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    The Washington Redskins have to change their name – and no one should ask why. This very word has always been utterly racist, therefore degrading, and historically absolutely unambiguous. Welcome the new Washington Warriors, a team with a name that owner Dan Snyder has suggested in the mid 2000's. Colors remain unchanged – except for black, a supporting color – was dropped. UPDATE: DC Football logo now has a consistent yellow-gold outline.
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    "On the fifth year, they will rise again"
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    So I'm not entirely sure where or when it started, but I've heard bandied about the notion that the best sports logos, or maybe even best logos in general, should be able to be drawn by a bored 3rd grader on his notebook during class. I agree with this opinion generally, even if there are quite a few exceptions. The Flyers, 80's Phillies, Hawks, Whalers, Atlanta Flames, Buffalo Braves, etc. all have that classic 70's style logo look to them and are some of my personal favorite Big 4 logos thanks to that. So I got to thinking, what would the NHL look like if every logo passed the doodle test? And after a good while and a whole lot of doodling myself, here's my answer. I redesigned every team's emblem and tried to keep each as simple and easily replicated as possible. For creativity's sake I redid iconic and already very simple logos like Philly, St. Lou, and Montreal, and even remade the NHL logo itself. Let me know what you think of these little nuggets and whichever teams you'd like to see tweaked or elaborated, I'll tweak or do a few jersey sets and maybe small merch sets. Thanks People!
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    I like to think affirming humanity is not a political statement.
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    I've always thought the Jaguars nailed it right out of the gate with their original uniforms and lament that they've strayed so drastically from what was an instantly recognizable, unique set. Here's my take on what a modern version of that original uniform would look like. The goal here was to undo some of the "sterile, generic football team" coldness that is present in their current uniform and bring back some of the elements that were distinctly Jacksonville. They could even call this change a "return to gold" - referencing both the early success of the franchise and their recent eschewing of the color.
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    Apologies for Saints-jacking this thread again, but I’d love to see the Saints adopt the darker, brassier gold of the Color Rush to their helmets. If I may: Even better, with gold pants: This would be a perfect Saints uniform, in my opinion.
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    i'll see you all in the 2025 Rams New Uniforms thread
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    This story was posted by a robot for s sake. You get that @SportsLogos.Net News is an automated account, right? It posts front page CCSLC news regardless of content. It literally doesn't know whether that story is "political" or not. It's a program running a script. Now as to why the CCSLC ran a story on this? It's a news story in the realm of sports uniform news. Which, as you know, is the site's primary purpose. So Chris wrote a news story for his news site that was relevant to that site's specialization and the forum NewsBot posted a thread about it like it would any other front page story. The idea that we went out of our way to promote a story specifically designed to promote a specific political viewpoint is absurd. You might suggest that maybe we take time to close these threads but here's the thing- moderation talked about it. We considered a number of options for dealing with NewsBot posts for threads that some could see as political and truth be told? We decided censorship- of our own mothership none the less- wasn't cool. Do you want to know a secret though? We mods and Chris? We'd LOVE it if we could talk politics here, or have discussions on the Native team name/logo issue. The reason we ban them is because some people can't help themselves. Some people can't see topics of a political nature without turning into the ugliest sorts of people. That's why we tend to bend our own rules on these matters though, and allow leeway from time to time. The HOPE is that *this* time the discussion will be civil. That *this* time we'll see proof that we can open these topics back up. And every time, every G-ddamn time, we're wrong. This has been a post born out of sheer frustration from a moderator angry that we can't have nice things.
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    Just announced by the team:
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    Thanks to many, many franchise moves without new monickers the NBA has some teams that feel...displaced. Here's my attempt at getting things back to some semblance of sense. The most egregious, of course, are the LA Lakers. The Land of 10,000 Lakes should've held onto that name. I used the South Bay Lakers logo as a template, with a bit of cleaning up. I also made an oar/basketball secondary. As much as I loathe PJ Fleck, I could think of no better motto than "Row." But the Timberwolves brand is pretty great. It doesn't deserve to be put down. It doesn't exactly make sense in LA, so the carousel continues to spin. Re-introducing the Toronto Huskies. I kept the most recent Toronto colors, made a few changes to the Timberwolves logo, and here you have it: Many more to come. Stay tuned.
