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  1. The "running Cardinal" in the copper jersey has a great, timeless feel to it that I don't think would be captured if he was wearing the regular red jersey. Really excellent.
  2. I have been put in charge of responding to e-mails and screening candidates for a job opening through my company. Am I legally allowed to toss out any applicants who send me their resume in comic sans?
  3. Definitely looks like a promotional item. I remember seeing all sorts of this kind of stuff when my Dad was working at a card shop during the industry's "boom" period of the early 90's.
  4. Terrific. I've been dying for the Rockies to emphasize purple for years, and this would really make them stand out from the rest of MLB.
  5. These are incredible. And I'm not even a Brewers fan.
  6. The logo is fantastic, but I must agree with the sentiment for royal and yellow instead of the red. The short striping is inspired, but doesn't really work for Golden State IMO.
  7. Not bad, but the black is unnecessary. Plus it's pretty hard to improve upon the current Royals set, my favorite in the league.
  8. Yes he still looks a little more "sad" rather than "proud/determined". The C in the background may be a bit too similar to the Montreal C.
  9. Hello all, The Jim Bouton Baseball League is seeking a few new owners. We are a full dynasty league hosted free on Yahoo and played in the head-to-head format. Off-season transactions and rosters are handled on a league forum. Browse the forum ( ... 229199&p=2) for more information. Each team will have 20-man Minor League rosters for the 2008 season !Knowledge and Interest in the minor leagues and prospects are a must for this league! If you are interested in joining up, please reply to this thread with various pertinent information such as: Name/Location/Favorite MLB Team/Fantasy Experience/Reason for Interest/etc. Thanks Ryan PS- Feel free to ask for more information, or contact me via AIM at SunnydaleSpikes
  10. Are the new Ottawa Senators logos on the waiting list?
  11. Love it! Modernized Shark without the unneeded orange.