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  1. Took me just under 3 hours...
  2. Mine from two years ago; I'll be doing a Jets one later on this week, pictures to follow...
  3. Don't know if this has been posted yet, but I just got the new River City Sports catalog and they've got the Isles 3rd that we've all been dreading:
  4. Was never really a fan of these, but hated them when they were worn at the Grey Cup in '07...
  5. Why would a school for the deaf have a fight song?? Sorry, I couldn't resist...
  6. Yellow jersey with "steel" :lol: :lol:
  7. Oh great! A new color that has NOTHING to do with the team! I love how the Ducks are hell-bent on these "a la carte" uniforms
  8. Beautiful (**) (**) Thanks again
  9. Great job on the updates so far! If I may suggest an addition for the Sabres page, it would be to add this alternate/script logo, as seen below: I'm not sure if it was used all the way up to the identity change in '06 or not
  10. Awesome! Thank you so much! I look forward to the Sabres new Alt logo! Finally!!
  11. I admire the attempt to recycle the old Pens logo, but come on, that neck-bobbing eagle is PRICELESS!!! (**) (**)
  12. I'm not an expert on Victoria (far from it), but from what I understand, the Salmon Kings draw about 4,923 people per game. That would put them in the upper half of the AHL for attendance. - Victoria's population is around 83,000 -The Quad Cities' population is at about 377,000 (they averaged 3,025 per game for the Flames) - Victoria outdraws Quad City by nearly 2,000 people with an ECHL team. Surely they couldn't do any worse than the Flames, or in Lowell where they averaged a pathetic 2,293 fans. You can put me in the group that believes the AHL could be successful in Victoria.
  13. They're all just so.... WHITE!' Too bland, Too generic. I'll pass...
  14. As a Sabre fan myself, I agree with you 100%. I've been leery of this whole Hamilton thing for awhile now. I'd love to see a another team in Canada, but not at the expense of a great market like Buffalo. Now THAT'S "Hockeytown USA". Now, as a Winnipegger, if there is an NHL team called the Jets, it better damn be in Winnipeg. There would be rioting in the cold frigid streets if it were anywhere else... So, I propose that the Coyotes move to Winnipeg. We could use something like this for a logo: What do you think? GO JETS GO
  15. Where the gold at?? I've probably posted once in the last 3-4 years, but this epic downgrade has prompted me to do so... At least the "classic" Jaguars jerseys will now be on sale
  16. that's actually the most flattering pick i've seen of him, if you've ever looked up a raps' story on tsn, you'll know what i'm talking about... http://tsn.ca/Story/Image.aspx?path=http:/...&height=300 http://tsn.ca/Story/Image.aspx?path=http:/...&height=280
  17. These are great, thanks for posting My Top 3: 3. Minnesota 2. New York 1. Seattle
  18. It's not a sports logo, but a logo nevertheless...
  19. Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but the Sabres are unveiling their 3rd jersey tomorrow morning at 10:30 /ET according to the email I just got from the team. Sorry but I couldn't find a link or anything... Here's the gist of it anyways; WATCH SABRES THIRD JERSEY UNVEILING LIVE ON NEW SABRES TV The Buffalo Sabres today launched the newest edition of Sabres TV. Updated with a sleek, custom look, the latest media player features exclusive Sabres content on seven channels programmed for the team. One centerpiece of the latest media player is "The Sabres Show" channel. The new weekly half-hour magazine show produced by Sabres TV, will make its debut on October 10th at 7 p.m. on both Sabres.com and the MSG Network. The show will include exclusive features and in-depth interviews with players and coaches. Kevin Sylvester will host the show with feature reports and player profiles filed by Maria Genero. Mike Robitaille will add his unique analysis of the game of hockey as well as spotlight interviews found only on The Sabres Show. The program schedule of the show beyond its debut will be announced at a later date. A Special edition of Sabres TV LIVE will make its debut Saturday, Sept. 20 at 10:30 a.m. Sylvester and Genero will co-host the show highlighting the events of "Puckdrop 2008" at HSBC Arena. The Live Event will feature the unveiling of the team's alternate jersey, a behind-the-scenes look of the process of the jersey's design, as well as exclusive interviews with Sabres players and staff.
  20. Well, I can all but guarantee you that the Bombers will be wearing their gold jerseys with blue pants. They wore them for both playoff games this year, and the East Semifinal last year...
  21. Seeing Teemu with the cup brought a tear to every Winnipegger's eye. If not, you're a freakin' robot!! Congrats Teemu & Randy.....