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  1. I would like to see this one used as the crest
  2. Made a couple changes, Changed the front and shoulder logos.I like the change of the laurels as the gold instead of black to add color
  3. respect your opinion. I chose this because I liked look, but the laurels I will redo.
  4. These were an Idea, before adidas took over, I had played with not knowing if the team wanted to go back to the black home or stay with the red. a mix of the past and present
  5. I see what you did there!
  6. Now, Now, Y'all are all pretty.
  7. Would love to see an away version of this used and those made the new sweaters
  8. Orlando is releasing their kit Friday as well
  9. 3, was my number in Baseball and soccer 6 is my daughter's favorite number 48 is what I wear now. I am an audio engineer and phantom power is 48v so 48 to represent my audio side. Used to wear 33 and started right before Roy became popular, just doubled the 3 to double digits
  10. I said the same thing earlier in this thread. Great minds think alike
  11. I always wanted to see this look after they introduced the 1st third jersey
  12. This crest should be the current on ice look and the full body or promotional materials
  13. And yet The Jets and Aeros co-existed in the WHA together just fine.