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  1. Believe or not before the late 80s FSUs endzones use to say FLA STATE. My dad was sick of this and went to the AD at the time, Hootie Ingraham. Hootie said if my dad wanted to change it, aall he had to do was make a new design. My dad made the new design with an artist friend of his. He also wanted to make all the non playing field grass painted garnet, but Renegade the horse grazes on it during the game so they couldnt do that,
  2. I. 3 by the Dolphins vs the Cowboys in 72 II. III. Super Bowl V IV. LA Colesium? V.Super Bowl X?
  3. FSU

    Team names

    San Francisco Earthquakes, Sea Lions Minneapolis(Minnesota) LumberJacks Cleveland Philadelphia Liberty or Independence
  4. I thought it was Bills and Bucs.
  5. They just unvieled them here. They are the same thing as the other jersies except for the color of course. Its very much like the Browns from last year
  6. FSU

    Redskins gone?

    And the article.. http://money.cnn.com/2003....dex.htm Personal fav is the Lobbyists
  7. I was wondering if someone would like to make a championship logo for the Michigan Panthers of the USFL2k. They are the back-to-back champs and just beat Columbus in American Bowl III. They hae the same logo and colors of the original. The game was played in Denver, if it helps. It could have a regional feel with mountains or something. Tks
  8. The Finals are on ABC, and the Devils used to be in KC, Walt's home town?
  9. What other franchises have had possible nickname changes? I remember the Nets were gonna become the Swamp Dragons, what else?
  10. From the Colt 45s topic...some people were talking about how they were thinking about changing their nickname again. Can you guys expand on this
  11. Can someone please design a logo for the American Bowl III in Denver, CO for the USFL2k league. Tks
  12. The university unveiled a new logo and a new color at a news conference yesterday. The new logo, which shows the head of an eagle with a fierce scowl and more of a modern appearance, will be used on all athletic uniforms, publications, and merchandise. The university also plans to unveil a more modernized form of the attack eagle next year. As far as the color scheme, the university has chosen to go with a more common gold, which has the appearance of a more yellowish tint. For the past couple of years, the university used a color named ?Vegas Gold?, but the athletic department found that this was a difficult color to duplicate in apparel. Look for the new logo & color on next year?s uniforms IMO, a little, actually a lot like Iowa's