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    For those curious about my recent suspension, Indeed I did. I really needed the week off for being such a s--thead. Since some time last year, I've felt kind of directionless here. I haven't been posting in my big concept series (or doing much of anything on the concept front), so I just wound up drifting into being a "general" poster. This was also around the same time I found other communities, some of which I really enjoyed (a few discord servers) and others I found to be toxic trash heaps (KF). I got a bit too deep into "my internet," researching questionable people and exposing myself to all kinds of madness and depravity. When you read about certain malevolent furries and their exploits don't faze you, you know you've gone too far. I didn't think the deep dives were wearing on my system, but I now think they did. It made me argumentative, angsty, and addicted to fighting. I started fighting when I didn't need to fight (the reveal fights, where I tried to generalize the upper echelons of the community as a bunch of rigid traditionalists). I stopped being respectful (see my mcrosby rants and my direct callouts of several posters), and completely gave in to my disregard for rule four (if I saw somebody supporting native american mascots, I'd have a rant ready for them). I always wanted there to be a situation where a bunch of people came to my aid and forced a serious discussion (a kind of "righteous anger," if you will), but I never got that because I was going about it like a sewer rat. My transition from "historian/concept guy with well-argued points" to "dingus who posts internet weirdness and attacks anybody he mildly dislikes" turned me into the kind of poster who brought down the level of discourse. Yours truly also exposed people to far too much nastiness (regular internet convos don't need people name-dropping Dahvie Vanity). But no more! I want out of this spiral. Therefore, I resolve not to engage in forum arguments (let the mods handle rule four stuff - don't engage, just report), stay away from threads when I don't like their direction, and never personally attack people here again. Aside from write-ups, I've got the next batch of concepts ready. The concepts were why I was here in the first place and I'd love to get back into them. They gave me a sense of belonging here, especially in regards to putting the historical info out there. I'll take more time away from here, as I liked being away from all of the discourse here for a week. This is my final apology, as the best apology for one's actions is to follow through on improving your attitudes and mending bridges. Thanks for your words of support, guys, and I hope to be back to my old mellow self once again. TL;DR: I became a douchebag, got rightfully called out, took time away, and now I'm back. Expect concepts here again by the weekend.
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    They should really tag a video NSFW if it's going to contain that much rampant masturbation.
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    Thank you guys for being so understanding, it really means a lot to me. CHARLOTTE HORNETS - Queen City Close Call After brief consideration during the Twins’ ill-fated Carolina venture (read more here), Charlotte began concentrating on an MLB stadium. The AAA Knights’ venue was aging, and in poor repair, so it made sense to go all-in with an upgrade. When the Marlins’ David Samson began touring various cities around the US, Charlotte was on the list. In April 2006, real estate lawyer Jerry Reese had a plan for a 38,000-seat retractable-roof venue in the uptown/Second Ward of Charlotte. That stadium would be the cornerstone of a $600 million-$700 million redevelopment called The Brooklyn Renaissance Project (which included condos and more retail space).1 However, the plan competed with a rival proposal to construct a stadium for the minor-league Charlotte Knights in the Third Ward of Charlotte.2 The city government, namely the mayor, wasn’t inclined to support the MLB plan. By the end of 2006, the city decided to move ahead with the $35 million stadium plan for the Knights.3 Reese criticized the city for this move and later sued to block the land transfers as “the deals were a sham that shortchanged taxpayers by not selling to developers for a higher price,” among other claims.4 That project would eventually become BB&T Ballpark, arguably one of the best minor league stadiums in the sport. Ultimately, Reese’s plan might have worked in the long-run. While financial statistics do not indicate that Charlotte could have supported MLB in the mid-’00s, trends would indicate that support could eventually arrive.5 Perhaps Reese was right to criticize