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    I like the concepts when they are pertinent to the discussion as this one was. Helps the conversation and much easier than trying to explain it.
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    I'll never understand why some people on this forum flip out about the usage of black in these uniforms. They never wore black jerseys. Never wore black pants. Never wore black socks. Yet the minor amount out black used with these in relation to the green and white has been vilified and tagged BFBS *sighs and shakes head*
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    I’m bummed the thunder didn’t chose sonic, it’s a well known Oklahoma based brand, and would lead to so many SuperSonics jokes.
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    To me, none of these uniforms you posted are really patriotic. They're about as well-intentioned as Pinktober was.
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    I am starting "another" MLB thread, but the catch here is the concepts are modeled after the college baseball nike designs. This means a ton of options, fauxbacks, and non-traditional designs. The first team is the Houston Astros, a team many college programs model uniforms after. I took a page out of the NCAA's book and brought back the rainbow guts with a modern twist. Additionally, the more traditional options have added a shooting star above the team names. C&C are appreciated, but any edits will be about 2 months out.
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    Messing (even more) with an iconic helmet to accommodate that uniform? No thanks.
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    Or, you know, the Jets requesting new “hip with the kids” uniforms, and working with Nike throughout the design process to make sure they get what they want. I don’t see this with any other manufacturer. So, why is every single thing Nike does seen as them forcing their designs on helpless teams, but if any other maker is involved it’s correctly seen as the two working together?
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    Those schmucks are the lifeblood of this board! (I don't condone anybody losing their job, even for us.)
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    Unpopular Opinion: This is the best jersey the Flames have ever worn. The home red during this period had too much black, but a set built around this sweater would be outstanding.
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    Potentially unpopular opinion: The Browns’ Color Rush uniform isn’t good, it’s just better than the primaries. The orange-on-brown doesn’t work and in gameplay the numbers don’t have nearly enough contrast.
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    Kelly Green & Black, when used properly, can compliment each other very well:
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    Here comes the presentation! I'll be posting on here one division at a time. But I post each team on my Instagram page once I finish it, so follow @natesweitzer if you don't want to wait. First off, the NFC North.
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    As a Broncos fan, I love Josh Allen. One of my neighbors last year was a Wyoming fan and we both hoped Denver would draft him. The Bills are actually going to be coming up pretty soon, so keep your eye out for that. But for now we've got the.... Los Angeles Rams Colors and Logo: I went against the grain here, not reverting to royal blue and athletic gold. Instead, I chose to use navy blue paired with athletic gold. I can't really tell you why, because I like the throwback color scheme, but this is just what I'd prefer to see the Rams go with. Sometimes you can't really explain why you think something looks good, it just clicks in your brain. For me, this is one of those times. As for the logo, I kept the current ram head mostly intact, dropping some (what I feel are) unnecessary details and recoloring it. Helmet: Contrary to the impression I may give some people, I'm not a complete idiot. Untouched. Jerseys: Three jerseys, athletic gold, navy blue, and white. For the primary home jersey, I chose to use athletic gold. LA is pretty hot early in the season, which could encourage the team to wear a lighter color at home. Rather than have them choose white for the majority of the season, why not make the home jersey a light color in yellow? I don't know how many people believe that wearing a dark color actually impacts how a team plays in the heat, but teams seem to think it's an issue, so I did what had to be done to ensure that we get to see the home team in colored jerseys 8 games a year. And I just wanted a team with a yellow home jersey. But that first thing too. As for the actual design of the jerseys, I modeled it off the. 2000's set. The sleeves get too crowded to have a full horn, at least in my opinion. On the topic of crowding, I also decided not to keep the sleeve logo, instead moving the TV numbers there. In my opinion, the shoulder hoop doesn't allow both to work, so I kept the one required by NFL rules. Additionally, all unnecessary white was dropped. That means the only white is the white jersey, everything else is just blue and gold. Pants: Same colors as the jerseys. One solid stripe of the opposite color on the colored pants, the white pants have a gold stripe outlined in blue. Combinations: The white jersey has the most freedom. It can be worn with any pair of pants. The gold jerseys have slightly less, with the all-gold combo being the only one off limits. The navy jerseys are heavily restricted, only having the gold pants as an option. That's kinda it, I guess. Thoughts?
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    This is endorsed as a moderator's opinion. If you're developing a full-fledged concept, sure, post it in Concepts (but feel free to tease it here as it's relevant). But it's definitely fine to post a mock-up or something in this thread.
