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  1. So the Canucks change their uniforms for the first time in 12 years, it being the only major uniform change of the entire season and we're all forbidden from talking about it on a message board where we discuss uniform changes. What a farce. Unfair? Yeah, that's putting it mildly. How would you like it if their was a ban on Maple Leafs talk the season they got rid of the Ballard Leaf...
  2. The Blackhawks logo was ten years old once... Time has nothing to do with my argument, it's perfectly acceptable for logos to contain colours not found anywhere else on the jersey. The Canucks and Blackhawks are just two examples.
  3. Should the Blackhawks eliminate tan/brown from their logo? What about orange or the blue stitching around the feathers? Those three colours aren't found anywhere on their striping configuration or secondary logos and those jerseys are often regarded as the leagues best. You can't really classify silver as an additional colour anyways. It's just white with a darker tint and a metallic sheen. The Anaheim Ducks have a silver outline around their logo but I would never consider silver as part of their official palette. As for the navy? Besides essentially just being a darker blue, it's really the only accurate way to depict an Orca without resorting to black. A Royal blue Orca would be passable, don't get me wrong, I just think navy does a better job.
  4. I prefer McCarthy's version but still don't see why the lack of green on their current logo is an issue let alone a deal-breaker. The numbers don't contain any green, nor did they on any of the team's original blue and green uniforms, so why must the main logo? The stripes contain more than enough green to balance the uniform and the way the Orca is presently coloured has its benefits as well. Navy is great way to depict the whale without having to taint the palette with black and the metallic silver would be missed if it was eliminated all-together as it makes the art style even more eye-catching.
  5. Best colours in the league . Perhaps you're right. If the main crest was the only instance of blue and green touching it could result in a neat effect. I'd love to see how your concept looks embroidered on the current jerseys.
  6. ^ If there was a way that logo could be configured where the blue and green don't touch, I'd be all for it. Calgary's retros are overrated. They need a striping configuration that matches and a little bit of black for contrast. What they had from 2004-2007 is a vastly superior look even if it was a little black-heavy.
  7. Like their home and roads. The level of incompetence shown by them and the Flames is astounding. Two of the worst Edge designs and they actually took the time to convert them over to the Adizero template.
  8. I don't get how anyone can think these uniforms are bad. The team had one of the better uniforms during the Edge rollout even with the script on the front. I like how much cleaner they look without it and I particularly like how the white Stick and Rink stands out on the blue homes. The lack of green on the main crest doesn't bother me in the slightest because the stripes contain enough of the colour to balance the uniform. The numbers don't have any green so it's not as if all three colours need to be present everywhere. This is a serious, traditional and beautiful uniform. The road whites aren't as good but that's the case for most teams anyways. I know people on here are tired of hearing about the Canucks but it is the first season of a uniform change so I think we should be able to comment on their new look without it turning into a Johnny Canuck vs Orca flame-war.
  9. Compliments aside, making the thin stripes white would have improved the jersey exponentially. As would putting in the V's from the inaugural look.
  10. I still think green and blue shouldn't touch but these have certainly grown on me. There were times during tonight's game where I could really appreciate the new look on it's own merits. The collar sucks but so do most instances of the Adidas treatment. I don't get why they can't make a new version where the outer part isn't as thick.
  11. Wearing the retro's at home for the playoffs last year got people hopeful but then the team said there were no future plans for a switch. Managements insistence on keeping one of the biggest downgrades to come out the Edge era is infuriating.
  12. The Orca isn't there to represent a Canuck. No more than the Hub on Boston's logo is there to represent a Bruin.
  13. If the logo was just an Orca whale by itself you'd have a point. The name is represented by the 'C,' the Orca is there to represent the region.
  14. Except the current identity doesn't misrepresent the team at all. 'Canuck' is a slang term for Canadian which limits the options either a letter or a literal depiction of a Canadian person. You certainly could go with a lumberjack but not all lumberjack's are Canadian and I doubt they were what was in mind when the term 'Canuck' was coined. The team went with a letter that incorporates Orca imagery in a regionally evocative art style. They represent their namesake in the exact same way the much praised Canadien's logo does.
  15. It's funny how the Canuck's identity gets so much flak for not depicting their namesake while the Millionaires identity gets a free pass for doing the same. They don't even acknowledge their name with a letter but somehow escape the consternation the Canucks get.
