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  1. MLB: Houston Astros NFL: New Orleans Saints NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning NBA: New Orleans Hornets NCAA: Texas A&M
  2. Woah, another controversial call at the end of a UCLA game?!? Now I'm definitely not one to blame the refs for a loss, but it sucks that this great game had to end with such a crappy no-call. Oh well, I can't wait until UCLA's luck finally runs dry. Know I'm a little late on this, but I just couldn't talk about it last night lol
  3. Nice...I'm glad they didn't really mess with the maroon jerseys. These are my favorites, I actually bought the maroon Nike one last year.
  4. Yeah, downgrade IMO as well. It might be OK without that maroon patch on the shoulders. By the way, do you know if we've got a maroon alternate again this year?
  5. Overall, it looks very nice...however I did notice one strange thing. Most basketball courts that I can remember have the wordmark along the baseline facing inwards towards the court. Your concept has the "Monarchs" facing outwards. I didn't know if you did this intentionally or just didn't notice; either way, I just wanted to point it out. Good work on this though, its very clean and not too busy. The only other thing I'm not a huge fan of is the placement of the NCAA logo.
  6. They're OK as a alternate I guess...don't want to see them too much though (especially after today lol)
  7. Likes: - jersey striping, especially the black jersey (although I am a fan of the gold as well) - gold pants with the black jersey, no monochrome Dislikes: - the gold fluer de lis - the large white stripe on the gold pants Overall, this is a good concept...keep working with it, but I really like where you're going with it.
  8. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Great work!
  9. Nice work...I'd really like a Texas A&M one please.
  10. These are really amazing...great work!! I'd really love a Texas A&M one, thanks.
  11. That's a pretty bizarre scenario...I guess national championship controversy is nothing new to college football.
  12. Yeah, I kinda see the resemblence...and the lack of white.
  13. I caught a little bit of this game, and from above the black streaks on the front and back look like an X with the player's head in the middle. Just a little something I noticed. I like the red pants, but not a big fan of the jerseys themselves.
  14. Nothing too serious, but running cross-country and track for 6 years certainly did a number on my knees. The worst injury I had was patellofemoral syndrome (knee tracking over joint instead of cartilage) which kept me out for a couple of weeks. Other than some other minor injuries, I was pretty lucky to never get seriously hurt.