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    Hey guys! I'm back with another Rochester one-color rebrand and wanted to share. This time I took on the Red Wings, one of the oldest professional sports teams in America. I drew inspiration from the team's look of the mid-century, and completely abandoned all other colors - they're the RED Wings after all, and I'll never forgive them for joining the BFBS crowd. Wanted to keep a retro feel for everything, while also keeping it tied to my Royals concept for city-consistency (like a similar wordmark). The primary logo is my version of the ball and wing they used to often use, while also taking notes from the 80s art-deco style logo they had. Some alternate logos stemmed out from that! The uniforms take a lot from some of my favorite Wings unis of the past, like that beautiful sleeve monostripe home jersey. I binged Ken Burns' Baseball quickly and love Ebbetts Field Flannels, so I wanted to go for that mid-century look. Kept it pretty simple and old school, wish more teams would even now! Here's some of the moodboard of Red Wings past that I took inspiration from (featuring Bartolo Colon in a terrible black jersey, because it deserves to be seen) Finally, a different kind of uniform template than what may usually be posted here - but I also do a lot of kids illustration stuff, so here are some models for the new team look! Thanks y'all, hope you like!
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    Ooh, a hot take where a grizzled salt moans in comic defeat over the weakness and fragility of the modern softies who have ruined his once magical world. The world was a better place when minorities just shut up and stayed in their lanes. The world was a better place when there were only two genders, and anyone who thought differently could be ridiculed and ostracized without repercussion. The world was a better place when products just stayed the same forever and never changed, because brands should always realize that I am the center of the universe, and consistency isn't merely a comfort, but something I require. The world was a better place when I could call somebody a slur and not have a phone in my face documenting my bigotry. The world was a better place when a man could be a man and do things in an irrationally difficult, laborious way, because anyone who does anything in an easy, convenient, or automated fashion is a weak, spineless blobfish. Parents are bad. But children and young people - also bad. Everything is bad, and I am in no way responsible. Life is a color-less, embarrassing waste, and I can't believe the faceless and pathetic generations of the last century or two have striven so hard to ruin it all just at my expense. Thanks for letting me down, young people from the last 200 years. All I wanted was to chug tree blood from a hollow black woman when I entered my later years, and you couldn't even let me have that.
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    I do like that logo, but I don't know if I really need to be able to see it from outer space.
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    And why would we give up on the dream of the 90s by getting rid of the Raptors monicker? Who else has a name that makes absolutely no sense AND has plenty of velociraptor fossils throughout the state? That's right, Utah. Land of NO JAZZ and dinos. I doubled down on their City Court and stuck with the Utah gradient.
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    For those curious about my recent suspension, Indeed I did. I really needed the week off for being such a s--thead. Since some time last year, I've felt kind of directionless here. I haven't been posting in my big concept series (or doing much of anything on the concept front), so I just wound up drifting into being a "general" poster. This was also around the same time I found other communities, some of which I really enjoyed (a few discord servers) and others I found to be toxic trash heaps (KF). I got a bit too deep into "my internet," researching questionable people and exposing myself to all kinds of madness and depravity. When you read about certain malevolent furries and their exploits don't faze you, you know you've gone too far. I didn't think the deep dives were wearing on my system, but I now think they did. It made me argumentative, angsty, and addicted to fighting. I started fighting when I didn't need to fight (the reveal fights, where I tried to generalize the upper echelons of the community as a bunch of rigid traditionalists). I stopped being respectful (see my mcrosby rants and my direct callouts of several posters), and completely gave in to my disregard for rule four (if I saw somebody supporting native american mascots, I'd have a rant ready for them). I always wanted there to be a situation where a bunch of people came to my aid and forced a serious discussion (a kind of "righteous anger," if you will), but I never got that because I was going about it like a sewer rat. My transition from "historian/concept guy with well-argued points" to "dingus who posts internet weirdness and attacks anybody he mildly dislikes" turned me into the kind of poster who brought down the level of discourse. Yours truly also exposed people to far too much nastiness (regular internet convos don't need people name-dropping Dahvie Vanity). But no more! I want out of this spiral. Therefore, I resolve not to engage in forum arguments (let the mods handle rule four stuff - don't engage, just report), stay away from threads when I don't like their direction, and never personally attack people here again. Aside from write-ups, I've got the next batch of concepts ready. The concepts were why I was here in the first place and I'd love to get back into them. They gave me a sense of belonging here, especially in regards to putting the historical info out there. I'll take more time away from here, as I liked being away from all of the discourse here for a week. This is my final apology, as the best apology for one's actions is to follow through on improving your attitudes and mending bridges. Thanks for your words of support, guys, and I hope to be back to my old mellow self once again. TL;DR: I became a douchebag, got rightfully called out, took time away, and now I'm back. Expect concepts here again by the weekend.
