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  1. Yes, Gold was just a holdover with zero historical significance .
  2. Yeah, about 20 years of history... 46 if you count the North Stars*. Its funny to me that so many posters are acting as if the Stars new scheme is set in stone when its been around for only 7 seasons and not a single thing has been won in it. *they're the same franchise, get over it
  3. Their current set is fantastic*, that's why I said 2014 . *It'd be better with gold
  4. Every uniform the team has released since 2014 has looked cheap and tacky, including the winter classic jersey. Their embrace of half-baked designs is as perplexing as their aversion to Gold and their own history.
  5. It'd be a perfectly acceptable (if unremarkable) design if they used gold instead of silver. Most of the logo is practically invisible.
  6. There's how you the fix the whole jersey. The team got it perfect in 1997 when they straightened and enlarged the logo.
  7. I do hand drawn NHL series as well!

  8. I'm starting a hand-drawn series of my own: