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    Presentation is great and the Falcons concept is super clean, love the series
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    It's a harvest moon. I wanna see you dance again.
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    And Alabama has had a white helmet in their past Just because it’s happened doesn’t take away from the fact that their identity is known with a crimson helmet and I don’t want to see them break out white helmets either. And Florida is an orange helmeted team historically, with white being a strong secondary helmet. Blue helmets were just a blip on the radar. As a one off, like earlier in the year? Cool. Becoming a regular part of the rotation? Not a chance. One season over 50 years ago doesn’t justify it.
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    The BFBS and GFGS are not needed at all.
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    The Caps’ Retro is the best jersey they’ve ever worn, IMO. The blue eagle wings look great on a red jersey, and the gold talons and beak just accentuate it perfectly.
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    I'm mildly amused that, last week on the Gators subreddit, I did an impromptu ranking of the different combinations with the three jersey colors, and specifically didn't bother saying anything about blue helmets because, well, aside from a throwback game against Mizzou earlier this season, the Gators haven't worn blue helmets since the '60s. And then, less than a week later, here we are, the Florida Gators football team, now with blue helmets. On one hand, they really don't need blue helmets. On the other hand, in those rankings, the combinations involving blue pants always rated poorly because they either created the monochrome blue look which I don't care for at all, or they didn't go together with the orange helmet and white jersey of the away uniform. I also don't like the way blue pants would look with the orange jersey, for that matter (should always wear white pants with the orange jersey; orange or white helmet doesn't really matter, they both work). Whatever the jersey color was, blue pants always came in at the bottom. Now, the blue pants have something they can work in conjunction with for away games. When I see it from that lens, I can get behind this, especially for the Tennessee game. If the Gators are smart with their uniform combinations for away games, @ Kentucky should always be orange helmets and pants, and @ Tennessee should be blue helmets and pants. I'm ok with that. Unfortunately, the Gators have liked wearing those mismatched combinations of either orange/blue/white or orange/white/blue (H-J-P) over the years, and it's not that mismatched looks can't work, but they aren't something I tend to care much for. If they now have blue helmets, then those should be the helmets of choice for every away game that they use blue pants in. Mind you, I would still prefer either the orange or white pants, in that order, for road games, but how often they choose to wear whichever pant color is up to them.
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    I think the issue there is that the black pants really highlight how ugly the Steelers' pants stripes are. If they were thinned out to match the helmet stripe, it would look better.
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    San Diego is still in California.
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    I really like the Bills and Falcons concept, both are amazing.
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    I'm going to be as honest as I can be. You think any fan of the Los Angeles Galaxy or LAFC gives one iota of a care in the world about the Los Angeles Wolves? You think either the New York Red Bulls or NYCFC owe anything to the Cosmos? No. Hell, MLS could have had the Cosmos. They chose not to have the Cosmos. So you can draw these lines any which way you want- it doesn't change the fact that MLS today doesn't owe anything to the NASL. The NASL utterly imploded and cratered top flight soccer in north America for years. MLS fumbled out of the gate- and only started getting its act together in the mid 2000s when they stopped trying to "Americanize" the sport. So no, it's not all "just a coincidence" but a few key people here and there does not create this grand legacy you so desperately want to exist. Everything in North American soccer prior to MLS' rebirth as a league that respected the game's global traditions has been tinged by failure. And all of this is academic anyway. Why are we having this argument? You're mad that someone who isn't from Montreal likes the name "Montreal FC" over "Montreal Impact"? Really? You're free to disagree with him on that but come on man. There was no need to use that disagreement as a jumping off point of multiple walls of text dedicated to why the deep legacy of North American soccer is worth defending. All the guy said was that he didn't like a singular 90s style name. That's all. It's hardly a revolutionary- or even unpopular- opinion around here.
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    What's the point of the black uniform there? From any distance it'll just look like the normal navy aways but with flipped shoulder stripes (if anyone even notices that). The rest of them are nice, though - I'm even alright with the gray. Definitely an upgrade.
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    Just saw a clip of Coastal Carolina's new black uniform. Completely unreadable, even on a floor level shot. WTF y'all thinking?
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    I think the problem going against singular word names or names that don’t reference the city is that there are so many other prominent North American sports. In Europe, it's football at the top, and then several tiers below are other sports teams. To call yourself Arsenal or Liverpool is a bit different than Los Angeles. Ok, Los Angeles what? There’s probably 10+ teams in LA. Just a little different.
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    I’m really tired of y’all hating on my name.
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    I'm trying to imagine an issue the NFL would care less about than contrasting pants. I got nothing. What would you want them to do when the Packers play in Pittsburgh?
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    I've thought about this too, why we don't have an Arsenal or Rangers-style team -- but I do think that dropping American-style nicknames are one thing but the need to market oneself can't lose the location identifier. Probably doubly so now in the age of every little local reference being a necessary building point for identities and marketing campaigns. I've thought "Revolution" is the one that might work in that context, but eh, don't really see a strong need to, either.
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    The green looks pretty good to me....
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    Had no idea those pants ever existed.
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    Woah woah, hold up... you clearly cannot have an awesome court without 17 different types of wood stains, some crazy design that ruins the three-point arc, and an unpainted “paint” area. And a reasonable color scheme? Get outta here.
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    Clearest look yet at one of the Ducks’ new uniforms: As I mentioned when the first retail leaks came out, these new uniforms may be a first look at a new Nike template. The jerseys don’t have the perforation pattern that’s been standard on Nike’s CBB templates for the last 4-5 years, and both the jerseys and shorts have a knit or sublimated pattern in the fabric (similar to the pattern on Nike’s soccer third kits this year). The Ducks are opening their season tonight, so we’ll finally see the debut of one of their new uniforms (probably white or yellow, as I’m pretty sure they’re the designated home team).
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    I mean the name is even older than MLS so I'd say it's pretty traditional for North American Soccer
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