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  1. No, No! Sacramento already lost a chance at the Raiders in the 90s. That was your only shot. No more chances.
  2. The whole Mike Brown situation is just weird to me. He rarely gives interviews and is rarely seen by the public. (So much so last week at Baltimore CBS showed the wrong guy, and when they did show the right guy he looked like he was taking a power nap). He has done little to nothing for the team since he took over from his father Paul in 1991. Even though Marvin Lewis finally got us back to winning and into the playoffs for a while, I consider his tenure to be a failure never winning any of those playoff games. Almost everyone in town has given up on the Bengals until Mike is gone. Some ticketholders (even longtime) have given up, and some switched to FC Cincinnati. We are 31st in attendance. The only reason we are not 32 is because of the Chargers playing in a soccer stadium seating under 30,000 and even then most of the fans there are from the visiting team. If Mike or his daughter or whoever in his family takes over when he is gone sells the team I might give them another shot, otherwise if the team relocates after their lease is up I wouldnt be sad at all. The Reds ownership isnt that much better. FC Cincinnati has been a breathe of fresh air for the city and actually has ownership that cares not only for its team but for their fans as well.
  3. At this point the Atlantic League and American Association should merge too. Supposedly New Britain is leaving the Atlantic League, leaving them with an uneven team count, not to mention their lone team outside the Atlantic footprint in Sugar Land Texas. The American Association may or may not lose Kansas City. The T-Bones were just evicted from their stadium, and are looking for a buyer.
  4. Seeing as how they are a Braves affiliate, the Braves have a nice new spring training site in North Port. That could be an option.
  5. But you claimed the Expos died in 2005. The Nationals do claim the Expos as part of their history, however the Expos didnt have much history to celebrate for one and the Nationals dont show a lot of that history.
  6. So the Nationals just wore Expos throwbacks this year because they felt like wearing a random team that no longer exists?
  7. Congrats to Walgreens Washington on winning the pennant
  8. Can the Canadiens loan Youppi! to the Nationals for the World Series?
  9. For all I know Don could actually show up on Monday and be like "Just kidding! This was fun. Lets do it again in two months."
  10. The Sacramento Bee reporting Monday will be the official announcement for Sac Republic in the MLS. I wont believe it until @Bucfan56 confirms or Garber confirms. If true, then its about bloody time.
  11. Might as well take the Bengals to St Louis. Anything to get Mike Brown and his family out of Cincinnati. That man has easily tarnished the name of his father. Paul must be spinning in his grave.
  12. Apparently confirmed. Lansing is one and done in USL League One. Ownership claiming financial reasons. This kinda surprises me. They placed 2nd in the league and were 3rd in the league attendance wise. (avg 2,788). Wonder what went wrong.
  13. New England Revolution and Inter Miami CF are launching clubs in League One for 2020. Not surprised here one bit.