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    New Twins alternate for 2020-
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    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air did not invent graffiti. Please stop.
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    I have to feel that anyone defending the new Fire logo is either paid to do so, a contrarian, or "it's the children who are wrong" memeing. The Fire logo is nearly universally hated by anyone not connected to the organization or anyone not being provocative for whatever reason. I dislike being told the majority opinion is "mob mentality." Sometimes the majority does rule.
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    This is so bad it actually makes me angry. And I don't think there's EVER been a time when I've thought for more than two seconds about the Chicago Fire with any real emotion.
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    Done and dusted! The team has even used it in twitter graphics, because some intern thought it looked better than the janky mess that they call their "original script." Still, I'd say that navy/red/powder should be the color scheme for the Twins. I like it more than the wheat/gold they insist on using.
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    Well if that isn’t the biggest load of marketing speak I’ve ever heard.
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    I would've preferred either no white on the sides, or white number/wordmark. But these are still nice. I've always had a softspot for the cavfanatic sets. Do i think every team should mashup elements from all of their previous uniform sets? No. But it's fun when the cavs do it, and they've had a lot of good sets doing that.
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    They went from a generic San Diego baseball team to a true identity.
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    Go back to San Diego where you belong.
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    You're overreacting. These are fine. And, in the case of the DC, New York and Dallas, pretty good!
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    Amazing throwback game tonight between Portland and Sacramento!
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    Nike is deliberately making the colors not match because the Cowboys insisted that the colors not match. It’s pretty simple. This one is not on Nike; the Cowboys have been doing this since well before they took over the league’s contract. Nike is just giving its customer what he wants, even if what he wants is really stupid.
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    Speaking as a lifelong Jazz fan... If they go redrock/sunset full-time, then that’s five completely different primary color schemes since 1974, and presumably three entirely different primary colors between the five. They’d go from a team who for their first 30 years was clearly a purple team, to one who insisted on being a navy team for 15 years, then suddenly decide they want to permanently round out the rainbow with reds, golds, and oranges. How does that not sound bad? Their brand history and insistence on wearing the wrong colors already is a bit frustrating enough, convoluting it further with an entirely different color scheme to add to it is not at all what they should be doing.
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    Others have said it before, but it needs to be repeated. Nike needs to stop.
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    Bears in throwback helmets making this a near-perfect duplicate of the 1963 NFL Championship Game....
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    Dear Boston. C'mon now.
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    “Let’s showcase these Nike unis in front of this Reebok sign”
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    I don't get this whole rebrand the Fire thing. It's a good name. The current shape of the logo is really great for for a soccer crest. Even the red shirt with the white stripe across the front is great and unique to the fire. The problem has never been the brand, don't "fix" the part that's not broken
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    Except it's throwing away whatever "good" heritage the organization had in favor of the new ownership group "putting their mark on the team." That's not a positive development, it's throwing away all of the good will the owners built up after getting out of that awful lease. Sure, it you want to call it that. Well then it's not a good badge. It's an awful one.
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    Updated tracker for 2019/20 Statement and city jerseys. Haven't fully rendered all city jerseys yet but I think all except for Miami have been officially released? statement201920 city201920
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    You guys may hate the neighborhood specificity now but wait till next year when the Nets debut their “Bay Ridge” jersey where the chest logo is just an NYPD officer arguing with a pizza shop guy about the Yankees.
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    “Let me tell you, for the 100th time, why my favorite Canuck logo is better than your favorite.”
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    Dubs in yellow in LA is super confusing
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    Come on, Padres, make the alternate road uniform the primary road uniform.
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    The worst new uniforms so far... The script feels generic, blue script with red hats is awful, the light blue on the royal jerseys feels incredibly out of place and light blue hats?
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    Hey everyone, As a Browns fan I didn't think life could get much worse in 2014. Then it got worse in every way. I wanted to redesign their uniforms, and had so much fun doing it that I decided to work on some other teams as well. I've done three teams so far and plan on doing a few more that I think could use some tweaks. They're all pretty simple, nothing crazy or revolutionary. Any feedback is appreciated. This is the first time I've ever done this, so feel free to roast me. The order of teams I'm doing is pretty random, but first up is my Brownies. If you remember before the redesign disaster of 2015, a lot of Browns fans wanted new uniforms, claiming the old ones were getting stale. Of course, we didn't know how good we had it. So I obviously incorporated some similar elements of the classic Browns look, but with just a little more pop to satisfy the younger crowd.
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    Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver seem to be among the strongest markets in the league, and they have nice intuitive North American names (even if there are FCs or SCs appended to them, I don't remember). I think a lot of singular/collective nouns work for soccer because they end up being a nice middle way between City Nicknames and City FC: Union, United, Galaxy, even "Chicago Fire" is fine as a product of its time. But if you think "ray-AL Salt Lake" is anything but the dopiest Europosing around then I don't know what to tell you.
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    Do Seattle fans have any idea how hypocritical they are by begging for another team to move there?
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    Memo to the Lakers, it ain't that hard to have an alternate:
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    I love the custom number font. Very nice. I like this font, but the block number works with the block wordmark.
