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    But it absolutely has to do with your opinion. Literally any time someone disagrees with your opinions, you turn around with a multi-part inquisition trying to show why their opinion is actually wrong and you're correct. To quote Justice Stewart, "I know it when I see it." Tradition becomes tradition when people decide it becomes tradition. The Falcons throwbacks are based on their original 1960s uniform, not the 90s. They wore it with the red helmets for years until the one-helmet rule prevented them from wearing it properly. They only brought the uniform back with the black helmets because the fan base begged them to do so. THAT is tradition.
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    Not the same uniforms or exact same colors of course, but just to show how good a bright blue looks against the creamsicles:
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    I don't recall anyone saying "I don't understand how people could like monochrome." There are anti-monochrome people, but they don't seem to have this "I don't get how people could disagree with me" opinion you seem to have.
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    Those eagle pants were 100% gray. This is an old discussion in these parts, and I'm sure it will sound like a double standard to you, but when the average poster complains about monochrome football uniforms, the general understanding is they are complaining about monochrome dark football uniforms. Monochrome white football uniforms have a long tradition, and generally don't seem as jarring.
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    What a great looking matchup this would be:
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    *searches for dislike button*
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    Nope, that’s white on silver. The Eagles didn’t even have white pants back then.
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    I really miss the Titans old set, I used to never like it this much but man, it looks so good now.
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    The raiders should never touch the uniforms or logo.
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    These are great helmets. White logos are usually complemented very nicely by the white facemask, and as such the Giants' white facemask looks good too.
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    Note to the Falcons, this is how you use a heavily stylized display font... sparingly. The word mark has the character and the numerals complement without trying to be another word mark.
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    If I'm being honest, the Giants might have the best uniform set in the league. I like the throwback alt with the Giants script and white face mask helmet a lot. But I also really like the NY logo and grey face mask helmet. It's the best of both worlds.
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    @hawk36 Thanks for posting that pic again. I’m not crying...you’re crying! That uniform is just beautiful.
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    It’s silver. White jersey over white britches is a traditional football look at any level. I think when most people here refer to monochrome, they are referring to monochrome colored jerseys and pants.
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    White on silver. Why would it count... Still silver...
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    Not white on white. During Reggie White’s entire time with the Eagles (1985-1992), the Eagles had only silver pants. They didn’t wear white pants again until the ‘96 rebrand. Not going to post every image here, but here’s the Uniform Database link for the Eagles: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=teams&team_id=PHI
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    And you’d be very wrong about that.
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    The Raiders don't need to change a thing.
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    Shorten the commercial breaks between innings and pitching changes. Automatically improve the pace of play. Extra innings are not the problem
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    Fitzmagic was throwing like four 60 yard TDs a week at the beginning of 2018.
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    I've made changes to New York and Baltimore
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    For those still wondering what in the hell ‘drip’ is supposed to mean from the Atlanta thread — look no further.
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    and yet i get flak for liking things outside of others taste by saying i’m someone who uses the fire emoji
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    Ironically, 35 year olds today are born in 1985 or 84 which means you would technically be a millennial.
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    I’m in my 20s and I cringe every time the emoji is used to describe something as being good. I have a friend who’s a couple years younger than me and when I posted the Madden 20 mockup shot of the Saints throwbacks needing to be their default home uniform, his response was, and I quote “Black jersey with gold pants is straight flames ”
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    You may be old, but that doesn’t not make “drip” dumb as all hell. It sounds like an STD.
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    I guess this is one of the official ways to know that you're suddenly too damn old. Drip. The first time I heard one of my students saying that a particular thing "slaps" I would have bet a decent amount of money that "slaps" meant sucks. I know I don't want to be slapped. And the only thing I can think of when someone says "drip" is that you might need to see a doctor for a shot of penicillin. Cuz I'm old, apparently.
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    It's not. They've already said black on black on black is primary. Everybody might want to stop posting the "as long as they don't go monochrome too often these aren't bad" comment, because it seems pretty clear that, as of right now, monochrome black and monochrome white (including socks) is what they plan to do.
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    This right here. It's not a great uniform, but can definitely work. Small ATL, Smaller numbers, no side stripe on the jersey. NO gradient on the red. With a white, black, and red option on the pants with contrasting colored socks, no yoga pants. I'd prefer glossy helmet, but can live with the satin
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    The red pants dont work with anything. Ironically, the only one they may work with is the red gradient jersey... which was specifically designed to go with only the black pants. They could work with the white jersey if they wore white or black socks, but the way they're modeled, there's too much goddam red below the belt. Doesn't look like a cohesive uniform - looks like one team from waist up, and another from belt down.
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    The all-whites are ❄❄❄ and the gradients are DOPE! I feel icky for even saying these things as a joke
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    I have to tip my hat to the Atlanta Falcons for considering their senior citizen fans in their new uniform design. Oversized numbers will make the players more easily identifiable on the field. An oversized helmet logo will reduce confusion about what team is playing in the game and the gradient red to black jerseys create the illusion of pants pulled up above the belly-button line, making Grandpa feel good about his fashion choices. Nice job ATL !!!
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    naw, i didnt keep any of the actual work. left it all on Dolphins server. that reminds me, there were 3 different swatches of Blue-Gray we were looking at early on. and we were also looking at more of a true "dolphin gray" too. pretty much the throwback facemask color. we wanted to put it into the logo but just didnt work well
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    I included a few of my latest and concept ideas as well...
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    How long have you been around here?
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    That actually happened in the CFL.
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    yea, i dont want to highjack the thread but we explored 7 different primary uni ideas. the most outrageous (and one Nike produced to see on the real models) was an Anthracite Color Rush option with Aqua numbers. all others were either about combining the '66 uniform with the modern one (kind of like the Bucs approach) and doing something new. those were my favorite because they were subtle and had lasting value. we also talked about replacing the blue with a new color— it was about the same value as Anthracite but obviously blue that looked great with aqua and orange and used as a alternate pants color. this is one of the "forward thinking options" i liked best but this logo was NOT considered. it was actually a logo option i did for Dolphins Cheer they didnt like but i thought was cool enough for this concept
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    I don't understand how so many people on these boards just prefer block fonts and chest wordmarks over something intentionally designed. The shoulder stripes and the well done bevels that tie into the logo make the current TAMU set a modern classic. I don't think they need to change a thing.
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    I wish Nike gave this jersey the light of day. Sadly, it's the Rockets who never went ahead to redesign based off of this beautiful alternate.
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    Those Mav jerseys reminded me when the Bulls wore shiny uniforms.
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    Why not give every team a throwback, it would sell well and everyone would like it. Replace the city with a rotating throwback.
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    Imagine a matchup against the Lakers in gold.
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    Nope, but certainly some good stuff coming.
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