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  1. Hopefully by the end of this year we will be talking about Sacramento as the newest MLS club.
  2. Amazing home opener for FC Cincinnati. Great first MLS win and a clean sheet to boot. @DG_Now is right. That turf looked awful though. Its a new surface that is supposed to be up to par with the other turf surfaces in the league but it looked like there was way to much fill. Granted it was the first game played on it so hopefully they will correct it when Philly comes to town in a couple weeks.
  3. At this point go to Sacramento. I think they may be slightly ready than St Louis. They got their billionaire investor that they needed, the stadium I believe is shovel ready and sponsorships are lined up. @Bucfan56 probably has better insight on how ready they are. St Louis can be added after Sacramento, and then add Phoenix to give them 30 and that should be good.
  4. Cincinnati draws in Atlanta. It may not be a win but its a win in my book.
  5. Name is okay. Logo looks like it was made in Paint.
  6. Looks like Papa Johns has a new logo and its not the one we thought it was going to be. Old: Unused: New:
  7. What I find refreshing about FC Cincinnati compared to the other sports teams in our market is how much the ownership is involved with the fans. Last night Jeff Berding was in Seattle at Pyramid Brewing, which had been taken over by our traveling supporters. He bought everyone (200 plus) a round of beer. They listen to the fans. You dont get that with Mike Brown or Bob Castellini.
  8. Last night was fun, except for the result. Watched the game with my dad and he isnt even a soccer fan. Atlanta will be tough as will Portland but in two weeks this city is gonna go crazy with our home opener.
  9. Someone suggested instead of Gary he should have been named Skylion (a play on Skyline Chili). I honestly would've been cool with that as well.
  10. The Loyola Marymount Orlando City Lions
  11. FC Cincinnati introduced their new mascot today, Gary The Lion. Why Gary? When the logo was initially leaked someone had too much time on their hands and found his name in the logo. Fans started calling it Gary The Knifey Lion. On the night of the official unveiling fans in the crowd chanted "Gary! Gary! Gary" and the name has stuck with the diehard fans. Clearly the team has embraced the name.
  12. Patriots have been known to be cheaters and rule breakers so this doesnt come as a shock.
  13. Columbus has announced their name as the Columbus Destroyers returning the team that last played before the last real AFL went under.
  14. The only two things I like about the Nashville branding is that they kept the name and they kept gold/yellow/mustard or whatever you want to call it. The USL branding is 1000 times better than what was released today.