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    What the hell is that player doing? His jersey is tucked in and you can see he has a belt on. Where's his Performance Skirt?
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    top one by far
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    That bottom Jags uniform is bad but I'm a sucker for that teal flake helmet.
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    I noticed something strange regarding the Colts. Everyone recalls how they changed the swooshes to black on their white jerseys: Their pants still use the blue swooshes, which creates a mismatching look on the road. This is likely due to the fact that the pants are also used with the blue jerseys which have no black at all, but it further emphasizes that it was a completely unnecessary change. In this case, both swooshes are on a white background. Both should be the same color for consistency. It looks bad.
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    I like the matte fabrics Nike uses for the most part. They give teams very consistent and rich colors. I hated the green the Eagles use until the new fabrics really breathed some new life into it and made it brighter. Likewise, I like how how the pewter pants look for Tampa. I wasn't a fan of the sheen fabrics. Even the new pewter jersey looks good. Also, Tampa should use red socks.
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    This is what football should look like. It's got that late afternoon sun, too. Perfection.
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    There's no way the new uniforms are even close to as good of look as these beauts (even with flawed numbers/helmet spikes).
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    The Penguins are throwing it back to the Gin N Juice days with this leaked FOURTH jersey design. Thoughts?
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    The sword blades on the Titans uniforms have always struck me as cheesy. I think had the shoulder yoke, helmet stripe, and pants stripe been just the shape of a blade but filled in one color (preferably powder blue), it wouldn’t have been so bad. Using grey tones to illustrate a blade, however, pushed it way overboard for me. It looks what I’d expect a semi-pro team in Las Vegas sponsored by The Excalibur to look like. And that’s only one of the uniform’s problems!
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    There's not much dumber than a team that already wears navy blue deciding that they need a black alternate. See West Virginia to see how stupid this looks. This is exactly why the players do not need to be consulted about uniforms. What as endless supply of brain dead ideas. You know, if I need to get my bathroom redone, I'll hire a plumber to put in the toilet and sink, but I'm not gonna ask the guy for his opinion on what color I should paint the walls.
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    Top one is better from the neck down, but bottom had the better helmet (and logo, for that matter). I’ve said this before, but the teal flake is one of my all-time favorite football helmets and should have survived.
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    They are so beautiful without the ad patch.
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    My dad was always a big Dolphins fan so they’ve been my second team. The new logo hasn’t bothered me as much as the color distribution. I think they’ve nailed the colors on the current set (particularly when they dropped the darker blue). The problem for me, though, is that for years, their helmet and striping looked like this: The aqua and orange were both heavily on display and it was always an orange stripe, thin white stripes, and then two aqua stripes. Even when they updated their look, it was largely the same, despite adding navy. Navy sat next to the aqua. In that regard, both of these looks continue to be a little jarring: The old set with navy: The updated set which dropped navy and I believe made the orange darker: It’s weird that I prioritize something like the striping over the logo, but the current striping doesn’t read as “Dolphins-like” to me.
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    Wow, the Nets' home whites were subtly tie-dyed too back in 90-91? Never knew this.
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    I really, really wish the Arizona Cardinals would change their jerseys and pants. If they did they would have one of the top uniforms in the league combined with the classic helmet and logo.
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    Yeah, that's me. I'm told the 4th jersey will be the Reverse Retro blue and red Screaming Eagle, while their current third jersey will be replaced by this blue design.
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    a Sunday Night Football matchup between two marquee teams with iconic looks and they're wearing these uniforms, It's just sad
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    The gradient numbers are terrible, but I can get on board with sans-serif numbers for the Rams. A design that otherwise stayed true to the old Rams uniforms could have updated the numbers accordingly (and should have, the Rams' block numbers always looked cheap) and made it fit well the way the Bears do with their non-block numbers. Balance out the universe by restoring block numbers to, I dunno, the Bengals.
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    Navy is such a boring color in baseball
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    Emphasizing black was a mistake. A straight reproduction of the red and white unis they won the title in with "RAPTORS" in place of "NORTH" was all they had to do. This is significantly worse than that would have been. It's still fine, but they overthought it.
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    As nice as these jerseys are, there is WAY too much going on!
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    8 colors correct 6ish design inspirations correct
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    The bottom one has to be the worst example of piping in NFL uniform history.
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    We go from one Penn team to their blood rival! This just leaked out, and it's gorgeous.
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    Why can the 49ers fit 3 stripes on the throwbacks but not on the normal jerseys?
