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  1. I feel like this just takes away any creative aspect to a concept.
  2. I think I do. PM me. (Unless this post is so stupid and you don't want to because I'm uneducated and not thought out). LOL What in the world.........
  3. This template? Unfortunetly I only have this file in either a .svg or .pdf format. Not sure what program you use, but if you're interested send me a PM. As for the gloves, no I don't have those, you'd probably have to shoot a request over to Cole for something like that.
  4. What template are you referring to for the view of pants you want?
  5. The one with the "skinny arms" is the new NHL template.. not sure I understand what your asking for?
  6. any chance of a football template in a .svg format???
  7. im currently working on finishing the one ive been posting the new NHL jerseys with, i just finished up the back. shorts and socks should be done by the end of the night.
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