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    It's happening again: There's a team wearing gold at a Lakers home game...and it's not the Lakers.
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    A simple number outline can do wonders for Jacksonville:
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    Buffalo vs Philadelphia looked great. Can you believe there was a time where it looked like this?
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    Imagine publicly declaring that you like this.
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    Like how Army annually dominates the NCAA?
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    Hello Everyone. I've had some spare time as of late and really wanted to get back into the concept game. This is a series idea I've had for a while but I just haven't gotten to it until now. I've always been fascinated by prototype logos and uniforms that have leaked online after years of being lost. These are logos that were once proposed or were early drafts for teams that were either rebranding or expanding into the NHL. It's amazing how many of these logos you can find online and many of them are actually really cool! Basically this series will show these prototype logos some spotlight and I will be doing jersey concepts that showcase what the jerseys could have looked like if these teams ended up using these logos instead of going for something else. I will be trying my best to make these jerseys era appropriate for when the logos were supposed to be used. Without further ado, Let's get to the first team. Phoenix Coyotes. Link to the story on this logo This logo was proposed as a potential logo for there inaugural season and features a very cartoonish coyote that would have fit right into semi pro hockey at the time. This logo never got to see the ice and instead the famous Kachina identity was used instead. My concept is based on the original kachina jerseys bit uses a different pattern that is also used in the logo. The colors are black, purple, and brown. This concept uses much more purple than the original jerseys as well as a bit of brown. The third jersey is also based on the Coyotes desert jersey but goes a bit more 90s by displaying a giant logo on the front. Hope you guys are looking forward to this! I've got lots of different teams planned for this series.
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    My new jersey came in on Saturday. Looks really good in person and I felt a lot less silly wearing this than I ever did in the 04-20 jerseys.
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    The bone jerseys are horrific in any combo, and even the blue-over-gold (their only semi-tolerable look) is still ruined by the poor design decisions. Literally the only thing worth keeping from this era is the helmet color. Everything else is inferior to the throwbacks.
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    With my 72 Project winding down, I thought to myself, "Maybe a break would be nice, get through the semester, and then start a new series." Well then the Reverse Retros were officially released. And then I said screw the break, let's jump into my next project, because honestly, I have no self control. Since the NBA style of doing jerseys is all the rage right now in the concept world, that was the genesis for this idea. 4 jerseys for every team, though there will be no "Association, Icon" style names. Home, Away, Alternate and a Legacy slot were the original four jerseys. Then it became 5 with the advent of the Reverse Retro jerseys. I'll be doing teams in order of how they finished the regular season, starting with the dregs of the league (Detroit *sheds tears*) and ending with Boston. Seattle will be featured, likely after Boston. Home - Away: If you were expecting sweeping changes for the home and away jerseys, then you're in the wrong thread. I tried that in the last NHL thread of mine, simply trying to match the home and away jerseys. So the away jersey is unchanged. The home jersey does change ever so slightly. The hem stripe, formerly running into the hem, moves up to match the away jersey as a stripe. Other than that, the pants, socks and helmets are all the same. Alternate - I always felt an affinity to the Stadium Series uniforms and felt that with some tweaks, they could be a good alternate that doesn't hurt the Red Wings brand. So I decreased the slant on the chest stripe from the original, and allowed it to continue on the back of the jersey. The sleeves now have stripes and don't run off the ends of the sleeves anymore. Winged Wheel moves to the shoulders. Modern D logo on the chest. Slightly larger stripes on the socks. No changes to the pants. Gloves change up the colors a little. Legacy - Revisited the '27/'28 and 75th anniversary jerseys. Kept it largely the same. Bevy of stripes on the chest, DETROIT in the middle of the big one. Stripes on the sleeves to almost match the chest. Socks match the chest stripes. Pants change the Winged Wheel logo to the Old English D. Helmet also uses the Old English D. Reverse Retro - Literally anything would have been better than what the Wings actually went with. White and Grey? I get it, how do you RR a team that has had 4 total uniform styles in their history? Maybe dig just a little deeper? I went with the '28/'29 Cougars uniforms, and Reversed Retro'd them! Red base, white elements. Rolled with the 2014 WC script and the shorter wing. Used the pants from the Legacy jerseys. Also the red helmet now has the Old English D instead of the wordmark C&C is welcome!
