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  1. On 8/20/2021 at 5:17 PM, See Red said:

    What EA should do is fix the goalie mechanics and then put Vasi on the cover.  But they didn't do the second part and I doubt they'll do the first part, either. 


    There's a mountain of things EA needs to fix in NHL, and none of it will be fixed - ever. The move to the Frostbite engine is probably going to make things worse, the mechanics in Madden are terrible.

  2. On 6/26/2021 at 12:43 PM, Brass said:

    As a Bruins fans, I should probably be rooting against the Canadiens, but I find myself....not doing that. Hockey is probably the one sport where I can watch any team win the championship and enjoy it. Not sure what causes that; perhaps also having the childhood dream of lifting the Stanley Cup so seeing anybody else do it is a pleasing feeling? I don't know.


    Hopefully it's a good series. I didn't watch much of the Lightning/Stars last season, but hoping to catch some SCF games this season. I hope fans of both teams on the board enjoy it!


    I'm with you on this and it's confusing my little brain. I was rooting for them against Toronto, because, well.. Toronto. Still, I shouldn't want them to win - but I do. Maybe it's because they're playing Tampa, or maybe it's because the fans of Montreal (and Canada as a whole) deserve a Cup. Either way, go Habs... ughhhhhhhh.

  3. On 6/9/2021 at 10:13 PM, Brass said:

    I'm honestly trying to find the words to describe what I just witnessed with the Bruins and I...I just can't. In a usual game, teams will collectively make 2-3 bonehead mistakes each period. It seemed like the Bruins were making 2-3 mistakes per shift. Not even crazy complicated mistakes either - just basic stuff like foolishly stick-handling in front of your own net or suddenly not being able to catch a pass. Plus, I cannot get over the lack of urgency. Five shots in the third period? Of an elimination game when you're down by two? Gross. I guess it didn't help that they played most of the third like they were trying to protect a 1-goal lead...


    The Bruins were scared. It's sort of silly when commentators or fans of other teams talk about the Bruins being a "big, mean, physical" team when that persona has been long extinct. Most of the Bruins tonight looked absolutely petrified to touch the puck. Same problem got them in the Cup Finals against St. Louis a few years back. It's as if the team is going out of their way to find people who look big and physical, yet aren't once the puck drops. Hell, if Nick Ritchie was 5'10" or shorter would have never even sniffed Junior hockey, never mind the NHL.


    It's going to be an interesting offseason. I think a lot of what we're seeing as problems within the Bruins comes from coaching and upper management. Lack of depth, motivation, etc. However, I can't see them tossing Neely and Sweeney out of town. They'll probably tweak a few things, convince the fans that Jake DeBrusk is (finally) going to turn a corner in his career, and sign some guy from the fourth line of another team and the personalities on WEEI will pretend to know hockey for the Bruins designated three minutes and be all excited about it. Then back to talking about how the Celtics are going to be a dynasty in 2-3 years again...


    Time for NHL "hibernation!" Best of luck to the Islanders. They are a very good team and I hope they go far. Take down the Lightning!


    That was the worst game of hockey I've ever seen. I felt embarrassed to even watch it.


    Why was Nick Ritchie even playing in the last 10 minutes? I don't get why he plays at all... but.. WHY was he on the ice in that 3rd period. I've seen enough of Cassidy. I think he's a great guy and all but he's playing checkers while the rest of the league plays chess. The fact that he stuck with a clearly injured (or disinterested Rask) because it was "His Net." was enough for me. To quote the great Herb Brooks, "they just scored 10 goals, Jimmy, right now it's everybody's net."


    What happened to Taylor Hall? He completed disappeared in this series and while it's a small sample size, makes me question the value of resigning him to anything more than a 3x3. It's time to move on from Rask, his cap hit hampers this franchise in a way that he is unable to make up for with great goaltending when truly needed.


    The defense needs a top down retooling. Carlo is a stud, but he can't be a top pair center piece solely because he can't stay healthy. He might even want to start thinking about quality of life and call it a career, sadly.


    Kudos to the Islanders, I love their brand of hockey. Hopefully they run the table.



  4. I sent a text to my buddies about 5 minutes in last night that this was a Bruins dominate, Rask does not kind of game. You can always tell right away just by the way he plays the puck if he's on or not. He wasn't close. I can't fully blame him for the loss as the defense just let guys walk right in, BUT in the playoffs, in a game where your team is forcing the style of play, you NEED to make a few big stops.


    I'm not going to complain about the officiating being one sided or not, I just want consistency. Call it tight or call it loose, period.

