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  1. get over it....

    I love this new trend. I agree the post you replied to doesn't add much to the conversation either, but the internet school-yard-bullying these last few days is hilarious.

    The numbers look a lil weird to me. I actually really like the attempt, and give them praise for trying to make it work, but I almost wish the bottom right corners of some of these numbers, like the right "2" on the Smith jersey, was rounded to match its companion. I usually go all bat :censored: about numeral that are half rounded and half box cut (like Seattle), but here I actually think you can go a hair further by making that relationship the "rule" for the jerseys.

    Overall, pretty great though. Just some lil inconsistency things (like, shouldn't the pants have the outer stripe flaring out behind the knee?) in the system.

  2. I am now hearing rumors that the front of the Vikings helmet is matte and the back half is the standard glossy, the Vikings logo remains glossy as well. So I am guessing that it's a Jaguar type but with the purple matte half way. Can anyone confirm this. IF SO< I am PISSED

    Huh? Who is saying that?

    I'd hope people don't think the matte looking front of the helmet from the leaked NIKE stage pic and the shiny side/back of the helmet on the draft table are the same one. That's the only place I can imagine that "rumor" coming from.

  3. lighten up francis

    My friends call me Ox. Dunno if you noticed, but I've got a slight weight problem :P

    Anywho, does anyone else wonder if waiting past the Jags release *and* being slotted like two hours before the draft is hurting some of the potential PR for the Viks (and Dolphins)?

    Granted, there aren't any gradients, so it won't be as attention-grabbing anway. I'm just thinking that (ignoring the leak) releasing your jerseys right before the draft, which to most people is the far more important event, you end up being more after-thought than the Jaguars, who essentially bought themselves an entire Tuesday free advertising.

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