Charlotte’s city government for backing out of an MLB plan, especially when we see the struggles of both the Marlins and Rays. However, banking on the Marlins’ game of baiting other cities was an ill-thought-out idea. But what if the Marlins were serious? What if Reese got his stadium plan done and brought MLB to Charlotte? Given the long history of the Knights name (dating back to 1989), I thought it would be best to keep the sobriquet and the medieval aesthetic. The colors are the current Knights’ colors, with the provision that gold, silver, and white never touch. Taking inspiration from this novelty helmet, a few blackletter fonts, and this knight’s helmet plume, I crafted both a logo and a wordmark font for the team. The primary uses a shield with the helmet and an Old English C, while the cap logo is that same gold Old English C paired with a silver and white plume. The uniforms use a simple placket and sleeve trim template. Wordmarks and rear numbers are gold with a black outline, while the front numbers are silver or white with a black outline. The number font is a modified version of the Tar Heels font I’ve used previously for the Reds. Sock stripes feature an asymmetrical design, with a black/white/back pattern sandwiched between a large gold and a large silver stripe. The alternates include a black jersey with the cap logo on the chest and the tertiary on the sleeve. A creme alternate also appears, mimicking the Charlotte Hornets of the 1960s. It reuses some elements from my old Carolina Pilots design. Outerwear reflects the sock stripes and the “no-touch” trick. Charlotte is lucky in having as good a minor league identity as the Knights. It only takes a little bit of work to get it up to the major league level. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, an Oklahoma City trip. 1 Peter Smolowitz and Stan Choe, “Big Pitch: Ballpark, Marlins - County Board Hears `intriguing’ Plan for Major League Baseball,” Charlotte Observer, The, January 19, 2006, sec. Main, https://infoweb.newsbank.com/apps/news/document-view?p=NewsBank&t=state%3ANC!USA%2B-%2BNorth%2BCarolina&sort=YMD_date%3AD&page=1&fld-base-0=alltext&maxresults=20&val-base-0=marlins charlotte visit&fld-nav-0=YMD_date&val-nav-0=2005 - 2009&docref=news/10F42656132A1CD8. 2 Carrie Levine, “The Big Pitch - Backers of 2 Plans for Uptown Baseball Must Prove Their Viability,” Charlotte Observer, The, February 5, 2006, sec. METRO, https://infoweb.newsbank.com/apps/news/document-view?p=NewsBank&t=state%3ANC!USA%2B-%2BNorth%2BCarolina&sort=YMD_date%3AD&page=1&fld-base-0=alltext&maxresults=20&val-base-0=marlins charlotte visit&fld-nav-0=YMD_date&val-nav-0=2005 - 2009&docref=news/10F9C0D5C977CC30. 3 Carrie Levine, “Land Deal for Ballpark Advances - Board Tells County Staff to Negotiate Final Deal,” Charlotte Observer, The, December 20, 2006, sec. METRO, https://infoweb.newsbank.com/apps/news/document-view?p=NewsBank&t=&sort=YMD_date%3AD&fld-nav-0=YMD_date&val-nav-0=2006 - 2006&fld-base-0=alltext&maxresults=20&val-base-0=charlotte marlins baseball reese&docref=news/116290364364F138; Andrew Shain, “Marlins Say Move to City Possible - Mayor Says He Doubts Charlotte Is Ready, Won’t Lobby for It,” Charlotte Observer, The, April 4, 2006, sec. Metro, https://infoweb.newsbank.com/apps/news/document-view?p=NewsBank&t=&sort=YMD_date%3AD&fld-base-0=alltext&maxresults=20&val-base-0=marlins loria charlotte stadium&fld-nav-0=YMD_date&val-nav-0=2004 - 2007&docref=news/110CDAFA4E325E70. 4 Victoria Cherrie, “Baseball Land-Swap Suits Tossed - Lawyer Had Sued to Block Real Estate Deal Meant to Clear the Way for Uptown Stadium Designs for $35 Million Facility Are Nearly Done,” Charlotte Observer, The, October 11, 2007, sec. METRO, https://infoweb.newsbank.com/apps/news/document-view?p=NewsBank&t=&sort=YMD_date%3AD&fld-nav-0=YMD_date&val-nav-0=2006 - 2007&fld-base-0=alltext&maxresults=20&val-base-0=charlotte marlins baseball reese&docref=news/11C3C60B0E9A9620. 5 Erik Spanberg, “A Major League Income Shortfall,” Charlotte Business Journal, February 2, 2006, https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/stories/2006/02/06/story1.html.
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    In most cases, shiny basketball uniforms look awful and dated, Denver being a prime example. That matte fabric look worked IMO, while the shift toward navy made it feel more generic. The changes since have kept them boring. The yellow rainbow alts were the best thing the Nuggets have ever done and one of my favorite looks period. It was a damn shame they moved right past 'em.
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    The Patriots would be incredible at route goggle hacking. Fake routes. Blacked out goggles. Random porn videos playing. The whole thing.
