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    Really nice looking matchup between PItt and Syracuse earlier:
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    First look at the Kings throwback court
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    Mandatory Color Rush was a trip. The same league that wrote like a five-page single-spaced handbook on how to pull your socks up and only wear regulation-length fanny packs turned around and came up with a Brand Dilution Initiative. Go figure.
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    At least the Niners don’t have black alts anymore.
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    Posted in the NBA season thread, but TNT can dump that shot clock on the court right now.
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    Looks like this is our foot in the door to get Ueck as the home announcer.
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    Looks good, but will be roughly 2 inches of their uniform, as the WNBA's look is entirely comprised of about 539 different corporate sponsor logos.
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    My hope (and dream) is that the Clippers will make the Lakers irrelevant. Probably wouldn't happen like the past 30-40 years ... but ... seeing the Lakers suck has been fun.
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    They also gave up a lot of younger players and draft picks this off season so they don't have a very promising future if this doesn't pan out
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    I miss the all-white look in the current set
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    Teams have been wearing alternates in the postseason for so long that I've just kind of given up on being crabby about it, but it is a shame that we'll never get to redo the 2016 World Series again or the Cavs winning the championship in black t-shirts or the Raptors in their silly NORTH uniforms. The biggest moment these teams will ever have and they did it in blank blue jerseys or already retired alternates that were intended for like 5 games a year. I do think the league(s) should make rules about alternates in the playoffs to protect the teams from themselves.
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    Raiders moving back didn't help and then-mayor Lionel Wilson saw then leave under his watch only to lure them back and still only get cold feet at the last minute to no avail after he received 40K signatures in a petition for a ballot measure. @Wings has it right. Hofmann and Schott bought the team from the Haas family, but were underfunded and out of their element. They were real estate guys, specifically homebuilders. They decided it was better to cut payroll and use young players at about the same time the new CBA gave them a revenue sharing check from the likes of the Yankees, Braves, Red Sox... Schott claims they tried to get a new stadium at in the Coliseum complex parking lot. From 2005: And them selling to Lew Wolff and John Fischer was backed with Fisher's money, not Wolff's. Fisher had 80% when the bought it in 2005 and got Lew's 10% in 2016. Sadly, Fisher, like Wolff is looking towards more soccer investments with Celtic and he'll have more cash to spend when Gap officially spins off Old Navy and it goes public.
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    Illinois looks like West Virginia out there. Orange everywhere and you go dark grey, Navy, and a chrome logo. Pathetic.
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    Because the City of Wichita has recently spent $75 million in public money to construct a brand new ballpark with the promise that a Triple A franchise would be setting up shop in the municipality, that's why. It's wonderful that the powers-that-be at Major League Baseball headquarters and amongst the individual owners of the big league franchises have come up with this visionary plan for how they see affiliated minor league baseball being structured moving forward. That said, they'd better hope that they have all of their minor league affiliates ensconced in newly-built and/or significantly-renovated ballparks from the get-go of implementing said plan. Why? Because, after they've unceremoniously shifted the teams in some markets to lower classifications of competition - or, abandoned said cities altogether - they're going to have an awfully tough time convincing government entities to fork over significant amounts of public funding for new ballparks in the future. The optics surrounding the public subsidization of privately-held sports franchises through the construction of arenas, ballparks, and stadiums for said teams is bad enough as it is. Leave it to the suits at MLB to come up with a way to make it look even worse. "Listen, we know you rubes just forked over $75 million for a ballpark thinkin' that you'd land a Triple A team, but the owners of our Minnesota franchise are fixated on havin' their top farmhands just a 20-minute, 12 1/2-mile drive away. Plus, the wacky bastards runnin' the independent team in the market we were eyeballin' outdrew 23 of the 30 affiliated Triple A teams last season! I mean, if you can't beat 'em, have 'em join ya!!! No hard feelings, right? Anyway... we're gonna try to set you folks up with somethin' else. Double A, Single A... it's a little up in the air right now. We'll get back to ya... maybe. In the meantime, I hear the American Association is looking for a market."
