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  1. Found this beauty, a pipe smoking hockey player. Looking to see an update ...
  2. I do think the 'Hawks logo is untouchable, but this may be the best update I have seen before. Great job! I do enjoy the middle logo the most but I would like to see more yellow seems through the hair. OH NO! I think I just found Johnny Damon on Halloween in an indian costume.
  3. I love it! I will admit(not sure if this is a positive or negative comment yet) I find myself wanting to see more of the head (around the other side of the head a bit). Not sure if it would take away from the logo or not if the bear was facing out towards me a little more. Great Job though!
  4. Incredible! I must commend you for going all out on this one. The fact that you mixed your own colours and hand painted this is insane. I dare you to make an MLB one;)
  5. 1. 11 2. 5 3. 12 Nice work everyone!
  6. i love your stuff and website is great! any chances of rolling out a marty brodeur?! i have a buddy that has made me one with marty on it for 7 years but i must admit you work tops his. sorry Teej if you read this, lol.
  7. chris86saw

    Auks Logo

    ya you are right, 3 colours makes much more sense while looking at them now.
  8. chris86saw

    Auks Logo

    Yes i think that adding white would be no problem at all, i dont think that they have a problem with black either. Im pretty sure that most of our jersey sets have a black jersey. Ill try to develop a bird head logo, and one with an A and the Head in one.
  9. chris86saw

    Auks Logo

    Recently while not studying for exams i noticed how terrible our school sports logo looks. I approached the sports coordinator at our school and he was open to the possibility of an overhaul. the colours should stay the same, forest/dark green and yellow/gold. an auk is an extinct type of penguin. i know, terrible. anyways C&C is needed and welcome. The logo isn't nearly polished enough to submit as a final (lettering is still week in some parts) but all in all i'm pleased. it just needs some tweeks. my concept: Auk Logo
  10. I love that logo, i might even prefer that to the winnipeg jets logo as the best to come from that fine province.
  11. didnt they move away from that style a few decades ago, im sure there was a good reason, hmm...
  12. I will toss in the Phoenix Coyotes current colours as a top 3.
  13. i wish that the mascots in costume were to the same proportions as they are in the cartoon graphic at the top of this board, i wanna see a huge sasquatch, and a small little orca girl.
  14. I bet Ricky Williams went home last night and smoked a joint. pff 10 months till he hits the field again, thats plenty of time to become clean again. Dont worry Ricky, pot is a pain reliever, this is just about what you wanted anyways.
  15. i am pretty sure that it is just a continuation of the wing and the design needed to create a visual break so that the wing and body could flow without confusion
  16. i think that the mask looks great. although there arent too many ugly ones out there anymore check out the old buffalo sabes masks on this site, just be thankful they arent like these -Clint Malarchuk 1 -Daren Puppa 1 -Grant Fuhr 3 - all while with the sabres
  17. lets just hope that the blue jays never adopt the nickename, "phillies"
  18. 9 / 10 the diamonds got me, they looked to conspicuous to be fake, few good clues with the fake ones and some unrealistic smudges and some surfaces that would be insane to duplicate
  19. I like what the Jays have done to the Skydome/Roger Centre, it will always been known to me as the "Skydome." All the updates they made with the scoreboards and outta town boards are great. They finally got rid of the terrible grphics that they had on the outta town scoreboards on the walls in field with bubbly diamond shpes that took 30 seconds to interpret, but by then a score from another game would be up. Good job on the new graphics
  20. it was actually with 0.9 seconds left, and they practically lead for the whole game (dallas took the lead for the first time with about 2 minutes remaining in the 4th) your right on that, but i consider the missed shot with 13 left, O reb, and a back to back jump ball, in the dallas zone, and then the loss a the "losing" point of the game (they had an advantage in both jumpballs), i knew that dallas was gonna get a good look. the Raps are getting better at closing games, but definitely their weekness
  21. Oh jesus, the guy must not really care about hockey or he's none too bright if he doesn't know Crosby. Fair or not, the guy has come into the league with the burden of being the NHL's savior and the hype has followed accordingly. i would say that he IS from NYC, but he wasn't alone. I talked to 10 different co workers who are sports fans who follow the usual selections of Giants, Rangers, Knicks and Yanks. I asked them for there opinion of Romo, since i figured he isn't known to much out side of dallas. Most of there comments were general Giants homerism. Then I asked about Sidney Crosby since i figured he was more well known than Romo. most of them went "who?" one actually said, "Isn't he that guy from Crosby, Stills and Nash?" I swear to Ball-in-GLove that somebody actually said that. The sad part was, last year when the rangers made the playoffs they were like 'go rangers' and the usual general homerism. the point is i struggle to find people that know who crosby is. The only person i found that knew who crosby was was a guy that came in to the store wearing a flyers jersey. sad, and the north east is usually pretty good with hockey names. funny how the only person that knew was a flyer fan, i bet he wishes he didnt know that name
  22. Dont look now, but the Raps have won 6 of their last 8 including a loss with 8 seconds left to Dallas after leading the whole game. What are the chances that the Raps can hold off NJ, NYK, BOS, and we surely dont have to worry about PHI. This is BIG news for anyone above the border, with not much to cheer about since the VC playoff days, other than CB4 of course