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  1. The new home for the Crew has a name. lower.com Field https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/introducing-lower-com-field-columbus-crew-announce-stadium-naming-rights-partner
  2. Looks like the Rochester Rhinos are back. Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy purchased a minority stake in the club. The Rhinos have been dormant since 2018 after leaving the USL Championship. They had planned to join USL League One and search for a new stadium. No word if that is still the plan. They plan on returning in 2022. Meanwhile Flower City Union will begin play in NISA in 2022 in the Rhinos former home.
  3. So if Colorado advances to play Montreal they need to get permission to break out the reverse retro Nordiques jersey. that would be awesome.
  4. Reds sweep the Cardinals today. Its the first time they swept the Redbirds in 4 games in St Louis since 1990
  5. Job well done Edmonton. I would have gone with the singular Elk but the branding looks great.
  6. I think the stadiums should be downtown or as close to downtown as possible. Its like how MLS tried going out to the burbs for a while with Frisco, Commerce City, Bridgeview, and Chester. It just isnt the same and can be difficult to get to with public transportation.
  7. The ECHL has owners who own multiple teams. The owner of the Newfoundland Growlers will also own the two new expansion teams, the Iowa Heartlanders and the still unnamed club in Trois Rivieres. As I recall owners who have multiple teams cannot trade players or do any business between the teams that they own. I would think the NLL would do something similar.
  8. Wow. FC Cincinnati not only got their first win of the season today against Club Foot but its their first come from behind win in MLS history. Montreal remains just one of 3 (not counting Austin) MLS clubs to have never beat Cincinnati. FCC is 3-0-0 vs Montreal, 1-0-0 vs Houston, and including USL years 0-5-0 vs Nashville (one of the draws was in the USL postseason in which Cincinnati advanced on penalties).
  9. An FC Cincinnati fan really wants to argue with me that Tyton is the best GK in the league. Dude, Im an FCC fan and he is not even close to being the best in the league.
  10. You can put the new NAHL Kansas City Scouts in the unused bin. The team was sold to new owners who are moving them to Amarillo to replace the recently departed Amarillo Bulls. The new Amarillo team will take up a name of Amarillo hockey past, the Amarillo Wranglers. The Scouts were to begin play in 2020-21 but sat out due to the pandemic. In March of this year the team received permission to be inactive for 2021-22 for the same logistics and pandemic reasons. The reborn Scouts lasted shorter than the NHL Scouts of two seasons while the NAHL Scouts lasted for one season, without even playing a game.
  11. The C logo is still bad but reversing the name change is a step in the right direction,
  12. Another disappointment from FC Cincinnati, but at least the stadium is beautiful.
  13. This got me thinking. Is the Bay Area really big enough to support two teams? They've had the Giants and A's since 1968. They had the 49ers and Raiders from 1960-81 and 1995-19. Sure large metros like New York and LA can handle it but can the Bay Area?
  14. OOF! They went from AAA to beer league. Binghamton had a good minor league run 1973-2021 (well more like 2020, since they played their last season in Newark NJ)
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