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  1. Agreed. Those that didn't realize the helmet adverts were permanent the second they were announced have no idea how this league operates. It was never going to be a one-year deal.
  2. I think what the Bruins released in 2007 was perfection... They took the basic look of the 'Bobby Orr' set and refined it into a modern classic with a much-improved iteration of the Spoked-B, and the best shoulder patches in the history of the franchise. The jerseys took a slight hit during the conversion to Adidas but they're still just some yellow-socks away from greatness. I'm surprised they're moving away from this look, especially since it has a cup behind it and the proposed replacement doesn't.
  3. It doesn't work. Burgundy and Blue should always be separated, hence the need for black equipment.
  4. I don't think they'd be bland with the real logo and what B-Mer suggested... Knockoff Penguins or not, that 'champagne' colour looked worlds better in the 'dazzle' fabric. Currently, it just looks biege.
  5. The striping on the Duck's cup-winning-set was so much more tasteful than the over-wrought side-panels they use now. I wish they'd just replaced the script with the stand-alone 'D' and (maybe) added more orange to striping... The logo feels suffocated on the current uniforms.
  6. The Reverse Retro, Liberty's look great. I thought the new striping was half-assed & barren at first but taken with the whole uniform, it's not only perfectly balanced but looks pretty sharp in its own, contemporary way. I wouldn't have any problem with it being promoted to full-time, third status... It's the perfect example of an alternate look done right and one that's been absent from the league way too long.
  7. Maybe the navy jersey would look better with their actual primary instead of the one-colour treatment.
  8. You can't be the leagues de-facto teal team and have barely any of the colour on the your primary logo... Adding more teal was the one thing the 2007 re-design did right. Not at all. There wouldn't be any bent triangle or orange outlines and the shark would be the one from the original... Just add some subtle teal highlights and simplify the line-work around the triangle. The stick doesn't need many changes either, just make the tape go all the way around and lose in 'nub' at the top.
  9. This needs to be the Sharks home jersey with a matching road. The colours, striping and shoulder patches are perfect for that namesake. Just refresh the primary logo a bit. Lose some of the outlines, fix the hockey tape and add some teal highlights to the Shark.
  10. It's been 14 years and the Blue Jackets main jerseys still feel like a downgrade from the alternate they were inspired from... If they kept black away but returned to this more substantial template, I don't think they'd have to worry about blue pants at home... The thicker striping makes a huge difference and I'll never understand why they minimized the stars on the sleeves. It was unique how they ran all the way up to the numbers... ...and bring back the hat.
  11. Agreed. They degrade not only the Stars identity but the overall aesthetic of the league. They look like Black Ice, fashion jerseys with a cheesy 'glow in the dark' gimmick... Not something a professional sports franchise should be wearing.
  12. The biggest problem with the Stars reverse retro is the logo. You could get away with having gold directly touching white but not silver. You can barely see most of it at a distance...
  13. The only crime the Fisherman committed was replacing the Dynasty set... If they'd released it in 1995 as an alternate, it'd be looked back on as fondly as the other New York's Liberty jersey.
  14. The Canucks blue should be on the darker side so it better contrasts with the comparatively bright green. I wouldn't want to see it any lighter than it is.
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