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    Unpopular opinion: their current look is the best they’ve ever looked. It’s a unique look that stands out.
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    First round of Remix Requests: I wasn't sure exactly what you meant by this but my interpretation is in the first and second sets. I know this wasn't a request but I did it anyway. Took it an extra step and made a white version. The first set certainly looks more interesting but the double pinstripes look too overboard. Tried it, I think we've gone too far with the whole gradient thing. Interesting challenge for this one. Hope you like it! Honestly didn't think they were distinct enough but I added these in!
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    That HD on its own would look terrific on a shirt and could be in contrasting colors where necessary. Overall, the badge is pretty decent. I'm not a big fan of the shift in the last few years of Houston using more black; orange and white with a little black (or light blue) seemed to serve them quite well.
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    The Raptors are now officially the (pre/re-brown) Padres of the NBA--they can't figure out how they wanna look. It looks like they're continually chasing tends, and that never ends well. (What I wish would end well, now, is all those unnecessary uniform designations. There was nothing wrong with "home/road/alternate/"--miss me with all that extra #DoinTheMost.com stuff.)
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    I hated the last Falcon uniform, and would never have believed I'd be saying this, but this new one is worse, at least in the ways they've insisted on wearing it. The old one was over designed and cluttered, but had a better helmet, better font, and a much better use of red. Clean up the sleeves, get some actual pants stripes, and the old look would've been salvageable. But the new uniforms get worse to me every time I see them. The helmet is gimmicky, and prominently features colors that don't show up anywhere else. The numbers are atrocious. Now that Tampa is out of the running, the Falcons new font is neck and neck with the Titans for the worst in the NFL. But the worst thing by far is their combination decisions. As I'm sure I've made annoyingly clear, I always hate monochrome dark uniforms, but the solid color matching socks bring it all to a new dismal level, and the all white is just as terrible to me as the all black. Wearing white pants and black socks with the black jersey, and black socks with the all white would get them out of the bottom five, but only barely. Right now it's the Rams, Titans, Cardinals, Bengals, and them.
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    Columbus should do an updated take on the Cleveland Barons look. Keep the state outline around the sleeve numbers and throw the cannon inside the C.
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    I would not mind the Falcons' unis at all if they would stop going mono colored every single game
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    Switching gears for a moment... ...In looking again at those things the Titans call unifor--just look at this: Who else sees what's glaringly wrong here? And yet somehow these things passed muster to make it onto an NFL jersey...if that don't look backwards as all get-out...
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    They actually have confirmed it. They’re throwing away the uniform schedule and going white-over-pewter this Sunday
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    I trust you that the numbers are the standard height and width, but there's definitely something about their square shape and bulky profile that makes it feel like they take up more jersey real estate than the average team's numbers.
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    The Raptors are pushing the "Canada's Team" angle pretty hard. A good chunk of Canada (i.e. pretty much everywhere outside of Ontario) has a natural disdain for Toronto sports due to the Leafs; the Jays get country-wide support because they're the only MLB team in Canada right now. De-emphasizing Toronto in their branding makes the Raptors' gear more appealing to people from pretty much anywhere in Canada than if said gear had a big ol' "TORONTO" on it. Also helps that they're not colored like a "Toronto team", which further distances the Raps from that stigma.
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    I preferred the custom font but yes, about as perfect as you can get
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    The bottom one immediately reminded me of aquafresh
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    You know, buying just one season ticket is not a terrible idea.
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    Amen. The only thing I would ever change is upgrading to the infinite regression Dolphin. It’s insane in this world of “let’s make x animal MORE TOUGHER!!!!1!” that a Dolphin wearing a football helmet got benched. Ridiculous.
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    (8/32) - Arizona Cardinals Let's take a trip to the desert! Arizona's current uniforms were bad when they were unveiled, and age has done them no favors. From a helmet that doesn't fit with the set to the piping on the jersey and pants and the shoulder yoke on the white jersey, this set is a train wreck. Then, I saw the way Kyler Murray was wearing his uniform and got an idea. Ignoring the details of the uniforms, this color combination works well. While non-traditional, white-red-red-white is distinctive and creates a strong brand for the Cardinals. With that as my starting point, I got to work. I eliminated black from the color scheme, replacing it instead with a darker red. Grey is added to the palette as well. The sleeves feature the pattern from the Arizona flag as a sublimated pattern. In it's entirety, this concept breaks from tradition without straying too far. These Cardinals are instantly recognizable, but with a unique palette and design. Home Road Home Alt 1 Home Alt 2
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