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    Even though I was unaware you were suspended, I’ll say this: It takes a big man to be so honest and admit their mistakes the way you just did. You have a lot of supporters on this site and I'm glad you've decided to recommit yourself to your craft.
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    I think you're doing shtick here. This uniform isn't anything to aspire to. It's plan to the point of boring, and is a palette swap of the Browns with a change to black plus words on a helmet. This isn't a uniform design; it's a placeholder for something better. And the tiger-themed team found something very much better than lasted for a long time.
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    This is my all time favorite Nuggets jersey
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    We've got NY covered let's head to the second city with two clubs: Second City. I started out with the White Sox logo I had done a few years back and never finished up a uniform set for. I went with dark pants with the away, a baseball sin, because I loved the Sox all black look from last year (last year? what year is it?). Aside from that, home and away are pretty standard, the script on the away has a new Chicago star dotting the i. The Tradition combines eras, something I'll do for most of these. The Home Plate uses former Sox colors and a chest/sleeve strip to show off the Chicago flag. The Losers are next, again home and away stay pretty true to normal, with a small tweak for the logo. The Tradition (which I'm seeing now looks a whole lot like the Sox Tradition) combines a bunch of eras. I love the old bear with bat and feel like it needs to be more prominent in the Cubbies identity. The Home Plate gets real weird, and might be the most out there I get with any of these. The brick and ivy and yellow painted as perfect camouflage for players in the shift. Batters will have no idea where to hit the ball.
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    Seahawks uniform is not even comparable to the Bengals and Cardinals. Bengals have a million different 'features' that don't look like they were designed to be a cohesive uniform. The white side panels stand out way too much and don't accomplish anything, the number font doesn't fit with the rest of the design, the sleeve design is OK I guess, but then the pants have a weird hook in the stripe, and the white-to-orange fade effect is as unnecessary as the white side panel it connects to. The Cardinals is a mess of trendy piping, panels, and other weird things - all paired with a super-traditional helmet. It's like multiple uniforms in one. There's nothing about their uniform that's truly unique (which isn't always a bad thing), but it's just like they took one of those new-fanged college uniforms that ended up in the reject pile and said they'd take it. There's absolutely no obvious "inspiration" in it. The Seahawks looks like it was intentionally designed to be a cohesive uniform system, from the ground up, made by a single designer (or team), and not a committee. Their gimmicks are still kinda sorta just taking traditional to the next level - for example, their pants stripe is still a straight line without any silly hooks or curves - it just has that little design in it, which honestly I find harmless, and to the point of cohesion, kinda ties in to the sleeve design. The panel that goes from the sleeve into the chest is not 'traditional', but it's basically a solution to the problem of not being able to put stripes on today's uniforms. Honestly it's the one thing I didn't mind about the Browns uniform. I could do without the wordmark there - that's about the only down mark I'd give it. The use of colors is pretty good, and I really like that they've embraced that shade of green. The numbers are certainly not traditional, but they're way more legible than 90% of these silly gimmicky fonts like we've seen recently, and they're bold and "strong" IMO. I could do without the design inside them, but it's barely noticeable - just like the helmet. I thought it was stupid at first, but again, it's hard to even notice, so it's unnecessary but benign. You don't like monochrome uniforms, and won't even listen to discussions about them (you may have mentioned that once or twice or 5,000 times) but this one looks like it was designed from the top down to work in any combination, and the navy works far better for this look than their previous lighter blue. Basically, the Seahawks uniform doesn't seem to have been designed by 5 different design teams, and then redone 50 times based on team feedback, and then have things just tacked on because of reasons. It's 'gimmicks' are 99% unnoticeable (except the wordmark), and it fits their brand 100% perfectly. Even their 'wolf gray' jersey works as a gray jersey, and not a dirty white one. If you don't care for it then fine, but if you look at it objectively, it's not really comparable to those other teams.
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    Next up are the Brooklyn Nets! I think the Nets have done a great job of establishing themselves as the bold black and white team in the league - and have added some nice pop with their last city uniforms. This one was inspired by the Brooklyn graffiti scene. I wanted something that would be flashy and have a 90s vibe to it but that could translate nicely across different apparel and sell, sell sell! All while looking sharp on the court. The graffiti has some depth to it - there's references to the sky line, area codes, Petrovic, triangles for nets, basketballs, jay z signature, Illuminati triangle :P etc Kind of wild - wish I had better grafitti skills but hopefully the intent comes through. netscity3 Also an update on where I sit to date - almost there! cityupdate
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    I still do not understand why the Diamondbacks got rid of this look
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    Now watch the tight end here, he's following the GPS, following the GPS, boom, he drives into a :censored:ing lake
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    Let's get this straight here: Matte Satin Chrome Metallic Metallic w/ Heavy Gloss Finish Standard Gloss
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    The Nuggets already had two city unis with modernized rainbow mountains.
