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  1. Can I ask what the other 14 planned teams are for this league?
  2. Thanks. Not on Twitter so wasn't aware anything was posted there.
  3. Yes, it's also too small to make out any details.
  4. They certainly didn't get their nickname from the Yankees. And here's another link to a Jeter jersey.
  5. But that is not unprecedented. When the Columbus Clippers changed affiliates from the Pirates to the Yankees in 1979, they kept their same basic scheme until the Indians became the parent club.
  6. Not to hijack the thread here, but an observation I've made it that "throwbacking" is not limited to sports anymore. I've noticed a whole lot more late 60's/early 70's Hot Wheels castings then I did when I was a kid from that era.
  7. I always preferred this NBC logo myself.
  8. They picked the wrong uniform, period. And did they actually wear WHITE pants on the road?!?
  9. Methinks there will be some slight logo changes as MLB Pressbox currently does not have any lettering available for the Marlins.
  10. DJSpeedy

    MLB 2009

    You wouldn't have known that judging from the attendance figures in the last year they were there. I saw crowds consistently of 3,000 OR LESS until the final game - when it appeared to be a sellout.
  11. The NFL will never allow a 2nd NFL franchise in Chicago before they put another one in LA. Just because they have two baseball teams, that doesn't mean they should have two football teams - though at one point I think there were four baseball teams in the New York City metro area - but that's NYC, not Chicago.
  12. I didn't say the WOULD - I said SHOULD THEY go up 18 points - big difference there.