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    I've always thought the Jaguars nailed it right out of the gate with their original uniforms and lament that they've strayed so drastically from what was an instantly recognizable, unique set. Here's my take on what a modern version of that original uniform would look like. The goal here was to undo some of the "sterile, generic football team" coldness that is present in their current uniform and bring back some of the elements that were distinctly Jacksonville. They could even call this change a "return to gold" - referencing both the early success of the franchise and their recent eschewing of the color.
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    Last year we had to listen to two weeks of complants about the fact that both teams coincidentally wore red, and weird theories/ideas about how they should avoid just wearing their uniforms. It's the Superbowl. The home team should wear their primary home uniform and they road team should wear their primary road uniform. Whoever wins needs to look like themselves while doing it. Nothing else is as important as that.
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    The bone jerseys are horrific in any combo, and even the blue-over-gold (their only semi-tolerable look) is still ruined by the poor design decisions. Literally the only thing worth keeping from this era is the helmet color. Everything else is inferior to the throwbacks.
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    If they go back to these, with this number font or something like it, they'll be set for years: Look at how beautiful that game could be again.
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    Eh, I heavily prefer the gray to gold as Vegas' primary home color. This is a gorgeous uniform, and replacing it with some gaudy golden mess that looks worse on the ice as the primary home jersey just because "it's Vegas and they're Golden Knights" is silly. The gray base is completely unique to them in the NHL; gold is Nashville's thing, for better or worse, and the gold jersey just looks too inconsistent under different lighting for me to like it as a main look; sometimes it looks alright, sometimes it looks like a revival of the mustard Preds jersey.
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    Ban the B. There's no other Tiger logo in the NFL and tigers are kick ass, so embrace it.
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    Cincinnati Bengals To Unveil New Uniforms This Spring "That said, sources have told SportsLogos.net that the Bengals iconic orange helmet, which features six black tiger stripes, will not change with the rebrand. It has been a major part of the franchise’s look since it was introduced by then-owner Paul Brown in 1981."
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    Colorado badly needs to change the away numbers to blue. They need to remove ALL black from the uniform. It has no place anymore. There is no black on the stripes, the socks, or the equipment. It is oddly just on the numbers and really sticks out. If they change the numbers to blue, it easily solves most of the jerseys issues.
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    Thanks, guys! I'm very glad to be back. Let's get to our first fictional team! NEW YORK KNIGHTS - The tale of Sir Redford the Perceval Ah yes, the team from the seminal (to many) baseball movie, The Natural! A year or two ago, user @BJ Sands made the suggestion that I should do a New York Knights concept. I kept this on the backburner for some time as I focused on other concepts/classes/internet ventures, always wanting to come back to it. The Charlotte Knights concept I produced last year provided me with the perfect backbone for the design. I had to make a few baseline adjustments. 1. Black/Gold becomes Navy/Orange 2. Old English capitals exit in favor of the "NY" cap-style letters (which are Old English-adjacent) I had a few hiccups in doing exact recreations of the cap design, since Ebbets Field Flannels' cap is surprisingly inaccurate compared to the screen-used props. I opted for the props as a guide, along with the video shown above.1 This results in modernized wordmarks and an "NY" insignia (one that's still inferior to the Yankees, Football Giants, and Baseball Giants/Mets designs, IMO). The helmet returns from the Charlotte Knights, while the Mets' logo forms part of shield with a slightly-inaccurate New York City flag (since the colors were close enough). When it came to the uniforms, I opted to go with a placket-and-sleeve trim design. I like that look so much on the Mets, so I figured it would work well here (assuming the team moved away from them in the decades since Roy Hobbs played for the team). The knight appears on the sleeve, while the socks use an orange-white-orange tri-stripe. The alternates include a simple navy top with the "NY" insignia, while the Hobbs uniform appears as a throwback. This is where I performed a more accurate trace of the logos on the uniform (e.g., the lightning bolt patch, a moment beautifully parodied in "Homer at the Bat").2 I slightly decreased the slope of