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  1. Cardinals sign/resign hometown guys with Huntley and Kennard.
  2. They have no picks in the first two rounds. From what I hear they might not be done until they get a first round pick. Plus good job on the Cards getting rid of David Johnson’s contract and getting a playmaker for Murray. Now to get Drake locked up. If I’m the Cardinals I’m going to go with an Edge or DL Or Offensive Line with their pick. I’m hoping Brown or Becton is there for their picking
  3. I can see something cat like with Detroit, like they did with the Michigan Panthers,
  4. No, it’s not a mistake. The owners are the mistake.
  5. Why does Wily look like Dr Light? I just noticed this after 30 years
  6. If the avatar is a tiger and your name is sport. We need some Tigerade
  7. I can only think of one man @the admiral
  8. I finally got rid of the period off my name!
  9. Carlos Beltran out as Manager of the Mets for his involvement in the Astros incident. Was he involved as a player and knew about and partaked? Or is it because he played for the Astros in 2017?
  10. I’m in the anyone but the NFC this year. Being a diehard Lions fan makes it difficult for me to root for the Packers. Plus the fact I am also a Cardinals fan(I live in the Phoenix area), so I don’t want to see the 49ers.