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  1. PLEASE bring back the helmet numerals to BOTH sides next season PSU!! classic look for the program...
  2. The Football Giants 5-stripe pants look so much better now that there are no longer any super-stretched/enormous stripes that some players wore in reebok pants. Manning and Bradshaw only two Giants to wear team-colored cleats (grey with red and blue accents), everyone else in classic black. Jersey numerals look much better on this year's uniform... as well as the player names (subtle differences) and lastly... most noticably... the NW stripes on Manning's true sleeves looks fantastic!
  3. Add 1 more rangers-in-home-whites to the list.... this season, early December, versus the maple leafs... toronto wore their new alt-blues at the garden... one of the rare home losses for our boys this season!!!
  4. How about one half of the season home colors... the other half home whites??? I remember the NHL doing this in the 1991-92 season to commemorate the 75th anny of the league... I recall the Rangers wearing their classic/throwback home blues that season for one half of the season... Just a thought.
  5. JQK... I would be THRILLED if the Giants went with the "road" pants full-time! When they wear them with the home blues on the road (which I can take credit for!) they look SHARP!! Again, historically, they wore the thin-striping pattern with both jerseys in the late '50's. I'm not a big fan of the "thick" striping worn at home. To me it appears that the blues and red blend, which isn't a great look. nybatt.
  6. When the Football Giants went with the re-design for the 2000 season the road unis had RED socks. They wore the red socks on the road for the 2000 and 01 seasons, then without any announcement, switched to blue socks on the road.. So those blue-socked disasters were worn for 3 seasons until the true throwback re-do for the 2005 season was unveiled. It was one of former owner Wellington Mara's last wishes to see the return to the traditional road uniforms of the team's halcyon days in the 1950's throug the early '60's. I was never a big fan of the blue trim and names on the 2000-04 unis; always made me feel like they went 'half-assed' to a throwback. The blue looked out of place and looked terrible on TV. The white cleats were an abomination (again, keeping with a true throwback theme they simply looked wrong). Admittedly I am completely biased, as the current road unis are a dream come true for me. Well, if it had true sleeves I guess it would make me a lot happier, but as was stated before it's about finding a happy medium. Also, keep in mind red was a predominant feature of Giants unis through the years, so the red-dominated uniform is not something out of the blue (pardon the pun) or sacreligious. The uniqueness of the home and road unis being in total contrast is what I like the most. In my opinion the Giants have achieved uniform perfection at home and especially on the road. Lastly, the searing image of the Giants in the 2002-04 road unis will always be blowing that lead in Frisco!! Good riddance! nybatt.
  7. as a Football Giants fan obsessed with their uniforms (surprise on this list) that 1994 season was both fantastic and unique.. the home throwbacks were worn first in that washington game (as the pics previously posted show)... as a season ticket holder I attended all the home games and remember well when they trotted out in the throwbacks... as I recall there wasn't much publicity about wearing the uniforms, but they were instantly a hit.. the home uniform did pair the blue jerseys with white pants and the 'normal' home pant striping.. red-blue-red.. the pants were the shiny/spandex home whites worn since the 1991 season. I absoulutely loved the "tv numbers" moving from the top of the shoulders to the sleeves and the use of the NCAA-style helmet numerals. (Two of my selfish critiques of the current uniforms are the TV shoulder numbers as opposed to sleeve and the block-style helmet numerals instead of the classic style worn on the throwback helmets of '94). the road unis did feature silver (not grey) pants. the striping pattern mirrored the 1963/64 road pant striping, with thicker red/blue/red stripes (as opposed to the thin striping of the current road pants). the Giants wore the road throwbacks 4 times that '94 season (New Orleans, Houston, Cleveland, and Philly). the biggest 'issue' with both the home and road throwbacks were the white cleats (a problem the giants didn't rectify until the 2005 re-design). Interestingly, the NFL was not nearly as strict with rules regarding when the throwbacks could be worn that season as they are now. The Giants, amazingly, wore their throwbacks EIGHT times, including a "hot" streak to end the season of six consecutive throwback/victory games! I vividly remember Coach Dan Reeves saying that they were going to keep wearing the throwbacks until they lost. Unfortunately the Giants missed the playoffs on the last day of the season. One final note: the Giants wore their blue "home" throwbacks on the road, in the rain, in a victory over the Redskins.. ahhhh.. the memories!
  8. No it was definitely a light snow. No sir... It was indeed a SLEET storm... not snow... I know it looks strange with inches of it on the field, but I have no doubt it was a sleet storm.
