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    Those schmucks are the lifeblood of this board! (I don't condone anybody losing their job, even for us.)
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    When you’ve been eliminated why the hell not?
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    The new orange sucks. Sucks hard. And the brown has been too dark for years.
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    It does seem pretty split, at least among non-Calgarians. If I had my way, I’d keep the home and road black free (not necessarily the throwback design as is, but that color palette for sure), and use the third as a place to experiment with black.
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    I don't get that at all. Braisher stripes seems to me to be the very Platonic idea of a professional look. Especially when the pants match the helmets.
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    I’m bummed the thunder didn’t chose sonic, it’s a well known Oklahoma based brand, and would lead to so many SuperSonics jokes.
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    I think the helmet should be kelly green, that looks awesome w/ the sun glaring off of it. We have 5 teams w white helmets and only 1 w green.
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    These last 2 concepts posted is how I hope this goes. It’s a modern look, it’s updated, new, unique, and not gimmicky. I love both of them! Shame we will probably end up getting let down eventually, when we have creators that can make these beauties
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    I might be nuts but I think leaning even more into the brown could be even better. For example, using brown undershirts on the home uniform.
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    Up next we have the Irondale Knights from New Brighton. Irondale High School Nickname: Knights Enrollment: 1,670 Rival(s): Mounds View, Spring Lake Park Class: AA State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 3 (1979, 1980, 1981) Home: The Knights need a complete redesign, their current home's are both boring and hideous. The 3D logo is the first thing that needs to go, and gold needs to be more prominant. I based the striping off of one of their old jerseys, but updated them so they are straight across rather than slanted. The base of the jersey is gold and white is held to an accent color in the stripes. Away: The away is literally just the home with maroon and gold swapped. Alternate: Throwback time! The Knights have made the tournament three times, and they came in three straight years. I decided to bring back the jerseys they wore in their glory days. It is a white jersey with a maroon stripe going down the top of the sleeves and shoulders, around the ends of the arms it changes to gold. I tried my best at recreating the logo on the front of the jersey, but it was difficult because every image I could find was super blurry. The socks feature a mismatched stripe style to keep the throwback accurate. Next up will be the Osseo Orioles. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
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    This “color commentator” has to be a CCSLC member. And there’s nothing just “OK” about his commentary. He’s speaking our language.
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    What drove me crazy was that they broke the rules that year! Watch the video of their 4OT win in Game 1 vs. Dallas and they were in their standard homes. Then they switched to the thirds starting in Game 7. How did they not get punished for that? Remember the (Mighty) Ducks the year before wore their alternates at home. I hated that and I felt it would have been unfortunate if they went to the finals wearing those.
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    The Marlins action shots are absolutely astounding! You truly have a talent for art, as has been said before. The shading and incorporation of your uniform elements are both phenomenal. I’m not sure how I feel about the “arlins” contrasting in color with the “M” but otherwise the combos look great. The pink-heavy sets look surprisingly sweet. The Padres set would definitely be an improvement. I do really love the updated bell cap, and the secondary logo is really nice. Wonderful work, I’m excited to see more, however much you decide to do!
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    None, but I don’t think this kind of variance is normal (there’s not really a perfect way to do this, but note that these are both likely taken outdoors and that the value and tone of the grass are fairly similar for comparison purposes). “Well, normally it looks decent, sometimes it looks terrible, but there’s that 5% window where it looks amaaazing,” is not solid design thinking to me. I think its its smarter to use something with more consistency, unless a wildly shifting color is a major part of your brand (indoor/outdoor for comparison below).
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    White facemask has to be the sign of no more silver if this is indeed what the helmet is changing to
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    Or you could just share pics of your favorite patriotic uniforms and leave that other nonsense at the door
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    Anyone else worried the Jets are gonna remove the white shoulder yolk on the green jersey and simply put white stripes, which will make them look just like the Colts but in green? That is pretty much what their Color Rush is like. I think the inverted shoulder colors on both their white and green jerseys gives them a unique look that I hope they stick with in some way with these new sets. It especially helps when they wear the same color jersey and pants, as it evens out the overall color distribution. Main point = the jerseys shouldn't be too plain or heavy on one color. They need to work in some accents in the opposite color, maybe like this:
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    Give me a Carolina blue facemask, and I’m all for this.
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    The brown remains unchanged.
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    It can't look any worse than gator skin, but it will still look horrible.
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    hmmm... Panthers official store just posted a new look helmet. not a fan, but i know many will like. https://shop.panthers.com/carolina-panthers-riddell-flat-black-speed-full-size-replica-helmet/
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    I actually think orange/white/orange is their best combo of the new set. The only reason there's too much orange right now is because the orange numbers and occasionally orange socks.
