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    I always felt that this was perfect: The same way this was perfect: Though I'm noticing both of those are cursive writing in an increasingly cursive-less world. That probably has a lot to do with it, huh.
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    I will say this much... Those would make decent Pacers jerseys...
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    Just spitballing here, is there a chance they aren’t wearing it since they aren’t in their city, making a City uniform about Toronto (really Drake, but let’s pretend) ill fitting? I’m still hoping they wear something to thank Tampa like the Hornets did in OKC
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    I don't know if it quite fits here, but the Winnipeg Jets' (v2.0) overall identity has really grown on me. The logo seemed underwhelming when it first came out, but it, along with the home, road, and alternate sets, by and large was designed (intentional or not) with a certain level of staying power, which is especially ironic given how quickly everything was apparently put together.
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    I love autumnal logos for the World Series, but writing out "Fall Classic" feels like gilding the lily, or the oak leaf, as the case may be. Anyway, those mid-2000s X-gamesy World Series logos were atrocious. bad bad bad bad bad! Such an important World Series (even if it was a fait accompli after the ALCS) and it's marred by that terrible logo.
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    Yeah, but the entire point of Reverse Retro was to be unique spins on retro designs. This is just their normal home with a change of blue and a flipped stripe order.
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    i mean, theoretically the nba could tell the all-star participants they're doing white jerseys vs. color jerseys and specifically pick everyones jersey. it would literally take less than 10 minutes of work to make sure nobody wears anything that clashes.
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    I really miss the 2008-2011 World Series logos where they went all in on the "Fall Classic" motif. Every logo in that era was autumnal colored and had leaves in the logo. Great fonts, and not any terrible looks. Kinda wish they would go back to it
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    I really do hope they change again. I actually tried to design something a few years back for them, but never posted it anywhere. It's supposed to form the initials of Chicago Fire FC. I think something like this could work along the other Chicago sports teams.
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    if you check the nba store, they just start selling Lowry and Siakam city edition jerseys.
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    You could show me 100 photos and I wouldn’t be able to tell you which is the Islanders RR and which is their normal home...
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    Wow, that Heat set looks amazing. I really like how you differentiated the Heat logo on the shorts between the different editions. That black uni is probably my favorite, it looks great. The colors pop and are unique. Great job!
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    That logo was more of it's time than anything. Back then the trend from like 2004 to 2007 was a futuristic look with lots of gloss and chrome. Everything looked like this.
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    Here’s the website to vote: www.milanocortina2026.org These are both awful, but the Futura option being inspired by drawing on fogged windows is so bad and will disappear at a distance much like its inspiration. Dado isn’t great but at least the colors are fine, the perspective looks messed up, it looks like it was made on MSPaint. Huge downgrade on the Torino 2006 logo
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    The last few teams have been really good as usual, I really like the Quakers alt for Philly. As for that Cooperall style, I think you might be thinking of Burnsville from a few years ago... that was quite a look
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    I'd honestly like to see them paired with the Reverse Retro jerseys. My biggest thing is the chrome effect--make those more of a traditional metallic flake sheen such as on a football helmet (to match the gold on their jerseys) and they're really onto something.
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    Soccer doesn’t have this problem, Ronaldo has played the majority of his career for adidas outfitted clubs, and Messi has only played for Nike outfitted Barca.
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    Does Philly have two blue outfield kits and a blue GK kit?
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    The penultimate set of jerseys is for the Hornets, who were the second fan-made along with the Turtle Sliders to join in 2019. Neither has been very successful, but the Hornets have been marginally more successful by at least qualifying for the 2020 Marble League and participating in the first season of Marbula 1, although finishing last in both. Naturally, they have a strong rivalry with the Bumblebees, though it's been a fairly one-sided rivalry so far, and the Hornets have attracted fewer fans, even with the 'Bees making the jump to the Marble League a year after the Hornets. Much like the Turtle Sliders' jerseys, the Hornets' got a bit of a "2000s expansion team" treatment, with a very modern, nontraditional look to them. The logo has some curves, but is still very sharp and angular, so the jersey follows that same style, going for an abstract "stinger" effect. Not a whole lot else to give commentary on besides that, since that's pretty much the only element of the jersey design! I'll post the final team fairly soon just to wrap all the hockey jerseys up, and eventually revive the thread for baseball uniforms once I have a few in hand; I still want to do them because I do enjoy learning more about baseball aesthetics, but it's a slower process since both the "rules" of baseball design and the template itself are newer to me. But I know the JMR subreddit will like them, so I may as well post them here too, though I may share a few at a time rather than just one per post.
