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  1. The only crime the Fisherman committed was replacing the Dynasty set... If they'd released it in 1995 as an alternate, it'd be looked back on as fondly as the other New York's Liberty jersey.
  2. The Canucks blue should be on the darker side so it better contrasts with the comparatively bright green. I wouldn't want to see it any lighter than it is.
  3. It'd be even better if it was red but yes, this is the direction the Panthers need to pursue.
  4. That. Looks. Awful. Wow...
  5. This will be the last update of the series. Thanks to everyone who looked, liked and commented. I saved my favorite concept for last. Phendrana Drifers 2.0 The original home and roads were going to contain snow patterns but they ended up being too obtrusive. For this update I revisited that idea but in the form of a subtle sublimation. You find the 'Thermal Visor' in the Phendrana Drifts (see photo below) so I figured it'd be appropriate for the team to don a "thermal jersey." Any alternate I attempted with the main colour scheme just looked like a poor mans version of the home so I decided to go the soccer route and give the alternate it's own scheme, based on colours samus see's through said visor. Phendrana Drifters 1.0 Thermal Visor:
  6. I vastly prefer the retro logos, as flawed as they are. An identity named after 'Lightning' needs to have some flash and that's what the large area of embroidered, metallic silver brought to the original logo.
  7. Tampa's Reverse Retro is the jersey they should have put their updated-logo from 2007 on. Then there would have been no need for the bland, Leaf's knockoffs.
  8. The Edge set was definitely a step backwards but I think they've more than righted the ship since. IMO, the uniforms above are a huge upgrade over their original greens and one of the strongest designs in the league. It's a cleaner package overall that puts more emphasis on the fantastic logo. The "M" also works great as a shoulder patch and can't be added to the road soon enough.
  9. Some of the designs fit this description but overall, I find them refreshing after 13 years of the extremely underwhelming alternates of the Reebok and Adidas eras. They remind me of a time when teams actually took risks instead of just going with a straight-throwback or using the third-jersey-program as an excuse to bandwagon on the latest trend. Hopefully teams will be given the option of promoting their RR to alternate status.
  10. Aesthetically it's the one of the strongest designs come out of their tenure in Dallas, second only to the current home and roads. More importantly, It looks like a jersey designed for a professional hockey team. The current alternate looks like an All Star jersey at best and a black-ice, fashion jersey at worst. If you took that original black jersey, updated the green to the "victory" shade and included some sort of tribute to the cup win as a shoulder patch or hanger effect, you'd have a significantly better alternate look than anything they've attempted since the 2013 update. It would pay tribute to the championship and nicely compliment their traditional uniform set. The original jersey used kelly green that was perfectly visible. No one is arguing for a return of the 1994-95 to 1998-98 set.
  11. Second last concept of the series (for the time being). Agon Worms 2.0 The alternate, after a few tweaks, becomes the basis for the teams main jerseys. The shoulder sublimation depicts the pattern of a sandstone brick used liberally throughout the level. The new alternate turns the original concept into a fauxback. The dye sublimated blue-root pattern sticks around, the phalic looking logo does not. Thanks for looking! Agon Worms 1.0
  12. Both dark Oilers jerseys are garish. The home makes them look like pylons and the alternate, amazingly, makes the colours look even worse by band-wagoning on the 'stealth' trend in the most half-assed way imaginable.
  13. The only acceptable Oilers primary, home-uniform. They had it perfect in 2012, why experiment with orange and navy now...
  14. The Reverse Retro is light years ahead of that Black-Ice abomination. Hopefully it replaces it.