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    Go back to San Diego where you belong.
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    They went from a generic San Diego baseball team to a true identity.
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    Come on, Padres, make the alternate road uniform the primary road uniform.
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    I like it very much! The thin trim/pinstripes combo is far better than I imagined it would be, while the sand/brown road uniform and the full sand pinstripes are also fantastic. I like that they're being honest about wearing the brown jersey on the road more than the sand set. It'd be nice if other teams did that (e.g., Pirates and White Sox). While the cleaned up wordmarks are good-looking (especially that "San Diego"), I do wish the home wordmark was a touch smaller and the brown top had no white outlines, but those are minor quibbles. The Swinging Friar's return is also very welcome. The swoosh is whatever - I'll live with it. They've managed to go back to their proper colors and put a fantastic spin on things. Well done! The Padres might just have turned the corner.
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    We exited baseball aesthetics' dark night of the soul circa 1993 when the last of the powder blues and pullovers were retired. From there, we should be sticking to buttoned white/grey orthodoxy but some teams have to ruin it, I guess. We even have teams re-installing plastic grass. It's a real problem.
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    Nike is deliberately making the colors not match because the Cowboys insisted that the colors not match. It’s pretty simple. This one is not on Nike; the Cowboys have been doing this since well before they took over the league’s contract. Nike is just giving its customer what he wants, even if what he wants is really stupid.
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    I think switching the red and black around would give this set more life, but I won't complain too much. The worst offenders have been dealt with.
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    Such a huge improvement, and a pleasant surprise at that. It’s amazing what a few changes like this can do. I will admit, the change away from the dark gray is a bit surprising, especially under Nike, but the road uniform is still a good look.
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    I thought these looked good. Hopefully there will be no combination of soutache and pinstripes.
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    The removal of the gap between the M and the B is why this is such an improvement. Having a random hole within yellow outlines never looked right especially when it resulted in the hole having different colors depending on the background. Plus, the hole is so small that it always looked like it was a reproduction issue as opposed to an intentional design element. And for all the complaining about the connection between the letters, that's why this is such an improvement. The old logo had very bizarre serifs that were chopped off in the middle of yellow outlines and this rectifies that. Again, I hate to no end that they insisted on bringing this back when they have such a great name to play with but at least they're fixing the issues that carried over from the hand-drawn original.
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    That's okay. It's your right. And I understand it, especially from a Packer fan. I've been there. Hard to turn your back on all that history, hard to give up the sport where Wisconsin is not only important but actual sacred ground. But that doesn't change the fact that the people who run our sport have done some very, very bad things. Bad enough to make some of us think about giving that all up. Even if you're personally not at that point, it's hard to ignore what they've done and continue to do.
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    Gotta love how the “9” vaguely resembles a beer barrel. If the Spring Training signage is any indicator of the new Brewers’ uniform numbers and scripts, I for one will be very happy.
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    I know, right? Like, how does “nostalgia” fit the Winter Classic brand?
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    1. I think PADRES looks really good in the size that it is. It's definitely a little bigger than what you'd expect, but I think that adds a little flair to what is otherwise a kinda plain-ish style. I'm a fan. 2. NIKE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. NOTHING. We're not "2 for 2" in the Nike era. Nike had no part in this.
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    Though the black is very untraditional for the lakers I think the black accessories really compliment that sleek purple and black look which emphasizes the gold and white stripes. Though I personally would have preferred purple or black socks to keep the all dark look
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    I love teal just as much as the next guy, but the teal the dbacks use is way too garish, it’s basically neon. If they went back to their teal from the 90’s it would look fantastic paired with the red and black
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    PDW must be really inexpensive when compared to other firms. This is the only explanation I can think of as to why they still get work even though everything they do looks like it came from 1997-2006. I know that there are better artists/designers that frequent these boards that could do a much better job and would be over joyed with whatever PDW got paid to make these.
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    Puma has some beautiful away kits on tap
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    Don't mean to bump up - but had the next team finished up as well. Memphis! The idea was to bring everything together for their 25th anniversary - which explains the logo on the shorts. The design is inspired by their original Memphis set. I wanted to go bold with the color and throwback to their Tams days. Yellow is underused in the Memphis set and after all, what is a Grizzly's favorite snack... The wordmark is traced from the Memphis sign. Waistband logo and teal accents are a nod to their Vancouver days. It's challenge to use yellow, white, and navy and not look like the Pacers so the black worked well here. Overall I wanted to capture the history of basketball in Memphis, the organization, the Egyptian roots of the Memphis name and create something unique. grizzlies2 And additionally, for MLK Day only I created a non-yellow version. grizzlies2special As always, C&C appreciated!
