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  1. Atlantic League will add West Virginia Power with an announcement at Power Park Wednesday morning
  2. looks like the logo for an architecture firm or a publishing company.But then again NISA is an absolute joke so it fits perfectly for the league
  3. Another peak at FC Cincinnati. Interesting patch.
  4. Announcement should come Tuesday afternoon, the NLL New England Black Wolves have been sold and are being relocated to Albany. It will be the second attempt for the Times Union Centre and Albany in the NLL
  5. Brampton had attendance issues prior to Covid and Im surprised they lasted as long as they did. The Golden Horseshoe market is overly saturated with hockey from the Leafs and Marlies at the pro level to the jr level teams in nearby Oshawa, Mississauga, Guelph, Kitchener and Hamilton. The fact the Beast lasted as long as they did baffles me but the pandemic doesnt help and has made it a better excuse for the team to fold.
  6. Well I guess I was wrong. If the Atlantic League adds West Virginia as well that should help. I think if the league adds Lowell, Norwich and Vermont, then maybe they can be on par with the other MLB partner leagues (AA and Frontier League). They are looking at Hagerstown as well if they can get a new ballpark.
  7. Well considering how the Frontier League just announced their schedule today and said they will be 16 teams for this season, I highly doubt thats where the Legends are going. I cant see them going to the Atlantic League as its slightly out of the leagues current footprint. At this point I think they would join a college league or create their own league like Salem Keizer did. In my opinion I think they along with the West Virginia Power, and Jackson Generals could team up to create a new league.
  8. Valpo Kernels! Valparaiso is where Orville Redenbacher created his popcorn and the city has a statue of him and a popcorn festival every year
  9. From what Ive seen the names may not be going away, that supposedly MLB hasnt decided on keeping the names or not but this is just the geographical alignment.
  10. FC Cincinnati isnt messing around this offseason. Hopefully it will actually amount to something on the pitch.
  11. MLS season will kickoff on April 17th. Schedule to be released soon. I was amazed FCC was able to pick up Brenner. Huge move. The Orange and Blue supposedly are also going after former Atlanta United midfielder Pity Martinez.
  12. Uncle Ben's is now Bens Original. Eskimo Pie is now Edy's Pie. Mrs Buttersworth has simply changed the bottle, Cream of Wheat has dropped the man from their logo
  13. Elk antlers at a game? That triggers my PTSD of getting hit in the eye with a waving rally towel years ago at the Liberty Bowl. No Thanks! Elk is the clear favorite though.