks too abstract, in my opinion. I wanted something that resonated as traditional, yet with touches of modernism. For that, I used a single stripe design that thins out in the middle, similar to the wing- yet the shape is still contained within a traditional stripe shape. This evokes a bit of movement and speed without resorting to odd shapes and lines like we've seen from Nike lately. The stripe is consistent across all applications, similar to the Florida Gators. Take a look at this site I made which allows you to choose your favorite combination: https://andrewwagner.wixsite.com/atlantafalcons2020 And a preview:
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    A great look for a new NFL stadium in San Diego!
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    Hey everyone, A while back I started a discussion in the General Sports Logos forum on which MLB teams could most use redesigns and new color schemes. It sparked the idea that a few teams with older/outdated designs could look to local college baseball teams for design inspiration. For this mini series, I'll be focusing on a small group of teams, maybe four or five. Let's start today with the Angels! ANGELS HOME: ANGELS ROAD: ANGELS HOME ALT: ANGELS HOME/ROAD ALT: For the Angels, I've used the Trojans of the University of Southern California as inspiration. The Halos adopt a deep crimson red and athletic gold scheme, a color combo I've long felt would work well for them. The cursive "Angels" script is a tweak of the original Lakers script from the early '60s. No unnecessary outlines or drop shadows. Just keep it simple. I've also brought back the early "CA" monogram. C&C appreciated! The Rangers are next.
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    This made me realize that the two teams have essentially the same logo.
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    This looks so much better when its not stretched to the collar and distorted...
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    I mean, none of the teams need sponsors, the WNBA I could see needing sponsors, the NBA though? With the contracts they hand out, I’m sure they’re drowning in money. They’re just greedy pigs who also like ruining uniform aesthetics.
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    I'm not completely sold on this one, the Alamo is heavily used for SA, so I may end up trying something different. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks of this first. If this isn't well received I might go with something along the lines of Fiesta SAFC
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    2. Philadelphia Phillies Home Uniform: I brought back that gorgeous maroon, ditching the blue almost entirely. I think the Phils' look has been one of the best in baseball for the last several years, but no other team is maroon. I wanted them to stand out a little bit. The font is slightly different than their current font, but of course, I left the pinstripes and the iconic numbers on the sleeve. Away Uniform: The away uniforms are basically a simple remodel of the current threads, just with updated color and script font. Home Alternate Uniform: Again, I took one of their existing jerseys and made it fit into the maroon color scheme. I tried to toss more blue into this one several times, but in the end, stuck with the maroon on cream. Away Alternate Uniform: Wanted so badly to do the red pants like we saw in the throwbacks last season, but I'm gonna try to stay traditional in this series (with the exception of a few powder blues later). This jersey's pretty much straight from the John Kruk days in Philly, but the maroon on gray is tough to beat. Next up!
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    Confirmed from NFL.com: 49ers in White on Gold, Chiefs in Red on unknown.
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    A tesm owned by a billionaire needs a "sponsor"?
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    This was your breaking point? A refs uniform, I mean come on. They’re not that dreadful anyways.
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    They didn’t have any history of success, either.
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    These photos make me miss reebok even more.
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    So, on the menu at our house in 2 weeks: - Kansas City Barbecue (burnt ends), and - San Francisco Cioppino. Desserts will be Ghiradelli chocolates and Bess Truman's Lemon Ice Box Pie.
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    Nobody is denying that the Rangers and Stars use similar templates, Bud! That’s not the issue, Bud. The issue, Bud, and what nobody can understand, Bud, is why that’s such a problem when the two teams use vastly different color schemes and logos. I’m all for having 32 unique and distinct looks in this league and the Stars contribute to that end because of their color scheme even if their stripes kinda look the same as another team’s stripes. relax.
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    I don’t think it needs an F. I’m not fond of a letter being formed out the logo it represents. In other words, a “Falcon” forming an “F” is redundant. If it formed an “A,” it would be more valuable to the logo.