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    Put my money where my mouth is and had my concept turned into a real jersey based on the fabric and cut of the cheap 90s Champion jerseys:
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    NEW ORLEANS PELICANS Before creating this concept set, I went to my routine of looking for inspirations. Most of the concepts feature the wrought iron decorations found in the French Quarter. I went with a simple version of that, so as not to over-decorate the regular uniform editions (association and icon). For the icon uniform, I went with a red side panel instead of gold, to follow the pattern on the association uniform and to introduce more colors while eliciting simplicity. The statement uniform is a modified version of the current uniforms. Basically, I extended the side panel design to the ends of the jersey and the shorts, and I added a fleur-de-lis pattern on the navy portion of it. I initially thought of a Saints-inspired city uniform, but the first three editions already have a plenty amount of gold, and I think it would be an overkill to extend it to the city edition. So, I went with the sleeve striping pattern of the Saints from the 70's to the early 80's (the ones with the gap between the black/white and gold), but incorporating a Mardi Gras color palette. The side panel design is also a subtle tribute to the city's ABA team, the Buccaneers. As far as I can remember, the Pelicans rarely use their Crescent City Basketball logo, and thus, I made it the star of the show at the front, with a minor change: I replaced the ball with a simple circle, so that the player's number can be placed there. Adding to the wackiness of my city uniform is the half-purple-half-green treatment, inspired by the final Mardi Gras uniforms of the team when they were still known as the Hornets. And that's a wrap. This is the final team I've conceptualized in this topic, although I'm open to revise some of my concepts. I hope y'all enjoyed this series!
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    Some still shots here: I’m glad it doesn’t feature the miTeam graphic that I used in my prediction mockup. The dark to light “fade” is a fine effect here, but I really don’t understand why they aren’t emphasizing the gold more. This would look ten times better with gold adidas stripes and cuff piping rather than white. Still, I’d call this an upgrade over their last home kit that had a recycled graphic and tonal adidas stripes and trim.
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    2013 was my personal favorite. The font alone gives me faux-1980s vibes. I think it's the best of all the WS logos in this millenium without question.
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    I will admit I am half biased since the Phillies won this, but even still I think this was one of the best ones (I also agree with the 90s ones being perfect)
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    So I like thinking of ways to put Winter Classic games in non-traditional hockey markets. I have done Arizona/Vegas and the Florida Teams, and now I am trying to get a Los Angeles Winter Classic concept off the ground but this one is proving to be harder than the other two. The Kings logo/jerseys won't be an issue since they came around with the Expansion Six, and there was even a team back in the 40s called the LA Monarchs that I can draw inspiration from. The problem I am having is with the Ducks. I am stuck between trying to embrace their Disney heritage, and do a "What if Disney had the expansion team in the 50s" fauxback for them, or ignore that part of their history and use their current colors and branding and try to make the D Foot thing vintage looking. Here are two versions of the same logo I am working on but I think I am trying to force something that just isn't there. Even though I literally used a frame from an old Donald Duck cartoon for reference, I think the style still looks too modern for a Winter Classic. I even looked at some old Oregon Ducks logos for reference but I want it to be recognizably Disney if I do decide to go this route. I think there has to be something cool I can do with the Disney fauxback idea but I am just not finding it. Anyway, please let me know what you guys think. And if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this whole thing I would love to hear them.
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    Always liked this one, somehow evokes playing catch in the backyard with dad.
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    Each one of those is in the greater Sounders color family, and pretty adjacent to the new Timbers as well. Really curious not to see a yellow option at all.
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    Surprised there’s no yellow option, as it’s seemed like the yellow Adidas ref shirts were the most frequently used colorway. Also a little surprised there’s no red option, either.
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    Thanks for posting it to the SFV locals! I looked through the comments, and it does pretty well-received! (I added a link to that post in case I ever wanna go back to it sometime) Thank you very much, and it's truly an honor! --- It's been a minute since we last visited the Northwest Division, and up next is the easternmost Bay Area team! Northwest Division Delta Union Antioch, CA Founded: 2007 The three bays that make up the Bay Area (the San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun bays) eventually lead inland to the vast Sacramento-San Joaquin River delta. This team's identity is centered around the delta's natural environment and represents the four suburban cities that line the west end of the delta, with Antioch being the largest city of the four. Sandhill cranes call the delta their wintertime home and are thus the main feature of the crest. An abstract illustration of the delta (more on that later) is found inside a diamond behind the crane. The checkered home kit represents the modern landscape of the delta, where the estuary snakes through marshes and farmland. The clash kit features the abstract delta pattern from the crest: this delta is a unique inverted delta that branches out into five rivers (the Calaveras, Cosumnes, Mokelumne, Sacramento, and San Joaquin rivers). The kits are supplied by Puma, and the sponsor is John Muir Health (although that's based out of Concord to the west). On a side note, I almost named this team "Delta United" until I realized that it sounded like someone pointing out what they would see at an airport --- I'll be taking a little break from concepts for the next week or so, but until then, enjoy the concepts and please be safe!