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    I think you’re right that this is the main reason people give, but the way I see it, the Jets added black well before it became trendy in uniforms, and they ditched it before it really jumped the shark and filtered down to the lower levels of the sport. It’s strange to think about, but the Jets were on the forefront. They set the pace for two of the most significant movements of contemporary uniform design: the “black soup” movement of the mid- to late 1990s and the “return to the classics” movement of the early to mid-2000s.
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    Just a little friendly PSA for type designers: rhythm is a hugely important quality of good typography. When you add speed nicks or bevel notches or whatever you want to call these, it *reeeally* helps the rhythm when they all “flow” the same direction. Just looking at what’s here, the numbers on a player wearing 39 are going to look like they’re fighting each other, while the numbers on a player wearing 93 are going to look like they’re running away from each other. That 4 is really dense as well. “If you ain’t learnin’ how to get better, you’re just sittin’ around gettin’ worse.”
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    Arizona going with the standard A logo on the navy helmets in spring ball, instead of the monochrome red one. Hope it stays that way.
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    This for at least 8 games.
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    It would be nice if the Browns at least removed the wordmarks from the pants for next season. The NFL doesn't have any restrictions on pants, so why not? I'm sure they have to order new ones every season anyway.
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    The Browns' Color Rush uniforms are pretty ugly. They're just better than the standard home uniform.
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    CAROLINA TWINS - Triad Troubles We’ve reached the mid-1990s. The Tampa Bay Sweepstakes have played out, with both St. Petersburg and Phoenix getting expansion teams. However, relocation remained an option for many of the cities left out (as we’ve seen with the Virginia Fury and Sacramento). One of these regions was North Carolina. From 1996-1998, businessmen and politicians in the Piedmont Triad area of NC (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point) made a big gamble: instead of building new minor-league stadiums, why not try to lure a major-league club with a new stadium? They came up with a plan for a $210 million stadium, one situated at the Interstate 40-Interstate 40 Business interchange in between Guilford and Forsyth County. This site was under dispute leading up to the referendum, but the general area of the site would have been in the area highlight below. 1 Don Beaver, a North Carolina businessman (and then-owner of the Charlotte Knights), would have paid for a third of the stadium, with the other two-thirds coming from taxpayers in Guilford and Forsyth County through a $0.50 tax on baseball tickets and a 1% tax on prepared foods. Of course, this tax proved unpopular, with restaurateurs and citizens organizing Citizens Against Unfair Taxes (spending $33,000 on their campaign, compared to the $899,000 spent by the “Say Yes Baseball” campaign).2 Beaver also entered into negotiations to buy the Twins from Carl Pohlad, who was having financial problems with the Twins. He reported that he’d lost roughly $26 million since 1994 (over half of his reported losses since 1984), while team revenue was 40% below league average ($70 million) at $42 million. He had been trying for some time to extort the Minnesota Legislature to buy him a new venue to replace the barely 15-year-old Metrodome (I get that it was a crummy stadium, but still!), to no avail. However, he saw an opportunity with Don Beaver to put pressure on the state government. Pohlad signed a letter of intent on October 3, 1997, to sell the team to Beaver for $150 million, contingent on the Twins failing to get a stadium deal in Minnesota and the stadium tax measure passing.3 Unfortunately for Beaver, the Guilford and Forsyth County voters had different ideas. The May 5, 1998 referendum for the taxes failed hard. The two-county election ended with “no” defeating “yes” by 96,433 to 55,262 votes. The votes were 59% to 41% in Forsyth and 67% to 33% in Guilford. While Beaver investigated a stadium opportunity in Charlotte, talks stalled out. The North Carolina effort was so defeated, Beaver admitted that Charlotte had no interest in the Expos’ relocation.4 Pohlad and his successors, who reportedly had little interest in North Carolina, continued in their pursuit of a Minnesota stadium (which included failed public ventures and a threat to contract the team that fell flat), eventually getting Target Field in 2010.5 Of course, this plan was a horrible idea. Quotes from the period showed concern from residents about traffic near the exurban complex. I’d say that @sc49erfan15 summed up the problem here: Even if the vote went the other way, the results would still be terrible. You can best sum up what happened with this over-referenced moment from Fred Ottman’s wrestling career: The voters should be commended for refusing to pay for two-thirds of Beaver’s stadium. However, what if the Guilford and Forsyth County voters went the other way and Pohlad wasn’t bluffing? I figured that the name should stay, with the identifier of “Carolina.” The titual Twins would be each of the Carolinas. Navy and red would also remain with the addition of flesh/tan for outlines and the twin men (taken from the Twins’ 1972 roundel alternate). Part One - Dome-style Design The first approach is an attempt to merge the Metrodome era look with the new setting, while