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    BROOKLYN NETS The Nets currently have the simplest logo set in NBA. From the usage of just black and white, to the B-ball logo, the team got it. What I'm not into is the font on the primary logo. That font should have been left on the roundel (spoiler alert: I did just that). I honestly prefer the final New Jersey era logo over what they have now, but that had too many colors. With that in mind, my concept logos for the Nets has the (IMO) perfect mix of simplicity and wholesomeness, without getting too overboard. I hope you won't be disappointed in this, but the colors that I selected are from New York Yankees—navy and gray (silver). The font from the NJ logo returns, but this time, it's in 2D. As for the basketball logo, instead of just a B on a ball, I added the arch and vertical cables from the Brooklyn Bridge. Since many fans are drooling over the "stars" uniforms that Dr. J wore, I incorporated its side panels to the uniforms, but have different designs. The association and icon uniforms have diamond shapes, in tribute to the Jason Kidd era duds, while the statement uniform features the stars and the herringbone pattern. One of the first things that come to mind when we think Brooklyn is its baseball culture, and like what the team did from 2013-14 to 2016-17, I included a Brooklyn Dodgers-inspired uniform. However, I did not use the actual script from the Dodgers' uniforms, because that might not go well with MLB and the Dodgers, unless there is an agreement. Aside from the aforementioned baseball culture, another thing that is widely remembered with Brooklyn is Coney Island, and when we think of Coney Island, one of the icons that ring a bell is the neighborhood's vintage roller coaster, the Coney Island Cyclone. The front script is taken from the sign located at the peak of the ride, complete with the "light bulbs". The side panels are taken from the ride's white frames and red handles. The sky blue represent either the skies surrounding Coney Island or the forgotten "mirror" uniforms from 1990-91.
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    I tried to split the difference between Sharks primaries a while ago:
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    Well, that all depends on who you ask.. As I previously stated, "matte" and "satin" are both nonexistent in Riddell's terminology, so theoretically you can't argue that they're either satin or matte.. But, anecdotally, my Riddell rep once described their "anodized" (satin) finish to me as "matte metallic".. in fact, there is even a bit of crossover, as their "anodized" grey/silver is actually listed as "flat (their word for matte) silver".. So, if anything, you could make an argument that "matte" is actually a more correct term than "satin".. Although, I think we can agree that it would be foolish to make that argument, as we all collectively know what we mean by "satin" football helmets.. but my main point is that mislabeling something while stating your opinion doesn't invalidate your opinion.. and my other point is that terms are relatively fluid and inconsistent from industry to industry and manufacturer to manufacturer and entity to entity.. According to Riddell it would be erroneous to call ANY of their helmets "satin" (or "matte"), and it would be erroneous to call Alabama's helmets "crimson" or South Carolina's alt helmets "garnet" (they wear the same exact color - Riddell calls it "cardinal").. So, depending on where you got your initial info regarding color specs or finish terms could influence just how erroneous or accurate something is.. Tampa Bay called their metallic silver facemasks "chrome", but that was erroneous based on the official color per manufacturer's name and the definition of what "chrome" actually is.. but it's accurate if that's what the buccaneers officially name that color, so again, you could make just about any argument within the right context..
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    It’s a good thing he’s already used to throwing to Saints players
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    I'm glad there's excitement about this division. I think it's my personal favorite based on what I came up with. So let's get it started in LA. The sash on the white kit combines recolored versions of the Galaxy star. Here's what it would look like up close: The yellow and green is a pure throwback to this uniform: https://assets.sbnation.com/assets/850002/56157700.jpg The third features star patterns on the cuffs and the side panel of the shorts as well as Orion on the shirt.
