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    A blue jersey that doesn't rely on white, that has a strong contrast between two colours, is a winner to me. They would have looked better without the white stripe. Bold, clean and mean. No white lightening the jersey up - it makes it look slightly unsure of itself. I just feel like that jersey could have been great without it. It drags it down 10-20% IMO.
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    Per TruColor, the current sand road uniform is #B7A99A and the 2004-10 sand road uniform was #C5C1B2. The 1985-90 road uniform was #B2A8A2, which they list as gray, not sand.
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    I’m assuming no playoffs, no bowl games even and instead a national champion will be voted on by coaches poll at the end.
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    In true Buffalo fashion they get one thing beyond perfect (the crest) only to fumble the next most important aspect in the striping. There may be a historical reason for the mismatched striping on the road jersey but lets face it, it would look better if it was consistent. Even the designers of the previous set had the sense to fix this problem. As for the addition of the white piping to the home, it's the most Buffalo thing they could have done. It does absolutely nothing but muddle up an otherwise perfect design for no reason.
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    I’ve done a comparison on this before. The late 80s sand was lighter and just slight more grey-ish/dusty but still tan. The current version is darker and more in the brown range...again only by a bit. see below. Contrast this with the early 2000s tan, those were a strange yellow tan and were hideous.
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    God this is ridiculous. Have we ever seen anything like 2 different fonts in one number before? Teams should be required to hire at least 1 uniform nerd to approve all uniforms prior to a photoshoot like this.
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    Lechia Gdańsk: Home kit (white one) is new, away kit (grey one) is gonna be run his 3rd season.
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    Interesting Oregon sample/fan jersey up on eBay. Seems to be legit even though it's horrendous https://www.ebay.com/itm/Men-s-Nike-Oregon-Ducks-Jersey-Football-Autzen-Staudium-Rare-Medium-Black-Green-/124294748395?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255
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    Well at the time, Buffalo had intentionally made their uniforms to be similar to the Leafs, but with gold because they were “better” or some nike talk like that... They original white jersey in some of the first photos didn’t even have gold, because it was a Leafs jersey with the Sabres logo slapped on...
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    @Ukyo - Thank you. I added red to the trim and removed the irish rainbow and reintroduced the classic trim pattern. It gets kinda dark though, however bonus points a more christmas-y look. I considered using green, white and red for the trim, but wanted to go with something more "controversial" and "radical". I might try out the more conservative approach later. Milwaukee Bucks City Edition V2 Uniform Concept All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented times!
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    Thanks! The WFL logos are pretty great, I love just enjoying them and their simplicity. That's true, the Pirates did wear pinstripes in the late '70s. However, they switched by 1980 and if we imagine the Hornets as an early-80s team (despite the lack of real-world expansion during that time), the distinction between the teams should be enough to make it work, especially given how the Pirates shifted away from gold in the late '80s and didn't use pinstripes again until the late '90s. That said, an orange-gold color intrigued me and I mocked it up on the logosheet. Then I combined it with a maroon, and I went ahead and mocked up the whole thing. This is closer to an actual hornet's colors, and it looks really good, much better than I expected. The new gold works great with black as well. I'm really conflicted now, I have multiple great options and I can't decide which is my favorite.
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    In the last 8 years they've gone through 4 GMs and 6 head coaches, so I think they've worn out that option. Pretty tough to establish a winning culture when major pieces of the organization aren't given any sort of leash.
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    I'd bet almost anything there won't be a spring season either. You're gonna ask these kids to play 2 seasons in less than a calendar year? Not happening.
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    Every update to A&M looks great with the exception of the sleeve stripe removal.
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    I'm sad that they've gone away from the shoulder stripes, that was a unique and iconic look that they owned. The new uniforms aren't bad, and I understand that they have history behind them, but there was no reason to ditch the old set.
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    I think the lack of spring games hurt presentation timelines this year. You'd also have recruits slipping up and taking pictures of new gear. Schools have gotten better at delaying the chances of leaks.
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    BYU looks incredible, especially the basketball team. That alternate script is cleannnn, and I love the mountain details on the shorts. Pure class. I can't say I'm feeling the away for Wisconsin football, I know you want to separate the red and white teams in the Big 10 but I honestly just prefer what they have now to what you did with the vertical sleeve stripe. And for Memphis, although I think the design works for all the other sports, for football the uni combos only look good when the stripes match. The non-monochrome combos look kinda clunky with the mismatched stripes.
