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  1. You know, usually I'm on board with your posts and greatly respect what you typically do post. However, I also think @Brass and I, and others on this board (save for one or two) have acted accordingly. The only one that sounds like a baby is you and your previous few post-loss posts. We get it, you hate Boston, you think we're all a-holes. For the most part, you're right - but those a-holes don't frequent this particular topic. Also, you watched Tuukka Rask for 6 games while he's playing maybe the best hockey of his career. He's a Vezina winner, career .927 save %, no one in Boston doesn't think he's a good goalie. However, in years prior (literally every year) he has shown an ability to self-destruct in the big moments and/or lose concentration to the point that the players see it. In a town that reveres it's sports heroes and prime-time performers, there's plenty of reason Rask has avoided that praise up to this point.
  2. Don’t. Just don’t. It’s not fair to anybody. Like I said earlier, I didn’t see a suspension coming because Anderson came back. I also can’t argue against a suspension, so it is what it is.
  3. The world is ending. Only explanation. You think so? I thought Boston shut them down pretty well, they were content on giving them that outside rush - but other than that I didn't see much offensively from Columbus that really could've stole the show. If they weren't playing with their heads up their butts in the first 3 games of the series I think it honestly could've been over in 4 or 5. At first I thought 5/10 cya in a few games. The more I watched it he makes contact with the chest first. Was it dirty? I don't think so. Anderson was a douche all series, but I can't imagine McAvoy wanted to knock him and himself out of the series. It ended up being uglier than it should've been, and it definitely ended high, but again I don't think it was intentionally a cheap shot. With the way this league works, since he came back, I don't see a suspension forthcoming. Glad Anderson is okay and they seemed to laugh it off in the handshake line. Either way, can't be taking chances like that.
  4. He's shown plenty of glimpses this series letting in a few cheapies he should've had. The thing about Rask is he's undoubtedly a world class goaltender, but his head is :censored:. When he's on you have absolutely no chance of beating him, but when his head isn't in it (which happens far more than the former) it is frustrating as all hell to watch. I think you're right about that. It's been sub-par all playoffs, which is fairly uncharacteristic. Bad ice favors CBJ IMO, Boston tries to get too cute with their passing far more than Columbus.
  5. Fair. I didn't watch the Tampa series. Boston has had plenty of opportunities to put the biscuit in the basket and they just haven't capitalized. I'm not saying Columbus isn't playing well, they clearly are, they're just not wowing me - Bob however, is. I'd give more credit to them for shutting down the top line, but Toronto did the same thing, these guys are just in a funk (more on that below). Like I said in my previous post, the B's are beating themselves. Unforced penalties leading to goals, unforced errors leading to goals. They're making bad decisions and have been since Game 1 of the playoffs, the only reason they got out of that round was the Leafs inability to get over the mental hurdle. There is no history with Columbus, no mental hurdle to get over, they don't care, they're just going out and playing - and it's working. Brad Marchand is a clown. Anyone who says otherwise is an a**hole. This guy's talent is through the roof, but he loves being that pest to levels that frustrate even the most jaded Bruins fan. Trust me, I can't stand the guy and don't want him on this team but sadly I'm forced to root for his success. David Pastrnak. Huh. He's either playing hurt or is softer than a marshmallow in the desert. He can't skate, he can't pass, he can't think. He's afraid of contact all of a sudden, there has to be something wrong with him, he can't be Joe Thornton 2.0.
  6. This. This reminds me a bit of that Montreal series a few years back when Price and The Post won it for them. Bob is singlehandedly stealing this series, and if I wasn’t a Bruins fan I’d say it’s fun as hell to watch. Outside of Bob, Colombus hasnt been all that impressive in all honesty. The Bruins just seem content to continue to beat themselves. The right team is up 2-1 right now. If Boston ever decides to find their game they can take the series - but not looking great right now.
  7. You forgot to mention the Chara A La Carte menu. This playoffs we’re offering: -Borderline Interfence -The 2 line pass turnover -The back hand flip turnover -Perplexed look at all times -Ability to look like you’re skating in peanut butter Enjoy.
  8. I got it. Just following up on a Rest/Rust debate we had a few days ago. Probably should’ve quoted that but I didn’t want to dig through the pile of Vegas hate.
  9. I'm a bonafide Rask hater, but what is he going to do with either of those goals? Re Rest vs Rest - Bob: Rest good. Team: Rust. They picked it up from the 2nd on though, started to look like the team that beat Tampa. Bob legitimately scares me the same way Price/Holtby do in terms of being able to single handedly swing a series.
  10. This is already way beefier than the Leafs series, and there’s actual history there. Did not expect this kind of intensity from game 1 but I love it.
  11. Ladies and gentleman, may I present.. that guy. Hate Boston or not, the grandslam would be a pretty amazing feat. @McCarthy & @infrared41 best of luck this series guys. Any other scenario I'm pulling for Columbus to take it to the house, maybe because the image of McCarthy sitting indian style in the corner facing a wall while rocking back and forth at the end of every April was just not a good visualization. On to the actual series, Columbus was hot but they haven't played in over a week, I wonder what affect that will have and if it's just a slow game 1. What's the scouting report here? I admittedly haven't watch much if any Blue Jackets games this year - so what are they? You know what Boston is: chippy, borderline interference calls every rush, and red hot or ice cold goaltending that varies from period to period.
