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  1. Which is why the word "90's" as a criticism doesn't have much meaning if any.
  2. I prefer Teal, Black and Grey. But if orange is going to replace grey as the second accent, it should be fully embraced as such. The hat logo makes better use of the colour than anything in their current brading package. It would compliment this perfectly.
  3. The heavy use of orange really looks good on this logo. Gives it a distinct California flavor.
  4. I can certainly see the insightful direction this going in . Maybe jerseys are not the best place for Social Justice Statements...
  5. Not in this case. The old logo looks like it could be a camera shutter, the new one doesn't look like much of anything.
  6. They never should have changed their original jerseys in the first place, especially after winning a championship in them. The concept you posted isn't perfect but it's close enough. The only tweaks I would make to this set are updating the shoulder patch, so it has two flags, and maybe toning down the numbers. I particularly miss silver being incorporated into the striping as it set them apart from the other Red and Black teams.
  7. Or why they couldn't make their whites match them... For the second time.
  8. I prefer the silver but appreciate that those uniforms embraced orange properly. Right now it just looks like they can't decide if they want to keep it or eliminate it as an accent. The orange bordering just one side of the stripe looks unbalanced and unfinished. Couple that with the lack of a waist stripe and you have a mediocre design that looks stuck in 2008. I don't think their first Edge set was perfect but the longer they keep the current blandness, the better it looks.
  9. The socks on the current set are atrocious. There's no need for black anywhere on them, let alone that close to the breezers.
  10. That looks great. Man I miss that Teal, Black and Grey colour scheme.
  11. The biggest problem with the original Sharks logo is the lack of teal. It's the teams signature colour and is relegated to just a thin outline around the triangle. @Survival79's concept does a fine job of rectifying this problem. Just get rid of the rounded nub on the end of the stick and it's perfect.
  12. I'd be happy if we never saw the stealth jerseys again. They look terrible on the ice, even in HD.
  13. The stick should be orange but the colour should not appear anywhere else on the uniform. They had it right the first time.
  14. This is a really cool idea. Here's mine* *Though I only really cheer for the Chiefs, Kings and Mets because a friend is a fan.