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  1. Very uncreative, bland and boring, please don't post anymore concepts, until you realize how to be creative. Thank you.
  2. EA confirmed what we all thought, in the NHL 11 demo the Flyers road jerseys are the same ones they wore at the Winter Classic.
  3. If the person was selling it as a authentic or a replica then yes you have to peruse this. We can't let fake jerseys continue to flood ebay.
  4. With the Leafs being such a high profile team, I am surprised no leaked images surfaced.
  5. I actually like what you did with the hats.
  6. Put a baseball behind the braves logo, and it will become epic, for now its really good.
  7. I really like the MLS logo.
  8. They even got the helmets with the teal brims. Yup, they got the helmets right, and one thing I haven't seen mentioned is that they were era correct with the NOB on a nameplate instead of direct stitching, as they do currently. Gotta love the attention to little details like that! The Mariners always seem to do "turn back the clock night" properly every year.
  9. 100% agreed... both of you should be suspended or something. Breakwood for being a troll and kw11333 for reacting poorly. On a real note I really wish they would have kept the stripe, it was unique to them.
  10. Those are better then what they wear now.
  11. If they just had stripes on the current jerseys they wear, everything would be fine.
  12. If you want to look for leaked items, go to a lids store. When I worked at Lids, we would release several items before they were even supposed to be sold. We had the Phillips World series cap, a week before they even won the world series, and we had the Blue Jays Canada Day hat, a whole 8 months before they used it.
  13. This is defiantly an upgrade.