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    Gold is the only colour pants the Saints need.
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    Mandatory Color Rush was a trip. The same league that wrote like a five-page single-spaced handbook on how to pull your socks up and only wear regulation-length fanny packs turned around and came up with a Brand Dilution Initiative. Go figure.
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    Exactly. However those jerseys are unimaginative trash. Should have done something different. Like orange. Sure they went 0-7 in them back in 2012, but that shouldn’t be an issue with THIS team.
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    Like the Panthers, they’re a team who got it right the first time. Both don’t need to go through any significant changes. They are timeless.
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    I'd argue the "inner city" (BTW, cities are where people are rapidly moving to, rapidly gentrifying typically "inner city" neighborhoods along the way -- see: Oakland as the greatest example but there are more) look is designed to be far more appealing to white dudes who remember Boyz N the Hood rather than black dudes who lived Boyz N the Hood. It's 2019 and the early 90s are in again, whether that's reflected as wearing scrunchies and Birkenstocks or appropriating the most reductive of images of LA culture for fun and profit.
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    Eh, St. Louis stole a team from Los Angeles and they got stolen back by Los Angeles. Hard to feel much sympathy about that. If St. Louis is interested in a third NFL team run by a third wretched owner, then yeah, take the Chargers I guess.
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    Yeah, but still need the 2002-2008 red socks back for road games. Also, once in a while the old red pants (with navy socks) away would be cool.
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    Yeah, except that they didn’t allow Kroenke to skirt them. Goodell secretly worked behind-the-scenes to prevent an owner from exercising his contractual rights, and publicly stopped him from doing so on at least one occasion. If any rules were skirted, it was in St. Louis’s favor. That notwithstanding, the NFL absolutely should make any allowances that put the Chargers back in San Diego with fresh and untainted ownership.
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    Just saw a tweet from Reviewing The Brew that the Brewers might be getting new primary uniforms... so it looks like yall are getting your wish.
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    What if you add some fan fiction-y elements, but hide them under spoiler tags, so it's not dominating a page by taking up 20 paragraphs of space? Personally, I think the fan fiction stuff should be judged on a case-by-case basis, or at least allowing those who obey the spirit of this forum (by, you know, actually posting designs and logos and uniforms and graphics) to include fan fiction-y elements in their posts. THIS series 1000% qualifies under the design part, and the fan fiction stuff would only enrich the solid WORK that's been done. I realize, mods, that it's a slippery slope, filled with cluelessly naive newbies greasing themselves up and attempting to run uphill, but I really miss some of the deeper details on teams we used to have that actually made the design choices more meaningful. I think putting all fiction elements under spoiler tags would keep the clutter out, but still make it available for those interested in such things.
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    I'm surprised there are four left. I thought they all bandwagoned the Warriors by now.
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    Yes, I understand all that. Truly, this has nothing to do with the actual team on the court. I know the roster they've put together and their expectations and all of that. This is about perception and identity. Yes, and that sucks. I hate what Nike has done with these uniform rotations, and I think it's spawned some of the worst basketball looks we've seen. Some of it works for the team and city (see: Miami Vice), and a lot really have been terrible. And I mean worst in two ways. Worst in terms of actual looks and aesthetics. And I mean worst in looks that have nothing to do with the actual franchise and its history. Examples are the Hickory High uniforms for the Pacers (sure, they look fine in a traditional sense, but what the hell does Hoosiers have to do with the Pacers NBA franchise?) or the Clippers' LA Express-looking alternate from last year (again, what?). And to show you some objectivity, however far that'll go, the Lakers "Magic Johnson" jersey from last season. The black, the "pinstripes," etc. Just ugh. Not only was it ugly, but it didn't represent anything resembling the visual brand of the Los Angeles Lakers. Not really, no. As explained above, you can try stuff, sure, but it has to make sense. To me, these Clipper uniforms don't make sense. They feel inauthentic to what the Clippers are or represent. The Heat definitely went off board with the Miami Vice jerseys, but does it work for them? Totally! But these GTA San Andreas things? They don't work for the Los Angeles Clippers. Then maybe we should stop.
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    Maybe if you ask enough times they will...
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    Ditch the practice uniforms. This is a real game.
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    Why not a jersey that says “Knicks?” The summer league jerseys were cool.
