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  1. So how bout this Joey Votto kid huh? 8 straight games with a home run. This guy just bangs.
  2. Javy Baez loves playing against the Reds so much he gets to play against them again this weekend with the Mets after playing against them four games this week with the Cubs.
  3. At this point: Baylor-American Iowa State- Big Ten Kansas -Big Ten Kansas State-American Oklahoma- SEC Oklahoma State- Pac 12 TCU-American Texas-SEC Texas Tech- Pac 12 West Virginia-ACC Disband the Big XII, give the American their automatic bid. The Big XII has been a joke ever since they got West Virginia to join.
  4. I would have gone with Spiders. Overall the new look is just meh.
  5. Oakland lost the Raiders, the Warriors and the minor league indoor football team that hasnt even played yet. The fact that they are close to losing the A's tells me that the city just isnt trying hard enough.
  6. Nashville prospect Luke Prokop comes out as gay. He played last season in the WHL with the Calgary Hitmen.
  7. I see the Reds annual post all star break implosion has begun right on schedule.
  8. FC Cincinnati has given up three two goal leads in the last two games, with two alone last night in Montreal falling to Club Foot 5-4.
  9. Bit of a frightening situation in Kingsport for the Appy League Kingsport Axemen. Former player, Matthew Taylor, was arrested on Thursday after threatening the team. He made social media comments vowing for a Columbine 2.0. As a result for the safety of the team and fans, the remaining Axemen season was cancelled by USA Baseball. A travel team will fill out the the remaining schedule
  10. Interesting turn of events here. Giants ownership of the team in Sacramento could work well. They already have a great affiliation in the city with the minor league baseball club. Plus with former A's owner Lew Wolff owning the San Jose Earthquakes, this would be the Giants chance to get in on the MLS action.
  11. That Hell is Real match tonight between Cincy and Columbus was insane. Official was handing out yellows like he was Oprah. Cincy scored seconds into the match and was up a man and dropped a 2-0 lead to draw 2-2.
  12. First Place Brewers and the second place Reds begin their 7 game home and home series with the All Star break in between. Reds are games behind the Brew Crew. First four in Milwaukee, followed by the All Star break and then three in Cincinnati. This is gonna be a huge 7 games for both teams.
  13. The G League Grand Rapids Drive (former Detroit Pistons affiliate) have rebranded as the Grand Rapids Gold and are now and affiliate of the Denver Nuggets
  14. The new Crew stadium looks good but as a FC Cincinnati fan im partial to say ours looks better. The jackhammer celebration is a bit much. Its three supporters dressed as construction workers with no training using a jackhammer and not wearing steel toe shoes. Somewhere OSHA is screaming. Meanwhile an FCC draw last night in Houston is for me considered a win. A three game road trip resulting in 7 points is a huge success in my book. On to Hell Is Real on Friday at The Tickle.
  15. Because the team is the AA affiliate of the Canadiens
  16. I will say this is a definite upgrade over the old one. "Prompted in part by feedback from a variety of important stakeholders, we decided to redesign our logo prior to hitting the turf for our inaugural season. We are excited about our newest logo design as it brings more versatility and options to the many marketing and community relations initiatives we are planning," said George Manias, President of the FireWolves.
  17. A rare two in a row for FC Cincinnati moves them up to 11th past Miami in the East and up past Vancouver and Austin in the West to 21st overall. They have actually looked a lot better in their last 3 matches.
  18. gonna be weird seeing two eastern teams in the cup. Hopefully the Isles can win so we can get a good series uniform wise. Plus now we'll finally get to possibly see the first major four leagues title in Montreal since the 1994 Expos 1993 Canadiens.
  19. Manfred wants to make games as short as possible like add time clocks and put a player on second in extra innings, limit mound visits, so by all means lets lengthen the game by adding random sticky substance searches. Its absurd. This man is this close to installing a TSA pat down at every dugout. Leave the game alone Rob.
  20. I mean you dont riot until the Cup Final, when you either lost or won. This was just a preview
  21. I only caught the second half on TV but the first half was an FCC onslaught onto Shuttleworth. The second half was all Chicago but we somehow managed the goal and pretty much parked the bus after that.
  22. FC Cincinnati is no longer in last place! Not even second to last! The rare win last night in Chicago pushed them ahead of both Chicago and Toronto (who happens to be their next opponent.)
  23. Las Vegas Raiders lineman Carl Nassib has come out as gay, the first active player in the NFL to do so. Michael Sam was only on the preseason and practice roster when he was drafted, and several have come out after their careers ended. https://www.outsports.com/2021/6/21/22544294/raiders-player-carl-nassib-gay-nfl-coming-out?utm_campaign=outsports&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  24. See what happens when you listen to your fans? Its a great improvement from the "flame" but miles from the first logo.
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