  12. Trust me, the Bruins sect in Boston has and always will have that vibe so long as the core is here. You’re right most of these guys weren’t here 8 years ago, but the primetime players were. They’ve shown the ability to not show up, and have done it too frequently in the biggest moments. I’ll spare you the list, but I’m sure @Brass can concur. As I said, it’s not at the level of Toronto. But this isn’t Dallas or Phoenix, these guys aren’t ‘relaxed’. Speaking of Dallas, is there a worse crowd in hockey? They almost put me to sleep last night - felt like a game in early October.
  13. I disagree, respectfully of course. While the pressure in Boston isn’t the same as it is in Toronto because.. Canada, it’s certainly not a walk in the park. The team that easily takes the most heat in this town is the Bruins. Mostly because they’ve had a supremely talented core for a decade and have wilted under the pressure season after season (minus 2011). The core is old, the expectations are high, and there’s quite a bit of pressure on this team right now to sack up and get the job done. If they don’t I see quite a few moves being made in the offseason. In response to others comments about Washington/Boson. Braden F’n Holtby. This guy has been a Bruins killer since forever, I don’t care how bad Washington is playing I want nothing to do with them.
  14. It looks like monogram (or maybe just a C?), Brownie, and then another monogram on the bottom.
  15. It’s friggen going 7 because it always goes 7. Toronto has been far and away the better team all series, so theoretically they should win - and probably will. The difference for me has been Babcock/Cassidy. Babcock is putting on a coaching clinic and all Cassidy can do is tell them to dump, chase, lose the puck battle, repeat. Absolutely zero creativity. Marchand and Pastrnak are getting outworked and outplayed in every aspect. Lots of respect to Toronto for stifling the best line in hockey. Let’s talk officiating again. It’s awful. The first 2 Boston powerplays were really bad calls, then they missed a blatant boarding against Pastrnak only to be bailed out by a Marner DOG. I’m up in the air on that GI non-call. Rask was never going to make that save, but it could’ve gone either way. Bruins fans will blame that call for the loss of the game and possibly the series - completely ignoring the gift calls they got and couldn’t capitalize on.
  16. Strongly Agree. Slightly disagree. Johansson had some really clean entries into the zone and got in front of a few shots - I don't mind his play. Backes really isn't the problem either. That fourth line is abysmal and Chara has lost so many steps he literally has to interfere with any player gaining the zone on a dump and pray he doesn't get called. Don't get me wrong I love Chara's leadership but his game is sheeeeeet.
  17. You stop that right now. I think Bergeron has earned a little more respect than that. Pastrnak, sure.. that dude is MIA. Man...... he is special. Curious to get your take on the officiating for game 3. I thought it was awful on both sides - soft calls against both that I didn’t really agree with. Maybe they were trying to set a tone after the roller derby game 2, either way I hope they find a nice balance for #4.
  18. While Tuukka was his typical sub-par self lets not act like this loss is solely on him. Bruins played like it was a mid-October matinee in every facet of the game. When a team plays that bad, it needs it's goaltender to bail them out, and Tuukka is not and will never be that guy.
  19. Lot of hockey left tonight but.. @McCarthy thoughts, comments, concerns?
  20. I lurk more than I post these days, but I design all of the uniforms for The Basketball Tournament every spring/summer. Year round I design for college lacrosse, helmets mostly, but some uniforms here and there as well.
  21. And it's typically some teenage s**thead from deep in the suburbs - as is the case here. To be fair, it's become a bit of a tradition to throw beers at the players on the Duck Boats, they grab 'em, they drink 'em. Everybody wins. Then you get some hardo like this kid trying to be cool.
  22. Yes, we do. This may sound arrogant and obtuse but this year feels more authentic. You can tell by the crowds at Fenway this series. The Bobby Valentine mess et al over the years really thinned out the pinkhats. While being in the WS will bring them back, the fans attending these postseason games has more of a 2004 feel. Maybe it's the homegrown talent. I know our payroll is 7 billion - but Benny, Betts, JBJ, Devers, Bogarts, Vazquez, all homegrown. Watching them rise through the minors gives us a bigger rooting interest than a bunch of overpriced old guys who manged to click at the right time (like the other 3 WS - 2004 again, was different for obvious reasons). Different fan base, and way way more insufferable than than the other 3. People across the country have a tendency to lump all 4 major fan bases into 1. It doesn't necessarily work like that. While there are exceptions, Celtics fans aren't Bruins fans and vice versa -they're a different groups. Bruins fans hate everything and are pessimists. Meanwhile Celtics fans think Kelly Olynyk was the white Bill Russell. The Patriots aren't necessarily a Boston team, they're a suburb team. The Red Sox are probably the only team that everyone in general will root for regardless of sporting allegiance. On a side note: Joe Kelly really picked a great time to reach his fullest potential.
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