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  1. On this date (August 12) in 2015, FC Cincinnati was born. 3 years of USL bliss and 1 season of MLS sadness and 1 weird 5th anniversary season
  2. Cardinals and Pirates series has now been postponed. And we all thought the Phillies and Marlins outbreak was bad. Oof! Might as well just cancel the Cards season at this point.
  3. Damn. Jackets played like they were the road team late in the third on. Oh wait....
  4. Kinda. The NWSL regular season and playoffs was cancelled and the Challenge Cup was the only games this season for the NWSL so if you want to call thems the NWSL Champions I guess you could.
  5. Houston Dash win the NWSL Challenge Cup defeating the Chicago Red Stars 2-0
  6. Looks like Buffalo finally got their MLB team, too bad no one will likely be allowed to see them in person. Blue Jays will play majority of their home games in Buffalo. Currently working on lighting issues, otherwise will have to pretty much live with MiLB standards.
  7. Not a fan of the name. I would have gone with Sockeyes. Kraken just seems like a name from a minor league baseball promotional night. The logo and the colors however are perfect. The jersey gives me an Islanders fisherman vibe.
  8. If you were to tell me when the tournament started that FC Cincinnati was to make it out of the group stage to the knockout rounds, I would have told you that you would need to undergo concussion protocol. I think I have the concussion now. Both teams could have advanced with just a draw but FCC said no Ill just steal another win.
  9. The cities are definitely rivals, and when it came to football, Pitt and UC was one sided but the conference realignment never allowed the rivalry to fully pickup steam.
  10. Cant say Im surprised by the name but like Major League Baseball in Charlotte its a swing and a miss.
  11. Big 12 wouldnt be bad a fit. Still a ways from Iowa and Kansas but better than Northern Illinois in the MAC and better than Air Force, Colorado State and Wyoming. As for Cincinnati I see them in the Big 12 to help out West Virginia or in the ACC, renewing rivalries with Pitt and Louisville as well at Notre Dame in basketball.
  12. I believe the intention is for Trois-Rivieres to be the affiliate for Montreal and Laval. Newfoundland is with the Torontos, and Brampton is with Ottawa/Belleville.
  13. A tentative deal has been reached by the owners of the ECHL Newfoundland Growlers to place an expansion team in Trois Rivieres for the 2021-22 ECHL season. No official announcement yet but the owner of the Growlers say they are staying in St. John's.
  14. Well for now yes they are still the reigning MLS Champions because they are not playing for the MLS Cup in this tournament. MLS has yet to make a decision on games after the tournament.