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  1. I appreciate you having the spaldings to put the overrated Habs logo in its proper place.
  2. Congratulations Sabres fans. You finally have the uniforms you wanted all the way back in 2005.
  3. I always thought the copper stripes were outlined in red to 'warm' them up so to speak. To make the shade of copper, which could appear quite dull on the jersey fabric, lean more towards orange than brown.
  4. Because they were too lazy/uninspired to replace Blasty with a proper secondary logo.
  5. I just don't get Calgary. They finally have contemporary versions of both 89' jerseys and still opt for the clownsuits
  6. It looks like a Flyers jersey and handles the colour scheme poorly. Too many instances of Blue and Green touching. The dark uniform does better but has the obtrusive Fins overcrowd what should have been a clean, traditional design.
  7. Not sad to see the end of the current Senators logo. Everything the team did in 2007 was a downgrade, even with the uniform inconsistencies. A jersey with the updated, 2D centurion would have been great but I respect their decision to go with the logo they had the most success in. They also get to capitalize on the "vintage 90's" trend which, for a team established in 1992 with no Stanley Cup, I don't think is a bad move. This is going to be a huge upgrade after 13 years of that awful template and awkwardly shaped logo.
  8. Electric Blue would certainly make their (more or less) two-colour look easier to swallow but I still think the team got their colours right the first time. A mainly black look with Electric (Hawaiian) Blue, white and silver highlights was the perfect representation of Lightning, colour-wise.
  9. Using this logo would have greatly improved the Blues red-using days. It was used on their more conservative, red-trimmed jerseys but only for two years. They shouldn't have changed it. It makes the inclusion of red less redundant and doesn't have that "Print Error" effect.
  10. The throwback logo looks awkwardly shaped and unbalanced to me. I don't think the white and yellow outlines touching is a big deal either. I suppose it can look like a print error on very small applications of the logo, but most of the time it looks sharp and mirrors the striping pattern of the jerseys.
  11. If the colour is redundant, why include it? I don't think either Royal or Navy is redundant on the current jerseys, they both serve a purpose.
  12. The Red seems pretty redundant here. Aside from the collar, you can barely make it out.
  13. I think the Blues look bright and traditional enough already without going full retro. The white's they lifted the cup in last year are among the best in the league IMO.
  14. If the 2015 logo was just the center part with the basketball, star and Washington monument, it would win handily. Sadly the outer ring with the text overcrowds and spoils it. Going to have to go with 2011-15. It might look a bit dated but it deserves props for displaying the teams namesake and initials in a clever manner.
  15. "We have one good uniform so lets not use it in the playoffs" - The Carolina Hurricanes.