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  1. I'll throw my two cents in, I was born and raised in San Francisco in 1958 the year the Giants moved to San Francisco. The way I feel about the New York Giants their history and World Series championships is that it never meant much to me...it was the New York fans team and championships. I'm glad to hear they were a successful franchise, but they were not San Francisco's. I have been a fan of the Giants since the McCovey, Mays, Alou, Cepeda, & Marichal years up to now, It was a lifetime dream come true when they won the Word Series in 2010, in my mind that was "our" first World Series victory. I take pride in the Giants history, but as far as this SF Giants fan is concerned, anything prior to 1958 is all New York. Of course other Giants fans might feel differently, it's all about personal choice and their is no right or wrong choice...again, just my two cents!
  2. I could see Rams and Raiders back to L.A. San Diego keeps the Chargers and relocating the Jaguars to St. Louis.
  3. On deck circles with the team logos on them...Candlestick Park either late 60's or early 70's
  4. I wonder if from a marketing standpoint San Francisco might be a better sell, nationally and internationally San Francisco is definitely more recognized then Golden State. I was born and raised in San Francisco and grew up in the 60's with the San Francisco Warriors, I detested the name to Golden State when they moved from the Cow Palace to the Arena. Let's bring class to the name...San Francisco (we all know it's all inclusive to the entire Bay Area including Oakland and San Jose).
  5. The Kansas City Chiefs used to place their helmet and the opposing teams helmet in midfield during the early '70's, before they moved to Arrowhead stadium.
  6. http://www.lids.com/MLB/Miami-Marlins/20383938 This would be a lot better
  7. New Orleans Pelicans - The Pelican State: Because of the abundance of Brown Pelicans found along the coast of Louisiana, the state is commonly referred to as "The Pelican State." This bird has been a symbol of Louisiana since the arrival of early European settlers who were impressed with the pelican's generous and nurturing attitude toward their young. The pelican is Louisiana's official state bird and appears on the Louisiana state flag and the great seal.
  8. What???? Everything on the internet says they hate the stuff. You must not be mingling with real Marlins fans if they like it. /total sarcasm These must be the same people that enjoyed Pitbull as the musical entertainment for the evening! I'll tell you when these new uniforms will really look ridiculous...when they broadcast the Marlins playing against the Giants, Dodgers or Cardinals.
  9. "Its as if 15 years of history (Renteria, Livan, Sheffield, Nenn, Leither, Lee, Cabrera, Beckett, Brown, etc.) is just being erased" - this statement describes what the new ownership has set out to do, pretty much trash the past and create a new team. I followed the Marlins since the expansion selection process in 1991...this abomination that's been created are no longer The Marlins. Congratulations Mr. Loria, you've buried two teams...the Expos and the Marlins. Art dealers as owners and Pitbull for entertainment!
  10. uugh... i hate that guy he came to my job the other day to buy a cd for his daughter and spilled his own bottle of water and just walked out... at least have the decency to offer help... He came to my school last year to perform...long story short the wrong crowd came with him and four people were shot. heres the story: http://itsonbad.com/world-news/54-world-news/742-shooting-near-rutgers-campus-following-university-concert.html Pitbull? That will get the real hardcore baseball fans out there!!!
  11. Change the name from Jaguars to Leopards...The Los Angeles Leopards
  12. I was born and raised in San Francisco and I remember the team as the San Francisco Warriors. The Warriors are considered the San Francisco Bay Area's team (San Francisco, Oakland & San Jose). I always hated the geographic indicator of Golden State since it sounded like a college team and it appeared as they represented the entire state. I would not see a problem of going back to their original name, after all, the Los Angeles Angels play in Anaheim and the Tampa Bay Rays play in St. Pete. San Francisco is "The City" of the Bay Area, Oakland and San Jose are second and third fiddle.
  13. Or what about the Charlotte Cougars...a nod to the old ABA team without the legal problems!
  14. The Kansas City Chiefs used to paint their helmet and the opposing teams helmet facing each other midfield in the late 60's early 70's. I believe before they moved to Arrowhead Stadium.