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  1. Make that two of us. So much talent on here Make that three of us.
  2. You know, it wouldn't be a bad idea to aim the Play 60 program to some of us male adults as well... Or towards the Lions themselves... They havn't played a full 60 all season... Post of the Day?
  3. I have arrived. Seeing as I've done 5 posters so far (viewable here), hopefully I will be of assistance. I think the first thing you want to do, is move into vector. I know you're the self-titled "Master of Raster", but for theater posters raster-based graphics won't cut it. Bar-none, the best free vector program I've used is Inkscape. Now on to the actual design. Italics will get you nowhere. They just make something look stylized and romantic. Seeing as this is theater, it's gonna make it look boring. Plus it makes the centering of everything else look weird. I'd go with the suggestion that oddball made above. This needs visual hierarchy. When I say that, I mean that it needs order. The first thing a person should see is the title of the play. I'd put it at the top, underneath the "Oakton High School presents..." text Speaking of which, this text should be changed to "Oakton High School Presents:". The ellipsis makes it look gimmicky. I'm not sure on the capitalization of "Presents" though, I'm sure a grammarian could show the way. If you do make the bonnet into an L, you're going to be faced with the problem of lack of center. By this I mean that there will be no central graphic. This is a tough one, seeing as there is no real overarching plot element that could be used as a graphic, to the best of my knowledge. In this case, I'd go for silhouettes, or something symbolic and metaphorical. I have no idea what, though. That's up to you. Maybe a puritan spanking paddle. I'd also go with just "Bromly Auditorium" if that's possible. That's all for right now. If you do go through with these updates, I'd be able to further assist. It's visualization element, before I can go any further, I need to see it. This has potential, I'm excited to see where it goes from here.
  4. UCLA is Kicker U. That's all they have.
  5. Mind the bump. Interesting note, I just saw a spot on FSN Prime Ticket advertising a Lakers game that would be in a standard broadcast on FSN West, and then from "Courtside View" on Prime Ticket. This should be interesting.
  6. I think that's the point... and oh joy! Los Angeles and San Diego are both 1 hour driving from me... huzzah! lol I think I may just have to buy my girlfriend a Los Angeles Temptation Jersey No, the point is not to goad a multi-million dollar organization to initiate an expensive law suit.
  7. Chicago at Atlanta Miami at Houston Baltimore at Indianapolis Detroit at Minnesota Oakland at New Orleans Cincinnati at NY Jets Carolina at Tampa Bay Jacksonville at Denver St. Louis at Washington Dallas at Arizona Philadelphia at San Francisco Green Bay at Seattle New England at San Diego NY Giants at Cleveland
  8. Titans @ Ravens Chiefs @ Panthers Bears @ Lions Falcons @ Packers Colts @ Texans Chargers @ Dolphins Seahawks @ Giants Redskins @ Eagles Buccaneers @ Broncos Bills @ Cardinals Bengals @ Cowboys Patriots @ Niners Steelers @ Jaguars Vikings @ Saints
  9. The most likely name, I think, would be Citi Center. Going with the whole "Citi Field" theme. Not a terrible name.
  10. Got my vote too. Also, along with number 2, number 7 sucked as well.
  11. SUNDAY Cleveland at Cincinnati Minnesota at Tennessee Denver at Kansas City San Francisco at New Orleans Arizona at NY Jets Green Bay at Tampa Bay Atlanta at Carolina Houston at Jacksonville San Diego at Oakland Buffalo at St. Louis Washington at Dallas Philadelphia at Chicago MONDAY Baltimore at Pittsburgh
  12. Eh, what the hell? Tropic Thunder references ftw.
  13. Great...as if the Pats didn't learn their lesson the last time they wore whites at home... It OBVIOUSLY happend because you're not supposed to wear white after labor day.
  14. SUNDAY Kansas City at Atlanta Oakland at Buffalo Tampa Bay at Chicago Houston at Tennessee Carolina at Minnesota Miami at New England Cincinnati at NY Giants Arizona at Washington Detroit at San Francisco St. Louis at Seattle New Orleans at Denver Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Jacksonville at Indianapolis Cleveland at Baltimore Dallas at Green Bay MONDAY NY Jets at San Diego