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  1. Moreover, red represents the wrong side in the Revolutionary War for a team named "Patriots."
  2. http://247sports.com/Gallery/247Sports-NFL-Uniform-Redesign-Dallas-Cowboys-Steelers-Packers-N-35931872?ftag=SPM-04-10abb3a&ET_CID=20579&ET_RID=38440514
  3. \https://steveprestegard.com/2016/07/01/the-new-big-red/
  4. http://steveprestegard.com/2016/06/17/the-new-big-red-threads/
  5. Indiana's colors are crimson and cream. So there is an option for you. I agree about darker red (they are the cardinal and white) for Wisconsin. It must be a challenge given that now half of the Big T1e4n is some version of red.
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, your Northwestern Vikings!
  7. I think Hextall wore #27 when he was with the Flyers, so he flipped his number when he got to Long Island. Thirty years ago, Carlton Fisk, #27 with the Red Sox, switched to #72 when he signed with the White Sox.
  8. Come join NBC on Sunday afternoons for Men Getting Dressed! Oh, and football too. But the music (?Don?t Turn Away?) is cool. One of the few examples where trombones have the melody. Would you prefer different visuals?
  9. I dislike -- nay, detest -- all-gray baseball unis. I hate all-white football uniforms. I think teams not named the Yankees, the Cubs, the (Black and) White Sox or the Phillies should not wear pinstripes. I think teams that do not wear NOBs (NsOB?) should be fined the entirety of their game proceeds -- ticket sales, concessions, merchandise sales, parking revenues, broadcast revenues, etc. -- every game they don't wear NOB. Are those opinions unpopular enough?
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