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  1. One could argue that the BLM-related slogans featured in the bubble also served as a test run for using additional jersey real estate for messaging. I don't hate the mock up above. I'd like for the league to have rules about colors, though, e.g., logos must be in a horizontal lockup, monochromatic in the same color as the NOB, etc.
  2. Nike has been using that logo for a while; I had a pair of AF1s with that logo ~15 years ago. That's the one detail in this uni that I like.
  3. The original adidas version of these unis is still the best. The narrow number font supports a double outline very well. And the "dc" logo leaves too much negative space. The Nike versions look cheap in comparison.
  4. Nike + the Wizards have updated their statement jersey to feature the Jumpman logo. Is Nike doing this for every statement jersey? Or is this because Jordan athlete Rui Hachimura is on the team? Either way: this is my least favorite of the Wizards' three standard kits.
  5. I see that the Washington Bullets page is missing a few uniforms: The Unseld-era classics (which get retro'ed frequently): The updated version from the mid-80s, modeled here by Jeff Malone (note the double stripes, and the removal of the stars). And, before the well-known Webber/Howard-era simpler unis, the Bullets briefly wore a version with italicized numbers and a heavy outline around the logo.
  6. I'd like to see each pinstripe in the double pinstripe be a dfferent color. E.g., purple and teal on the white unis; white and purple on the teal.
  7. I've never heard of any real rivalry between Atlanta and Charlotte. Atlanta's biggest pro sports rivalry is between the Falcons and the Saints.
  8. I'm all for that. I'd even use the entire throwback uni set, minus the patch. It might look less "sad" and empty than a uni with the same striping and details, minus all of the logos.
  9. That's not entirely true, is it? Many teams in the Premier League have knicknames that are effectively part of their branding. - Gunners (for Arsenal, a London-based team named after a facility, not a city/neighborhood/geo) - Blues - Spurs etc. The one thing that frustrates me about European football branding conventions is not the name, however. It's the lack of control over the kits. Team cede control over the jerseys to their kit manufacturers, sponsors, and league. The most distinctive/dominant visual elements of Man U's jersey are the Adidas three stripes, their jersey sponsor logo, and the Premier-specific number font. The Premier League-wide custom font is especially galling, since it makes the clubs look odd when they're playing in other tournaments, including Champions League. The only things that's club-specific are the tiny crest and the primary kit's color. As a casual PL fan, it's really hard for me to tell who's who at a glance.
  10. Bed-Stuy ain't Harlem, the Village, or SoHo, as far as internationally famous neighborhoods go. But it has definitely had more of a presence in American pop culture than most neighborhoods in most cities. Do The Right Thing probably did more to put Bed-Stuy on the map than Biggie did. Of course, I doubt the Nets will ever do any Spike-influenced branding, seeing as he's so associated with the Knicks.
  11. AKA the official jersey of this website.
  12. How is that a "NASA" font if it doesn't mimic the "N" from "NASA"? It's the one letter where they'd have a clear reference point.
  13. +1. The Brooklyn wordmark feels far more authentic. More importantly, it feels like an organic extension of their hip hop-infused brand. Dallas, on the other hand, hasn't emphasized anything hip hop-related in their branding in quite a while -- since the Diddy alt (which was itself an anomaly). Hip hop culture is an odd choice for Dallas, anyway, seeing as Dallas isn't exactly known for being a center for that culture. Famous/significant hip hop artists from Dallas include...the D.O.C.? Is that the list?
  14. That Peachtree uni would look better if it were peach with black/white trim.