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  1. As far as I know these are the Sunday Stance socks this year. So, unfortunately, we’ll only see them during Sunday home games. I don’t know what the rules are but I would love to see them be adopted by the players and worn all the time.
  2. The Astros wore the all blue hats again, this time ditching the orange crown and blue bill hat. As of right now they are a one hat team.
  3. The Astros have not been wearing the orange bill “road” hat. They have always worn them with the gray road uniforms but stopped wearing them during the playoffs in 2017 and 2018. Now they’re not wearing them at all (so far) in 2019. And they switched to 3D logos on the helmets.
  4. The WHA Aeros championship banners and Howe’s #9 hung in the Toyota Center for years until the minor league Aeros moved. I wasn’t here for the WHA Aeros but I know they are remembered fondly. The minor league team was supported very well. I think it would be a mistake to name a team in Houston anything but the Aeros. I think hockey would do well in Houston. We’re the most diverse city in the US with a massive number of transplants. There are a few high schools in the area with hockey teams and I think interest in the sport would explode if a team came here. I’m currently trying to learn hockey myself by following the Oilers this season (because they’re called the Oilers of course!).
  5. More giant logos at the Astros new Spring Training facility.
  6. Astros (and Nationals) new spring training facility features this logo awesomeness.
  7. And the only reason they were in Memphis is because in 1996 the Oilers decided to continue playing in Houston as a lame duck team. It was a disaster to say the least. Now, the Oiler brand wasn't the same as the Raiders brand but I can't imagine things will go well.
  8. Hopkins said on the radio that he's going to ask Bob McNair (the owner) to wear these all the time...and winning in them didn't hurt.
  9. A little bit of useless trivia: The Texans have not worn red socks with the navy pants since Sep 28, 2008 at Jacksonville. They were on a four game losing streak to open the season, went to the leotard look (navy pants, navy socks) and won. Unfortunately, we never saw the red socks again with navy pants again until today.
  10. Texans wearing red socks with the red over navy. https://mobile.twitter.com/HoustonTexans/status/810540604396597260/video/1
  11. Red jersey, blue pants for the Texans. First time they've worn this combo.
  12. I was at NRG Stadium last night for a high school game and the Texans team store had a player mannequin in the front window of the store dressed in full uniform with a red jersey, blue pants and blue socks. The Texans have never worn that combination and I'm not sure why the team's own store would do that. Their next home game is their Battle Red day, but their site says red jersey, white pants.
  13. I teach high school. All of the kids think these things are "raw" and or "live". We're fighting a losing battle if we think good taste will ever make a come back.
  14. I would think so...I've seen other pictures where the helmet looks very dark. This is THE image from the Bucs homepage, which had me thinking "crap, black helmet" upon first observation but obviously we've seen images of the helmet that grade anywhere from gunmetal grey to nearly chrome. This 360-turn of the helmet does a better job of showing the metallic nature of the helmet that's hard to convey in an image like that or under the bright studio lights of television. This is probably a stupid question, but is the new logo a decal? If so, I wonder how much time the Bucs trainiing staff is going to be spending trimming them to fit the various different ventilation hole patterns found on modern helmets. It's a decal. If you look at the photograph where you can see the back of the helmet you can see it overlap the molded stamp in the shell. It will be as much work as the Rams horn decals I would guess. It is interesting that it might look larger or smaller depending on how large the helmet size is. A kicker's helmet vs a DL's helmet.