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  1. understands that exposing forum cancers is not a holy war.

  2. These would be a lot better if not for some of the shoehorned throwback inspired looks.
  3. Admiral you suck. You may think that your inability to post on any subject here without an air of dismissive snark has earned you respect around here. The reality is, all you have earned is the reputation of a cantankerous blowhard that every now and then gets a few chuckles from a few fellow blowhards. Any CCSLCer worth their salt sees you for the cancerous troll that you are. You are a blight on the community that is posting here on borrowed time, you contribute nothing positive to this community, and I don't need a poll thread to make that accurate judgement of you. Enough.
  4. I dont think the gradients are a permanent part of the logo. Same treatment was applied to the Sporting KC logo when it was first unveiled.
  5. ^What did this guy say? The ignore feature prevents me from reading it
  6. I'm not sure that it's possible to have a more "distinctive" flag than Hawaii has. Say what you will, but that sucker is distinctive. You're wrong.....again (big surprise there) A union jack canton is not "distinctive" regardless of what striping pattern or whatnot is in the field. I prefer the "native Hawaiian" flag, as it is called Distinctive colors amongst the US states, and gets the message across.
  7. Belt will get his playing time at 1st base eventually. Aubrey Huff is next to go.
  8. CSN just announced that the Giants will as well cut Pat Burrell. This really disappoints me. Sure he was streaky, cant field, and is nowhere near the player Beltran is, but if it wasn't for him the Giants wouldn't have done all they did last year. My opinion completely changed on him when he came to the Giants and I hope he catches on somewhere else. And whoever does get him will be getting a pretty darn good situationational hitter. Best of luck, Pat the Bat. Well now they need to film more commercials
  9. Beltran to the Giants is now official
  10. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT, just watch when Alex Smith gets his shoulder or his knee destroyed in Week 1, thus paving the way for Colin Kaepernick to lead the Niners to a 9-7 record and division title.... ok, maybe not.....or maybe,.....right??
  11. You purposely posted a pic of Dykstra working a huge wad, didn't you
  12. Dammit, we are talking about sauteed rabbit kidneys, not shriveled quarterback testicles!
  13. I'm the anti-Milo, and proud of it
  14. Have any of you ever eaten rabbit kidneys? Because if not, you don't know what you're missing.
  15. But "eating bunnies" (shut up Puckguy) would have been too obvious for me
  16. I use "kick puppies" just to make sure I don't.
  17. Politics aside, a "national flag" with a union jack canton is so unimaginative. Australia and New Zealand are nations that deserve thier own distinctive flags to identify them. The same can be said for a US state, Hawaii. Although the current design with the union jack canton was indeed commissioned by King Kahmeamea himself, like New Zealand and Australia, Hawaii deserves a more distictive, iconic look to its flag.
  18. I just hit a 3-run bomb off Chad Qualls