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    Sloppily filtering Lockervision for Philadelphia seems to indicate that when they wear this set at home, they only wear it on Sundays. What are they, the Lakers?
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    I always loved the sand road unis. I just hated the Padres in navy and gold.
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    Ew. Silver helmets with white pants is almost as bad as silver helmets with two sets of non-matching silver pants.
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    Poorly drawn? Have you seen the gross, bumpy curve along the bottom of the old one? How about the oddly off center “counter” of the B? The old one Indeed felt like it was trying to do both things equally well, and I think it lacked a clear hierarchy as a result. The new one is more clearly a glove first and foremost. It does take slightly more effort to discover the MB, but I think that makes it *more* clever, not less. It has enough separation to retain the purposeful and distinct forms of the letters, but now they’re really good supporting actors instead of the sidekick who’s trying to steal the spotlight from the star. I also think it’s a huge aesthetic improvement. The drawing quality of the curves is night and day, as mentioned above, and I think the location of the ball works better, too, as the off-center ball made for a really ugly B and killed some of the positive/negative relationship in the old one. The biggest improvement for me, though, is definitely the balance and composition. The old one is optically narrower, probably because of the taper toward the top of the “thumb.” The open web made the M feel almost like it was “sliding” off the B and that tiny detail gave the whole mark an unstable feeling, like it’s tilting very slightly to the right. They nailed the new one in this regard, filling out the mark by evening the thickness of the thumb, centering the ball, and giving the outer edge of the thumb just a slightly softer curve. Connecting the web actually serves a great purpose in this regard, “holding” or “pulling” the M back toward the the center, which brings the stability back. It also brings some visual weight back to the web area, which does wonders for that positive/negative relationship. Looking at them side by side, especially with the squint test, the new one looks much more full, balanced, and uniform In almost every way. With that said, there’s probably a nice in-between step here that would both clean up the composition and quality but retain more of the old one’s details to make both sides happy. There’s also no discernible benefit to changing the orientation of the ball seams the way they did, so that could very easily revert, as could the counter in the web. I’d honestly like to see what an ultra-simple stitch pattern that resembles a wheat stalk looks like running through the ball.
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    Honestly, I think if the before and after were flipped, people would be complaining about the very things they say are superior. "What's with the little weird white notch?", " Why'd they change the ball to one seam? It doesn't look like a baseball anymore?!", etc.
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    Barrel Man, the Swingin' Friar, Mr. Met... These are the things that make baseball great.
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    Yo, I’ve done something like that, @FinsUp1214! Also, the ‘90s Astros looked like dreary trash.
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    If it was a 2021 thing, then the Topps card and bobblehead wouldn't have the new logos. HOWEVER, I remember the Detroit Pistons had a new logo all ready to go a few years ago and then shelved it until the next year. I really hope that doesn't happen here.
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    WHO MOD EDITS THE MOD EDIT??? I mean I can't stand either of the teams, but I don't understand that line of banter, yeah. RBNY have had bad playoff luck and the corporate-billboard brand is atrocious... but otherwise have been a pretty well-run team since the rebranding. And their stadium is in New Jersey but at least it's the correct shape.
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    Not sure if my two shiny pennies were added but I just want to say that this rebrand is fantastic. My favorite jersey may actually be the sand colored road pinstriped uniform. I didn't tally the opinions on it but I'm sure my opinion on them is in the minority. It's a nice nod to the late 80s look. The brown tops are a nice alternate for the road (and I do think they will become the main road uniform within the next couple of seasons) but the road pinstripes are a unique look and I hope they stick around. One more note - like everyone else, I hate the obtrusive swoosh on the chest but we will probably get used to it quickly...Stockholm Syndrome and all of that stuff.
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    ^I had that same idea for a powder blue-gray. I think it'd look even better with yellow than powder blue or gray. But after last night, I have to admit I'm incredibly disappointed with the Brewers lack of build up to the reveal. While I don't think it's necessary to tease the fans for most of the previous season the way the Padres did, two teams have released new uniforms now and we still don't even have an expected date for Milwaukee? Your fans have been clamoring for a return to the BiG for 20 years.... get your heads out of your a--, Brewers!