the wordmark (to look a tiny bit less silly) and adjusted the McAuliffe number font to match the variant in the movie (flat-serifs). The jacket is pretty standard fare, with the home wordmark. I'm happy to report that the aesthetic of the New York Knights can age very well! C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, I make a big correction for the most ridiculous proposal I've covered thus far. 1 “THE NATURAL - NY KNIGHTS BASEBALL CAP - PROP | #1728322405,” Worthpoint, accessed January 22, 2021, https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/natural-ny-knights-baseball-cap-prop-1728322405; “New York Knights 1939 Vintage Ballcap – Ebbets Field Flannels,” accessed January 22, 2021, https://www.ebbets.com/products/new-york-knights-1939-ballcap?variant=27734403528; Movieclips, The Natural (3/8) Movie CLIP - Batting Practice With Wonderboy (1984) HD, 2012, https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&reload=9&v=H8Ancd0WztU. 2 “The Natural | 30 Years On: 1984 a Great Year for Movies,” accessed January 24, 2021, https://70srichard.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/the-natural/; “New York Knights 1939 Home Jersey – Ebbets Field Flannels,” accessed January 22, 2021, https://www.ebbets.com/products/new-york-knights-1939-home-jersey?variant=12363990794314.
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    LOUISVILLE ATHLETICS: I demoted the script to the dugout jacket, while also using the new "A's" insignia. NEW ORLEANS ATHLETICS: Aside from the new "A's," I've tweaked the alternates ("New Orleans" on the purple, purple "A's" outlined in gold on the green). The gold alternate now features an insignia. OKLAHOMA CITY TWISTERS: I adjusted the twister to be a less colorful design. SACRAMENTO GIANTS: I replaced the elephant with an updated design. The script remains here, seeing as the team is a "descendant" of the '87-present A's. SAN DIEGO ATHLETICS: I switched the "A's" insignia to the Seattle one, with a Market Deco "'s" bit. The "SD" has also received an update. SEATTLE ATHLETICS: I've updated both sets to feature an "A's" insignia on the home uniforms (I removed the script entirely) and the arched "SEATTLE" on the road. The kelly/yellow set has placket stripes on both uniforms. I also simplified the cap options of both sets. Newer concepts will come soon.
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    The peasants of the general public never cease to amaze me.
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    Hope it's more like the L.A. Chargers and less like the L.A. Rams . . . That's the graph we're using, now.
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    Finally. Now here's hoping they do them right. Those uniforms were dated as could be. As much as it's overdue, at the very least, hopefully they get this right and Joe Burrow and the new Bengals have a look they can be proud of again.
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    It makes no sense to keep black numbers.
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    Ummm... That shirt stretch was kind of hard to miss.
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    Don't overthink this - use the 90's stripes, block numbers, put the number on the sleeves like the 80's uniforms, mix in some alternate pants and jerseys because it's 2021 and call it a day. Also, go back to the tiger head and full body tiger logo as your logo set. Execute the B logo for its 17 year crime spree. edit: You guys have no idea how nervous excited I was to hear this news. I've hated the uniforms since 2004. They NEVER grew on me. I'm nervous about getting 2014 Bucced, but excited about the prospect of getting 2020 Bucced. My biggest fear that the helmets would change has already been squashed so fingers crossed!
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    I've said it before, but my hope would be for a very clean and simple uniform - white numbers with simple orange piping around the collar and the sleeve cuffs... and no tiger stripes. No tiger stripes, I know -- blasphemy! But hear me out. The problem with all of the Bengals uniforms since the 80s has been that the uniforms tried competing with the helmet for attention instead of simply letting the helmet be the centerpiece of the identity. Here are some examples of teams with helmets that are allowed to be the focal point and complimented by the uniform: Now here's what happens when those same teams tried to have uniforms that competed with the helmet for the viewer's eye: Granted - those are some ugly uniforms in their own right - but just take a moment as you scroll through those images and take note of where you find your eye being drawn. While the Bengals uniforms have mostly been better than the ones I shared above, they all fall on the busy side of the spectrum. If you have tiger stripes on the helmet AND on the jersey AND on the pants, there's simply too much going on. Even the stripe-less original helmet *pops* more than the striped version because it's not in competition with the rest of the uniform The helmet is awesome enough on its own to be the crown jewel of the identity. Let it shine.
