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    Buffalo vs Philadelphia looked great. Can you believe there was a time where it looked like this?
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    I'm saying it again, Baltimore needs to make the purple pants the default road option.
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    lol self-owned, whoever did this managed to understand neither English nor French
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    No, not a fan of this at all. If there is one thing a team in Miami, a city of sunshine, doesn't need its gray or silver. Aqua, orange and white doesn't need to be dulled down. If the reason is because that dolphins are gray than that is a terrible reason.
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    Hey Saints, this is it. Burn the white socks, match the golds and logo, and this is all you need to wear until the rest of time. Perfect. (Gold and white pants are both good, but never add black pants. As we've seen the past 3 seasons, they are too tempting for New Orleans.)
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    We've only had one year and you got to experience 20. Lighten up, Francis.
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    Besides, the stripe was a vestigial part of the identity, from their pre-1979 set. You see how the northwestern helmet stripe fits with the Packers-style stripes elsewhere? It's why the gold pants/striped burgundy socks worked so well with the helmet (not the jersey). If Washington wants a helmet stripe to go with the 1979-present set, I suggest aping the '80s Virginia Cavaliers: Gotta stick with the asymmetrical motif.
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    Whole lot of amateur doctors coming out of the woodwork.
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    Just turned it on and, yep, to the casual viewer it would make no sense. Not only that, but the scorebugs show light blue for the Knicks -- who are in black and dark blue for the Magic -- who are in orange and white. This is dumb.
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    I don't think that's the issue at all, it's just that in all the databases, 'Football Team' is stored in the 'Team_Nickname' column, so the systems use it whenever the nickname is called for, which can lead to situations where you have "Eagles are visiting the Football Team", which looks ridiculous.
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    Sabres full uniforms are absolutely beautiful. If they're ever going to win a Stanley Cup, it has to be in these!
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    The Flyers' EDGE uniforms kind of got lost in the shuffle because so many other teams were much much worse, but man those were a pile a bad choices on top of one another.
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    Patriots fans shouldn't get to complain about being "sick" of another team until at least 2040.
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    The Ducks have the worst uniforms in the NHL. They seriously need to ditch the side panels and go back to the mighty ducks look.
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    Ottawa looks amazing at home with the black jerseys and the old logo. Classic look.
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    I thought the Grizzlies wearing a jersey designed to resemble the signage at the motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated was peak NBA Meaningful Uniform Cringe. Then the Thunder decided to do a Murrah Federal Building uniform. Now, the Atlanta Hawks have said, screw you all, we're doing a jersey with Dr. King's initials on the front, and we're getting it blessed by the Pope for social media cred.
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    I’d rather have teams in all leagues wear regular home and roads for the opening game than alternates.
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    ‘Tis but a pebble in the pond
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    I'd like to see the Bengals use this guy on the unis or field again:
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    With the Saints out, there’s not a single bad NFL uniform matchup left on the schedule
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    You're using the word "rebrand" very loosely. Slightly changing number fonts doesn't constitute a "rebrand".
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    At this point I'm just hoping for any name. WFT has to go. It's ridiculous they'll be unnamed for yet another season
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    Careful what you wish for. Player involvement doesn't offer much more than fire emojis.
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    They've been due for a new set since the day they unveiled their current clownsuits. I'm convinced that the only reason they didn't rebrand years ago is because Mike Brown is too cheap to commission it.
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    The black only looks good because of nostalgia, honestly. If the Avs were an expansion team in 2020 with black breezers and pants in an otherwise black-less jersey, people would be ripping them over it; you'd see people saying "Oh, nice beer-league equipment, dweebs!" and the like. But because they won a lot in that, it's just associated with success despite looking kinda bad visually; the blue makes more sense since their design has always been far more blue than black. I always felt it was just slapped into the Avs' jerseys because black was a trendy color in the 90's. The burgundy is fine as the dark contrast color. The only change I could think of is maybe using navy over slate, but either blue works a lot better than black.
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    To provide an update to a few issues... *I just started the process of reindexing the board. Hopefully that'll solve the issue with the search feature. It'll take a while. *The ad issues are being addressed. I have no idea what the timeframe will be but the process has started.