incorporating pieces of the 2010 typeface cleanup. The primary is a direct riff on the ‘87-’09 design, while the secondary incorporates both twins representing their respective states (modified versions of Wikipedia's North/South Carolina state outlines), a three-pointed star for the Triad, and the cap logo. The insignias include a “C-underline” and an “NCSC” design (a localized version of the “TC”). Rockwell Bold is the lettering font. EDIT: I've adjusted the secondary and insignia logos, per C&C by @sc49erfan15, @coco1997, and @BellaSpurs. The original is here. The uniforms feature a new “Carolina” wordmark, with the secondary on the home uniform and the primary on the road. The big change from the Twins’ 1987-2009 uniforms is that the NoB’s are direct-sewn and red with navy outlines. The “NCSC” is on the socks. EDIT: The original is here, since I replaced the "NCSC," the home sleeve patch, and the cap insignia. The alternates include a navy top and a red-billed “NCSC” cap, along with a fauxback. This one uses the janky 1960s “Twins” script with an all-navy “NCSC” cap and the secondary as a patch. EDIT: The "NCSC" is now a "C" on the red-billed cap, while the new "C" replaces the old one. The "C" from the second part is now on the throwback. The original is here. The jacket features the home wordmark, the “C-underline” on the back, and white and red stripes on the trim. EDIT: The original is here. Part Two - A 1960s Revival, with contrast! The second approach modernizes the 1960s Twins set (what the 2010 Twins should have done) with a contrasting color style (inspired by the first secondary logo). The primary places the other secondary in a roundel, along with the team script (which I debuted in the current MLB thread on the Sports Logos section - using the 1959-60 Washington Senators’ tail design). The secondary/insignia features the “C” from my custom “TC.” A roundel with the “C” and a red border form the tertiary. EDIT: I've simplified the primary, per @BellaSpurs and @sc49erfan15's suggestions. The map logo is now the tertiary. The original is right here. The uniforms follow my Project 32 Twins concept, except for a few key tweaks. The most notable among these is that the front numbers, cap logos, and sock stripes are dominantly red with navy or white outlines. I figured that it gave the uniforms a bit more “punch.” The primary is a sleeve patch for both sets. EDIT: The tertiary is on the home uniform, while the primary resides on the road jersey's sleeve. The original is in here. The alternates also develop the co-dominance approach by alternating each Friday. The red jersey includes a matching cap, while the navy jersey features white front numbers (for contrast as a lighter element). EDIT: The patches have been updated to match the new set, with a recolored tertiary. The original is here. The jacket now has red sleeves and the “Carolina” script. EDIT: The primary is on the sleeve, while the tertiary is on the back. The original is here. This move would have been an utter boondoggle had the voters and team gone through with it. While the Twins could have had some fantastic looks there, it’s for the best that it didn’t happen. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we start another long project - Expos Agnoistes! 1 Justin Catanoso, “Architects Present Ballpark Options,” News & Record, April 2, 1998, sec. Triad/State; Meghann Mollerus, “MLB in NC? It Struck Out 19 Years Ago | Wfmynews2.Com,” WFMY News 2, July 17, 2017, https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/local/mlb-in-nc-it-struck-out-19-years-ago/455758206; John A. Nagy, “The Baseball Question,” News & Record, May 5, 1998, sec. General News; Eric Okurowski, “StadiumPage.Com - North Carolina 1999,” accessed March 16, 2019, http://www.stadiumpage.com/concepts/NC1999_R.html. 2 Mollerus, “MLB in NC?;" Nagy, “The Baseball Question;" Jim Schlosser, “One Year Later, Opinions Remain Firm on Stadium - Land Set aside for a Triad Big-League Baseball Park Remains Vacant, and - Proponents of Big-League Ball for the Area Remain Convinced an Opportunity Was - Missed.,” News & Record, May 4, 1999, sec. General News. 3 Compiled from reports by staff writers Stan Olson and Michael Whitmer, Associated Press and Knight Ridder/Tribune., “Twins Sale Was Never Intended, Book Says,” Charlotte Observer, April 3, 2000, sec. Business Monday; Justin Catanoso, “Was Baseball Deal Charade? `Well, Sort of’ - Triad Business Journal,” Triad Business Journal, May 3, 1999, https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/stories/1999/05/03/tidbits.html; Nagy, “The Baseball Question.” 4 Dana Damico, “Stadium Site, Not Tax, Was Key in Kernersville,” Winston-Salem Journal, May 6, 1998, sec. A; Scott Dodd, “Charlotte and Baseball: Nothing Major League yet - City’s Sports Promoters Quite Happy with the Minor-League Knights,” Charlotte Observer, September 22, 2002, sec. Metro; David Rice, “Triad Says No to Baseball Decisive: Voters in Forsyth, Guilford Reject Food Tax,” Winston-Salem Journal, May 6, 1998, sec. A; Schlosser, “One Year Later, Opinions Remain Firm on Stadium;” Patrick Sweeney, “N. Carolina Voters Vote down Stadium Tax//as Triad Area Says No, Charlotte Group Makes Move to Lure Twins,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 6, 1998, sec. Main; Jay Weiner, “N.C. Voters Reject Taxes to Help Build Twins Ballpark - Now the Attention Falls to Charlotte,” Star Tribune: Newspaper of the Twin Cities, May 6, 1998, sec. News. 5 Catanoso, “Was Baseball Deal Charade? `Well, Sort of’ - Triad Business Journal;” Compiled from reports by staff writers Stan Olson and Michael Whitmer, Associated Press and Knight Ridder/Tribune., “Twins Sale Was Never Intended, Book Says;” Foon Rhee, “Twins Tentatively Agree to Deal Keeping Them in Minnesota,” Charlotte Observer, July 23, 1998, sec. Metro.
