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  1. Mrazek's positioning is going to be the difference in this series. He played poorly last year and if he doesn't show more patience and keep his angles against a team that loves the extra pass it's not going to end well.
  2. I'm not seeing much that I love here. Very sloppy breakouts and a lot of missed assignments. Rask also nowhere near the top of his game right now which is bad news. Thankfully this is Carolina and not someone else.
  3. Definitely wasn't a goal in my eyes, but they challenged the hand pass stoppage not Mrazek covering it. So good call there, but bad call not blowing the whistle.
  4. Carolina challenged the wrong thing. Blame Brind'Amour, not the refs on that one.
  5. The Jackets are set up great. Toronto is the 2nd softest team in the league - they consistently fail to show up in an elimination game. Lots, LOTS of things need to change in that organization. Tampa is the softest team in the league, especially without Stamkos and Hedman.... and still Jon Cooper. Probably couldn't ask for a better scenario for a 9 seed. I know Columbus particularly enjoys ripping your heart out annually, but I think they have a great shot at moving on.
  6. This. While it's easy for me to sit back now and say what a stupid idea it is based on the amount of the actual season played and the current state of the Bruins, they had to play something. You can't just let the entire league have a head start on the playoff caliber hockey while the top 4 teams play exhibition games. I still think it should've been a 5 game set where each team plays twice since the "first round" is best of 5, but I digress.
  7. Same here on the monogram, I think it's a lot stronger than the crown they went with. I mocked this up just based on the branding they provided.
  8. Based on the weather that is definitely '96.
  9. So that was the death knell. A bit of revisionists history as a Packers fan I suppose.
  10. They got blown out by the Packers at home and never wore them again.
  11. To me this seems like a combination of every era of Patriots football, and for a team that has had so many drastically different looks - it doesn't look good. Those socks are definitely a hearken back to the Bledsoe era, the wide pants stripe stays the same from the Brady Era, and the jersey is a mismatch of AFL/Brady. This could be a very solid clean look if executed properly, but it isn't.
  12. There's a commercial floating around with the Patriots and another team (generic players) and they're wearing this combo. I can't for the life of me find it though. Nor do I remember what the commercial was for - so this was a pointless post.
  13. They need more than another top pick.
  14. You'd be hard pressed to find one. Maybe not paying Mookie Betts $33,000,000 at age 39? I don't know. I don't love that idea, but that's a better idea than not having Mookie Betts from ages 27-34,