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  1. What about the Maine Football players?
  2. Louisville Cardinals or.... DePaul Blue Demons
  3. Might I request, the 1980 or 1986 Louisville Cardinal National Championship uni sig? 1980- National Champions, Defeated UCLA 59-54 (Wore white with black lettering) #35 Darrell Griffith #21 Scooter McCray #43 Derrick Smith #5 Jerry Eaves #22 Rodney McCray #41 Wiley Brown #23 Tony Branch #34 Roger Burkman 1986- National Champions, Defeated Duke 72-69 (Wore Red with white lettering) #43 Pervis Ellison #42 Jeff Hall #20 Milt Wagner #55 Billy Thompson #41 Herbert Crook #44 Tony Kimbro #10 Mark McSwain #00 Robbie Valentine ... Thank you for your time.
  4. You know what else is great about this ring? Mike Vanderjagt doesn't have one. LMAO. So true!
  5. I love it, very, very nice. Great work.
  6. I know it's womens basketball, and most women love the color pink, but that is just terrible. This may be the worst uni ever. It's so broke-ass.
  7. I live in Louisville, and am one of the biggest Louisville Cardinal fans out there, and I have to admit, I understand what Petrino did. Bobby left for a team who is on the brink of success and within a year or two could be in the Super Bowl talks. Last year he was offered the Oakland Raiders coaching job, and I know he knew that taking that NFL job would have been career suicide. Louisville's typically been known for years as a basketball school, however, since Petrino has been here he has turned the football team into the primary athletic sport here in The Ville. I have no doubt in my mind he will be successful at the Atlanta Falcons. He definately has turned this city upside down, as this is a college sports town, but I think most here understand it was always Bobby's dream to coach in the NFL. I'm just happy that unlike Kick Sabin with the Dolphins, Bobby left Louisville in much better shape then when he got here.
  8. I like it, too bad theyre going to lose to Louisville in the Orange Bowl.
  9. 1.Colts 2.Bears 3.Pats 4.Chargers 5.Giants
  10. Lets just hope he retires and not "graduates". Junior Seau is an idiot.
  11. The Iron Pigs? Seriously, they couldnt think of anything better than that? Whats next? The Steel Sloths?
  12. I hate it that they use 'State' on their jerseys. I've never heard anyone refer to Michigan State as just 'State'. I MIGHT understand it better if NC State did that, but c'mon.... Just put Michigan on top of the uni, and below the number put State, like they used to do. Anyone remmeber the Mateen Cleaves years?
  13. For the first time in school history, The University of Louisville will be wearing all black (both uniforms and helmet) against top 5 ranked West Virginia. I know that the University at one time wore black helmets, but I don't think they have worn them in the past 30 years. The fans are also strongly urged to wear the official "Blackout" shirts being sold around town, or a black shirt in general. This is much like the Miami Heat's "white out" fans. Honestly I think it's a very cool concept and will look great on ESPN. I just can't wait to see how these black Helmets are going to look. UofL-West Virginia Football Game Designated as "Black Out Thursday" Official black out shirts available at the Neutral Zone in Louisville Sept. 20, 2006 The official black out shirt is available at the Neutral Zone. LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The University of Louisville has designated the West Virginia game on Thursday, Nov 2 as "Black Out Thursday." All Cardinal fans are encouraged to wear black for this nationally televised game. The "official" black out t-shirt is available exclusively at the Neutral Zone for only $10.00 while supplies last. The ONLY place the official t-shirt is available is at the following two Neutral Zone locations: 8003 Shelbyville Rd. (across from Oxmoor Mall) & 117 Blankenbaker Parkway in Blankenbaker Plaza. Contact information: Shelbyville Road location, 502-412-0156 Blankenbaker Parkway, 502-489-5300 www.theneutral-zone.com The Cards and Mountaineers will meet on Thursday, Nov. 2 at 7:30 p.m. ET at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium and the game will be televised by ESPN.