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  1. Buying a replica jersey with a NOB for either the Red Sox (home whites) or Yankees in inexcusable. They sell replicas for both teams with NOB and without, for the same price.
  2. What are you talking about? This is fantastic news! Not that I would wish an injury on any player, but I can't say I'm upset about this. I didn't think ownership would have the balls to bench him in the first place even though it was warranted. I thought the shoulder problem was a cover up at the beginning to justify him being away from the team. Turns out it was real. Either way, not having him in the dugout is clearly doing wonders for the chemistry of the Sox. Barring injuries this is an AL East champion contender.
  3. This is a nice idea, but there's a lot to work on here. The first thing my eye was drawn to was the lower right serif on the T, and that's not a good thing. It looks out of place and quite frankly, unfinished. I know it's like that for a reason to create the bolt, but as is, it's just catching my eye in the wrong ways. With that said, your serifs in general need some clean-up. Particularly the top right, the bottom where it comes close to the B is rounded, while every other one is at an angle. Just about all of them have some sort of bend to it, straighten those out. The B is where the most work needs to be done. The top and bottom are both angling in and it looks a bit odd, straighten those out. Your inner and outer curves are also a big rigid, looks like you have a bunch of nodes there that could probably be weened out. Lose the bevels completely. This one is just personal taste, but it looks cleaner without them. All in all, this is a cool idea - just needs to be refined.
  4. I should have one laying around, I'll try and dig it up.
  5. Yeah, was just about to come here and post that. Nothing's working.
  6. The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is the student's reactions. Granted their a group of 18-21 year old kids who will take a stand for anything for attention, regardless it's pitiful. "Why are they doing this to us!?" "Way to punish the students!" Shut up. Your normal everyday student is unaffected by this, completely unaffected. There's still football to watch and still a college to go to. You're not being punished. The brainwashing that takes place in that area is incredibly unnerving.
  7. I hate the Mariners teal jersey. I mean I love it, but not for a major league baseball team. The M's should be navy then teal.... then silver. It just doesn't look good in today's world. The vintage Twins script is friggen awful. Look at how unbalanced that bad Larry is. If that was a brand new script you guys would rip it to shreds. Don't get the love for it.
  8. The Red Sox criteria is Hall of Fame membership and at least 10 years with the team. You used to have to finish your career with them in addition to the 10 years but they eased up on that to retire Fisk's #27.
  9. Hmm, just wondering but why are you for Gretzky and against Jordan? They'd both be retired for the same reason.
  10. i guess it depends on how old you were when he played for the Bucks. He made his name with that team with teammates Sam Cassell and Glenn Robinson. Looks right to me. Personally I don't think he looks strange in any of the 3. He spent a good chunk of his career and made an impact in all 3 cities. I compare it to Johnny Damon when it comes to KC, BOS, and NY. Could make an argument for all 3. IIRC we've had the Damon discussion plenty of times, but he made his name with Boston, won 2 championships, and became the most recognizable person in baseball thanks to his lack of a barber. I can't stand him, even when he was with the Sox, but he definitely belongs in a Red Sox uniform.
  11. I disagree. I thought the Shield logo was very clever and fitting, a hockey coat of arms if you will. Also looked better on the jerseys. I agree with you. The coat of arms made a perfect yoke patch that complimented that beautiful crown. It's a shame these jerseys got tossed away, they were great.
  12. Hey, sorry I missed this. Hopefully you've found something suitable by now. I no longer have that template as it was the first one I did - it's also only in .svg. I have the newest version still if you'd like that.
  13. YES! I love the blue undershirts from the 1980s and 1990s. I actually think the red ones look far too...boring, for lack of a better term. The blue really does help the red pop. I also think that the 1990-2008 roadies looked better when they had the blue undershirts. Now to get to your first point... A lot of people didn't -- and don't -- like the redesign of the road uniforms. A lot of people. I personally think the new ones are fantastic, though no one who I've ever talked too agrees with me. Okay, I third the navy undershirts. Beautiful. This has to be my favorite Sox jersey of all time, which most people view as a beer-league softball jersey... Also, I hated, and I mean hated the new road duds when they came out. They've since grown on me a lot. I still miss the World Series era roadies but these aren't to shabby either. As for the undershirt conundrum, blue at home, red on the road. The roads need some red, and I think they really pop with the red undershirts. EDIT: While I'm here, bring back the striped stirrups!!!
  14. Yes. In a market like this it's tough for BC to be a viable contender year in and year out. They just don't have a fan base that travels well, or even a fan base outside of current students and alumni. From the get-go, moving to the ACC was a bad decision, but the money was there so they took it. I heard a radio spot the other day for BC Football saying something along the lines of, "Come watch the Eagles as they look to take the ACC crown this year!" I couldn't help but laugh, and that's never a good sign.
  15. I've been notified, I'll get to correcting that.
  16. Why not just re-brand the Big 12 the South West Conference again? I don't think they will, nor do I want the Big 10 to change their name, but I can't wait to see how they wiggle a 2 into the logo.
  17. I did the original vector version of those pants which was taken from Andrew over at nhluniforms.com. However, I don't think anyone has converted it to paint.
  18. He fit in so well and quickly as a Celtics, it seems like he was destined to be in green. KG in a Timberwolves uniform looks like a legend in the wrong uniform to me now. Its odd isn't it, because I would sort of agree with you. But I think its interesting that Garnett seems like a man living out his destiny with a ring in Boston, whereas say Ray Bourque has to go to Colorado to win the Stanley Cup, but he will be forever a Bruin to a lot of people, I think. I've actually always been curious about this. Does anyone in Boston hate Ray for leaving for a chance at the Cup? The guy bled black and gold, stayed when others left. Carried the team when it needed it. So, who hates the guy for wanting to get his and call it a career? And let's be honest, it ended his career when he got what he wanted. He didn't stick around and continue to stick it in the back for Bruins fans. You'd be hard pressed to find a guy around here that hates Ray for going to Colorado. We all knew the Bruins weren't going to give him what he so desperately wanted, and deserved after all those years, so if leaving was his best option, then he did the right thing. It's not like he had a full tank left, it would've been different if he did. He was at the end of his career. IIRC he actually brought the Cup back to Boston for a day.
  19. Weird--because we all know this is where he belongs- Linked beacuse I didn't feel like saving this to my photobucket account & I didn't want to hotlink God, do I miss those jerseys.
  20. I feel like this just takes away any creative aspect to a concept.
  21. I think I do. PM me. (Unless this post is so stupid and you don't want to because I'm uneducated and not thought out). LOL What in the world.........
  22. This template? Unfortunetly I only have this file in either a .svg or .pdf format. Not sure what program you use, but if you're interested send me a PM. As for the gloves, no I don't have those, you'd probably have to shoot a request over to Cole for something like that.
  23. What template are you referring to for the view of pants you want?
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