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    Here are the Houston Astros: Logos As a small tweak, the silver beveling on the "H" is removed. I added a bit of a tequila sunrise/stripe gradient around the primary logo, and this same striping pattern makes its way into the shooting star of the wordmark, inspired by @SFGiants58's iteration, as you can see here. The colors of the wordmark on the orange jersey flip, now white with a navy outline, and the navy jersey has white letters with no outline to match the cap logo. Uniforms The 3-stripe "gradient" also makes its way to the sleeves, pants and socks. To balance out those warm colors, I decided to keep things more navy-heavy this time around for the primaries. As previously stated, both alternates now have white letters, which helps the team distinguish from the Tigers, especially on the orange alt. An orange cap, sock, and undersleeves option is added to be worn on occasion at home, most likely for Fridays and/or afternoon games. The Cooperstown Collection is based off of the Tequila Sunrise design, and the Spring Training jersey features the H-star logo and a cap with the sunrise pattern. The Kansas City Royals will be up next. Thanks for checking this out!
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    I've lost all respect for the voters. The weird sublimation uni is way, way, way out front.
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    Needs to be permanent, then time to get the DBacks to return to teal, purple and copper.
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    Home/Road/Alt/Classic. Done. The NBA may be the messiest league brand-wise in professional sports now and while the expanded identities may be great for sales, in my opinion it’s been a trainwreck in terms of brand consistency and unity to varying degrees team by team. I’d gladly welcome some reigning in overall, and maybe an expansion of the classic edition program if there’s concern over apparel revenue. I think Charlotte presented a great model for an expanded Classic Edition program: allow teams to rotate through one locked-in throwback set over the course of 2-3 seasons, that way you maintain some consistency in one of your uniform slots while still releasing something new to wear and sell over those seasons. Once that expires, teams could move onto another throwback set if they wish and start the cycle over with that one. So for example, the Magic could lock in the Shaq/Penny set and wear the white, black, then blue over three seasons. Then after that expires, they could move onto the T-Mac set and wear the white and blue for the next two. Voila, you’ve released five jerseys in five seasons while honoring your history and brand instead of diluting and confusing it. I really don’t think there’d be terrible brand confusion with that either, as that’d only be one “alternate identity” instead of (in some cases) two or three, and many teams are still wearing color schemes that’d match with throwbacks and aren’t terribly different. Plus I’ve never considered throwbacks a problem anyways, as honoring a past brand isn’t nearly as egregious as force feeding a completely new and different one that clashes with your present brand.
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    I like red/black/red as a unique look in MLS (if you consider Atlanta red/black/black, plus the addition of the athletic gold sets PHX apart. The sleeves on the primary are phoenix feathers. The secondary should have a real Arizona feel, with the cream and teal colors and the brown/orange/gold triangles. The third is a dark plum color with shiny copper features, such as the star and sublimated flag lines on the sleeves. (I think I'm more happy with how this one turned out than for any other team. I hope you guys like it.)
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    So I'm a goofball, and you're an expert on design? I have a few words I'd like to say back, but they may be phrases that became popular within the last 30 years, so I'm sure you'd fire back that I don't know the real English or something like that. I'm 100% convinced that you're a contrarian troll.
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    They laughed at me at uniform design school. Said my uniforms were too traditional an aesthetic--but I'll show them. I'll show them all!!!
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    Finished up 2 new teams this week. Cleveland Oaks: While I'm not that happy with the name, I found the concept and colors to suit Cleveland well. Logo is a repurposed version of a logo I made for a client. Uniforms striping reflects the ring and wordmark. Arizona Thunderbirds: Ignore the above post, this turned out way better than what I initially planned. Honors the native population in Arizona, more specifically the Navajo tribe. Logo is an based of a southwestern thunderbird design I found on google. Navajo patterns adorn the helmet and pants, while the Arizona flag sits on the shoulders. the thunderbird usually seems to face left, so I decided to not flip it on the helmets. And here's an updated team/division list. Only 4 cities left, and 4 updates to existing teams needed. That's all for now. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
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    I've been toying around with the Brewers new look since ending my NFL series. Like @packerfan21396 I went with a matching Brewers script for the home. For both home and away sripts I've added a barley 'tail'. I also abandoned white altogether. The 'tradition' uniform is a take on the 1903 Milwaukee Brewers. The 'home plate' uniform is the MLB version of the NBA's City Edition jerseys. I tried it with blue between the bricks but it was WAY too busy. Let me know what you think. Uniform template by @rsaline.
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    Didn't @Sterling84v2.0 have a whole rant about how the "current" Coyote looks like its skull has been crushed or something? It's fine, but it's lacking the character of the Kachina design. I wish the Suns, Cardinals, and Diamondbacks would follow the Coyotes towards a Southwestern Native American art style. It's so much more appealing than this: Arizona has such a fantastic regional look. Use it. Justin McKeever nailed that Cardinals design.