  16. The Canucks new home and roads* look spectacular, I don't see what everyone's problem is. They're the perfect compromise between old and new and are no longer being bogged down by the unnecessary script. *The alternate is a very different story
  17. Why should they come first? The original stick and rink was used as a primary for 8 seasons, the Orca's been around for 23. The Orca's been around for periods of relevance including a cup finals appearance. Why should the team throw that all out for a small but vocal minority? It's not as if the older generation has nothing to identify with. You have the original colour scheme, the second ever striping configuration and an updated take on the original logo as a shoulder patch. BS. If the Canuck's chose agency solely to scale back uniform costs, why would they add the arched script over their logo? Going with a bloc font and foregoing the arched script would use considerably less material. The logo's not just an Orca whale though. It's an Orca done in an art style that is evocative of the entire region.
  18. And you're stating that fans who appreciate and identify with the Orca don't count. In your opinion this is the easy fix. The Canucks have overlapped 3 logos with three different colour schemes. If they went with your preference, people could still say they have a identity crisis and not be wrong. Making a lumberjack the primary as you've often advocated would add a fourth logo and divide the fan-base even more. The Canucks used one-coloured numbers the entire time they wore green and blue from 1970 to 1978. They don't have them now because they cheaped out. And it seems to me that using a bloc font would be the cheaper option since so many teams use it already. This is like saying the Bruins have to get rid of their logo because they're not called the Boston Hubs. Teams are allowed to incorporate symbols from their region into their logos.
  19. I've decided to take an extended break from the boards. You're right, this isn't fun anymore and hasn't been for quite some time. Perhaps some time away will change that but presently I have no interest in discussing the latest hanger effect, stealth look, number perforation pattern or the latest paint by numbers jersey that looks like it was thrown together in less than 5 minutes. I got to see the Canucks do exactly what I wanted them to do with their new home and roads so I'll hold onto that. Later.
  20. Okay, snip one line of what I said and omit all evidence I posted as to why it's clearly not a 90's a design and why bringing it back for two games is not evidence of 90's being a trend in the same way as retro aesthetics were and currently are. It's telling that neither of you could address any of the facts I presented here but came down on me for one admittedly ill-advised line. Does that constitute as winning a debate? And does saying he has a narrative really constitute as a personal attack or abuse? If it does I'd say people are getting too sensitive. I'm not even offended by him comparing my post to a youtube debate. Whatever.
  21. The Kings are getting in on the 90's wave that currently includes two teams Lets for argument's sake ignore the fact that all the Kings did in 1988 was apply a 50+ year old colour scheme to a toned down version of their previous jerseys and used a minor update of a logo from 1975 as a crest. We'll ignore all that and call it a 90's jersey just to support Ice Cap's narrative... The jersey is being worn two times. It's not even entering the regular rotation as an alternate and this is being touted as proof of the 90's being the hot trend. Talk to me when they follow in the footsteps of the Lightning and Hurricanes, at the height of the retro trend, and use it to replace the cup winning set.
  22. Yeah it was starting to calm down but the league hardly embraced retro aesthetics to the degree they did after the Edge switchover. This era was nice because you saw existing designs being improved in subtle ways. The Flames bringing back red, going with a laceup while retaining the chevron striping & black being a great example. This short-lived era felt like a natural evolution of what was already established while the aftermath of the Edge implementation felt like a gross over-correction.
  23. Emphasis on black is just one characteristic of 90's hockey uniforms though. The Kings checked off that box in 1988 but that was the only characteristic the uniforms contained. Without black, that's a traditional design. The Northstars redesign & Sharks inaugural jerseys checked off multiple boxes which is why I'm more comfortable calling them kick-starters for the shift in aesthetics. As you said, the Northstars had already experimented with black as early as 1981 so they weren't necessarily copying the Kings. It was more of a natural evolution (or devolution depending on your taste). It arguably ushered in one trend. But there were teams using black as a base before 1988 too. One of the trends does. Most of them started when the 90's had already rolled around. The 90's were an experimental decade. They tried everything and that was the main characteristic of that decade's design trends. Some of the designs were awful, some of them were great. You didn't really see the return to retro aesthetics until a few years after the RBK Edge implementation.
  24. What's arbitrary about listing the actual characteristics that defined the aesthetics of the decade? Kings debut their black jersey in 1988, 2 full seasons pass before we see another team follow suit. Northstars debut their black jersey in 1992, two teams follow suit the next season. Devils add black the season after that, Flames do the same the season after that. Then the season after that we see the Sabres going to black, red and metallic silver. The Northstars and Sharks started the trends of the 90's. The Kings were copying the Raiders which is further evidenced by the fact they toned down their striping during the change. They can call it whatever they want. By that logic the Habs are wearing 90's throwbacks because that's what they wore throughout the decade.
  25. That Kings jersey uses flat grey, not metallic embroidery. The 1988 redesign was about imitating the Raiders, not trailblazing new ground.