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    Just for fun. A few quick PSs Both colored jerseys have a tonal loves logo. The white has a black text and red heart. Still comes off as subtle And as an extreme, here’s a modified rectangular yellow loves logo without the extra hearts. Instead the apostrophe heart is increased in size and the overall logo is more in line with the size of the nike swoosh.
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    Kind of OT, but I think we can pencil in Inter Miami wearing pink as a primary That M cap is fantastic. Pretty sad that the MLS team got a better cap logo on their first try than the local MLB team in 25 years with 3 different brands.
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    My last kick at the can, as others pointed out, numbers look like they will be on the shoulder, I added the jet to the helmet and eliminated white on the black alternate, which in retrospect won't look as good with the helmet but that's it. I'm Done!
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    The worst part about that set were the helmets. Black facemask and a green shell doesn't work.
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    I don't even particularly like this jersey, but I bet it would win in a poll here over the actual jerseys the day after the reveal.
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    Next up, the Oakland Athletics, and a the return of a brighter green. The uniforms mostly stay intact other than a switch to a brighter green, with the exception of sleeve patch colorways. What makes this interesting are the fauxback options that include one of the major college trends.. colored pants. Just like the old A's ,the fauxbacks take a vest form with the original A logo on the chest. Expect a lot more colored pants and pullovers to come...
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    I’m usually a proponent of removing white where possible, but you can’t mess with the Braisher stripes.
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    Yeah, that's mine. One of my "here's a weird idea I wouldn't actually want to see" concepts.
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    So obviously not size since we already discussed NFL guidelines regarding those. So are we talking... squared off number font? inclusion of lime? A division running between it? some sort of reflection/iridescence? And now did these people legit see the jersey or did they see this and think it was the real deal? Because there is a striking similarity. And now for a good question. Have we ever discovered the source of the above fake? Conspiracy Theory: did Nike mock up a fake with various elements to see a general consensus?
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    Yeah that’s totally different than other football fans.
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    Anyone else worried the Jets are gonna remove the white shoulder yolk on the green jersey and simply put white stripes, which will make them look just like the Colts but in green? That is pretty much what their Color Rush is like. I think the inverted shoulder colors on both their white and green jerseys gives them a unique look that I hope they stick with in some way with these new sets. It especially helps when they wear the same color jersey and pants, as it evens out the overall color distribution. Main point = the jerseys shouldn't be too plain or heavy on one color. They need to work in some accents in the opposite color, maybe like this:
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    Okay, now for the uniforms: Hat: Modernized the Taco Bell hat. That’s all they need in my opinion. I might do up some potential alternates tho, just to have some fun. Jerseys: Four jerseys, home whites, tan roads, yellow and brown alternates. Yes, you read that right, tan road. I'm on the "non-gray road uniforms" bandwagon lately, so if theres a team that, in my opinion, can pull off a tan or powder blue or whatever road set, I'll take that chance. The home whites have a modified, cleaned up version of this script with the colors reversed, so it's now yellow outlined in brown. The roads have the San Diego script they used for most of the 2010s in brown with a yellow outline. Both the home and road jerseys have double piping on the sleeves and collar and have the SD-bell logo on the left sleeve. The alternates both have the SD on the left chest with the player number on the right with no outlines. They have single piping around the sleeves and single headspoon piping, to fill in the lack of a script on the front. The alternates have the swinging friar logo as the sleeve patch. The number font is based of the SD logo with rounded edges and small flairs on the serifs. So that's that. Are there any alt caps you'd like to see? Or any changes you'd make? Just to be clear though, THIS IS NOT AN MLB REDESIGN SERIES, I'M JUST DOING WHICHEVER TEAMS I FEEL LIKE, WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE AND DROPPING THEM HERE, IF I DO ANY MORE AT ALL. Yeah, I'll probably do more.
