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  1. for what it is worth, Massillon Washington High School used to where this decal on the rear of their helmets. Paul Brown a graduate of Massillon and former coach.
  2. I would like to see more of the South Hawks uniforms. Is their helmet logo two "Miami U's" mirrored and stacked on each other to make an S? Unique!
  4. Our booster club works very hard to give these kids everything they deserve. Massillon is a very proud program with high expectations every year. True Massillon has not yet won a state championship in the playoff era, but that should never take away from the prestige of a program. you can see the indoor facility here. and Paul Brown Tiger Stadium here
  5. Massillon Tigers Here is what they wore in Week 1 visit the Massillon Tiger Helmet Project
  6. I always appreciate the designers understanding the history in the uniforms. Ohio State is tough to rebrand because of their iconic traditions in uniform. However, Nike has knocked each one out of the park the last 4seasons. Each uniform has harkened back to a national championship year and special elements from those uniforms were used. If I had to guess, the sleeve stripe on the under shirt would be representative of the long sleeve and "low" stripe detail from the 68 uniforms which would fall near low upper ar near the elbow. The names on the back of the 68 jerseys were black font, but there were also black numbers nnthe sleeve above the stripe. These were left off the release for this season. As for the helmet I would have loved to see Nike reference the large buckeye leaves that we're used in 68. That would have made this helmet pop, touch on history and be modern at the same time. Overall, great job!!!! I love them!
  7. Massillon Tigers flat black lids and new unis. They also have a solid orange set and solid white set. I will post links for those as well.
  8. true, but one might be inclined to think that the NFL Network would have the actual NFL helmets. We all know about assuming though. As a Lions fan I hope that is the real deal. It looks nice from here.
  9. did anyone else see this? The Lions helmet has a gray/silver mask on it.
  10. i like this. very unique design and very clean.
  11. looks similar to Yahoo Sports.
  12. i have not been able to find a picture to show it, but the backs of the jersey on the name plate read "Duty Honor Country".
  13. the most original ideas i have ever seen. great job.