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    I absolutely love the full tiger sleeve logo and was so against them removing it. But then I saw a picture in a post just above yours with just the numbers there and... It just works. The lack of anything on the uniforms other than the stripes on the shoulders and pants that match the helmet give it a really nice balance between wild and restrained. The tiger logo is great, but you’re right. It’s redundant and ultimately unnecessary.
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    Hello, I have recently started a project on redesigning the Canadian Premier League as I'm familiar to it! I will warn you that I am new to designing logos, and they wont be amazing. I will start off in alphabetical order, so I present to you: Atlético Ottawa I've redesigned the logo so that Atlético Ottawa have more of their own identity, but still fits Atletico Madrid's identity. It features the Atlético Madrid shield shape instead of the new Ottawa one. I added the Canadian flag so it looks less American. Pretty funny how Ottawa (Canada's capital city) has the most American looking logo! Please let me know how you think!
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    I really couldn't find something that would work well for Portland so I went the flannel route
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    GIANT EAGLE: Rebrands corporate logo. Also GIANT Eagle: uses all lowercase letters What is up with this trend of all-lowercase corporate branding lately? Especially when your name is GIANT eagle??
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    Hey all! I've got another concept to share, this time for North Carolina's NHL entry, the Carolina Hurricanes. As some of you may know, I'm not at all a Canes fan despite being from NC simply because they're from Raleigh, not Charlotte. However, some inspiration struck and I've put together a unique design for the Canes. That's right! Taking inspiration from the Canes' previous alternate logos, I really wanted to lean into the "Carolina" part of the name. With two warning flags being used for a hurricane warning and two Carolinas, it was the perfect opportunity to make something unique for the team. The primary logo is a stylized version of North and South Carolina as storm warning flags in front of a black triangle (the points of which just so happen to match up with Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, the three cities of the Research Triangle) and flying from a hockey stick. I'm not the first person to use gray as the Canes' road jersey, nor will I be the last. But I named it "Storm Gray" and used it as the base of the road. I brought back the italicized font from the 90s and put the warning flag front and center, as it should be. This will help differentiate the team from other red and black teams like the Devils and Senators. On alternating shoulders are North and South Carolina, a nice nod to the two states. At home, the Canes don the bright "Warning Red" jersey, a simple color swap of the road. This red is bright than the red they currently use because you want a bright red flag to catch the eye of those who would need to know about a hurricane. This has the additional benefit of further separating the team from other red and black hockey teams. Finally, the third jersey completely removes gray in favor of bright red and dark black. It's technically a color swap of the home and road, as the design hasn't changed, but the color blocking sure has and I think it makes this the cleanest use of the "stealth" style of jersey where colors are reduced. It's also the brightest! Here's the full set, with all the gear. I put the flag striping on the socks but kept the pants clean. Black pants, helmet, and gloves for the home and alt, while the road gets a gray helmet for contrast reasons. The two states find themselves as the helmet logos, as I didn't think the primary would fit very well. There it is! My redesign of the Hurricanes. I think the team could look really good, but they need to emphasize what makes them special, gray and the flag striping. I think this design successfully pulls that off while giving them a locally-appropriate logo that avoids the "flushed puck" of the current one.
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    ESSENDON BOMBERS For the Bombers I made a new crest, featuring a more stylized fighter jet ascending upward in line with the club's trademark red sash. I brought back the grey clash jumper, where the jet makes an appearance, with a orangish gradient underneath to suggest movement.
