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  1. If Oakland ever moves to Portland. Perhaps either add red to the Green and gold or just replace the gold to red. Probably be one of the more unique colors out there
  2. I see more of a hybrid of Manitoba Moose meets Milwaukee Bucks
  3. And yet after 116 losses Gardenhire is still the Manager of the Tigers . When can we get rid of this clown show of Al Alvila?
  4. Just noticed that there was a preseason game between the Coyotes and Vegas last night. So we know that it’s time for the season to open
  5. Fork Em Devils! Great win for the team. That too many men on the field penalty really hurt Michigan State
  6. I feel 7 years older watching that game. How the hell do you waste a timeout the way Patricia did?
  7. Diamondbacks are playing lights out right now. The only two strong teams are the Cardinals and Mets. If they keep playing the way they are at the moment. They could be playing in the Wildcard game
  8. Would you really call it a major upset though?
  9. I’m going to disagree with you, I think the word mark is simple yet elegant. It works for a nice faux back design.
  10. Don’t worry, I’ll hate Arizona for you
  11. Um wow that’s sudden. Heard that he’s burned out and ready to walk away
  12. Is it me or is Tony ready to pounce the star?
  13. Dragons I’m okay with, at least it sounds different
  14. Ranking the logos 1. Guardians 2. Vipers 3. Wildcats(hate the location) 4. Renegades 5. Roughnecks 6. Defenders 7. Battlehawks 8. Dragons
  15. Now here’s the question, are these the logos that will be on the helmets? Are we going to get secondary logos?