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  1. Thank you for the comments. After reviewing my work you are right about them. I started this project about 15 years ago and you just made me realise that I forgot to change the MiLB logo. I have about 100 different teams done so far in diiferent styles but I think this one is the best so far and this is the first time that I post my work for everyone to see. As for the logos I have an access to MLB Pressbox and the older logos from the 80s & 90s I painfully recreate them from old images found on Creamer's site and the net.


    Here is my email address is you need some stuff or «if you have some I could use to complete my project.




    Thanks again for commenting,


    P.S.: I just noticed that your birthday is July 13. Mine is July 6.

    1. YELDARBfield


      Like I said, your work is very thorough. What is your end goal, just to have a digital archive for personal use?


      I used to work for an MiLB team and had access to their stylesheets until very recently. I still have a good collection of Southern League art, including everything from the Jackson (TN) Generals/West Tenn Diamond Jaxx. Do you need anything from the SL?

  2. Here is a project that I just started. I am trying to build a collection of MiLB team guides. This is the first of the new teams identities for 2016. C&C welcomed.
  3. I started collecting minor league baseball cards a few years ago. With so many teams out there it is impossible to buy everything unless you have a magic wallet. Here is something I propose to you collectors. I have hundreds of sets that I have scanned and I am willing to trade with you. All my cards are original mint condition and scanned at 300dpi. So if you are interested in starting to trade to build up a virtual collection send me an email to rimar1955@gmail.com and I will send you a list of my sets and some cards specimen. I will trade one team set for one team set that is scanned at the same quality as mine. Hope to hear from you all soon.
  4. Please send to richard.martel2@videotron.ca
  5. Rimar55

    NHL Logos

    I am pretty sure that these were made by phucstick and published here on this board. I haven't seen anything new from him or heard of him in a long time.
  6. Could I get a copy please ? Thnaks richard.martel2@videotron.ca
  7. has not set their status

  8. Request for the MontreaL Expos Home and Away #45 All three generations please Thanks, Richard
  9. SVG to richard.martel2@videotron.ca Thanks
  10. Please send pdf at richard.martel2@videotron.ca Thanks
  11. Rimar55

    Hockey Template

    Can you send in vector format please, richard.martel2@videotron.ca Thanks
  12. PDF Please to: richard.martel2@videotron.ca Thanks
  13. Could I get all the templates in vector please TIA send to richard.martel2@videotron.ca
  14. Please send the vectors to richard.martel2@videotron.ca thanks
  15. send PDF please to richard.martel2@videotron.ca Thanks
  16. PDF please richard.martel2@videotron.ca Thanks
  17. could you please send a vector to richard.martel2@videotron.ca Thanks in advance
  18. Rimar55

    Hockey Template

    richard.martel2@videotron.ca please Thanks!
  19. Rimar55

    Hockey Template

    Could I get your latest version. Thanks email to richard.martel2@videotron.ca
  20. Rimar55

    Hockey Template

    Looks awesome!!! I would like a copy of the template please at richard.martel2@videotron.ca. Thanx in advance