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  1. Despite the world coming to a screeching halt, FC Cincinnatis new stadium is still rising.
  2. https://www.si.com/nfl/panthers/gm-report/could-the-panthers-move-to-south-carolina Could the Panthers be moving to South Carolina?
  3. Who would have thought it be the Chargers to get it correct instead of the Rams?
  4. No the Thunder are definitely better than the Rams, but not by much
  5. Okay. Second worst. I always forget the Clippers exist.
  6. Ill say it. I think the LA Chargerhorn is the worst Big four sports logo to come out since the Buffaslug.
  7. Rams head needs to be primary. The LA Chargerhorn logo looks too much Charger like. Since the two teams will play in the same stadium, they might as well share that logo.
  8. Rite Aid (or whats left of them that were not purchased by Walgreens) is updating its look and plans to renovate their stores Old New
  9. Game could be at US Bank Stadium as it hosts Gophers baseball, or the Cubs could shoehorn a field in the United Center like the Bears did at Chicago Stadium in 1932
  10. Well they said that they have looked at having a neutral site World Series in possibly Miami if it does go far into November
  11. Looks like MLB is now delayed until at least Mid May. Either we are gonna have a shorter season or we are gonna get our first December World Series
  12. The School is officially University of Louisiana at Lafayette but for athletics branding they are the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns, however some refer to them as their academic abriviation UL Lafayette. https://www.louisiana.edu/about-us/media/proper-use-universitys-name
  13. Governor hasnt shut down restaurants yet. My brother and I went to one a few days ago. They had bull riding, sportscenter, and a classic ACC tournament game on from what looked like late 90s.
  14. Just got an email from a local sports bar advertising their beer of the month and to join them this week to watch the March Madness games. I dont think they got the memo.
  15. So this is it. We're gonna experience the day after the MLB All Star game for at least the next 30 days, except no ESPY Awards. Life is gonna be boring.