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    AL WEST HOUSTON ASTROS The Astros have an amazing tradition. The shooting star design, the tequila sunrise, the blue/gold, right up to the present and the new orange and blue. What I've done here is try and imagine what those traditions would look like distilled into a single look. Nike has had a tendency recently in their NCAA baseball designs to favor minimalist themes with an emphasis on distinctive patterns. For the Astros, that means the tequila sunrise. However, I hold to the discovery I made with my first Astros concept: the sunrise theme works best when its separated from the blue portions entirely. With that in mind, I've gone with the original 60's script with some slight modifications to the line weight and arch smoothness. The roads are cream just like they were for in the 80's. The alternate is all navy blue to let the warm color elements stand out. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    I wish they spaced out the logo and jersey unveil separately so we can stop going over the same 5 fan concepts continuously and overreact to the logo for 2 weeks while we wait for jerseys.
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    I haven't really been following this thread, but I just paged through the last dozen or so. I have no dog in this fight, but I gotta ask... Are there members of this board that are due to get some kind of financial bonus if this league fails? Jesus, what a pack of grinning vultures.
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    You don't have to imagine it--it is what the Jets wore from '78-'89. I think it looks better this way
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    Agreed. It’s a such a simple, tasteful graphic, and yet it’s instantly evocative of the team’s nickname. That’s a tough thing to accomplish. Florida State’s feather graphic is a little too obnoxious and over-designed for me, but Iowa State’s cyclone stripe is on point. I wish college basketball teams didn’t change uniform designs so often, because I’d love to see more of these elements stick around for years or even decades and become signature looks for the teams.
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    AL CENTRAL MINNESOTA TWINS This is may not be the most revolutionary Twins concept but I decided on two points regarding the Twins aesthetic: 1. the home uniforms look best with navy blue lettering and 2. something was needed to add warmth to the look with the move to Target field. The cream alternates demonstrated both of these points perfectly. They looked better than any other look worn outdoors since the move out of the Metrodome. That being said, I felt it was too obvious to repeat the cream based home uniforms (and frankly its already been done to perfection elsewhere on these boards). So I opted for red pinstripes as the way to add some much needed warmth to the home look. It also blends well with a red softball top. For the road design, I opted to reinstate the pinstripes as it had been the only distinctive look for them on the road. Thanks to @MJD7 for lending me the updated "Minnesota" script based on the modernized letters. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    5 for the Fight is the cancer research charity of Qualtrics, a Utah based tech company, who bought the patch space. So the patch isn’t an ad for the company itself, it’s for the company’s charity which is a really cool move by Qualtrics and the Jazz. Combine all that with the fact the patches are in team colours and relatively non-intrusive, the Jazz easily have the “best” jersey ads.
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    Dolphins in 1972 throwbacks permanently, right? The Tannehill era is OVER!
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    Well, Dundon is not playing the franchise game, so time to end that mess. As for Portland, why is this constantly brought up like every d@mn week? Unless they choose to try to play in Hillsboro, are weekend dates available as both the Timbers and Thorns would outdraw them? Would they just play four of the five (or more) home games all in February? Peregrine was tired of taking nine hours to paint football lines for Portland State, and since they can keep all the concession revenues, any AAF or minor league football team will struggle for revenue. Since the AAF is a private business, not part of the public trust like Portland State, assume they'll be treated more like competition. Exactly.
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    I hate to repeat myself but for those interested: Minor League Professional Football will fail in Portland.
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    Easily the worst and most invasive ad patch in the NBA. Gross.
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    I figured out why this Jets redesign bothers me. Even if they do unveil relatively decent uniforms, they will still be a modern Nike creation with a "back story" and "meaning" that likely wasn't designed to last and is reminiscent of other teams. Meanwhile, the Jets completely owned their previous look, which was one tweak away (fixing the shoulder stripes) from being something that could've lasted forever. It was related to the look of Namath, the revival under Parcells and the first uniform for Sam Darnold. The whole thing strikes me as an unnecessary signing away of their identity to the Swoosh overlords.
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