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  1. My problem with using teal is they are trying to force it into the current color scheme. Either drop it altogether, or bring back purple and use sand as an accent color.
  2. I’m probably thinking red since the numbers on the front are red as well.
  3. I don’t think they we’re going for a Dodgers ripoff. But maybe a old time baseball feel in the late 40’s early 50s. It does have the Phoenix feel of desert while trying to broaden the Mexican/Latino feel. I think if they were to have Diamondbacks or Dbacks in this font instead of Serpientes. This would be a definite upgrade for the Diamondbacks. Everyone is saying underwhelming or this plain sucks. But coming from someone who loves the old time feel of baseball. I can honestly say this is a step in the right direction. I wonder if they go black and sand in the future. This would definitely be a better brand to say red, black, purple and teal that they don’t even know how to disguise the crap that they’re playing right now. This is something I would wear and better than what they have right now. Thus is someone who has lived out in Phoenix for 35 years. Basically raised here. To me this does scream Phoenix. Does scream hey yes we’re a desert town. So it really does fit. We have so much flavor. But this I say I love. These are better than trying for Dr Dre and saying Wrigleyville.
  4. Way to be the buzzkill Curt. We don’t even know what the uniform will look like. The hat I like. Although I would like to see something with Phoenix. But I’m optimistic
  5. I’ll hold judgment until I see the rest of the uniform
  6. Suns with another impressive victory over the Nuggets. Honestly right now , this is incredible watching this team. Chris Paul coming to the Valley is the best thing since Nash. Yes I’m excited
  7. I would venture to guess a Wild West theme, Mexican Heritage theme or something based off the Camelback Mountains. I would also say that instead of Arizona. We get Phoenix. With a dose of Purple and teal
  8. I got the $7 charge, but no worries on a refund
  9. I’m officially signed up to Patreon
  10. I’ll be signed up tomorrow
  11. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31427293/oakland-athletics-start-looking-relocating-elsewhere-sources-say Where to? Portland? San Jose? Nashville? But I don’t think San Jose would be viable as the Giants own the territory. I also think Las Vegas could be a possibility. But it would have to be a dome, as their weather gets to triple digits in the summertime. Probably do what the Diamondbacks do and build a dome in Phoenix.
  12. I’ve also heard Damon Stoudamire out of Pacific. I didn’t even know he was the HC of Pacific. But if they can’t get Lloyd. I can see them going after a UA legend
  13. I’ve never had a problem with the shade of silver. I think that the problem for me was the fact it got muddled with the silver pants. Pair the silver uniforms with the white pants and it would brighten the color and make them better
  14. I disagree, I love the silver uniforms, but I do think they should use it with the white pants instead
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