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  1. Phillies officially announce red alts that were mentioned earlier in this thread. Will be worn for six games this regular season.
  2. This is stemming from the Eagles changes noted on Friday (maybe this might be a topic from a separate thread?), but another Eagles point I've just noticed a couple years late... It seems that in 2012 (after the Nike switch), the Eagles '1' in the jersey number font was updated. Notice the top serif on the '1' got smaller. Any other tweaks like this for any other teams? DeSean Jackson (2011): Jeremy Maclin (2012): DeSean Jackson (2013): Jeremy Maclin (2014):
  3. No idea. I'm thinking maybe Nike just stopped producing the legacy cut/template the Eagles used.
  4. EDIT: phutmasterflex beat me to it, but here are a few more pics. The Eagles unis look a lot....cleaner. The numbers are closer together, and the jersey material seems more snug. Looks like they adopted the NIke flywire/template/jersey material this season. I'm liking it. (sorry, only cell phone pics from my TV for now ) The lack of jersey stretching is really evident here: Flywire: More flywire: Back of the jersey (Brent Celek's jersey is usually stretched to all hell around his pads):
  5. Beat me by a couple minutes. I do like this font a little more. I assume the font width is a bad Photoshop job, but the new "4"s remind me of feathers (like the primary logo), so this would be a welcome tweak. I think the font is too cartoony in general though, I've wanted a change for a while.
  6. Incredibly basic, but I like it because of the color combo the Warriors switched to. However, I'm not liking the recent resurgence of not outlining numbers/names on jerseys. It looks cheap.
  7. In college, I wore 92 and 99. I always wanted to wear 55 though. Zoomin and cruisin. Make it look easy.
  8. Usually, every year there's a thread tracking the new numbers/jerseys for players getting drafted/FAs/traded. This should pick up a lot as summer leagues/press conferences/FA/Media Days will be starting up. I figure someone can make an NHL one too since their Draft is going on and there have been a few trades as well. Sixers: Evan Turner #12 Sacramento Kings: Samuel Dalembert #10 (trade VIA PHI) Washington Wizards: John Wall (Placeholder) Memphis Grizzlies: Xavier Henry #13, Greivis Vasquez #21
  9. I just saw a story on the news with Rashad Baker doing community outreach activities, and he was wearing the white road jersey the whole time. The weird thing was, the graphite/charcoal lining on the numbers was metallic silver, and the numbers of his #30 looked skinner/less boxy with more space between the inner-curves of the three. It looked normal like this (J.R. Reeds old jersey: but with the number characteristics of this eBay fake (but with skinnier numbers) blended with it: I would hope the Eagles/NFL wouldn't let Baker go out with a fake "authentic" jersey on. I don't know if WPVI or the Eagles website will post video/pics later, but I just wanted to ask if anyone head about anything like this? I'll try to find something better later.
  10. I was thinking and I imagine bringing back a Spectrum-like floor would tie everything together a lot better. I don't see the problem with the Sixers going retro, but for those who do, I think a Spectrum-esque floor would pull everything off better by going full board; this is as opposed to a throwback uni/logo set with some random R/W/B / modernized looking floor (which is what I think will happen). Maybe red out of bounds, blue keys and white hashes, red 3-PT line, and the Spectrum circle at center court (except without the "SPECTRUM"). I might do a mock-up when I get back from work later.
  11. Just like you don't see the point of recolors, others don't see the point of going around and crapping on them. It's not even like he's going around flaunting it like he came up with the actual logos themselves. He just wanted to see what they looked like, just like pretty much all the people woh do recolors. I don't see the big deal. Some people make unis/logos, some people make these, some people do both. No need for anyone to be an elitist about it. It was an image/thought in his head, and now its a image on a screen so he (and others) can actually see what it looks like. I thought that was one of the main points of this community, but I guess some people don't agree.
  12. I don't mind all the jerseys. I used to, but I like seeing different things. I wish the Sixers would wear the red alts more (but not at a Cavalier-like rate). The only thing I don't like about the unis are some of the mismatched numbers. For example, Anderson Varejao had a sans-serif "1" and a serif "7":
  13. Looks like they got new graphics too. The logo is at the bottom right instead of top-right now. Also looks like they ditched red in favor of a blue/black/silver scheme. Watching Phillies PreGL they have animations and stuff now for nameboxes, etc. I like it.
  14. Pretty much, when anything "different" gets revealed, people crap themselves. I don't see anything wrong with the Kings home unis. I like em.
  15. I don't really get the whole "I don't think this would fly well in *insert league here*" thing. It's just a concept to see a real copy of an idea, it's not like he's submitting it for official approval anywhere. Either way, good work. I like it.
  16. I just saw it on FOX 29's Eagles Game Day Live opening when they showed the players warming up. Another break-in job I guess. Any other teams breaking in alts/throwbacks so far?
  17. I know about the whole 60th anniversary thing, but I thought they might be looking at it after this season too, especially with those poll questions they asked about. ...and I shouldn't have said new "regime" I meant like a new "direction" kind of thing. I.E. "The Billy King/Allen Iverson era is over" type of thing.
  18. Anybody here anything for the Sixers in 08 or 09? The team is really pushing the old white ball logo and the 1982-83 unis around the website (it's on the Elton Brand homepage thing right now). Then, they used a Josh Smith throwback jersey during the time he was here visiting.There were also numerous polls on the site asking "What do you think about this throwback logo?" and "What do you think about throwback unis? Will they ever go out of style?" Anybody heard anything? Most likely not for this year, but next? I could see this team's new regime trying to make new changes to the look of the franchise.
  19. Can't wait till 5 PM to see the newest Sixer and his #42 jersey. *watches all the Iverson followers try to rush back to Philly's side*
  20. So both teams will be wearing those with those R/W/B hats and their regular pants I'm assuming? .... That makes no :censored:ing sense.
  21. hahahaha. wow. that shade of light blue is terrible. Not only that, but what kind of template font did they use for "Anniversary"? Cheap, homebrew, 10-minute logo work. We all should've seen this coming with this crappy excuses for wallpapers they have on the Sixers website. It looks like a high school girl played with the filters in Photoshop and uploaded the results.
  22. Like I said in the other topic, I think the names/outlines are 3M material like Syracuse's SOD unis, which means they'll show up if a flash is used.
  23. The names on the back and outlines on the number are probably the 3M material made famous on Jordans and some of the men's NCAA SOD unis. The names will probably show up better in the pictures if whoever taking the picture uses a flash.
  24. The unis look a lot like your Cleveland Cavs uni concept... I think brown/tan/evergreen (or a lighter green to give off a grizzly bear in the forest kind of thing) would look better, in my opinion. I think the red and dark brown look too muddled together.
  25. I think the Pistons should just alternate red white and blue for every section in the arena. At this point, I'd rather see a pinwheel-type thing with the team colors than this "unified solidarity" crap that every one does. If every one does it, it doesn't mean anything anymore, which is what's starting to happen.