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  1. There was NOTHING racist about my post. I find Mr. Obama offensive because he is a pacifist and an enabler, not because he is black. We are in a war for our very existence and it is people like Barack Obama who refuse to understand that. The world was full of people like this during the Thirties and they allowed Hitler to kill millions of innocent people. I would have said the same thing had the post had a John Edwards logo. It's amusing how quickly people are to label someone a racist when they have no clue what that person is about. Makes you wonder if that person has some racial difficulties of their own. I do understand that my analogy to a swastika may have been a wrong one, my intent was to merely state how I thought political icons had no place on here. For that, I was told that I didn't have enough "posts" to be able to make such a statement. Interesting...............didn't realize there was a minimum before you were allowed to state your opinion. As for turning off the "signature" feature, I didn't realize that was an option. I do enjoy a large majority of the signatures on here that poke fun at or support various teams and players. I would hate to miss some of the creative people on here as a result of a few. To those who chose to attack me personally, I will just consider the source.
  2. Racist comment??? That certainly was not my intention. Maybe the "swastika" analogy was a bit strong. My point is that this IS a sports logo site and that when people put their political agenda on here they should be prepared for criticism. I tried to use an example of religious icons that could offend some, again I probably overreached on making the point. Again, this is a sports logo site and should be kept to that.
  3. Yes, I DO realize this is a sports logo forum. That being said, I don't need to see a Barack Obama logo on here. If you want to start banning things, start with that logo right there. If people are going to get political on here, they better be able to accept criticism. Maybe I should put a cross on my profile? or a Star of David? or a swastika? They can be deemed offensive to some and I find Obama offensive to the safety of this country.
  4. The Washington Generals and Barack Obama..................perfect together. Two big zeroes!!!!
  5. The Saints looked pretty average without the "home cooking" they had against the Eagles last week.
  6. The only reason I posted it was that my post about the city was taken off. And for katrina being the reason that the city is a toilet, it was that way a LONG time before Katrina.
  7. I see that censorship applies here.................everything I said about New Orleans was true. Heat? Humidity? Filthy? Corrupt government? Crime? Name one thing that isn't true!!!!!
  8. Let's just hope there is enough public and player outcry to end this disaster. So typical of the clueless NHL to ruin a time honored tradition such as the hockey sweater.
  9. Look it up on doubt it was a catch. *mod edit by joel_fiasco* user likes to make idiotic comments about other people's hometowns.
  10. Possession of the ball and two steps taken constitutes a "football move". I never said Bush didn't get the end zone on his TD run, only that there was a blatant hold overlooked. As for the Dhani Jones phantom call, holding or illegal contact, whatever you call it, it was a joke. As for the Falcons game earlier this season, Kornheiser and Wilbon talked about it the next day on "PTI". *mod edit by joel_fiasco* user likes to make idiotic comments about other people's hometowns.
  11. Are the Saints good? Yes. Are they "real good"?? No. Let's start witht he second play of the game there Russell.........Reggie Bush CAUGHT that ball and then got hit. Fumble? No!! Are you kidding, that would put the Saints in a hole. Reggie Bush TD??? Blatant hold of the Eagles No. 37, not called. Eagles sack Brees to set up 2nd and 20-something.....wait!!! A phantom defensive holding on Dhani Jones to give a first down and continue drive. Listen, the whole country feels sorry about what happened with Katrina. But face it, the Saints have gotten calls all year. Look at the first Monday night game against Atlanta.....national columnists the next day LAUGHING at how bad the refs were!!! Oh, and all the "rabid" saints fans??? Where were they before Katrina when the Saints couldn't sell out???? this day of political correctness, the NFL is just doing it's part.
  12. Not only did the Saints wear all black, but the officiating crew was wearing Saints garb all night too. It has been obvious all season that the NFL has tried to push the "feel good" story of the Saints with blatantly biased officiating. Phantom calls against the Eagles and overlooked calls against the Saints(watch Considine get lassoed on the Bush TD run). I just hope the Bears win today so that the Seahawks fans aren't screwed again, after all they fell victim to last year's "feel good" story and had a Super Bowl taken away so that Bill Cowher could win a title.
  13. I have to agree with previous posts..................great concept, colors and look, but prefer the new logo too. Very good work though!
  14. I'll just take the negative route here.........Raptors, Jazz, Wizards, Grizzlies and Nets are putrid......with the Raptors taking the prize as worst.
  15. I saw one decent logo............the Palm Beach Waves. The Anaheim Street Boys is an all-timer, still can't stop laughing at that logo!!!!!