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    This isn't unique to the Jets. We only saw the Browns leak once they hit retail. Same with the Titans. The exception is the Jaguars, where we got that weird (and ultimately proven to be preliminary?) graphic and then the billboards at the airport.
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    The pattern doesn’t, but they at least had white NOBs. Add the face mask and every single element of the uniform had a dash of white. Doesnt change my basic point, though, was that pants with Braisher stripes were the quintessential NFL look. No reason the Browns can’t/shouldn’t join in.
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    I'm not sure how they'd really be able to top this look... Shrink down the sleeve stripes just slightly, maybe? Lighten the brown a touch, definitely. Add the sleeve stripes to the socks, and never wear those horrific brown pants that went with these. Done.
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    Two weeks out and not a sniff of a leak. No hints from the Jets or extreme close up sneak peaks.
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    Next up we have the Rebels from Champlin Park. Champlin Park High School Nickname: Rebels Enrollment: 2,801 Rival(s): Anoka, Blaine, Centennial, Osseo Class: AA State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 1 (1995) Home: I'm really not a fan of the Rebels current home jerseys. I brought back the rebels script from their old jerseys and the stripes are based on their old jerseys but the thickness is the same on the striping giving it a more modern look. Away: The away jersey is a navy jersey, I brought back the Champlin Park script. The striping is based on the new home but it is different so silver and white don't touch. Alternate: The alternate is a silver version of the home, but with the Patriots style Rebel logo on the front of the sweater. Next up will be the Coon Rapids Cardinals. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
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    well you could see the white jersey be at the outdoor game next season, if that happens maybe season after full retro set? I was the one of early was hoping for them to go full retro when they had the adidas jersey coming, one of the best jersey in the league.
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    I agree with this philosophy. But for both the Penguins and Flames, I'm willing to set my principles aside. They just look so darn nice. And now the Penguins have it back full time. I hope that's where the Flames go, as well.
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    I don’t doubt that. But it doesn’t mean they actually like the Color Rush uniform.
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    Fingers crossed that Indiana convert their "City/Earned" uniforms into full term for next year. They look so good on TV and is such a good modern take on the FloJos and 90s prototype. IMO. @Teal @Conrad. Please tell me something good!!? ("...oh Baby baby baby" - singing horribly at my computer) I know Pacers just got new unis but Hell Phoenix did too and got new threads less than 4 years (thank goodness). Now Indiana, Houston, Minnesota, Toronto, San Antonio, Atlanta and New Orleans need to use this opportunity to fix their rebrand properly like Phoenix did. (OKC won't cause they their identity brand manager is the equivalent to GarPax of visual merchandise) New Orleans Change your set to these. And you will now look like you never left to convert to Mormonism (Utah). Minnesota Do something that adds trees or green to your ENTIRE identity and get rid of that goofy template. Green, blue, and touch of navy/silver and voila.(see Conrad's old mockups) Houston Red and yellow and keep that Challenger design on the side. (Black and grey are ok but yellow is needed) Toronto Bring Vince Carter back next year, do the right thing and go with this logo like you wanted to and just splash some purple with your current uniforms and voila. Back to having a top 5 selling uniform again. (Vince Carter uniforms were hotcakes back in turn of the century) Atlanta Replace Vort Green with yellow and go to bed. Easy fix. San Antonio I 100% agree with bringing back 90s Fiesta color-theme integration. Simple fix and we can go home. Miami Heat vice unis shows that it can work. Sorry for long post. Making up for lurking again plus just bored.
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    Mizzou wore a tribute to the 117 Tigers who died in World War 1. The Missouri seal in on the helmet, the name of a fallen soldier on the back.
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    Agreed. It’s a such a simple, tasteful graphic, and yet it’s instantly evocative of the team’s nickname. That’s a tough thing to accomplish. Florida State’s feather graphic is a little too obnoxious and over-designed for me, but Iowa State’s cyclone stripe is on point. I wish college basketball teams didn’t change uniform designs so often, because I’d love to see more of these elements stick around for years or even decades and become signature looks for the teams.
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    5 for the Fight is the cancer research charity of Qualtrics, a Utah based tech company, who bought the patch space. So the patch isn’t an ad for the company itself, it’s for the company’s charity which is a really cool move by Qualtrics and the Jazz. Combine all that with the fact the patches are in team colours and relatively non-intrusive, the Jazz easily have the “best” jersey ads.
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