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    Maybe it's my location (upper Midwest) or my profession (legal), but "forced diversity" has a fairly strong race-related connotation for me as well. It definitely wouldn't have been my choice of words.
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    From a distance this is gonna look like Louisville.
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    Fixed! I've also flipped the cap colours, as suggested by @coco1997:
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    Pete Rose can eat s***. F*** that guy. The Astros can also eat s***. This isn't just "stealing signs". To steal signs you have to use your eyeballs, your wits, non-verbal communication with your own team's signs. It's acceptable if it's organic. Strapping a wire on a guy and then telling him what's coming because they're watching with a camera is outside of the spirit of the game and is just f****y cheating.
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    Wouldn't mind seeing this proposed helmet design from the 70s, remodeled with the modern logo
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    Yet you’re the only person that uses that term - can you show examples of it being anything other than your creation that you inject into every stripe discussion?
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    Thanks for the feedback folks, much appreciated. Here is an updated version taking on board all your comments. Feathers increased in size and reshaped to loose sharp edges. Modified nose, mouth and chin. Addressed the neck - reshaped now as a bust. I am not sold on the highlight to hair, this is a tricky one to get right.
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    And this right here is where you crossed a line. It’s certainly expected to aggressively criticize the positions your fellow posters take. But here you are criticizing those posters themselves, which is out of bounds. We don’t have to respect every argument posted on these boards; gods know some just aren’t worthy of respect. But every person here is. The distinction may seem subtle but is actually crucial. I can say that “personal insults betray the shallowness of one’s argument” without actually calling anybody shallow. Come on, everyone. Let’s try to keep it civil. Attack the argument, not the poster.
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    I think they mean like the road uniforms they used in the '80s. And I found this mockup from April 2018:
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    How's this? Much better than anything we will see Super Bowl Sunday for sure. I went with standard NFL logo at midfield, and NFL 100 logos at the 25s, as has been standard for the 2019 season. For the Titans endzone, I went with silver and white in the wordmark, with a navy outline, which is how the field was painted in Nashville in 2018 (without a columbia endzone). Looks better on the columbia background as well.
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    The lighter green and the current uniforms are the best the franchise has ever looked, in both Dallas and Minnesota.
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    I hate that they changed their primary logo to just the bird head. It always will look quite off without the baseball behind it
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    That molded center ridge was just a part of every helmet. Specifically pre-80's. In fact, it was such a given the the Seahawks designed their wrap around logo with the one inch gap to account for it. It wasn't until the last Nike redesign that they realized they no long needed it.
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    California is a pretty distinct looking shape...but maybe that's just me. I'm a geography nerd.
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    Celebrating 10 years of boring Super Bowl logos.
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    Yeah and that’s great, but you also have to remember my sports consciousnesses came about pretty much the very year that Steve Young led the Niners to that last Super Bowl win. In fact, I’m pretty sure my first ever “football memory” was from that game. That era, and the proceeding dark red with a touch of black era, is basically how I see the 49ers in my head. The Montana era was great, but it was also before my time (So, essentially, I missed all of the fun). Give my millennial head the Niners (last) Super Bowl era dropshadow set any day of the week
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    I’m open to any color primary jersey as long as the helmet is red.
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    The Blue Jays were, in my opinion, a team that made sense having a powder blue option, so I like. I'm still wary of the full powder blue-at-home thing -- I still think that look should be reserved for the road -- but since a lot of Blue Jays fans have been clamoring to see the team in powder blue, they might as well wear it in front of said fans at home. (And there is that precedent from 2008-2010).
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    I’m really fine with anything other then away teams wearing white too much. Just doesn’t look right. In times of desperate contrast sure but sometimes the away team wearing a white jersey just ruins any nice potential matchup
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    Maybe you keep seeing it because it exists haha I’d be shocked if that’s not super close to what we get, and personally I think it’s a great combo and balance of red black and silver, where often two of those colors will over power the third resulting in a drab look as another poster on here said before.
