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  1. The red banner is a good idea, but the text is probably too close to the trim. Suppose this is trimmed on a guillotine cutter, there are bound to be some mis-alignment (especially 2-sided), and something that close may get trimmed off.
  2. Ed Jovanovski? Really?! Ryan Getzlaf WAS on the team, but forced to sit out due to surgery. Patrice Bergeron hasn't been the same since his near-career-ending injury, if he could get back to the form he was in prior to the injury, I would bet he would already be in this camp. But I do agree with you on Marc Savard, this guy gets overlooked all too often. And, just no on the goaltending. Cam Ward has, most importantly, shined in playoff situations and is still a relatively young goalie. Osgood, Roloson, and Giguere, while they had success in the playoffs, are too old, and Biron and Turco barely has any success in pressure situations. Its clear that Hockey Canada invited the members who will be on future teams, those that will follow the Brodeurs and Luongos.
  3. Perhaps my favourite of all the script-on-front jerseys in the league.
  4. Bleeds are necessary once you have any sort of colour that is placed right at the edge of the paper. Industry standard of bleeds are 1/8", so make sure any images/background boxes are constructed 1/8" outside of your live area. One thing about magazines/books that you need to look for is whether this is saddle-stitched (2 staples on the spine) or perfect bound (uses adhesive/glue). If it is saddle-stitched, the cover should be fine just as it is, however, if it is perfect bound, you will need to create a gutter/spine area in your cover artwork, which means that when you are constructing the cover, it should be slightly larger than the inside content pages. This depends on the thickness of the magazine (how many content pages there will be), if its not too thick then I think saddle-stitched will be suffice. I've made a habit of packaging the entire InDesign file, but also making sure I export a high-resolution PDF file (with bleeds) and copy it into the packaged folder, zip the folder, then send the entire zipped file to the printer. I would think most printers would use the PDF file, but if they were to choose the InDesign file, they would still have a PDF to refer to. This is how I was taught in school, and this is what my workplace asks of clients (though we only get what we need like... 1 out of 1000 files). But I do echo what oddball said, there are printers that like to do things their own way. Contacting them would be a good start. Also, ask for a printed proof! There may be more details, but can't think of them as of now.
  5. Darcy Tucker (Habs and Leafs) Jonas Hoglund (Habs and Leafs) Soon to come... Mike Komisarek.
  6. Tom Barrasso (Sens and Leafs) Shayne Corson (Habs and Leafs)
  7. Quentin Richardson traded... AGAIN! To the Heat... for Mark Blount. And considering the lack of depth the Heat have, it would seem Q-Rich will finally stick to a team.
  8. MVP

    Colored pens

    Cool stuff... probably costs several grand for one though...
  9. These aren't great, but they're not bad either. I'd rather do without the shiny material on the blue. Plus, echoing what everyone else said about the outline.
  10. Wait a minute CC wasn't The Source part of Circuit City or are they gone in Canada also. Bell recently (around May I believe it was...) purchased all of The Source operations from Circuit City.
  11. I think the rocket is a tad too big on the shorts. Also, I'd personally go with the HOUSTON wordmark without the rocket. And why did you put Yao Ming's given name on there rather than the surname like McGrady? o.O