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    Looks good, but will be roughly 2 inches of their uniform, as the WNBA's look is entirely comprised of about 539 different corporate sponsor logos.
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    Former Buccaneers WR Antonio Bryant is pushing to bring back Bucco Bruce full time.
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    So it's pretty multi-layered in fact. Auburn people are notoriously against change. They hate the new buildings in town, the construction, the new uniforms, the idea of new uniforms for football. It's very tough to have a discussion on "What ifs" or throw out concepts for the sake of it without being bombarded with "NO CHANGE EVER!" responses from a large majority of people. The proposed logo fell into that category also. The existing AU has been around since 1966 and seen tweaks many times, mostly with the University trying to settle into a consistent brand. There's a ton of different versions of the AU floating around and from Auburn's history, but those could easily be swiped away as "unofficial." The design itself wasn't great either. For such a small but drastic change, it felt like a waste of money and time to a lot of people. For the sake of changing the logo, every placement of the existing AU would have to be changed also. Was told that a student intern was sent through the Auburn Arena to count the number of logos visible. They quit after hitting 1,000 placements, and that doesn't even include the 9,000+ seats that have the logo on the back of the chair and the sides of the armrests. The amount of time and money it would've taken to replace all the logos across campus would have been absolutely absurd and totally not worth it - especially for the "minor changes" that people claim. Jordan-Hare Stadium has two massive AU logos on it that would have to be replaced. Auburn's baseball field just got new turf two years ago with the existing AU logo. The grounds crew would have to replace all their logo templates - those aren't cheap. Yea, these changes are made for all sorts of changes at schools across the country, but most of those are more drastic logo changes. Finally, the belief is that the logo change was facilitated by the now-former University President, Steven Leath. His tenure was short and entirely rocky. He as advised to do certain things by the Board, and he went other ways. The belief is that once he was canned as President, the school "let leak" the logo change, even though it had been rumored for a few months prior. But that was probably the first step in the motion to kill any logo change. Even the employees they added to the logo task-force committee (whatever they called it) were not a fan of the idea of change. Athletics was rumored to be fighting the change the entire time, as well. tl;dr - Former President sucks, logo change never had a promising outlook.
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    This cover actually looks like it would've been better suited for SLAM. And I say that not as a knock on the magazine. I just tend to like their NBA covers more than SI.
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    They removed the logo. The name, albeit a misnomer, is innocuous in and of itself, and as long as it's handled responsibly (no Indian larping in the stands, kicking some money to indigenous groups), it's fine enough to get by. It's not ideal, but I'm not going to play Voldemort and pretend like their name can't touch my lips, either.
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    I'm skeptical we're getting Padres-back-to-brown and Brewers-back-to-BiG in the same off-season.
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    As far as the Clippers... I don't blame them for doing something the Lakers couldn't necessarily do, nor should they. Especially when the "Straight Outta Compton" era coincided with "Showtime," which the Clippers were still around in LA for. I don't see it as tge Clippers rewriting history so much as representing an era of LA's history that transcended and even influenced sports.
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    And to finish off the Atlantic-8, we have the Staten Island Flying Dutchmen University of Staten Island Location: Staten Island, New York Type: Private University Founded: 1911 Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Major Rivals: Brooklyn, New York State National Championships: 1 2002
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    >Be the San Diego Chargers >Move to LA because bigger market, better stadium and blocking the Raiders from moving there >Raiders move to Las Vegas >Get screwed out of your own market by a team that is 3 hours away If they didn't deserve every bit of this, I'd feel bad for them.
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    By the way, who refers to pants as "britches" any more? Might as well refer to them as "dungarees"...or heck, "pantaloons."
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    Plus he would add more diversity to ownership in the NFL.
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    Joe Tsai is too busy doing crisis p.r. for the Communist Party to worry about the Chargers, think harder, Homer
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    Similarly...i.e. not current...this is the best gray jersey the Rockies have ever worn (no black, no silver, just purple and white, and gray): Was it better than the homes? Homertively no, objectively yes.
