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  1. I'm pretty sure its 93 for queensbridge and he chose the number 69 originally but the rockets wouldn't let him keep it so he switched the numbers around. 93=QB (Queensbridge Projects) 96=Qb (again, kinda looks like the QB for Queensbridge)
  2. i like the overall continuity of C "The Hump" on each sideline.. and a large male bulldog covering over the letter M ready to pounce
  3. a bit late in the game for this this offseason, but... Warriors Looking to Change Uniforms? (most of the article is not about the unis)
  4. that has little to do with Brown pants and a lot more to do with Hank Fraley
  5. Please, no more color scheme-copying after the Nuggets/Grizzlies
  6. Also, it matches almost any suit that a draft pick could wear. That is the purpose after all, not sales, right? Two draftees scoff at that theory ... proof that Michigan men should never dress themselves
  7. and Memphis receives their 27th young PG prospect. Bynum, Gasol, Odom, and Kobe is gonna be one nasty nasty quartet
  8. i like em, not sure those 7's will fly though
  9. that's why you lack a vote. It's body of work, not, "what have you done for me lately?" sprinkled in with a touch of media hype
  10. that is a joke, right? oh wait, that's just an Indiana fan chiming in