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    Just take the Padres home jersey, swap brown for navy, make the letters a little more angular (and spell "BREWERS", obviously), and there's your Brewers set. No need for a reveal. What could be cool is if they totally followed the Padres, but rather than the sand roads, a blue-tinted (not powder blue, but blue-gray) pinstriped road set.
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    Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God... it even has a watermark.
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    I LOVE The Brown pinstripes. That was 1 thing I was hoping they'd do. Can't wait to see how they look on the field.
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    Then a W. Just not a(n) R.
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    Fun fact: The Bonesaw character's original name in Spider-Man #1 was Crusher Hogan. While the Hogan part was a coincidence, the inspiration for the name came from a certain wrestler known for galavanting with the "dollies" in the "s'loons" of Wisconsin Avenue.
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    I just realized there’s no red hats. Where’s the red hats? Also that Nike logo is such an eyesore.
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    It’s a shirt. Why does it need to be exciting?
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    I’ve been trying to position myself on this “pinstripes” discussion and I’ve tried to think of an analogy that works and I’ve sorta come up with one. It’s not perfect, but maybe it’ll help clarify some things. In racing, the number 3 is synonymous with Dale Earnhardt. Even non-racing fans know that, just like non-baseball fans know the Yankees wear pinstripes. But Dale Earnhardt wasn’t the first driver of the 3, that was Bill Snowden in 1949, 32 years before Earnhardt, just like the Yankees weren’t the first team to wear pinstripes. Since Earnhardt, several drivers in many series across the globe have used the number 3, and many of them use it because of Earnhardt, but there are some who use it for different reasons: There are undoubtedly many teams that use pinstripes because they want to look like the Yankees, like many racing drivers use the 3 because of Earnhardt, but that doesn’t mean that’s why EVERY team that wears pinstripes does, just like not every driver chooses number 3 for the same reason. Is the 3 synonymous with Earnhardt? Yes Are pinstripes synonymous with the Yankees? Yes Does everyone who uses number 3 or every team that wears pinstripes do it because they want to emulate the more synonymous use? NO Hopefully this at least helps to clarify this discussion a little. Or maybe I just made no sense at all.
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    Yeah, I think I just might sort of understand what you mean. I'm not Patfan56, after all.
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    Blue’s synonymous with the Dodgers so the Cubs are doubly pathetic.
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    It boggles my mind how people think this. The Heat had some bad games wearing the white vice unis and fans made a big deal how they were "cursed". Even the media got in on it! I did a game by game analysis of those months and they were not much better wearing the other uniforms.
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    Why doesn't Oakland match wear throwback logos on their helmet to match the throwback jersey? it's such a simple swap, and makes a world's difference in appearance in my opinion
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    What the hell is he gonna to with the broom when he catches the snitch? Is Harry Potter just a glamorized hardcore prison story?
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    Really tying into the original Aeros, this color scheme is almost the WHA franchise. Option 1 has a navy heavy white uniform while option 2 is powder blue heavy. In both cases, the alternate take from the first concept becomes the basis for the home and road uniforms. The design of the above alternate was going to be an hockey version of the Oilers' powder blue uniform (note the stripes). Rather than just create a white version, I recolored the home and road from above. Another idea was to rely more on the Oilers colors, but keep navy around. This more closely resembles the first concept with powder blue replacing red as the base color. It also allows for the Texas flag striping to be used. Still working on how to incorporate orange, but I should have something in the next few days.
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    BREAKING NEWS: The Chargers have agreed to move to London. They will rebrand themselves as the London Silly Nannies.
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    LOL...I almost wanted to be at that 50% off sale telling people not to buy anything since there are new jerseys on the way. Most people probably still have no idea. After that logo leaked, the team had to respond but didn't offer much info. Also, when the new team store opens on the 18th, they can't just have leftovers for sale, and they won't make the current jerseys with a swoosh only to sell for a few months.
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    Interesting, I look forward to the rest of this. I kind of wish there were more arena concepts posted here, that would be cool.
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    Not on the topic of new uniforms for the Brewers, but I was in Milwaukee a season ago, and picked up a Brewers 3930 cap with the BIG containing the image of the People's Flag of Milwaukee. I couldn't resist getting it, and it's one of my favorite hats
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