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  1. Moreover, red represents the wrong side in the Revolutionary War for a team named "Patriots."
  3. \
  5. Indiana's colors are crimson and cream. So there is an option for you. I agree about darker red (they are the cardinal and white) for Wisconsin. It must be a challenge given that now half of the Big T1e4n is some version of red.
  6. Some teams look better in their colors -- Montreal, the Rangers and the Blackhawks are three. Some look better in their whites -- the Red Wings and most teams after the original Six.
  9. Read, and then feel free to comment thereupon.
  10. In going from three silvers to one, I think you picked the wrong silver. Possibly the wrong blue too.
  11. I guess you could call these the Pepto Bismol Sunrise uniforms.
  12. The difference between this and what they wear today is (1) script and (2) Times numerals instead of Germanish font. Same colors. And I'm not sure this was an improvement over the royal-blue and yellowgold from the ball-in-glove days. Approximately two-thirds of teams use this exact shade of navy.
  13. Or were merely successful compared to their usual level of (in)competence. Case in point: Ball in glove.