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  1. I don't know why, but I look at that far right logo and can't see anything but this :
  2. Walking around my local thrift shop this morning, waiting for the wife to get done trying some clothes on, and saw this beauty just hanging on the rack. Had to have it. It is in mint condition, other than one small hole at the bottom. $5.99 well spent.
  3. Can you do a Syracuse one with "Dome, Sweet Dome." on it? Orange background, white "dome," navy "sweet" white "dome" and a navy swoosh? Thanks!
  4. I know the Bills' online store cut all of their 2011 replica jerseys down to 39.99 and less. I assume most teams will do similar after the season, and by the draft we should start to see them trickling into the thrift stores.
  5. My initial thoughts when looking at it are that the uniforms are not bad, however I think the Oriole on the wordmark is not conveniently placed for the jersey. A lot of MLB players wear their jerseys with those top two buttons un-done, so you are going to end up with a decapitated bird on some looks. I don't like the hat logo at all, to me it looks like the Memphis Grizzlies logo slimmed down and put on a luchador mask. If you are going to use the front look for the bird, there should be a little more detail to define it as an oriole.
  6. Long-time lurker, admirer, and design beginner looking to get some feedback on an idea I had, and where to go with it. A little backstory: About a year ago, my wife got really into couponing. It isn't as bad as the people on that TLC show, but she gets enough to keep our pantry full, and make sure we have great meals to eat, and hardly spends anything at all. About 6 months into it, she got my 3.5 year old Son into it, and he really enjoys going with her to the store and helping out (as much as a 3 year old can). My wife started calling their duo "The Coupon Crew." So, when I was thinking of different Xmas gifts I could give her, the idea started forming in my head of a simplistic logo for this Coupon Crew. Something that I could put on a coupon case, bag, shirt, etc. and that they could wear or display with them as they went to the store and did this. Here is the general idea I came up with: The simple idea is two "C's", one backwards interlocking to form the shape of a dollar sign. I would also do a "Coupon Crew" wordmark below the logo to help the cause. My issue, I think at this point, is that in my head this idea seemed great. On paper, I think it still looks somewhat good, I just don't know how much I see the two C's and not just a $ or an S. Thoughts? Feedback? Comments? Thanks for the help.
  7. I don't comment on much, I pretty much just lurk and enjoy the work...but this compelled me to tell you great job.
  8. This doesn't happen to be your buddy, is it?
  9. I sent David Jones an email about this article this morning after I saw it. He just responded to me that he will be printing a retraction.
  10. Found a 1999 Arizona Diamondbacks Purple Alternate jersey earlier this week, 9.99 at a local thrift store outside Harrisburg, PA It is authentic, a size name or number, but it is in perfect condition. Looks like this one:
  11. I would like to see a Syracuse, if you have time...Heck of a job on these, I really like them.
  12. ooh... Those are pretty sharp. I wish the Sabres one had the third logo on it instead of the slug...That would really look nice.
  13. Found a old early 90s penguins Jagr Authentic jersey for 1.99 at Salv. Army about a month ago... I hate the pens, but had to buy it on principle of leaving it there for 2 bucks.