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    I'm glad you liked Beverly Hills, my friend! --- Southwest Division The Valley SC Los Angeles, CA Founded: 2004 The suburban San Fernando Valley is forever synonymous with the 1980s Valley girl culture, immortalized in pop culture through songs like "Valley Girl" by Frank Zappa and movies such as Clueless. At the same time, the Memphis style of design sprung up with its bright colors and geometric shapes. The Valley SC (a bold name considering that California has many famous valleys) plays in the Warner Center district of Los Angeles and boasts an 80s-style crest with a predominantly teal/pink color scheme; this design is also a soccer crest continuation of my San Fernando Valley Geofilter from last year. The home crest expands the design from the crest and features a grid pattern on the chest (representing the Valley's street grid) and a zigzag pattern common in Memphis design. Fitting into the team's nostalgia theme, the clash kit features the iconic "Jazz" design (although that design represents the 90s and not the 80s); it was initially introduced as a one-off design in 2015 but has stuck around ever since due to popular demand. The kits are supplied by Under Armour, and Warner Bros.* sponsors the team (even though WB is headquartered 20 miles away in Burbank, the team plays on former ranch land owned by the Warner brothers). *I'm aware that the new Warner Bros logo didn't come out until November of 2019 (at the end of American soccer seasons), but I'm still gonna use the new logo regardless (I jokingly hate myself for unleashing these particular designs to the world )
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    Breogán Football Club In 1901 Fran Josè Amaro, a student who returned home after a study stay in England, introduced football to the city of A Coruña. The game quickly gained popularity and various amateur teams were formed. Among these, the Breogán Football Club was founded by Amaro himself. The chosen name derives from Breogán who was a mythical Celtic ruler from Galicia, of which he would have been the founder. According to the Lebor Gabála Érenn, he founded the city of Brigantium (A Coruña), which, according to a para-etymology, was named after him, and built a gigantic tower there, identified with the Torre de Hércules. This name was chosen to pay homage to the Celtic origin of the Galician people. Breogán FC are certainly one of the most famous teams in Spain, but despite this they do not have a winning history. Has managed to win the national cup on several occasion but it has never managed to win the national title, finishing in second position on several occasions. While in Europe it is one of the few European teams to have won an official continental competition without ever having won the national title. He spent most of his history in Iberaliga, knowing the shame of relegation only in a few occasions between the 70s and 80s. The club can be considered an "almost" great in Spanish football where many great players have played but have never managed to impose itself on the other teams. Today the club is constantly fighting for a place in Europe but has not yet reached a level to compete for the championship win. The Breogán FC crest has kept its style intact over the years, since its creation in 1905. The current one was redesigned in 2008, when the lines and elements that compose it were lightened and simplified. The crest features the blue transverse band inside, symbol of Galicia and of the club itself. In the center stands the Torre de Hércules, the undisputed symbol of the city of A Coruña. In the lower part the skull and bones and the shell, la Concha, present in the coat of arms of the city. The historic BFC monogram completes the whole logo. The Breogán shirt are well known internationally in the football scene. The blue band that crosses the chest has been present on the Galician club's shirts since its inception. It derives from the flag of Galicia and was chosen as a distinctive sign of pride. The shirt for Breogan fans, more than any other club on the planet, is sacred. It remained immaculate for over a century, until in the early 2000s the lack of liners led the club to choose to "dirty" the jersey with sponsor. New Balance has been the club's technical sponsor since 2014, while the Abanca bank has appeared on the shirts since 2016.
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    Made some edits and fixes to the jerseys as well as the photoshopped image:
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    The Giants and Dodgers would make way more sense if they flipped cities.
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    PSV Köln 09 Established in 1909, the Preußischer Sport Verein Köln 09, or commonly PSV Köln 09 is one of the most known teams in the league. Founded by a group of students, the PSV was a founding member of the Deutsche Fußball Liga and one of the first winner. After winning the title in 1964, coinciding with the golden age of the club, the team has never managed to get back to winning. PSV has been relegated to the second division for the first time in 1985, he has managed to return only in 1997. Since then the club has faced several ups and downs that earned him the nickname "die Truppen der Aufzug" or the troop of the elevator. The emblem of the PSV has changed little over the course of its history, in fact, the facade of the famous cathedral of the city has always been present along with the founding year. In the 80 it was added the phrase PSV, where the letters are separated from the flame present in the coat of arms of the city,on a red band. Map Kits The colors of PSV are red, white and black. They are derived from the coat of arms, and have always accompanied the club. The red and white striped shirt is a distinctive symbol, very recognized in Germany and also outside the boundaries. The shorts were white at the beginning, but later opted for the black solution. Nike is the sponsor of the club,and the company Siemens sponsors the club for several years.
