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  1. Sounds good for the white uniforms but, I've never liked colored pants with colored jerseys, so I can't imagine like theirs.
  2. wow, those are definetly rough...but they're also definetly fun. Those would be some pretty tight Nintendo baseball logos/uniforms. Like Moser said, to be more "pro" style, they need be more dimensional and less cartoony.
  3. In no way whatsoever am I trying to offend anyone, but isn't the idea of creating a team logo developing your own fresh, unique design; because that (like already mentioned) is just a wordmark over the Broncos alternate logo. I think it's somewhat shady to slightly change someone's logo and call it yours. I would be a little irritated if it was done to me. However, since it doesn't directly concern me, that's all I'll say.
  4. Those of you who pointed out the change in Nebraska's uniform, thank you. I don't know how I forgot about those, and in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have included the Cornhuskers. Additionally, I probably should have included Wisconsin, Tennessee and Syracuse (with the exception of their new orange threads).... If you really think about it though, only a few of the teams listed have true "classic" uniforms because in the early days there were no emblems on helmets. They only had numbers, if anything at all.
  5. According to, the Capitals primary logo is the eagle.
  6. The Marlins shouldn't use more orange. Their identity is already too similar to the Dolphins.... I would like to see more teams use two shades of a single color with a complimentary color as a highlight.
  7. Wow, so there are alot. However, most of those are visually subtle. Anyway...
  8. I like the logo and jerseys alot. I'm not sure I like the state on the hat, though. I think you did a superb job on the cub.
  9. Adding to paynomind's comment, I think the far horn may look awkward because it appears to go straight back instead of going back at a slight angle.
  10. Thanks FeenVol, you're gonna think I'm crazy but I actually consciously left UT off. On second thought, they probably should have been included along with Auburn, Princeton, Harvard, Yale and Brown but.... Overall, the Vols rank 5th on my list. BTW, love your signature. What dimensions/dpi did you use?
  11. I really do appriciate the Google idea, and I found about ten good kitten images, but I am really bad at animals if I can't see details, and the good armadillo images sre either too small or too dark for me to see details.
  12. Yeah, Google works okay for kittens but, nothing good for armadillos. Thanks
  13. I'm doing some concepts for my brother's fantasy football league, however I can't really visualize animals real well; so, do any of you know any good sites with graphic (not logo) images of animals?
  14. Like them both, but they remind me of those Zypher hat for Baylor and New Mexico.