  5. 11 hours ago, Brass said:

    Tuukka Rask keeping the Bruins in this game when three of their defensemen have decided to not play.

    Can’t imagine the Bruins going too far, especially when they decided to throw money at keeping constantly injured Kevan Miller instead of actual depth.


    I wouldn't classify myself as a Tuukka Hater, but I'm definitely not a Tuukka fan. With that said, he's carrying this team no doubt about it. I'm waiting for the inevitable Game 7 collapse, but for now I'll enjoy the ride.


    Bruins playoffs are essentially over if Carlo is out long term. Cliffy Hockey is fun and all, but in reality he stinks. Lauzon stinks. I know it was Chara's decision to leave, but he ended up playing a role in Washington that we really could've used here. Can never have enough Defensemen, especially when your bottom 3 are traffic cones. 



    10 hours ago, MDGP said:


    And instead of drafting a first round grade defenseman to help fix things, the boys club will draft Somerville's 564th ranked center and then be shocked when they never make it to the NHL.


    But.. but.. don't you want to here "SOMERVILLE'S OWN DAVE GARBANZO" from Jack Edwards every time the puck is remotely close to his stick!?

  6. On 5/29/2021 at 4:18 PM, SHaMROCK said:

    Well as I like long Bruins fan, I love this idea.  Anything that brings a return of gold socks I'm in favour of...  The biggest loss is the current shoulder patch.  I love how it is a modernization of their original logo.  I also love how the Away emphasizes BOSTON and the home emphasizes BRUINS.  


    My only gripe with the current set (other than the blasphemous black socks) is the white jersey's striping pattern. If they stuck with with the classic yellow/black/white/black/yellow this current set would be perfection. Especially after they went to a single color outline on the names/numbers.


    Those jerseys above are far and way my favorite set the Bruins ever wore, but those were Ray Bourque's Bruins. The current sent has such a strong tie to this generation of players and success I'd like to see them kept around for as long as this core remains intact, however long that may be.

  7. 10 hours ago, Brass said:

    Lauzon with the most beer-league play I’ve ever seen. Onwards and upwards from here, Bruins...


    He giveth and he taketh. Saved the game earlier in the OT, too. Just an absolutely boneheaded play. Speaking of boneheads, what the hell happened to Mike Reilly last night? Brilliant performance against the Caps, and tonight he looked clueless on multiple occasions.


    Isles deserved it so I can't be mad, they controlled the pace and had a ton of quality chances. Tuukka did what he could and stopped it from being an embarrassing scoreline.

  8. On 5/21/2021 at 9:42 PM, Crabcake said:

    I will say though, if the Bruins hope to make it far in these playoffs, they have to start finishing some of these golden opportunities, but they especially have to be more disciplined. Taking 7 penalties in a game is ridiculous, even if it feels like the refs have been a bit quick on the whistles for the playoffs. They got lucky tonight that Laviolette decided that adjusting is for nerds and the Caps should instead set up both PP units the exact same way, and try for the exact same play on both, after that play (Ovi one-timer) had been blocked by Bruins players six times. 


    Sir, that is Bruins hockey at it's finest. They score ridiculous goals with ease yet the easiest opportunities pass them by like a fart in the wind.


    This was a much closer series than the stat book shows. Oshie not being 100% was glaring. Despite Ovi going 2/2/4 he was a complete non-factor for the majority of it - and they wait until the final PP of the series to move him to the top of the umbrella, mind blowing. Rask was absolutely locked in last night, and there was zero chance the Caps were going to take that one when he's on the top of his game. I loved Chara only going after guys who weren't on the 2019/2020 Bruins roster.  Somewhere along the line the Caps lost the physical advantage and let the Bruins toss them around, I don't know why or how, but to me that was the difference here.


    You've had our number for a decade, it's nice to finally get one.

  9. 1 hour ago, Crabcake said:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Caps power play be this bad. And what has Laviolette done to adjust? Absolutely freaking nothing. Olcyzk is practically begging the Caps to switch something up and they haven’t done it. 


    Bruins have been vastly superior in this game and they should easily be up by 2-4 goals. 

    Yeah, Ovechkin standing still for 2 minutes ripping shots into Bruins defenders on repeat doesn’t seem like the play.  

  10. 10 hours ago, Crabcake said:

    Funnily enough watching the game I felt Ovi was one of the more effective top players for us. He at least drove the net and got some shots. Kuznetsov was not in game shape, and Oshie was silent. The Backstrom-Mantha-Wilson line got better as the game went on but Backstrom was brutal to start the game. 