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    They turned Sahlen Field into Rogers Centre.
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    Possibly dependent on a vaccine? It would be an interesting season not only because of the odd timing/circumstance, but it would mean many of the known stars in the league would opt out for good reason. I wonder if any OOC games make it into a spring season, were it to happen.
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    Even if they aren't a proper LAFC affiliate, the rose gold as counterpart to their metallic gold is a brilliant touch. The old "it's girls so it has to be pink" thing, but not as cringey, and actually on-trend.
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    Been quite busy lately. I was originally going to post my Raptors concepts but instead I wanted to publish my revised Milwaukee Bucks uniforms as they've collected dust for a couple of months. The Raptors concepts is would be too boring to post now as I basically spammed my thread with several different takes on the new unis for the '21 season. I went through my notepad and I've outlined the following: Contrasting to the Celtics, irish rainbow, easify by meshing the current and the old. As to the point of making the Bucks look different from the Celtics - they already do, however I want them to be more modern and a bit darker. I am not the greatest fan of black unis as its too easy, lazy and uninventive. That being said, I took the easy route and made the icon edition black instead of green with the dumb assumption that they would use them against the Celtics. Association is white, icon is black and statement is green. This might be controversial but the statement looked way cooler in green, and I cant justify both icon and statement being green. Irish rainbow is a fan favourite. The irish rainbow was inspired by the Houston Astros. The Bucks started using the irish rainbow pattern in '77 to '93 and ever since Bucks fans have wanted them back. The current Bucks unis use a slight rendition of the rainbow, however the black and blue just doesnt cut it, so I removed them from the equation. Blue stands out way too much and the black gets muddled up on the sidetrim, so I darkened the primary green and for the irish rainbow I chose to use 4 shades of green to complement the primary green. I made the rainbow bigger as well. Instead of the one coloured trim, I went for the three trimmed and made the middle part thinner as to make the cream a big less intrusive. This said, I think cream appears very much off-white. The colour just gives off this passive and nostalgic feeling which doesnt really work, however I kept it as fans very much like the colour. I'd rather add red or purple into mix but maybe for another time. The statement edition is basically a green-ifyed version of the Bucks current statement edition with 4 shades of irish rainbow. I know the inverted M (or whatever you call it) on the shorts is somewhat hard to make out - I could make an outline but I dont think it will fit the overall concept. There is no special reasoning for the NoB being beneath the numbers - I did the same my former Bucks statement editions - I guess it's because of Giannis long last name. There's no city edition to these revised concepts. There is however a take on classic editions. Maybe I'll finish them or not. I really want to add brown into the Bucks colour scheme in someway, as I once did without too much success. Brown is such a great colour and is severly underused in sports. It would fit so much with the forest and deer theme. Speaking of former concepts and deer theme, I kept the "ours is the fury" text on the jocktag as nobody fear deers. As a hunter I just had to change it. The slogan is taken from Game of Thrones and is the motto to House Baratheon and their coat of arms is a stag. Should note that there should be logos on the side shorts, but I never came to it. Green is such a magnificent colour. Maybe someday we will see more teams in green. I am still holding on to hope that one day the Sonics will be resurrected. Hell, I even hope the Clippers rebrand and adopt green in someway, as they once intended. Sorry for my rambling. Speaking of Clippers, I should finish those. Milwaukee Bucks Association Edition Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Icon Edition Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Statement Edition Uniform Concept All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented times!
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    Not sure building an identity around a one-off adidas fauxback that was hated is the best idea. That being said, the execution is pretty good and I appreciate the attempt to differentiate the reds that consume half the Big Ten. Dropping the black shadow is a nice touch too. My only issue here is that I would put the vertically arched Wisconsin on the basketball jerseys in order to make the wordmarks larger and to call back to the Bo Ryan days. I think Under Armour's Forward stripe with the unified rounded condensed Aachen font was an attempt to differentiate the Badgers from the pack, but it's pretty subtle. If you were to go down a new path, you could try emphasizing the arrow more or by designing around a forward arrow, but keeping it fairly traditional and tasteful like you've done here with the yokes and stripes.
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    I absolutely HATE the Adidas collars
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    The suggestions are based on your excellent concepts so just apply them to those templates. They're just basically color changes. Thanks and your entire series has been great so far. Keep up the great work!
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