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  1. The name currently feels like it's a too-late attempt to be trendy, but I think it'll age well as it becomes further and further removed from the recent pop cultural context. Because Kraken is/are a cool monster to name a team after. The logos look pretty good, but feel a bit off to me. The S looks like it should be a secondary logo, and the anchor feels like it's more fitting for the Mariners than the Kraken. I was hoping that if they went with Kraken, they would go with a House Greyjoy style crest (and maybe they could make the squid's head form the shape of the space needle?) Overall though, this is a good looking identity. Navy uniforms often look so blah, but they've avoided that here by having such thick light aqua stripes and pops of red.
  2. It's good by the standards of Nike's NFL fonts. But if we're not grading on that curve, it's just okay.
  3. UNC's best look ever, worn by some of our best teams ever.
  4. Every time I look at it, all I can see it how anatomically FUBAR that eagle is. The forced W shape makes it look like its wings are coming out of its butt.
  5. The rendering could be improved, but I also like the general idea. My biggest issue is with the goatee. Pointy goatee = devil. Pencil-thin goatee = creepy pervy dude.
  6. Pretty big downgrade, IMO. The light blue and gray just don't have enough contrast to work together. Both the lion and the numbers are difficult to make out because they blend in with the background.
  7. There's a good reason for that.
  8. I like to imagine them as a bunch of guys named Ray. (I know his name's Carl, but this is the image that pops into my head when I think of a guy named Ray.)
  9. The powder blue is nice ,but it's not enough to negate the awfulness of the Chargers' current uniform design.
  10. I can never decide if that stupid full-body Bronco logo is trying to look tough or saying "Draw me like one of your French girls." Good work on your part, though.
  11. In theory, a garnet helmet could look better. But the way these are executed, with the ugly matte plastic maroon finish and the logo plopped awkwardly in a white circle, the white helmet is easily superior.
  12. Personally, I think the NFC North should get two nominees, and the NFC West none. But as is... Giants Bears Panthers 49ers Jets Steelers Colts Chiefs
  13. That's a sharp looking field.
  14. If color vs color were allowed, and the Broncos weren't so superstitious, I think the best possible look would be the Broncos in orange vs the Panthers in black. Two great looking uniforms, and strong contrast with dark helmets and light jerseys vs light helmets and dark jerseys. But I'm personally of the opinion that neither the Broncos nor the Panthers has a bad uniform combination, so we're still going to get a great looking (and very 90s!) Super Bowl.
  15. Taken by itself, the blue jersey may be their best, but when comparing the entire uniform, the black over silver is their best look. I love the way the electric blue trim pops off the black jerseys and silver pants.
  16. This. The Eagles are a good example of this. I thought their green looked atrocious in shiny reebok/ripon material and actually looks decent in the matte. The Eagles' green is bad regardless of the fabric (though it looks great on their helmets.)
  17. You got the teams right, but the worst possible uniform matchup would be the one we'd probably see if both teams made it to the Super Bowl: Bengals in black vs Cardinals in white.
  18. Okay, the only really bad thing about the 49ers 80s look is the comically wide pants stripes. Mostly they're just kind of dull. But they don't hold a candle to their late 90s look, which isn't perfect either, but is still by far the best look in franchise history. But the 49ers dominated in the 80s, and were mostly mediocre in the late 90s and early 2000s, so now we're stuck with these bland fauxbacks.
  19. The ideas of the Seahawks and Patriots uniforms aren't bad, they just flub the execution. They could both keep the same basic looks they have now and look much better with just a few minor tweaks.
  20. Maybe this has been mentioned before, but check out the orange, white, and green flag decal on the UNC helmet on the right. That's for Junior Gnonkonde, who's from the Ivory Coast.
  21. The Panthers monochrome blue looks good. I wouldn't mind seeing that pants and jersey combo, with black socks, become a part of their normal uniform rotation. The Cowboys don't look bad either, but all I can think when I see those jerseys is that they missed a golden opportunity to finally break out the Little Giants look.