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    FC Viktoria Bremen FC Viktoria Bremen is a club located in the northwest German federal state Free hanseatic City of Bremen. It was founded in 1903 as a merger of the clubs Bremen SV and Bremer-SC Germania. Viktoria is one of the most important team in Germany and very well known in Europe. It won 4 times the Deutsche Fußball Liga, the first one in 1974, after this, the second title came eight years after and they had to wait another 10 years for the third title. The last title came in 2013, when the team surprislingly outclassed their opponents with a series of 20 consecutive wins. Viktoria had some up and down in the course of its history, as the relegation in 2000, but has always been able to fight on all fronts, making it one of the most feared teams in the league.After relegation in 2000, the club took three years to climb back to the summit of German football, but since then the club made permanent presence in the circle of the strongest teams. The crest , easy as usual, has a circular shape where inside there is a "V" which in its top there is the "03" of its foundation year. All this are anclosed in the words "FC Viktoria" at the top and "Bremen" at the bottom. The logo hasn't many changes, in fact, the first emblem ised was only the "V". The most important change came after winning the first championship in 1974, when it was decided to add the year of foundation.The team name was added only in the late 80s. Map Kits For the uniforms of Viktoria only a word, Red. In fact, they are called "die Roten Teufel" that it means Red Devils. Always the red accompanies the club, it has not changed anything from the creation, always all red. For almost a decade Kappa provides uniforms, as regards main sponsor, Basf is in partnership with Viktoria from 3 years with a very lucrative contract, at the third place in German ranking of sponsorship.
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    Love Eintracht Stuttgart, the crest is perfect and the kits are very well done
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    FC Hansa Lübeck Established in 1899, FC Hansa Lübeck is one of the oldest team in Germany.The Hansa name derives from the famous Hanseatic League of which Lubeck it was the capital. Throughout its history has always been a team indecipherable, able in 1985 to win an increibile championship remaining unbeaten throughout the course of the season. Since then the team has always pulled out of the hat a few more incredibile result, like in 1999 when as a newly promoted managed to hit an incredible second place. The crest has undergone few changes throughout its history, the main symbol of the club is the "Hanskogge", a medieval boat tied to the famous Hanseatic League. The most significant change occurred recently, when it was decided to add the whole name of the team. Map Kits Blue is the main color of the team, always the Hanseatic wearing a blue vest reminiscent of the sea. The uniform had no change since its founding. Blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks. Nike is the technical sponsor for several years regarding the main sponsor, Maersk, a Danish naval company, stands on the blue shirt, from the 80's.
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    Union 08 Frankfurt Founded in 1908 by the merger of many small city teams, the Union 08 Frankfurt is one of the most important and famous team in Germany. Winning 3 national titles in the 70's it has always been a team at the top able to fight with the biggest teams to win the championship. It has also a long series of partecipation to the European Cups. In recent years, due to poor management company, the club has lost that extra something that has always characterized the Union. Despite this the club, which is not relegated to the second division by far in 1988, is trying to recover, hoping one day to return to the glories of the past. The crest has had a few changes over the years. The first logo was a simple U and now that U is red and is inserted in a white badge with blue outline. In the middle runs a band with the name of the city and finally the eagle symbol of Frankfurt and the foundation year are at the center of the emblem, respectively above and below the text. Map Kits The colors of the Union are among the most popular in Germany, the blue and red have always accompanied the Frankfurt team. After several initial solutions such bands and divisions in half, in the late 30's were adopted current strips. Puma has an ongoing contract for 6 years and Lufthansa as well as commercial sponsor is part of the company for many years also.
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    Freiburg FC The Freiburg FC was founded in 1906. Is a team that has always been up and down from the first to the second division, in fact, it's one of the teams with more promotions in Deutsche Fußball Liga. Has always lived in anonymity, though it was popular in the 90's as the "Giant Killer", for a long series of victories against the big teams of Germany. The crest is very simple, has a nearly round shape in which there are the initials of the club in red, the year of foundation on the upper part and in the bottom part the cross of St. George, symbol of the city. Map Kits Freiburg kits are simple and classic. White and black are the colors of the team. Since its creation the team has used this assortment of colors and combinations. This year Nike has got to become the technical sponsor, instead the main sponsor, Solvey a chemical company in the city, is accompanied the club for several years.
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    VfB Rostocker Established in 1901, the Verein für Bewegungsspiele Rostocker or just VfB Rostocker was one of the most famous teams in the league. Founded by a group of young sailors, the club began as Rostock FC, but in early 1920 he changed his name, first in TSV Rostocker 1901, and later in the current name. It won only one championship in its history, in 1972, but its always fought for the top positions, but unable to win back the title. In recent years however the clubhas left the rank of top teams, positioning always below the seventh place. Crest sums up the spirit of the team and the city.Above it's the Griffin symbol of Rostock and in the bottom the initials VfB, these two are golden. The famous white band is set in the center of the emblem and is topped by the word Rostocker. Map Kits The uniform of VfB Rostocker is one of the most recognized throughout Germany. The white band accompanies the Hanseatic club since its origin. These colors derives from the historical colours of the city of Rostock. Adidas is the sponsor for several years, one of the most long-lived contracts the whole of Germany. Sponsor and partner of the team is the Nordic Yards, a shipping company based in Rostock.
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