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    Yes, those are sort of the basic terms WE use, but not necessarily their "official" names.. In order, Riddell would classify the finishes as follows: Flat Anodized Chrome Metallic Lightning *Impregnated (as previously pointed out, this is actually another example of metallic, but the Steelers are an example of impregnated shell color - "High Gloss" would be the other alternative that we would view as "standard gloss")
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    I feel like standard gloss would have worked better for the look the Falcons wanted. A giant, bold logo on a gloss shell pops. The satin finish looks...not soft really, just not as bold as it should look.
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    You're doing excellent work at your official job of never letting a single negative comment about these uniforms go by unchallenged.
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    Decided that since Boomer asked, I would update the Bengals. Went with a combination of current and 1990's look. The helmet stays the same, the pants and shoulder stripes now toned down a bit. No side panels and a return to more traditional numbers (old Champion look). Nothing too innovative, a callback to the good years of 2 Super Bowls, and in that vein similar to what the Bucs did in revising a classic look. I also did the Cardinals, but that was part of the contest, so I won't post that until the contest is posted.
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    I found this tweet from Sam Amico interesting. I wonder if anything truly gets done regarding cutting down of uniforms within a team's set. I do wonder, however, because don't these jerseys make a lot more revenue in the long run?
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    I've always thought of the Orioles as a primarily orange team with black accents and the Giants as a primarily black team with orange accents. Even going back to the 90s when the Orioles were at their dullest, they still had more orange than the Giants:
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    Good use of the Rams head in media amongst other team logos-
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    I definitely remember hearing that at the time. Kind of an arrogant move, right? It was sad when the Nuggets went from this, which was shiny and fun! to this, which was dull and lifeless: The final form of that set wasn't much better:
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    Orange jerseys for the Giants were a fun idea when they first came out (which was only really around 2009-2010 with this current set, if memory serves), but I would be absolutely fine with them mothballing them completely. They can toss those god awful black alts in there with them, too. Orange bulled caps also, if those haven’t been shelved already yet. Just use the current home uniform, and the road set they used for the first title in 2010. That’s it. That’s the post.
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    Change the numbers to block & make the white sleeves yellow on the alternate and this would be perfect.
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    This. If you're commenting in this thread, you're not the target audience for Toucan Sam. Toucan Sam has changed quite significantly over the years, and you're likely attached to the one that was on the Froot Loops box when you were a kid. Which one is "correct?" Answer: All of them. Things change, deal with it. Not everything is an outrage, especially not a redesign of a cereal cartoon character. Do I particularly like it? No - but it's not meant for me.
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    I miss baseball too much to not make this a series. Here come the clubs from New York City. First up, the Amazin' Mets. Home and away are pretty straightforward. I've cleaned up some minor issues with the Mets script. The Tradition uni harkens back to the 1916 NY Giants and uses a fauxback Mets script I made a few years ago. The Home Plate uni will be perfect for every Subway Series. I've updated the NY monogram for the Yankees and kept it the same across all applications. The home is essentially untouched and the away gets sublimated pinstripes to match. The Tradition uni throws it way back to the NY Highlanders and has a design to evoke the collared jerseys of yore. The Home Plate uni uses elements of Yankee Stadium and the clubs equally famous nickname. Stay tuned for more. As you may have noticed, I'm not a big fan of gray jerseys, I just think teams could do better. I'm trying to do at least a little bit of logo updating as well as uniforms, but there are quite a few MLB logos that are dang near perfect or otherwise untouchable.
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    The Jazz nickname for a professional team based in Utah has always confused me. Yes, I'm certain if you look hard enough, there's a jazz subculture in Utah, because there's a jazz subculture in every state. Yet while Jazz seems fitting for a team based in New Orleans, the fact that it has never changed in over forty years since the franchise relocated to the Wasatch Front is surprising to an outside observer. There may be a strong brand attachment to the Jazz name at this point, but for my first ever concept, I decided to rebrand the Jazz entirely, focusing on a nickname that seems more culturally / historically appropriate for a Salt Lake City team (at least to an outsider). Thus, introducing the Utah Pioneers! Logo set: Home: Away: Alternates: Again, this is the first time I've ever put something together like this, so all feedback is welcome and wanted!
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    If you miss your route would the audible be, "recalculating"?
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