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  1. Sources say Snyder wants Haskins. RIP Dwayne Haskins career
  2. Red Wings brings back their prodigal son as they name Steve Yzerman General Manager.
  3. I’d have the Devils wear the maroon/gold/maroon set. Traditional vs whatever the hell Michigan State is wearing
  4. I’m surprised that we’re a couple months in and no 2019 thread for NASCAR. NASCAR has announced that championship weekend has been moved from Florida to Phoenix starting next year.
  5. #RattleOn and #MotorOn is the best they can do for Arizona and Detroit?
  6. I don’t see the PAC-12 leaving the second round honestly. West seems like a tough road, but thinking Gonzaga and Michigan there
  7. I heard they’re not done signing players. They just signed Jordan Hicks and supposedly a couple offensive Tackles.
  8. The Lions are turning into the Patriots-Lite. Signing 3 former Patriots yesterday. The one signing that I loved was Trey Flowers. He’ll help for sure. Also I forgot Terrell Suggs was still playing. Great player, just don’t know if he’ll play with the Cardinals like he did with the Ravens
  9. ASU swept Arizona. Love the win! Now let’s hope they can win a couple games in the PAC-12 tournament and get a bid to the big dance.
  10. The worst team in the league(Suns) beat the best team in the league(Bucks) convincingly last night. Let that sink in.
  11. Might sound ludicrous, but there’s been a lot of rumors coming out here that’s the case. Not only Klif, but also Bidwell and Kevin are high on Murray at the moment.
  12. Boys Spring Training has started, time to start the season! Play Ball
  13. In other words I’m the unofficial mascot of the CCSLC!