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  1. Exactly. And I know the personnel has changed drastically over the past decade plus but if one team in the AFC consistently has given the Patriots trouble it's been the Ravens. I have friends who were more worried about the friggen' Jets last week. I was disgusted.
  2. I'm a Packers fan, so that might have something to do with it - who coincidentally also decided not to play defense yesterday.
  3. I saw a tweet along the lines of "I really feel bad for the home crowds this world series and then I remembered they can afford world series tickets and I no longer feel bad." Good stuff.
  4. Could be a few reasons: new additions, lost jersey, name misspelled. Adidas/PLL probably went to a local shop in a pinch for alterations and they just used what was on hand.
  5. Same, hell of a series, hell of an ending. One thing I'll never forget, living next to The Garden in those days I went for a walk after game 6 just to get some air and soak in the last bits of a SCF - the Chicago fans I did run in to were almost apologetic, couldn't have been nicer. Crazy, really. Sure the winning of a Cup moments earlier will make anyone happy, but I can't imagine most fan bases parading through the defeated town with that kind of "we've seen some :censored:, too" camaraderie in that situation.
  6. I was just there in October. The AirBnb was in Queen Anne but spent a lot of time in Belltown as well. Definitely from my limited experience I prefer Belltown - Queen Anne is great, though. It's rare to have a "neighborhood" arena like KeyArena is. Should be a really cool vibe when it's the renovation is completed.
  7. Yep, sure is. Between 2011, 2013, and this year I think the most cordial fan base in terms of fan interaction on the streets I dealt with was Chicago. Maybe because the Hawks had just won a few years prior, but it was a really easy going series. Vancouver was easily the worst to no ones surprise. St. Louis, eh, forgettable. Aaaaaand they were BRUTAL. I think there was an 0-20 stretch in the middle rounds there. Then again, 90% of Claude's tenure it was so inept anyway. Looked like they were the team actually down a man.
  8. 2 minutes in penalties from those cumulative suspensions. Woof.
  9. You're right, Bruins had plenty of chances to score and they just could not get it done. That's 100% on the Bruins, not the refs. But to say the refs aren't blind? There we 2 blatant hits to the head in the corner right in front of the ref. The one on Johannson resulting in a meeting with NHL Player Safety, and the hit on Krug which was more of an elbow than anything. The elbow could've been called or not called, I'm not that upset it wasn't. Then you have the holding on Krug that led directly to Krecji having to make a kick save and a beaut. Do missed calls go both ways? Absolutely. But did 2 incredibly missed calls lead directly to scoring chances? Yeah, and that's what you can't have happen - not in June. The fact that the Blues were the least penalized team going into the Final is astonishing.
  10. Ballsy, sure. But not so ballsy I’m ready to call the series. Carlo took a while to get to this point, McAvoy was a stone cold killer out of the gate. He’s a freak. Again, I haven’t seen a thing from Chara on the ice that I couldn’t do without. Nothing he does is at an elite level anymore let’s be honest and that’s fine, he’s freakin’ 40. He was never a Torey Krug type puck carrier but his breakout passes leave A LOT to be desired - he’s playing a Julien game in a Cassidy world. Trust me, I love the guy, but if he misses time it’s not the end of the world. I’m guessing Kampfer would get the nod - don’t love it, don’t hate it. This could all be pointless, though WEEI is saying he’s got a realistic shot at playing tomorrow. Personally, I doubt it. Good news is Grz practicing this morning, non-contact jersey, but practice is a step forward.
  11. Yeah, I disagree. Chara is 40, and not the Tom Brady type 40 - more of the beer league guy named Jim type 40. He's not the game-changer he used to be, and is more so just the vocal leader of the at this point. Bruins will definitely miss his voice, but his play can be replaced and maybe even upgraded.
  12. Absolutely a must win. They're going to have to do it using some finesse, the ground-and-pound style they've been executing hasn't worked, and won't work against this Bruins team. See: Columbus - and I think they had a lot more skill than St. Louis does.
  13. No doubt in my mind they'd be up 2-0 right now as well. Rask doomed Columbus, outside of that it was a terrific match-up that could've gone either way. Mrazek needs to take a seat. He certainly made some great saves yesterday, but he also let up some really, really bad goals. Curious to see who's between the pipes tomorrow.