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    Growing up as a kid, this is how I will always remember Tony Gwynn. I have no desire to see orange or navy for the Padres now, I want to see how things will go with the brown. I always wondered when I was younger why they would even ditch something so unique.
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    Designers of he Oilers 3rd jerseys.
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    They had some decent Levi's money behind them until the mid-'90s, but then the patriarch died and thus began the series of piecemeal ownership consortiums (consortia?) that were only just getting by, which in turn begat Moneyball.
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    My votes for the Prince George Princesses Quebec City mcFLURRY Winnesota Mild and Orlando Orchard BoyZ really though, this the fourth time? I’d suggest putting some more times towards the league logo, it has the elements but looks a tad too much like clip art. Other than that I’d take the feedback from your OG post for the whirlwind. Outside of design, I’d reevaluate the names they feel like they are very similar. Also I’d actually post the logo in this thread because it seems like the thread is just a bump for another one at the moment.
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    It's not really fair to compare playoff appearances and division titles from the two eras, though, since only four teams made the playoffs before 1995 and 10 do today. Likewise, there are six division champions today instead of four. Of course, the same point applies to NFL playoff appearances, NCAA basketball tournament appearances, etc.
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    It's still on. Sorry gang, you all know what you did. EDIT- I'm well aware that I am not innocent in the constant Canucks arguments. That being said? Moderation has decided that we're all sick of it. And judging from the responses these "discussions" usually get? People outside of the usual suspects are sick of it too. So here it is in case Glenn's warning (that I reposted btw) wasn't clear enough. We do not want to hear ANYTHING Canucks related unless it is specifically about a new uniform or logo. That's it. Is it unfair that the Canucks are the only team with this restriction? Maybe, but they're the only team that derails threads constantly. We'll re-evaluate this position at the end of the season, but as of now? No Canucks talk unless it's to discuss specifically updated and new elements. Nothing else, and I mean NOTHING, is to come from it. Warning points and other disciplinary action to come for those who insist on continuing to clog this thread with non-relevant Canucks discussion.
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    The shot clock above the free throw line TNT is using seems very unnecessary when there already is a shot clock on the scorebug and another behind the basket. Just creates visual clutter EDIT: added picture
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    Not everything has to (or should) match, but when you match everything else (logo, numbers, pant stripes all feature red fill/white trim), the one thing that doesn’t tends to stick out for all the wrong reasons, even though it’s the most subtle thing on the uniform. To piggyback on what I said above, I think their normal uniform works well because of how the colors touch each other. Red is used as a trim color on the numbers and pant stripes, and the sleeve design is solid red, so the common theme is that the red is always touching the blue or otherwise acting as a buffer between the blue and white, and it looks pretty nice. The logo is what breaks the pattern on the normal uniform, but I think most people are okay with the logo standing on its own against the number and stripe designs.
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    What happened to that moratorium on Canucks discussion? As an orca hater, I am absolutely fine with the current set now that they’ve dropped the script. While I’m no fan of the logo, the uniforms actually look respectable now and the reason I don’t want to see anymore change is because they’ve got the striping and colours perfect, and any time they mess around with the uniforms they run the risk of downgrading them.
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    Next we head to Connecticut for the Connecticut State Destroyers. Up until 1999 they were known as the Mohegans, before a student vote was taken for a new moniker. The Destroyers beat out the Royals (from New London), Cutters (Coast Guard), Eagles (Famous Coast Guard ship), and Warriors by a large margin. Connecticut State University Location: New London, Connecticut Type: Public University Founded: 1914 Major Rivals: Stamford, UConn
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    True, but so did the Clips with getting Paul George from OKC. But, I think the difference will be the ownership. Ballmer is all in and passionate, he trusts his basketball people and hires smart people. The Busses ... um ... this offseason speaks for itself.
