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  1. I remember there was chatter years ago about the NHL retiring Gretzki's 99, much like MLB did for Robinson. Not sure there was any real thought behind it, but I wonder how people actually feel about it. I have all the respect in the world for #99 but I guarantee you if the league tried to do that the Bruins wouldn't go along. Everyone here knows Bobby Orr is the greatest of all time so until the league retires #4 you can forget about #99.
  2. What side panels did they get rid of? The red piping is still there. Still there on the white jerseys too. Yeah, Patriot's jerseys have remain unchanged since 2000. I think next year the wordmark above the front numbers will go to the new style but that's about it. The side panels are still there. I thought they had side panels with a different color on their jerseys. I guess I was wrong. I only watch the Patriots during the playoffs, and only then with hopes they lose. So yesterday, I watched them for the first time this season and didn't think they looked bad, and not deserving of some of the comments I read on here. In general, I don't like piping on football uniforms, but I don't think the Pats' piping is too busy.Pats piping hasn't changed. Its much more noticeable on white jersey with blue side panels. Just screams early 2000's. The blue jersey just had red piping on sides, not great but not that noticeable. I always felt pats logo looks good on helmet but horrible on hats. Need a secondary logo in a big way. I always liked the NE logo and they have a number of items with that logo at their pro shop.
  3. Griffey with Mariners = Best all around player I have ever seen who I think/hope never took the juice. Griffey with Reds = Often broken down slugger who didn't quite reach the career milestones we hoped for.Choice seems easy.
  4. You are kidding about the Phillies and Pedro,right??
  5. Saw a picture of red sox taking bp today. Picture confirms new road gray paints have a red stripe. I know there had been different theories on that since new jersey has no sleve piping.
  6. Very nice. White face mask definitely. Other than that my guess is Nike won't go for that traditional of a numeral but it does look sharp. Very nice. White face mask definitely. Other than that my guess is Nike won't go for that traditional of a numeral but it does look sharp.That is an A+ job in my opinion. very nice, if they went with those it would be a massive upgrade.
  7. I am not a browns fan and I appreciate they generally seem to like their traditional look but I am glad they are making a change. I think they could do some really interesting things with their color scheme. I know they said "cutting edge". That can mean many different things, good or bad depending on your perspective. I doubt they will go nuts given browns conservative tradition but I am looking forward to a change. I like traditional uniforms like packers and Steelers but browns are just too bland.
  8. I liked them too I know its all personal opinion, but I am thrilled we are back to red lettering. I've been waiting years to get back to this look. Those blue lettered jerseys (that looked black), were so drab looking, were brutal. Can't wait to see the world champs sporting a bright, red lettered jersey on opening day. Finally!!
  9. Nothing about uniforms should bother us as much as they do....yet here we are. You just perfectly summed up this board. I have no idea why I care about any of this yet I am here every day. Well said!
  10. I wouldn't trade the miracle on ice gold medal for all 12 of Canada's golds. No disrespect to Canada, they are the kings of hockey, but miracle on ice beats everything.
  11. I love that road script, wish they would go back to that and wear this as an alt and I hope that they bring back the vests who is that skinny guy in Barry bonds uniform?
  12. this could be a blessing in disguise. Its time for Pats to roll out a red alternate that's fits their current look. I have seen a mock up on here before and it looked great. Lets make it happen Patriots!
  13. what is wrong with Celtics? You have all the Irish imagery, like leprechauns and shamrocks. It also fits the city of Boston, which had a huge Irish American population.
  14. Because not only are they infinitely better uniforms, but they follow the history of the team better. Sure, they won the world series the other ones, but that doesn't mean they were better uniforms. That's my opinion at least. Now, all the Sox need to do with the primary uniforms is bring back the old striped socks. I know the preference of current vs. World series era road jerseys is completely subjective, but I couldn't disagree more. The currents just went too far in their "blandness" (is that a word)? Even just a red outline on the blue lettering would bring it to life. They have versions in their past that have it (I have a yaz picture on my wall like that). red online on letters, piping in same style as home, done. I liked the world series era jerseys not because they won but because they were brighter and not so dull. I agree winning is not a reason to keep an ugly uni, I just think they looked better.
  15. I agree, I never got why they ditched the piping. I remember being so disappointed with all the changes the sox made a few years back. They rolled out the new road jerseys and both alternates and they all looked like they took a combined 5 minutes to put together. No piping of any kind on any of the jerseys from a team who has one of the best home jerseys to use as an example of how you can be classic but stylish at the same time. Scrap everything except the traditional home jersey and start over, using the home jersey as the template.