  9. Let me start by saying that I am NOT being a knucklehead about this, or bragging in any way.... but, I have an interesting story about the Football Giants and their "road" pants being worn with blue jerseys. Please allow me to add it to this thread. This is all fact and can be corroborated by Joe Skiba. The "road" pants with the blue jerseys are actually my idea! I only bring this up because I think its a pretty special event when a uni-fan and big Giants fan actually had an idea for a uniform tweak that became reality. During the 2008 season my father, brother, and I were invited by the Giants to spend pre-game on the field with the team. My dad had been featured in a NY Times article in August 2008 on his upcoming 70th season attending games. (Article ran on 8/31/08). After the pre-game, while we were making our way through the bowels of Giants stadium, I ran into Joe and Eddie Skiba (the equip. managers for the Giants). I grew up with the Skibas and played Rec. football with both of them in Paramus, N.J. In my conversation with Joe we got into uniforms in general and of course specifically the Giants unis. I proposed the idea to Joe that it would be 'unique' when the Giants were forced to wear blue on the road that they would wear their 'road' pants. Historically in the late 1950's the Giants wore the thin-striped 'road' pants both at home and on the road with blue and white/red jerseys, so historically there was a precedent. Joe loved the idea and said he would consider it. The rest of the 2008 season passed with the Giants playing at Dallas, wearing blue, but with the 'home' striped pants. I figured my idea went by the boards. Then, in 2009, I emailed Joe and asked about making the switch with the pants for the '09 season. He told me that starting with the 2009 season the Giants would indeed be wearing the 'road' pants with blue jerseys on the road. My idea actually became a reality!! You can imagine my thrill when the Giants went to Dallas that season and won in "MY" pants!! I am sharing this story now because the discussion came up in this thread which, incidentally, I started a while ago! I think it is pretty special when the idea of a fan actually comes to fruition with the team he lives and dies with. I suppose I want this little fact to be known and 'on the record' becuase I know years down the line people (probably my future kids) will say I made the whole thing up. Whether you 'like' the look of the road pants or hate it I hope you will agree that this is a pretty unique story! Dave Battafarano Wilmington, Del.
  10. that's the one I am hoping for... 'anythinglogos'.. and why I was disappointed with the wikipedia rendering..
  11. While reading the uniwatch blog today, specifically the interview with the Arizona student who designs Wikipedia college unis, I clicked over to see the NFL renditions created by "Johnnyseoul"... Anyhow, I clicked on the giants to see the job he had done and was shocked to see that he has listed/rendered the 2011 Giants alternate uniform!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:NFCE-UNIFORM-NYG-V3.png the alternate has some differences from the red-third-jersey uniform set of the past 7 years.. Interesting to see the "michigan-style" winged helmet is depicted.. along with the red jersey, sans TV numbers, and grey stripe-less pants... I find this very interesting for a couple reasons: first off the red third jersey was not a favorite among giants fans when worn from 2004 through 2008.. secondly, uniwatch mentioned (back in 2009)that the alternate being planned was a real doozy... for some reason this doesn't seem that powerful of an alternate. Did I completely miss an announcement or 'leak' of the Giants alternate??? If so, I'm disappointed in myself! IF it hasn't been announced, how accurate is this Wikipedia graphic?? nybatt.
  12. interesting discussion about applying helmet decals.. in addition to my duties as varsity assistant coach of my HS football team I am also equipment manager... of course, helmet decals fall under my purview.. our helmets feature a single white stripe, cougar head logo on the right side, numerals on the left side, and an American flag on the rear. our helmets have a cougar logo on one side and 3" ncaa-style numerals on the other.. I have found that applying the cougar-head to riddell revolution helmets is much easier than older riddells and schutt helmets.. using the air vents as points to line the decal up come in very handy.. the numerals are a different story. they NEVER look the same after the helmet is put on the player's head. after the helmet is on (usually on the practice field) I am constantly studying my 'work', pulling off numerals and realigning them!! smaller helmets are much more difficult to eyeball than the larger heads! I try to use earholes as the bottom of the numeral.. I have varied the space in between numerals from year to year, from a 'tight' look (Alabama style) to much wider (older Syracuse and Army style).. a tradition that has begun at the school is kind of neat.. after the season the players are given their "numbers" which they wear on their backpacks in the halls... its a neat look! for the flags, the location of the stickers is "NFL" style, on the rear, to the right of the center stripe. we are not allowed to cover the helmet warning sticker, so flag placement varies by individual helmet.
  13. sign of the times???? Ohio state penalized for scoring a touchdown and flashing the crowd their ridiculous pro-combat "O" gloves!! unsportsmanlike celebrating!! Jeez...
  14. Football Giants will be in their 'road' pants with home blue jerseys in dallas monday night. Not a huge uniform change, but a unique adjustment nonetheless; not to mention a throwback to their home uniform combo of the late '50's.
  15. couldn't help but notice yesterday and tonight that some players on the remaining white-cleated teams in the NFL are wearing predominantly black, pink-accented cleats... i know that was a mouthful, but it was interesting yesterday to see members of the broncos, and patriots tonight, wearing cleats that are predominantly black with traces of pink. some broncos actually used black ankle tape over their pink cleats creating a bizarre black and pink spat look, while also violating the white-cleat-team designation. the patriots actually look good in black cleats.. its the first time i've seen them in black shoes, save their AFL throwbacks last season. on the flip side some members of the giants looked TERRIBLE in pink and predominantly WHITE cleats last night. there's way too much pink, and we have 4 more weekends of this in october.