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  1. I thought the patriots were one of the few teams that looked good in monochrome. It was only worn a couple of times in 2002 and they played horribly (as if there was a connection) and they haven't been seen since. Perhaps it was because they weren't monochrome head to toe (silver helmet, blue shirt, blue pants, white socks) but I thought they looked real sharp. I wish they would break it out once or twice a year.
  2. No, that s**t is stupid. It doesn't matter how anyone references their favorite team. Anyone that gets irritated at any other's use of the term "we" or "our" or if the fact that they don't use it, needs to get over themselves. I agree 100%. I think Those that use "we" are well aware of the fact they don't play for the team. They do, though, have what is usually a deeper emotional attachment to their team than the average player and it usually lasts a lifetime. Most players lose their attachment as soon as their contract is up and someone offers more money. If there were no fans who feel like they are part of their team pro sports would cease to exist as we know it. I use we in reference to my Boston teams all the time. Sorry if it bothers anyone but i feel like i have invested so much in them emotionally for so long its not that crazy.
  3. I liked the patriots monochrome blue they wore a few times in 2002. Looked better than most monochromes as they still had sliver helmet and white socks with stripes to offset all the blue If I remember correctly they played horribly when they wore them and I think that put them back in the closet. I wish they would break them out once in a while.
  4. That's terrible logic for keeping a uniform, though. You shouldn't judge whether a team should keep a set solely based on how well they played in them. There's got to be some aesthetics/fashion judgment, too. I agree. Should the White Sox still be wearing their 1980s striped jerseys today if they happened to win a lone championship while wearing them? I hate the Yankees (I am lifelong redsox fan), I don't think the Yankees uniforms are anything special from a strictly fashion standpoint, but there is no question that a certain level of on field success eventually makes a uniform virtually untouchable. I am not talking about a championship here or there, but the Yankees aren't dumping pinstripes, Steelers aren't putting a logo on the other side of their helmet, Canadians aren't changing the CH. They may make subtle tweaks along the way, but the iconic elements of their look remains. At the highest level of sustained success, an average or even ugly uniform can become untouchable after enough championships.
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