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    My first thought was this: They're going out of the box very loud. Kinda like a TATC.
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    Gotta love how the “9” vaguely resembles a beer barrel. If the Spring Training signage is any indicator of the new Brewers’ uniform numbers and scripts, I for one will be very happy.
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    I like it very much! The thin trim/pinstripes combo is far better than I imagined it would be, while the sand/brown road uniform and the full sand pinstripes are also fantastic. I like that they're being honest about wearing the brown jersey on the road more than the sand set. It'd be nice if other teams did that (e.g., Pirates and White Sox). While the cleaned up wordmarks are good-looking (especially that "San Diego"), I do wish the home wordmark was a touch smaller and the brown top had no white outlines, but those are minor quibbles. The Swinging Friar's return is also very welcome. The swoosh is whatever - I'll live with it. They've managed to go back to their proper colors and put a fantastic spin on things. Well done! The Padres might just have turned the corner.
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    The 2019 Sounders away jersey felt like it would work better for Inter Miami:
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    But at least there was an established precedent to bring back the brown. The Sox changing to 'Green Monster' green or the Twins changing to 'Purple Rain' purple makes no sense as there isn't any established history with these clubs and these respective colors.
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    I immediately thought of the Astros “earth tone” color scheme. I really liked it. But it really didn’t fit a team called Astros.
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    I'm of the mind that "the move towards traditional names", while an "additional factor" in winning over a certain subset of "fans of international clubs", has been nowhere near as important an element in Major League Soccer's growth as the developmental achievements I outlined. If Major League Soccer hadn't encouraged the construction of soccer-specific stadia, adopted IFAB rules, established the Designated Player rule, negotiated and signed TV deals that actually paid the league rights fees, hired full-time pro referees, and leveraged ancillary revenue streams such as jersey sponsorships and stadium naming rights deals... well, if the league hadn't achieved those benchmarks, it wouldn't matter one iota if every team in the league carried a "traditional football name". Without the nuts-and-bolts steps I've cited, 26 permutations of FC, SC, Athletic, City, Inter, Real, Rovers, Sporting, Town, United, Wanderers, etcetera would be nothing more than window-dressing on a league poised on the verge of collapse. Further, "tradition" is in the eye, ear, and heart of the supporter. One fan's "silly" is another fan's "traditional". In Columbus, Crew is traditional. In Portland, Timbers is traditional. In San Jose, Earthquakes is traditional. In Seattle, Sounders is traditional. In Vancouver, Whitecaps is traditional. In Chicago, not only is Fire traditional, but it seems a hell of a lot of supporters consider the old St. Florian's cross-based badge to be traditional. Let's try to remember, there are parts of the world in which the likes of Botswana Meat Commission FC, FC Santa Claus, and Grasshopper Club Zurich are traditional. In that light, American soccer could have done far worse than Dallas Tornado, Los Angeles Aztecs, Tampa Bay Rowdies, Colorado Rapids, Miami Fusion, New England Revolution, Charlotte Independence, Indy Eleven, or Rochester Rhinos. Soccer is constantly touted as "The World's Game", it's global reach and history trumpeted as evidence of its appeal. If that's true, the soccer teams that have called the United States and Canada home - even those that have borne "silly" names influenced by the North American sports branding tradition - are every bit as much a part and parcel of the sport's legacy as the clubs from any other country in the world. They should be recognized and celebrated as such. Frankly, it gets old seeing fellow American soccer supporters who seem all too ready to cast aside the history of the sport in our country - team branding included - in an effort to ape the traditions of other nations. I'd argue that it's been awfully difficult to build and sustain an authentic American soccer tradition when there has seemed to be a subset of supporters in this country who are willing - indeed, eager - to denigrate what history we do have. Look, I lent my own voice to grousing about the rule deviations - stadium game-clocks that counted down, 35-yard offside lines, penalty shootouts to decide regular season ties - which various leagues adopted in ill-conceived attempts to "sell" soccer to fans in the United States. Changing the very gameplay of the sport was clearly a step too far. That said, if potential fans were ignoring professional soccer in this country because they felt that there weren't enough teams sporting names akin to those in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, etc... well, that strikes me as terribly disappointing.
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    Why would they do that? The cream looks fantastic.
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    I agree. Heat of the moment and that dude was reaching for similar and saying maybe worse. None of these guys are angels. I'm glad Mason Rudolph's brains weren't splattered on TV, and if guys can throw their girlfriends down stairs and still play pro ball, Myles Garrett ought to be able to play again. I mean, it's not like he's protesting police brutality or anything.
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    We exited baseball aesthetics' dark night of the soul circa 1993 when the last of the powder blues and pullovers were retired. From there, we should be sticking to buttoned white/grey orthodoxy but some teams have to ruin it, I guess. We even have teams re-installing plastic grass. It's a real problem.
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    One of the very best rebrands in sports this year. No pun intended, but the Brewers covered all the bases on everything, from acknowledging their heritage and history to making little updates.
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    I think switching the red and black around would give this set more life, but I won't complain too much. The worst offenders have been dealt with.
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    I thought these looked good. Hopefully there will be no combination of soutache and pinstripes.
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