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    Last year we had to listen to two weeks of complants about the fact that both teams coincidentally wore red, and weird theories/ideas about how they should avoid just wearing their uniforms. It's the Superbowl. The home team should wear their primary home uniform and they road team should wear their primary road uniform. Whoever wins needs to look like themselves while doing it. Nothing else is as important as that.
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    New Orlean's current uni set is a bit bland for a city with such a vibrant cultural and architectural history. The primary set features the city’s iconic wrought iron work down the side of the jerseys and shorts. "New Orleans" is shortened to "NOLA" on the navy and white uniforms. This set drops the awful, in my opinion contrasting collar. Association Icon Statement
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    The yellow-on-white doesn't bother me as much on the white jersey, but it's awful on the red jersey. One of my sports design truisms: any red and yellow team ought to minimize white and channel the flag of Belgium. Quick and dirty mockup, but I think the color balance and readability is miles ahead anyway.
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    If Kansas State can pull this off, so can the Cowboys:
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    I tried to change my name to "forum poster" to honor this stopgap switch and the board told me it wasn't allowed. Then I put in "iloveboobs69420" as a joke and that was allowed! Great, just great.
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    Potential big news... apparently the Patriots draft manikin is wearing gray pants.
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    This is the undisputed king of that category
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    My big observation in the photo is that the Chiefs shouldn’t use dazzle pants.
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    BALTIMORE TERRAPINS Reality: The Terrapins played in 1914 and 1915, and folded with the league. Baltimore eventually made the Majors in 1954 when the St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954. What if?: The Terrapins survive and become as well known as other clubs that have existed for over 100 years. The O's monicker never comes to fruition, but a nickname at least as unique as Orioles lends to a similarly fun and classic look.
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    Sorry you got boned Rams fans.
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    If you think Titans is a generic name, wait until you learn about: Cardinals Falcons Panthers Bears Cowboys Broncos Lions Chiefs Rams Vikings Raiders Eagles
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    That sleeve reminds of a treeline rather than tiger stripes.
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    THE (EXPLETIVE) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS I already had the Saints done, pretty much, but went back and tweaked them today after getting some inspiration from the new Vegas Golden Knights jerseys (which are AMAZING). The change was to add, much like with Cincinnati, some detail in the sleeve cuffs and jersey collar. I sublimated some French ironwork into the cuffs, collar and jersey stripes, but the intention here is for the pattern to be VERY subtle -- something you can see while holding the jersey in your hand, but not too distracting on TV or in person watching the game. If you use social media, you may notice the new SAINTS wordmark. That is the font the team uses on its social posts now, and I quite like it as an upgrade. The gold is, out of necessity, switched back to a brass color (because, why in the world are the Saints not brass?). We also go back to the original logo without unnecessary strokes, which is made much larger on the helmet. There's also some LSU inspiration here: the shoulder stripes are straight out of Baton Rouge, and the white primary home uniform is a nod both to LSU and the Saints' past as a team that loves to wear white at home. The BIGGEST intention with this concept was taking one of the plainest NFL uniforms of all time, in their current state, and giving them the the identity that truly fits the wonderful brand. I used a version of clarendon, which complements the ironworks design really well. The numbers are dark enough on the white jersey to be visible, and have a brassy, shiny finish. And of course, a "Mardi Gras" themed alternate. I did not want to go super crazy here, so the move is just to recolor, as the shoulder stripes and pant stripes naturally can be sequenced like the Mardi Gras flag. The helmet is plain, instead of striped, to look more like a bead.
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    The sleeves look like an ad for a radio station. LA’s Hottest Country, 99 KLAR, The Beach.
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