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  1. Bah! Not good. I just hope the Amerks logo never changes.
  2. Hope it's not too late. I'm taking teams that have yet to play. 11 St Joseph's 10 Davidson 5 Clemson 4 Uconn
  3. Request: 1996 Syracuse National Runner Ups
  4. Got mine in the mail today. Manitoba @ Rochester. This is the 3rd year in a row I've gotten these free tickets. Nice!
  5. We need more people. Come and join!
  6. Yahoo Tourney Pick 'Em Group: CCSLC (Group ID# 848) Pass = ccslc Do you think you can beat me? Come and find out!
  7. The Xerox building in Rochester, which was previously unmarked by any sign out front, now has a sign with this new logo, roughly 5 feet long by a couple feet height, out in front so that all drivers/pedestrians on Clinton Avenue can see it.
  8. Fortunaetely we cannot have NY v. Boston for the Stanley Cup!
  9. What's the line gonna be. I say Pats - 12
  10. A Yahoo group # must be provided so we can join.
  11. WILD CARD Washington over Seattle Jacksonville over Pittsburgh Tampa Bay over NY Giants San Diego over Tennessee DIVISIONAL Green Bay New England San Diego Dallas CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS New England Green Bay SUPER BOWL XLII New England 32 Green Bay 24
  12. Yes, - it's about as active as an asbestos ridden mall though. I post on too, but the majority of the people on there is an idiot. Careful! I happen to be a moderator on HFBoards.
  13. I'm tired of all the changing at SU, but considering I always gasp when I see the current sets of football unis, I'm anticipating the 2009 total redesign.