    The Bruins are definitely the younger, better conditioned team in this series and I think that was glaring in the overtime periods. The Caps gave it all they had in those final 5-10 minutes of the 3rd and seemed to be deflated coming up empty. Washington's game plan seems to be just throw the body at the smaller Bruins and grind them down, but this team is far more resilient than in years past. It's a shame for Dowd he lost his cool there in the 3rd because he played one hell of a game up to that point, but that penalty was one of the dumbest things I've seen in a long time.


    Ovi berating Samsonov was pretty wild to see, considering he's been MIA for huge parts of this series. So much so that I wondered last night if he was in the locker room in the OT. It wasn't even really Samsonov's fault there, sure he could've been more decisive but the defender needs to come get that puck.


    Regardless of the 2-1 series lead, this is still a Caps/Bruins playoff series and I am not the least bit comfortable here.


    Also.. Taylor F'n Hall.

  11. 9 hours ago, See Red said:


    It's funny because everybody wanted Licht run out of town before Brady. They didn't even announce his contract extension -- which was part of the deal of getting Arians since they're friends -- because they knew people would be pissed. 


    Sucks for him for Brady to get all of the credit when I think if they brought in any QB that just didn't turn the ball over like Jameis, they would've been a contender. 

    Contender, maybe. But you don't get guys like Gronk or AB without Brady. Not that they had stellar years but they shined in the Super Bowl. Brady also changed the culture of that locker room overnight. Imagine running out of that tunnel on a Sunday with Brady next to you as opposed to say Andy Dalton. The compete level is through the roof knowing a QB of that caliber is with you.

  12. On 1/6/2021 at 11:26 AM, CreamSoda said:


    Instead of 18,000 fans going to TD gardens for every home game, 0 fans will.  That is a major hit to the naming rights they paid for.  This gets their name back in front of fans watching the game and people talking about the game.  


    That is definitely true. But in the case of the Bruins, it's at center ice, on the boards, and even sometimes in the ad slots in the neutral zone.. and mentioned numerous times throughout the broadcast including live shots of Causeway St with the giant TD logo plastered on the building. $1 mil is a drop in the bucket to TD Bank so I guess my point is mute.

  13. 44 minutes ago, fouhy12 said:

    Bruins helmet ad.





    I know Toronto is doing it as well, but it just seems funny and kind of useless to have an ad for the arena name you're playing in on the helmet.

  14. 16 hours ago, Brass said:

    Bruins wouldn't match $795,000 for Chara because they want to see how the younger guys play, yet they paid Kevan Miller $1,250,000 a year to waste a roster spot for half the season before spending the rest on the DL? Don't understand that...

    This makes no sense to me. It's so odd how this whole thing went down. I totally understand letting Krug walk and think that was the right move, but this one just doesn't add up given the 1.25 for a solid player who... doesn't play. Chara was by no means an elite defensive guy who could chew minutes anymore, and most times he was a liability with the puck. BUT he's a great leader and given our young D core, he's the perfect guy to keep in the lockerroom and play bottom pair minutes.

  15. 9 hours ago, monkeypower said:

    Apologies if this has already been discussed, the Ducks haven't put out a full body model of the Reverse Retro yet, but according to the EA NHL graphics, they're going with the dark Mighty Ducks socks and not the whites, which seems interesting.


    They wore those socks with the original Wild Wing jerseys, which were dark, so I don't know why they didn't go with the white socks to match the white of the jerseys and to complete the full Reverse Retro of the set.


    I saw that as well. Wouldn't put too much stock in what EA does uniform wise.

  16. 28 minutes ago, Ridleylash said:

    EA is not above screwing up jersey fonts; the Lightning and Flyers STILL use the wrong font, for example. Colorado's update using outdated number designs wouldn't shock me in the least.


    And Ottawa still has their Edge Era uniforms as the primary - unless this update finally fixed it.

  17. 5 hours ago, Tracy Jordan said:

    Of all the times for Brian Flores to bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, I don't see how it makes sense for him to do it now. They're on a roll right now and playing like a potential playoff contender. Tua was always going to see the field at some point this year, but this seems like the worst possible timing.


    This has a strong feeling of coming from the top, not necessarily Flores.

  18. 20 hours ago, Sport said:


    Their TV ratings suggest otherwise. The Lightning do well at the gate in a sport that also has a lot of home games. What's the difference between them and the Rays? It's not because Tampa Bayers like hockey more than baseball. It's because the arena is easier to get to. The Rays entire problem is a bad stadium in a bad location that is surrounded by water and hard to access. End of story. 




