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  1. ACC, SEC and Big Ten all consider BYU power 5 for scheduling purposes. The Big Ten and SEC also consider Army as well.
  2. Because if they leave they have control over who they schedule to play, bigger opponents, more revenue, better chances at a playoff spot, than in a non power 5. The Power 5 considers schools like BYU and Notre Dame to be power 5 schools, but not schools like UMASS or New Mexico State. However, as Independents, all have access to the college football playoff and new years six as at large bids. Scheduling more power 5 schools and beating them can earn them a higher chance of getting in.
  3. I have always just seen the Redhawks as Miami (OH) and Hurricanes as just Miami.
  4. Ready for the club foot jokes
  5. Leak of possible new FC Montreal logo. Appearing to be arrows of the Montreal Metro forming a snowflake
  6. I mean its a bold move to go nameless the first season, but given the time frame from just getting the franchise to the start of the season and them actually wanting to go through a thorough process to get the name and look right this honestly is a good move.
  7. Kansas City NWSL has released their logo for the 2021 season only. The team is nameless and has created a brand advisory council to help come up with a permanent name and logo for the future.
  8. Its official. Trois Rivieres and Coralville Iowa to the ECHL for 2021-22 season https://www.echl.com/en/news/2021/1/echl-approves-two-expansion-memberships
  9. Smith Schuster gave the Steelers some bad Juju ever since he started dancing on logos
  10. Kinda surprised at this one. North Carolina FC will drop down to League One. To think this team was looking to join MLS at one point. https://www.uslchampionship.com/news_article/show/1140077
  11. In my opinion, Seattle is team number one, no question. But team number two can be a multitude of things. -Do they get Oklahoma City out of the Northwest Division and with the Texas teams and New Orleans where they belong. -Does Memphis move to the Eastern Conference or do they expand further east and keep Memphis in the West. -Do they try a former market or do they go somewhere new? -If Seattle gets in, does Vancouver have a shot too? - Should they test markets first before expanding to them? I think the market should host some neutral site regular season games first. Its basically how OKC got a team. My opinion is Seattle gets a team, and then add another away from the West Coast, eliminating places like Vancouver, Anaheim, San Diego, Las Vegas. Id look at Kansas City, St Louis, Louisville, Nashville, Tampa, Jacksonville, Montreal, Pittsburgh. My pick would be Louisville because like OKC it wasnt a major league market until the team arrived. My only concern with Louisville is would they would be competing directly against college basketball. Would they be able to compete together or is Louisville simply just a college town?
  12. This will be a good fit for the Frontier League, after absorbing the CAN AM in 2020, the Capital Region will fit nicely in the footprint now.
  13. We are this close from having the National Hockey League presented by Dunkin'
  14. Another one bites the dust. While 13 teams have already started the ECHL season, Fort Wayne and Toledo were given extra time. The time is up for Toledo as they have now gone on voluntary suspension for the season. Fort Wayne is still planning on starting in February.
  15. Also worth noting here is the temporary relocations of Binghamton, Providence, San Diego and Ontario. Binghamton will be in Newark, Providence in Marlborough MA, Ontario in El Segundo CA, and San Diego in Irvine CA.
  16. No they wanted to be there and they showed up, but only for the first half. Then reality set in and reminded them that sports teams from Cincinnati are cursed and arent allowed to bring anything nice to the city.
  17. This further proves that NISA is a glorified beer league.
  18. Saw this on a facebook group posted today. Looks like Burger King is returning to their old logo. Not sure where this is located but its a BK that was being remodeled
  19. I hate it too. Last year for the Bengals it was Tank for Tua, then it became Bungle for Burrow. This year its Sucking for Sewell.
  20. While Im disappointed that Cincinnati got snubbed I more upset that Notre Dame and Ohio State are in the playoff. They have no business being there. I can understand A&M getting snubbed since they werent in the conference championship, but I still dont get how Florida, despite losing by a shoe last week and losing in the conference championship to Alabama still has them above Cincinnati.
  21. Go figure Brian Kelly wants to ruin another major bowl game for his players. He walked out of Cincinnati leaving them high and dry for Notre Dame just before they were to play Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow and Florida in the Sugar Bowl in the programs biggest game ever, with the players finding out from the media. Coincidently, if he doesnt want Notre Dame to play in the CFP, I know Cincinnati would love to take their place.
  22. The colors are good and the shield is better than the oblong thing but yeah its the fire crown. Replace the fire crown with the Florian Cross and I think it could work..
  23. And just like that, the grass installment began today.
  24. Grass is coming soon. Lights are on. Gary shines bright in all his glory.