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  1. That is definitely true. But in the case of the Bruins, it's at center ice, on the boards, and even sometimes in the ad slots in the neutral zone.. and mentioned numerous times throughout the broadcast including live shots of Causeway St with the giant TD logo plastered on the building. $1 mil is a drop in the bucket to TD Bank so I guess my point is mute.
  2. I know Toronto is doing it as well, but it just seems funny and kind of useless to have an ad for the arena name you're playing in on the helmet.
  3. This makes no sense to me. It's so odd how this whole thing went down. I totally understand letting Krug walk and think that was the right move, but this one just doesn't add up given the 1.25 for a solid player who... doesn't play. Chara was by no means an elite defensive guy who could chew minutes anymore, and most times he was a liability with the puck. BUT he's a great leader and given our young D core, he's the perfect guy to keep in the lockerroom and play bottom pair minutes.
  4. I saw that as well. Wouldn't put too much stock in what EA does uniform wise.
  5. And Ottawa still has their Edge Era uniforms as the primary - unless this update finally fixed it.
  6. This has a strong feeling of coming from the top, not necessarily Flores.
  7. Yes and yes. In the case of the Lightning I'd also say it's the job Vinik has done revitalizing the area around Amalie, he's shown a commitment to improving the city as well as putting a highly competitive team on the ice. The fans notice. I travel to Tampa for work every year and catch a Lightning game, mostly because I just like hockey, but also because the gameday experience is really, really good. The Rays have neither a good gameday experience nor a convenient way to catch a game. Same. Impossible to not root for this guy... and Dave Roberts.
  8. Sadly, this is actually great work compared to the photoshops on some players I've seen on 21.
  9. They've also struck out on some of their actual signings and/or trades. Hayward's been a bust, not really his fault but it just hasn't worked. Kyrie, enough said. Kemba, invisible all postseason, but this is Tatum's offense and Kemba seems like an afterthought on this team. That $35 mil probably could've been spent elsewhere. The Celtics biggest issue is their size. Theis ain't it. Kanter doesn't play enough minutes.
  10. https://creativemarket.com/boxtubelabs/1770556-Empera I'm assuming the designer behind these posts doesn't have access to the NE font and just used a similar-ish font. Empera was a free download at one point awhile back so that could explain it's usage here. Could be wrong, of course.
  11. It's very uninteresting. In short, we're all unbearable. 1: Patriots - For obvious reasons 2: Celtics - Think they are the best team in the league every year. Every call is a bad call. Comprised mostly of Old Boston (born and bread- not really a fan of POC) and affluent white kids who never grew out of the teenage angst phase. Do you know who my dad is!? BLEED GREEN. 3: Bruins - Pretty knowledgeable compared to Celtics fans. Mostly level-headed but can turn erratic on a dime. Obnoxious to a degree. The most heartbreak of any team in the city other than the 2011 Cup, which lends itself to more of an outsider feel than the other fan bases in the area. 4: Red Sox - All pink hats, no one cares about this team anymore, even if they're good. Red Sox provide a forum for people to go to Fenway solely to get a picture of them at Fenway. High ratings at nursing homes.
  12. Patriots aside, because that fandom is just so intolerable on levels never before seen, the Celtics easily have the worst fans in this city. They are BRUTAL.
  13. Same [censored], different city.* Mike McCarthy is who we thought he was.
  14. Yeah, I'm gunna tend to agree with that. He's definitely the biggest name out there considering age, and Holtby's performance this year. He'll probably fetch 6-7+ all things considered.
  15. That's true - but Rask has never won a Cup as a starting goaltender either. He's proven more than capable of getting the team to the brink and then faltering in the most crucial moment. See: 2013 SCF Game 6 (CHI outclassed them in the 3rd, but 2 goals in 17 seconds is unacceptable), 2019 SCF Game 7 (2 goals on 4 shots in the 1st AT HOME). He's a great goalie no doubt about it. Are you ever truly confident in him though? It varies considerably for me. The problems with this team are deeper than Rask, but I still see him as expendable at this point if the return is right. The UFA goaltender list ain't too hot but maybe Lehner could be an attractive option if he hovers around the 4-5 mil mark.