    Yes and yes. In the case of the Lightning I'd also say it's the job Vinik has done revitalizing the area around Amalie, he's shown a commitment to improving the city as well as putting a highly competitive team on the ice. The fans notice. I travel to Tampa for work every year and catch a Lightning game, mostly because I just like hockey, but also because the gameday experience is really, really good. The Rays have neither a good gameday experience nor a convenient way to catch a game.


    8 minutes ago, Digby said:

    I tuned in just to root for Mookie. 😭


    Same. Impossible to not root for this guy... and Dave Roberts.

  19. On 10/12/2020 at 2:21 PM, SSmith48 said:

    I know this is an old post by now, but if this isn't evident of the lack of effort EA is putting into the Madden franchise at this point, then I don't know what is.


    Sadly, this is actually great work compared to the photoshops on some players I've seen on 21.

  20. 13 hours ago, AustinFromBoston said:


    Problem is they've struck out on most free agents (AD, KD, Butler). 


    So they need to go all in with whatever picks they have left and get the best player a team is willing to part with. 


    They've also struck out on some of their actual signings and/or trades. Hayward's been a bust, not really his fault but it just hasn't worked. Kyrie, enough said. Kemba, invisible all postseason, but this is Tatum's offense and Kemba seems like an afterthought on this team. That $35 mil probably could've been spent elsewhere.


    The Celtics biggest issue is their size. Theis ain't it. Kanter doesn't play enough minutes.

  21. On 4/17/2020 at 1:48 PM, monkeypower said:

    The Stampeders joined the ranks of teams offering customized phone backgrounds with different names and numbers (though the Stamps one is kind of dumb because instead of the illustrated jersey pictures that other teams are doing, it's instead clearly a picture of Bo Levi Mitchell and their editing of the names/numbers don't look good at all), but the the number font is different than what it had previously been.


    Could this be a potential leak of a new number font?




    I'm not going to post any because they're all massive Twitter pictures, so here's a link to the Stamps twitter thread so you can see the different numbers.


    If these are the new numbers, some of them look odd (#3), but it does look like fix some of the inconsistent spike placement. 





    I'm assuming the designer behind these posts doesn't have access to the NE font and just used a similar-ish font. Empera was a free download at one point awhile back so that could explain it's usage here. Could be wrong, of course.


  22. 20 hours ago, Digby said:


    Oh this is a taxonomy of New Englanders I'm very curious about.


    It's very uninteresting. In short, we're all unbearable.


    1: Patriots - For obvious reasons

    2: Celtics - Think they are the best team in the league every year. Every call is a bad call. Comprised mostly of Old Boston (born and bread- not really a fan of POC) and affluent white kids who never grew out of the teenage angst phase. Do you know who my dad is!? BLEED GREEN.

    3: Bruins - Pretty knowledgeable compared to Celtics fans. Mostly level-headed but can turn erratic on a dime. Obnoxious to a degree. The most heartbreak of any team in the city other than the 2011 Cup, which lends itself to more of an outsider feel than the other fan bases in the area.

    4: Red Sox - All pink hats, no one cares about this team anymore, even if they're good. Red Sox provide a forum for people to go to Fenway solely to get a picture of them at Fenway. High ratings at nursing homes. 

  23. 10 minutes ago, Kramerica Industries said:


    As a Raptors fan, I can obviously understand this viewpoint and the 2019 championship being the fuel for it. But I'll just go the other way on this and say that, honestly, it's the fact that I don't really have a favorite NBA team that has allowed me to enjoy watching the sport more again in recent year. I mean, I've generally been the "regular season means nothing, how can I get into this" kind of curmudgeon, and I'm not even going to express and regrets for that because, really, it's not like I can change anything anymore (if I was watching more basketball, it would've meant watching less hockey), but there's more than one way to watch the game and enjoy it and that's what I've been doing more of in the last season or two.


    I mean, maybe it's just my own experiences and not having the best personality to handle it, I dunno, but the older I've gotten, the more I find team fandoms to be absolutely taxing to deal with and have on more than one occasion wanted to just rid myself of them altogether (and if the Lightning collapse once again, I just might). To that end, watching competitions like the NBA and the Premier League is such a massive breath of fresh air. Because while, sure, there are some teams I might not like and situations where I find myself being nudged one way or another (this Nuggets-Clippers series was a great example of this), ultimately the only team I will ever be bothered by seeing win would be the Celtics, and that's only because of where they come from. I can live with that (and, even then, it's nothing compared to the Red Sox, Patriots, or Bruins, you know?). Anyone else winning or losing...meh. Much easier for me to watch when I don't generally have to care at all.


    Patriots aside, because that fandom is just so intolerable on levels never before seen, the Celtics easily have the worst fans in this city. They are BRUTAL. 

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