  14. At the end of the day 90% of this league is low-key dirty. Anyone who's played 20 years in a league without winning a championship should be rooted for unless you're Marty McSorley levels of dirt.
  15. Yeah, it's tough not to root for Joe. What is it about Carolina? This has nothing to do with the fact that the Bruins are playing them, but I can't stand them either. I think for me it's the narrative that Raleigh and the Carolinas actually give 2 craps about this franchise - NBC is really pushing it. It's also Dougie Hamilton's face, it's just so punchable.
  16. A. I think the majority of us do this, unless of course there's an underlying hatred of a team. Now in this situation who are you rooting for? Discarding the Bruins already, the remaining 3 have all had levels of success in every major sport over the last decade+, there's no real city in need of a championship. B. Yeah, Jacobs is an a-hole of the highest order.
  17. Going on!? It was ONE of many examples of what being a Bruins fan WAS pre-Cup win. I went on to say in a later post that kind of stuff doesn’t matter now.
  18. This is slowly delving into Politics-level bashing your head against a wall.
  19. That’s the one thing you fixated on huh. My point was it wasn’t always peaches and cream before 2011, that’s it. No bitching, just painting a picture for everyone on this board who has a hard on for hating everything Boston. I don’t care that Ray Bourque got traded 20 years later, but from 2001-2011 it sure wasn’t the greatest feeling. I don’t know how this turned into this, but I never said we’re hard pressed and I never said anything about suffering after the Cup. I simply tried to show that Bruins fans had plenty of suffering before hitting the jackpot. Of course every team has dealt with that one way or another, but we seem to be the only people who can never mention it without people going bananas. I know we’re lucky as fans here, but to get called out and respond and then have the entire board jump down your throat is pretty pathetic. No one said anything about suffering during the past 8 years. All I said was it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since the team has won (or hasn’t won), you want to see another, it’s natural.
  20. In regards to Tim Thomas, I don't know many people who hold him in a very high regard. He's what you'd get if you went to Wal-Mart looking for a Dominick Hasek but they only had store brand. Sure he won the cup and that's amazing, but like you said - his style of play was beyond scary to watch.
  21. Listen, I'm not happy about having to bring up one of his stupid tropes either and I hate myself for it, but what's done is done.
  22. You're right, not everybody wins. Spare me the Bill Simmons grace period stuff. Sports are all about what-ifs. Winning doesn't negate your ability to discuss what-ifs. I'm happy they won, I'd be happier if they won more - who wouldn't be? Yeah of course, and I've never said he's a bad goaltender. I've just maintained my lack of confidence in him has been built around prior performances - which he's changing this postseason. Come on. Like Kramerica just said, Boston rents so much space in the collective boards head even when guys like @Brass and I have been nothing but cordial. I can't have any discussion without being vilified for wanting my team to win, which at the end of the day is what we all want. Where is the problem there? Because the Bruins won 8 years ago I'm not allowed to discuss the heartaches it took to get there? If your only contribution is to use the same tired stuff, there probably shouldn't be a contribution. At least @McCarthy is bringing some high heat.
  23. I understand exactly how that looks. It's the same thing as saying it's a travesty the Lightning choke on a glass of water every year. It's a reasonable expectation based on talent. The Bruins should have multiple championships, they don't. Pointing that out is a problem because they have 1? Stop it. I'm not a Patriots fan, I'm not a Celtics fan, I'm a Bruins fan. I've been in your shoes for 24 years before they won the Cup in 2011. Watching Ray Bourque lift the cup in burgundy. First round exits year after year, losing to the 8 seed twice, blowing a 3-0 series lead and a 3-0 lead in a game 7. There has been far more lows than your Blue Jackets have ever really come close to feeling. Don't think I take 2011 for granted, and also don't think just because 2011 happened I'm not allowed to lament on what could have been a dynasty if the puck fell the right way just a few more times. Say the Blue Jackets win a cup in 2020, you're going to want one in 2021, 2022, 2023, and so on. By 2029 when the Blue Jackets go back to losing in the first round all the time you're not going to be thrilled. This is going to turn into a beating your head against a wall discussion. You need to stop with the spoiled Boston talk with every argument. I get it. Doesn't apply here. Rask, has melted in big time moments more times than he's shined. That's the problem. That's not unreasonable expectations because blah blah, it's a fact. With his play right now (stole TOR-CBJ series') he's making me eat crow, and that's fine - I love it.
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