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    I've been saying this for years. This is the solution to combat what happened in the NFC Championship Game, not making PI challengable. They watch from above and watch the TV broadcast and radio the head official and say "yeah you guys missed a really bad pass interference big time. Throw the flag." I honestly think if you had a booth official or two you could get rid of replay and challenges and all the nonsense and histrionics that go along with replay and challenges. Here's my issues with football officials: 1. not enough officials to cover all 22 players on the field 2. they're on the ground with the players so their views are often obscured and they often have a worse view of the play, especially the line, than we do on TV 3. there's too many rules and they're all watching the plays for a certain type of infraction, which is why obvious facemask penalties are often missed because the back judge was watching for holdings. If there's officials up top they'll catch those types of things that should've been penalties and overrule bad flags like the one in the Bengals-Bills game where a phantom hold was called on a block that didn't matter, which erased a Bengals kickoff return. It would almost act like replay review in real time and provide a second line of defense for the officials on the field.
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    Few things make me happier than knowing that the Yankees get to watch the World Series from the same place I do: from home.
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    The Hitmen should absolutely have hot pink accents all the time, it's the one uniform issue in major-junior that I can work up any passion for. Don't overdo it, a little goes a long way, but it's ridiculous to do anything else. They're the Hitmen from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Come on!
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    I redid the Santos logo a little bit. The shape is now less awkward and maybe a bit more reminiscent of more conventional crest design but it retains it's distinctive top shape. The banner is now a bit arched, but I decided against using an angle. Added a small monogram to the crest. I only thing I need to figure out is the lettering as most of the things I tried look out of place.
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    I LOVE this World Series matchup. Two incredible pitching staffs and two teams (despite the Astros title in 2017) who are still somewhat fresh. This should be fun!
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    If only they'd put ARCO on that floor.
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    My hope (and dream) is that the Clippers will make the Lakers irrelevant. Probably wouldn't happen like the past 30-40 years ... but ... seeing the Lakers suck has been fun.
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    WVU going white, white, grey. Blahhhh. One perk of getting throttled by OU might be that this leads to never wearing this combo again
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    The one helmet rule isn't ridiculous, it's to save teams from themselves. No full-on "stormtrooper" looks, no chrome monstrosities, and no random alternate designs. It keeps the teams from getting too experimental, while also cementing how the helmet is so important to each team's identity. It makes me wish MLB implemented the one-cap rule, with only two exceptions (the Tigers and Cardinals - maybe on the Cardinals, if the navy set had a red bill) and throwback allowances (requiring matching batting helmets). Anything to get rid of pointless road caps: Home caps that aren't as good as their road versions and alt caps worn way too often: Promoting caps that should be primaries: Here's to hoping that the Padres limit themselves to one primary cap. Keep the camo as the only alternate, with maybe a Taco Bell or 1998 throwback.
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    So thrilled about what the Nats have done. I'd prefer to see them play in white/red at home and grey/blue on the road, but I understand the superstition of sticking with the blue jerseys home and away. Whatever it takes to get 4 more wins baby!
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    Why would they? It's not a good look.
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    Not official until Taylor Twellman is there to announce it.
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    Up next we head to Boston for the Shamrocks. Boston State University Location: Boston, Massachusetts Type: Public University Founded: 1895 Major Rivals: Springfield, Worcester National Championships: 1 1977 National Championship Runner-Up: 2 1992, 2006
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    I nominate this for POTD.
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    FYI The Redskins will be wearing their throwbacks this week. Although I have other more direct means to knowing this info (ironically for this message board, I work for the NFL), I have friend who are season ticket holders and the ticket stub for this week's game has throwback photos of Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen, and Doug Williams on it. The Redskins only do this when they are wearing their throwback unis for their homecoming game - as opposed to normal games in which the ticket stubs have photos of current players. I assume this uniform will be phased out in 3 years, and replaced by a new throwback for the Redskins 90th anniversary. My hunch is that they will roll with an iteration of these 1950's:
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    The can mix and match, like the cowboys have worn the white color rush pants with their navy jerseys, and raiders have basically made a throwback wearing their silver pants with their color rush jerseys.
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    Fascinating idea...I live between two stations, which do I pick?! Anyway, I won't be pedantic about the linguistic elements of this and instead point out Atwater is also the station the Forum, which obviously in '67 would have been THE place to be.
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    It's not really fair to compare playoff appearances and division titles from the two eras, though, since only four teams made the playoffs before 1995 and 10 do today. Likewise, there are six division champions today instead of four. Of course, the same point applies to NFL playoff appearances, NCAA basketball tournament appearances, etc.
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