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    I'm obviously preaching to the choir here, but as someone who doesn't always watch a lot of regular season basketball, I just randomly decided to turn on the Magic/Knicks game because, you know, it's on local television and I had a couple minutes to burn, so why not... So I turn it on, and I see one team wearing black and another wearing white. Well, the Magic do wear black uniforms regularly, the game is at MSG so white uniforms make sense for the Knicks...it's the Magic and Knicks both wearing their City edition uniforms, which means the Knicks are wearing black again, for some weird reason, and the Magic are wearing white uniforms with orange pinstripes (which...I guess it makes sense given their history with pinstripes? But it's hardly visible from any distance). I couldn't care less about whether teams should wear color at home or white at home. Frankly, let that be up to the individual teams; packing uniform equipment in the NBA isn't anywhere near as problematic as it is for NHL teams. But it shouldn't be too hard to be able to turn on a random game and know which team is which when I see their uniform colors. This obviously doesn't compare to that Warriors/Lakers game last season at Staples where it was the Warriors wearing gold uniforms, but it's still not a good reflection on the league. But, again, preaching to the choir...
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    AAAAAH, One year down, four to go:
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    I'm glad that Packers beat Rams because we don't need to see anymore those ugly ass bone uniforms in this season. I hope Rams already started designing new uniforms.
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    Kornheiser is wrong. "Washington Football Team" is and has always been a copout. Just because some people are bound to complain about whatever name they choose doesn't mean they aren't obligated to stop this nonsense and pick a new name ASAP. This isn't soccer. As for the argument that WFT fits a team that's been around since the '30s: football teams had actual names in the '30s. This particular team was founded in 1932 as the Boston Braves, not the Boston Football Team. Their current non-name and non-brand would have stuck out like a sore thumb back then just like it does now.
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    Great reminder of how much I loved the 18-19 OKC City Ediitons
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    In all seriousness, this is a great logo and a huge upgrade. I do wish the name was English on the top and French on the bottom -- and then the logo would be rotated 180 when used for French purposes -- because duplicate, upside-down text feels redundant and unnecessary. I guess you can't really do that if you hamfist a nonsense name.
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    Bring back the WFT's gold pants in 2021! Can do without the striped burgundy socks though.
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    So many people love this uniform, I thought I'd try a concept that keeps it as intact as I can, but drains all the 90's off of it. So, fix and match the helmet and pants stripes, and clean up the jersey's shoulder/sleeve clutter. Not bad, I think.
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    I refuse to compromise on any Dolphins logo that doesn't feature the dolphin wearing a helmet
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    Nothing's stopping OKC from doing that other than themselves. It's not the "NBA money grab," it's the Thunder wanting to look as generic as possible.
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    i would remove the side panels, change to block font, and use the pants stripe to the one similar to the first picture. I do like the sleeve cap stripes like the current jerseys. I would also get rid of orange yokes of the away uniforms as well. That is super unnecessary
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    KC-CLE is such a beautiful matchup of warm colors. Very classic style game.
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    WFT is fine, but I wish websites and apps would use Washington instead of Football Team.
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    The head is good enough, and a big improvement from the B (which would be a C if I had any say in the matter).
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    I'm not a doctor, but my father's one. I won't get into details but... A pro team came to him once when I was in high school. A player on that team had a medical issue related to my dad's speciality. They asked him to look him over and determine whether or not he was healthy enough to play in an upcoming game. My dad said "no, he absolutely should not play." The team then went to another doctor who gave the player the green light. The player played. Point is that if a team wants the player to play then they will play. And they WILL find a doctor willing to sign off on it. Even if it's detrimental to the player's long-term health.
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    This is a great example of the NBA money grab screwing with team identities. If I remember correctly, this uniform was a big hit compared to what they choose as their sets when they moved to OKC. Imagine a white set of this uniform and they would have a pretty solid identity. Now, this jersey is gone but we can only dream.
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    The "best of both worlds" is never as good as the best of one world. Logos have no business breaking up stripes on sleeves. It's not as egregious on pants since the 95% of the stripe would lie below the logo, but still not good.
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    They are due for a new set. These overstayed its welcome.
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