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  1. What about the Padres? Wasn't ownership considering making changes for the 2015 season or was that 2 or 3 ownership groups ago? They are in need of a complete overhaul.
  2. I noticed on Hatclub.com that the Cubs Game hat is on sale. They traditionally do not put hats on sale unless there is going to be a change the next season.
  3. The A's have eight "throwback Thursday" promotions scheduled for this season. Does anyone know if the A's will be wearing uniforms from those periods or will they just be giving away the patch that is listed on the website.
  4. The one thing Paul did not mention was the material that the hats are made from. Are they standard 5950's or a mesh variation?
  5. I'm not a Pirates fan but I own three different Pirates caps and adding to their new alts and these BP ones, I might be adding two more. I really like it and it's nice to see that the gold brim balances well with the logo EDIT: A's promotional schedule is out http://oakland.athle...ns.jsp?c_id=oak On July 27, they're going with 1969 throwbacks And since April 27 will honor the 1973 team, they might wear throwbacks from that era too. There are a lot of options for them Let's hope they break out the correct coaches cap for each era.
  6. I am surprised no one mentioned the Dodgers. Brooklyn to Los Angeles
  7. The caps were actually made and there was one on ebay about two years, size 8, that sold around $100.
  8. In addition to the Pirates bringing back the mustard caps, I would like to see the Angels wear "Los Angeles" on the road uniforms and have an "LA" with or without the halo. The Cubs should also go back to the monochrome look at they wore against the Giants this year with the thinking of "we wore these the last time we won the WS maybe we can do it again. Hopefully, in 2014 with new ownership, the Padres will finally be doing a redeisgn of the mess that they have now. As for the Nationals, what can they be adding now. Maybe a red cap with a blue "W".
  9. I would like to see the Pirates mustard yellow cap incorporated in somehow. It definitely looks better than the current alternate.
  10. Where did you see the Tarpons cap? When they had it at the team store I could not bring myself to spend $44 plus shipping.
  11. Indeed. I was 11 when that SI arrived in the mailbox. I was astonished by the fact that a big league ballplayer smoked cigarettes. For some reason, I thought it was cool. Youth. And let's not skip over Wilbur Wood. If memory serves, he went 24-20 in 1972. Only a rubber-armed knuckleballer could have pitched enough innings to win 20 and lose 20 in the same season. EDIT: My mistake. Wood went 24-17 in 1972. 1973 was the year he went 24-20. He damn near pulled off another 20-20 season in 1974 but he couldn't get that 20th loss so he had to settle for a 20-19 record. I believe the other famous knuckleballer, Phil Niekro, went 20 wins and 20 losses in a season at some point in his career.
  12. The correct color is royal blue not navy blue. For whatever reason about two years, New Era randomly changed the color of the cap to Navy Blue. Unfortunately, Majestic is following along.
  13. Excellent video and someone that has the same obsession with MLB hats (my count is 237). I am looking for the same hats that you just purchased but refuse to pay $30 for them. Keep up the good work
  14. The hat worn by Don Zimmer was not a half heart attempt but actually the first generation "taco bell" cap without the orange worn in 1972 as a alternate cap once or twice during the season. If you are looking for the close replica the best place to find out would be at the team store if the Padres have a TBTC day. The past few years the caps have not been available to retail.
  15. I don't know if this was mentioned or not on this thread but the A's gave the territorial right to San Jose area to the Giants in the 1980's FOR FREEin attempt to get a new stadiums built. The results was that either two or three times the voter referendum to build a stadium for the Giants was turned down. So the argument that the San Jose/South Bay area is vital to the success of the Giants is nonsense. Bud Selig needs to finally make a decision on this and move on. I know that he takes time to build concensus but three plus years is a bit much. Unfortunately, the A's really do not have any other relocation options available. The short list is Portland and San Antonio...so let them become the San Jose A's and end the discussion.
  16. Do the D-Backs count? Also, you could say that the A's qualify in a way... You could also count the Houston Astros as well
  17. You make a great point.....however, what he has said so far about other teams has been confirmed by others like CC and CWX, so I would think he knows what he is talking about. But we'll wait and see. All I know is, unlike you, I would be esctatic if this white-panel news is true, because I always liked that hat, and it would be different and unique to everybody else in Baseball, but not too over the top crazy.......a homeage to Oriole greats of the past (both white panel and all-black to be accurate) for a team in the future that might be closer than any of us think to respectability. yes, showtime029 is a legit source and on other threads has stated that he needs to be very careful with his disclosures.
  18. I noticed on TV! I kept looking over and over for that diamond, and with the Pats driving up and down the field, it was nowhere to be found. Thought that was interesting, wonder what took them so long to do this. Years past, they would leave the dirt infield until the end of the seasons then sod over it. This year the Dolphins stated that they were going to sod from the beginning of the year regardless.
  19. You do know that was actually Wayne Huizingas fault as he owns and generates all the revenue from concessions at the marlins stadium right? The fault would be with both. Even though Huizenga owned the stadium the tenant (Marlins) is in communication with the food vendor which Huizenga did not own. The popular belief is that Loria was ordering based upon Expos attendance and the order would have lasted him through the All Star break.
  20. The new Marlins identity is just another chapter in the epic fail that is the ownership of Jeffrey Loria. It all started with Opening Day of 2002 when they ran out of hot dogs, to the trading of Miguel Cabrera, the firing of Joe Girardi, etc. This is a poorly run organization that has done more in driving away fans than actually building a fan base. The trade for Ozzie Guillen would not be a bad one but who are they going to trade? There is a reason that they are in last place and their manager resigned half way through the season. Back on topic, first the nearly 50 pages demonstrates more thought and care then most of the Marlin fan base. Secondly, IMO they will not have a redesign in 2015 regardless of the response because Loria and Samson don't care about the fan base. That begin said, the new caps will sell. I collect baseball caps and will own one eventually even if it is one of the ugliest in my collection.
  21. Not as perfect as this: That is my favorite Marlin cap. If they changed the teal slightly to more of an auqua-marine/blue and then the F to a M, it would be perfect.
  22. Nothing (sigh). I'm not even a Blue Jays fan, but I'm anxious. They could have such a unique selling point. Not this generic beveled font garbage we're so used to today. Relax, gents. The new set looks killer. I love them. Much different route than the Marlins. Bizzaro Marlins. From everything I have read about the Marlins uniforms, it seems the only word to describe is "clusterf&^@k"
  23. Those are Negro League - Milwaukee Bears.
  24. Typical of the Marlins of having a blowout sale on a Wednesday. If they have it on a weekend, they are slightly better chance of getting more than 15,000 people there.