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    Honestly? People see the whole Black Sox scandal and think its still possible to get players to throw a game but the White Sox largely threw that World Series because Comiskey wasn't paying them jack. The gamblers could pay more money and even that wasn't enough to keep things quiet. With the NFL, we're talking about organizations that when they travel require two chartered planes and that is just essential staff. Do people realize how much money it would take to get players/staff to throw a game? Obviously that's only one side of rigging but even though these players are paid millions, most of them still have competitive pride. Most of them still want to win. Someone would've snitched by now and gotten really wealthy for "uncovering the truth about the NFL" or the NFL has the CIA/Mossad/Mafia on speeddial to make sure no one talks. Occam's Razor says at worst the refs may influence games due to personal biases and that is bad enough without going into loopy conspiracy land.
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    It’s not uncommon on soccer shirts for the badge to point inwards, towards the heart. Many Arsenal fans were upset when the new crest flipped it, so the cannon was pointing out. You’d figure that pointing the gun away from the heart would be a good thing, but the symbolism is important. I’ve wondered if that’s why the Cardinals do what they do; whenever the logo is worn on the breast they flip it, use the reversed version, so it points inwards towards the wearer’s heart. I mean, this has gotta be a deliberate choice, right? Everywhere else, it faces right. But over the heart, it faces left. So in this concept, the left-facing brownie head looks just perfect to me.
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    I don't mind that Galaxy kit, but the break in the light grey sash for a navy blue sponsor is really dumb.
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    Leagues shouldn't have to make rules to ban things that are already banned by local or national laws. Should the NFL make a rule that any player that shoots up the opposing team with an AR15 is subject to a 4-game suspension? If steroids were illegal back in those days (and I don't know for sure if they were), then they were breaking rules even if NFL didn't explicitly state it.
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    BFBS was generally brought out when a team either added a black jersey when one didn't previously exist, or introduced black to its color scheme just to sell more merchandise (because black merchandise sells). A team doesn't necessarily have to have worn a black jersey to be BFBS, but it's a big indicator. Starting with the Gretzky-era Kings, I think the leagues saw huge potential marketing opportunities with entertainers who wore black on stage and in videos, especially rap acts from California. For MLB, I would include the Royals, Mets, Rangers, A's, and Marlins. The original Marlins were Teal, sliver, and black, but before moving to the dome, they emphasized black and silver over anything else. I find it hard to include the Reds. Most people seem to associate the Reds with the Big Red Machine era, but between the 50's and 60's, they sort of bounced between navy and black for contrast with the red. I believe the vests with names under numbers era was red and black. You could also say the movement started with the White Sox, who seemed to change uniforms and logos every season in the 70s and 80s. But in all those looks, they wore various shades of red and blue. Then they moved to a much more drastic change of black and silver, worn to this day. For the NBA, up until the expansion era there weren't many teams wearing black through the late 80s except for San Antonio and Sacramento. But Miami and Orlando came in with black jerseys, then league-wide more teams started wearing alternate jerseys that include a black set. Chicago is one, for example. Vancouver had a black set. Phoenix did as well. Philadelphia and Washington both revamped their schemes, with Philly more of a BFBS (red, white. blue, and black). Washington changed their uniforms (and name) to match their arena cohabitants, the Capitals, with both teams going blue, black and bronze (a dual BFBS). By the mid 2000's, the majority of teams had either a black alternate jersey, or added black to its scheme. The NFL has a bit more control over its teams' color schemes and looks. The only teams I can think of that added black jerseys where none previously existed were Arizona, Philadelphia and Jacksonville, but all three did have black already in their palettes,. I think Baltimore had a black jersey earlier in the franchise's existence. For the NHL, I'd say Buffalo and Washington were BFBS when they had major redesigns. Possibly Anaheim as well, when they moved away from the DIsney-era look. Carolina's look made sense - hurricane flags are red and black. But the black alternates were more recent. There may be teams I'm missing. And I won't get into the NCAA - too many teams and sports to cover those that added black for no reason.
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    There are a few throwback logos.
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    He’s free to post whenever he wants. He chooses not to, possibly since he can’t force people to play guessing games anymore.
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    new Club America kit opps I mean
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