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    IMO this is the best helmet in all of the NFL. I really hope they don't change it.
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    That's because Cleveland and Tampa Bay brought back (with very minor changes) old uniforms that never should have been abandoned. Seems like the Bengals' path is pretty clear. Hope they don't bungle it.
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    Fingers crossed its not a Nike nightmare
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    They aren’t even comptons teams though. They are just trying to pretend that they are.
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    It's probably been posted here before, but this is the best Bengals concept I have seen:
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    First off will be the Houston Wildcatters, taking some influence from the 'Stros on this but with black instead of navy. I was Astros game during this concept so hence the color scheme.
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    The only change the Texans need to make to their current uniforms is adding red socks back to their primary road combo.
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    No way Tampa isn't in red/pewter. The first team to host a Super Bowl and play in it, and their only Super Bowl win is in red/pewter.
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    At least we won't have to see these(one year makes a big difference):
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    I feel like there are some people on this site who are putting a bit too much stock in the random comment somebody apparently made about the changes being minor. What a frequent poster on this board would call minor vs the general population is pretty different. I'm reminded that back in 2006, when the Vikings were about to change from the Culpeper/Moss uniforms to their Rebok mess the owner's son refered to the upcoming changes as minor. I know I've related this story on the board before, but I once got in a conversation with a Saints fan who was proud of the "fact" that the Saints had never changed their uniforms. I tried pointing out changes in logos, striping, number colors, etc, and he looked at me like I was crazy. Because they'd always worn black jerseys, gold helmets, and had the same logo, in his mind that literally equalled no changes. Minor could mean anything.
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    The blue pants are terrible and produce the “leotard” look. The yellow pants are the only pants they need, if only because they remind us of what they should do. Bone has gotta go. Until then, only wear yellow pants.
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    I'm no fan of Belichick especially, but calling him a fraud is a rather embarrassing case of sour grapes.
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    I personally prefer the late-'90s update. The tiger stripes on the originals are a bit too thin and end up looking more like a wood-grain pattern.
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    "Minor changes" could mean almost anything. But if true, it could be promising. If were talking minor changes, here are the four that are would work for me; 1. Switch to the Color Rush numbers... single layer, white, traditional-ist block. 2. Remove the side panels... an absolute non-negotiable must. 3. Rework the top of the pants stripe to remove the white... without the jersey side panels, the top of the pants stripe doesn't make sense. 4. Switch the "B" logo to the tiger head. This would still leave them with a bit of a cluttered uniform IMO, but would definitely clean up the most egregious parts, and take them from bottom five to middle of the pack.
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    I feel like a lot of the general public automatically equates “new uniforms” with a total change. The bengals will still have tiger stripes, and use orange and black, they’ll just stop looking like they’re stuck in a 2005 Reebok look.
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    Are you serious? Rich people waste money constantly. That's pretty much the defining characteristic of the lifestyle.
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    Needs white pants.
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    The head is good enough, and a big improvement from the B (which would be a C if I had any say in the matter).
