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    Let's be fair now, with this VERY minor white balance adjustment, it definitely looks purple.
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    IDK man this is a thing and looks way worse in my eyes.
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    How many fonts match the angle of the initial stroke of a capital L and A? Why should they do it here?
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    The red facemask is one of my favorite touches. It really makes the whole uniform less drab. I agree that by most books, it should be blue, but there's exceptions to every rule.
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    You nailed the logo and the font. Spanos, please don't mess up the uniforms, its not hard!
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    Another example of a facemask not matching the helmet or jersey and looking great:
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    This is one of the dumber things I've ever read on these forums, "period". And I lived through the entire Tnak era. From day one of my life, I've been in favor of one helmet, one cap, home-road, etc. Now that I'm older, I enjoy the occasional (like... once a year) throwback game. That doesn't at all mean that I'm on the "team crazy-multiple helmets" train - in fact, I'm 100% against that, and always have been. I don't know that I'd use the word "excited" to describe how I feel, but being able to see Carson Wentz wear the Randall Cunningham-style uniform once would be fun for me. Here's a tip - don't paint everyone with a broad brush, in any walk of life.
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    Looks MUCH better without gradient
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    It is a serious upgrade. Bravo, Chargers.
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    I give credit to the Rams for that presentation. Every new logo reveal should take five minutes like this one.
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    *shows up in bucfan's mail*
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    Thank goodness. Let’s hope they bring this back soon:
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    It's really not that hard to make the Chargers look good: Simple as that.
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    I know they aren't sure what the Bucs new uniforms will be, but why show a Jaguars jersey?
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    That graphic makes It look like a South Park character got a haircut. But in all seriousness, I love the update.
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    I'm sorry but the red facemask is still my favorite, with navy blue being a close second.
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    click here to go down to most recent post I tried to create something iNsPiReD bY tHe PaSt - The shield logo and the bolt are incorporated into a new primary with a kickass horse. I went without an eye because I couldn't really figure out a proper shape for it that fit the bolt going through the center of the design. - The wordmark is a lil uninspired, but isn't supposed to be the primary focus anywhere it would be used except for merch, where it would mostly be used with the horse. - The uniforms use a custom number font and try to simplify things. No more double outline (no need for one) and no dumb stupid over the shoulder bolt striping, which I always felt was a little forced. I added bolts to the socks! Lemme know what y'all think!
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    This has been posted about 5 dozen times in this thread. Stop posting it. Stop it.
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    Is that a creamcicle codpiece? Good god, man.
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    The wordmark looks fantastic, as does the simplified bolt. As long as Agency is gone, I'm happy with their direction. Also, @FormerLurker, what says you of the "purple-like" jersey?
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    Creamcicle Codpiece should be the name of a new Buccaneers fan website that includes fanfic of Brady and his new teammates.
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    I would mind that very much, it looks awful and craps on 60+ years of blue/yellow brand equity.
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    I decided to get a concept going (like so many others) for the LA Rams. I used the vintage look from 51-82 as a starting point and used some reference images of bighorn sheep (even though the vintage look seems more like a domestic sheep). Just done in pencil for now, digital to come later.
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    There should absolutely be separate threads for each team. It's frustrating to be having a discussion with someone about the Chargers and have to skip over a page or two of people 'fixing' the Rams.
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    'Look like purple!!!" FFS. We have a member who just pushes false claims relentlessly. The bolt looks great without the navy. Chargers snuck this in with minimal to no fanfare...
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    1. That doesn’t look like the blue the chargers used. 2. That doesn’t look purple. 3. stop making up b.s.
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    That looks pretty much blue honestly. "pretty much purple" is more something like this:
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    The NFL’s Sr. Creative Director posted a nice breakdown of the changes to the Chargers’ bolt logo:
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    I think this is a really great exemplification of what’s wrong with some areas of sports branding right now. Approaches are becoming way too complicated, layered, cutesy, and over-detailed. When it really comes down to it, one single logo shouldn’t have to have this much “story” packed into it, and I think some beliefs out there are that a great logo has to tell a full-length novel. In my opinion, it really doesn’t. There’s a big difference between designing a logo that communicates “Los Angeles Rams”, and one that communicates “Los Angeles sunsets and beaches and waves and Deacon Jones wore a helmet with white horns but we also wore yellow horns for a lot of years too so a little bit of both with a gradient because modern but historical too and now back to sunsets Rams”.
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    So I whipped up a quick and dirty fix for the Rams LA logo. I don’t actually dislike the overall concept of the logo, but I think the execution of the idea is terrible. The problems: -Gradients-yuck, have fun reproducing that for embroidery and screen printing -Shadows-early 2000s web design wants their crutch back and it *the first two problems also create the problem of having waaay too many colors. -Doesn’t look good on multiple backgrounds/requires too many color and outline changes -The segmentation of the horn creates a crescent moon shape that I can’t unsee now that it’s been pointed out to me. The solution: first off, I ditched the gradients, getting the logo down to two/three colors depending on the application I also got made the horn one continuous piece. Also, because I ditched the gradients, the logo is all one color with a shadow on the horn to give it some depth. Honestly, I could take it leave the shading on the horn, but it might be a little flat without it. Anyway, this was like a 10 minute fix, but I think it makes the logo fit in much more with its contemporaries in the NFL and professional sports as a whole.
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    As an aside, it's pretty amazing that we now have resolution on what the LA teams' brandings will be, 50+ months after this thread started.
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    Are they wearing their thigh/knee pads outside of the pants? Why would the fly be a contrasting color? Red tunnels? Surely you see the issues there.
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    "What. this doesn't look purple to you?" while showing a color swatch that neither looks like the Chargers' shade of blue nor any shade of purple is next-level stuff
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    Yeah, I'm sure they're both thrilled.
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    Between "the Chiefs are getting new unis" and "the Chargers are going with a blue that's almost purple" claims? We can discard @FormerLurker like we did TheSoundOfThrowingPennies or whatever his name was. ing Reddit trolls...
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    THIS IS HOW LETTERS WORK It's been said plenty, but this is exactly how L's and A's work. It's fine.
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    No thanks. The Colts have such a classic look. A small tweak here or there wouldn't be bad, but something like that? No thanks.
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    Probably should have used "light urple."
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    This is the best possible argument against alternate helmets.
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    Who would have thought it be the Chargers to get it correct instead of the Rams?
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    Left is new Right is a redesign of the new found on Twitter
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