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    square numbers with metallic silver outline??? Wow wow wow
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    Up next we head out to the East Coast Conference. Our first school of the ECC is the Bronx University Bruins. For years, they have had a heated rivalry with the Manhattan State Titans resulting in some of the greatest college football games of all time including the 1972 National Championship semifinal where the 10-1 Bruins got revenge on the undefeated and top ranked Titans to earn a National Championship final berth. Bronx University Location: Bronx, New York Type: Private University Founded: 1890 Major Rivals: Manhattan State, Utica State National Championship Runner-Up: 1 1972
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    And now to hold over... The Phillie Eagles hosted from Imgur!
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    It's not out of the realm of possibility. The Lakers did make some good moves this offseason, but we don't know how durable LeBron and AD will be throughout the year. They're also in a historically cutthroat conference where sometimes winning 45-48 games still isn't enough to net you the 8th seed.
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    Well played sir. Well played. With that said, while I would love to see this diatribe continue, I gotta ask that we get back to the A's potential move.
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    Those black jerseys are ugly and the logo on the stomach is tacky, but i love the color on the green home jerseys. did they always do that? seems like an obvious choice but i feel like the only times i’ve seen the liberty on tv they were in white.
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    WVU going white, white, grey. Blahhhh. One perk of getting throttled by OU might be that this leads to never wearing this combo again
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    They hyped it up as something special but then it fell flat with just a helmet decal swap. It may not be half-assed, but it surely isn't very inspired. Texas has a great look this week with the throwback 100 logo helmets modified for the 150 numerals. That would've been much more interesting here.
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    I dont know if id consider it half-assed. If anything, it seems they are taking a page out of what many teams did in 1969 by putting the 100th anniversary tribute logo on the side or back of helmets.
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    If that’s the case, I wish more teams would opt out. I think the whole City/Pride program is a stupid gimmick and very few teams do anything worthwhile with it.
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    Former Buccaneers WR Antonio Bryant is pushing to bring back Bucco Bruce full time.
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    Up next are the Knoxville Knights. The University of Knoxville has an interesting history as it was once part of the University of Tennessee, but split in 1861 due to differences of opinion during the Civil War to become a Private University. Because of this split, Vols fans have always had a deep hatred of Knights fans referring to them as traitors. It is still a heated rivalry despite Knoxville moving up to the Super Series. University of Knoxville Location: Knoxville, Tennessee Type: Private University Founded: 1861 Major Rivals: Nashville, Tennessee
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    The one helmet rule isn't ridiculous, it's to save teams from themselves. No full-on "stormtrooper" looks, no chrome monstrosities, and no random alternate designs. It keeps the teams from getting too experimental, while also cementing how the helmet is so important to each team's identity. It makes me wish MLB implemented the one-cap rule, with only two exceptions (the Tigers and Cardinals - maybe on the Cardinals, if the navy set had a red bill) and throwback allowances (requiring matching batting helmets). Anything to get rid of pointless road caps: Home caps that aren't as good as their road versions and alt caps worn way too often: Promoting caps that should be primaries: Here's to hoping that the Padres limit themselves to one primary cap. Keep the camo as the only alternate, with maybe a Taco Bell or 1998 throwback.
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    Aaaaaaaaand if I can, make it there, I'll make it... Anywhere. It's up to you, Charleston, South, Carolinaaaaaaaa.
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    1). It isn't a cool city. 2). It is an objective fact. 3). Those are both beside the point anyway because that's not even the issue. The SF Bay Area is just objectively a better area for, well, just about everything. 4). Vegas is running out of natural resources, such as clean drinking water, and growing at alarmingly unsustainable levels. Within 50 years, Vegas will basically be the setting for Mad Max: Fury Road. Raiders will still probably be there, though.
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    That's a DISGUSTING looking cake? I hope they didn't pay more than $5 for it. HAHA!
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    Dr. J grabbing a rebound against the Spurs during a 1976 ABA playoff game at Hemisfair Arena.
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