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    We have finally reached the final team of the CSL, and it's the defending champions in Oakland! Bay Area Division Oaktown SC Oakland, California Founded: 1970 Championships: 1* *Defending champions entering the 2019 season ORIGINAL POST: After decades of misery and heartbreak, Oakland is finally home to a championship-caliber team! First of all, the crest has been given the Borussia Dortmund treatment with the oak taken directly from the city flag. Although the home kits are still gold and the clash kits are still green, they have received numerous tweaks after the 2015 season. The home kit has a sublimated oak tree pattern, and the clash kit has a rectangular "checkerboard" pattern inspired by the shipping containers at the Port of Oakland Oakland will rock a CSL Champions scudetto-style patch in the middle of their kits throughout the 2019 season, with the trophy being a four-legged (with two in the middle) trophy with the California grizzly bear on top of a soccer ball The NOB for Team No. 49 also has significance as our newly-inaugurated 49th Vice President is a daughter of Oakland! --- I still have to make the kit compilations, but for now here is a compilation of all 49 team logos and a completed map of the CSL: CSL Team Logos: Map of all CSL Teams: --- If you're wondering what's next, I have decided that I will be making the second-tier California Soccer League II! I had to leave behind quite a lot of fun places in the more urban parts of California to give the CSL a true representation of the entire state, but they will have a place in the CSL2. I have the locations set, but I haven't quite figured out the league structure just yet. Stay tuned for that! (I actually contemplated creating this second league back in 2016, but I never actually went forward with it back then)
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    The Titans having nice uniforms is a very unpopular opinion. The Seahawks may not be to everyone's personal taste, but they are competently designed. The Titans are a mess. They went way too hard on the sword motif, to the point of being gimmicky, and added all that unnecessary double gray to an already crowded color pallet. Then they realized they forgot the light blue and just slapped it under the armpits. If they had made the sword-shaped yokes entirely light blue, and dropped the pit-stains, they would be 100 times better.
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    Wrong thread, I think your looking for the Unpopular Opinions one.
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    Except the bone contrasts even worse with the yellow.
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    Well, I'm back to working on this series after getting through school stuff and other personal baggage/other projects (i.e. research more crazy internet stories), so I figured I should start things off with a whole series of updates, where I standardized some stuff and overhauled significant elements. ATLANTA ATHLETICS: I replaced the original logo with a simplified heraldry design and a replica of the stripe pattern. I've also cleaned up the Old English "Atlanta" throwback. DALLAS ATHLETICS: I replaced the Forest Green with the Stars' Victory Green, while also switching the home uniform to an insignia. The "Dallas" script is now a redone Old English wordmark, with placket stripes. The logos now use the NOB font and a tweaked cowboy hat. DENVER ATHLETICS: I dumped the cursive script alternate in favor of an insignia design. I demoted the cursive script to a jacket. MILWAUKEE ATHLETICS: I adopted the "A's" design from my later Athletics concepts, while also deleting the insignia on Stomper's cap (too small for rendering). Part II will be up next.
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    I'll say that the Chargers didn't look great when they deemphasized the bolt from their uniform. And their uniform would have looked worse if they had taken the bolts off the jersey. This was not as good as
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    This graphic is a visual representation of how every NBA team has at least one WTF uniform. Every row is like a family picture where you can easily identify the drunk uncle.
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    It’s not that I don’t like “different” looks. I maintain that the Broncos have a top-ten look. The Titans’ old uniforms were unfairly maligned. It’s just that the Rams’ look fails on so many levels and simply doesn’t live up to its potential. Bone, blue pants, gradients, and segmenting the horn were all bad ideas that get us further away from the potential. That’s beautiful. No bone, no segments, and only yellow pants. The Chargers did it, the Bucs did it, and the Browns did it. Why shouldn't the Rams do it?
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    This was about as good as it got for the Rams this year; It helps if you're getting a TV shot that's far enough away that the atrocious number gradients don't really register. Every other possible combination they trotted out was pretty much a disaster. The all blue sucked, any combination that included the dishwater jerseys or pants was terrible, anytime the socks and pants were the same color. All bad. That said, the fix is fairly simple. Change the numbers to plain yellow (no stupid gradient, but also get rid of those cheap plastic-y add-ons) and the home jersey is fine. Get a white (WHITE!) jersey that matches the home, and only wear the above pants and socks, home and road, and they would remove themselves from the bottom five.
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    He's still the rightful Home Run King in my book.
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    I feel like this redesign screams Patriots 2020, where they will essentially use their Color Rush as a template but incorporate orange and black into it.
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