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  1. It’s silver. White jersey over white britches is a traditional football look at any level. I think when most people here refer to monochrome, they are referring to monochrome colored jerseys and pants.
  2. I've always assumed the Bills would have dibs on any expansion to Canada. Besides the Jaguars, who have a fitting nickname, any of the prior LA teams would have been a logical choice for expansion to Mexico City just due to familiarity from proximity. The Raiders probably have the biggest existing fan base there at least among the Raiders, Rams, and Chargers. In the end, we'll probably see expansion to London before we see either Canada or Mexico, which is unfortunate, because I think Mexico is the better first step internationally.
  3. Just so everyone knows what we're talking about here. And yes, only the Detroit set is decent (not good, but decent). The rest range from bad to terrible.
  4. Socks stripes. Please. But hopefully their away socks are solid white with two blue stripes--their previous striped socks didn't look right with their away uniforms.
  5. The league needs more striped socks in general. So does college football. I wish more football teams treated socks as a part of the uniform like hockey does.
  6. I'm with Buc. I've long thought the division between the news and discussion forums is unnecessary hair-splitting which seeming only applies to the original thread post. Every single post in the news forum ends up in discussion anyway, so why create the dichotomy when none is needed? I've been a long-time member of this board, and I think it was better when the news and discussion were all in one place.
  7. I was a huge fan of McMahon because I used to hear my parents tell me stories of his legendary play at BYU. I'm just old enough to vaguely remember Steve Young as BYU's QB, but McMahon at BYU was just a little before my cognition. Yep. These are my favorite Chargers set. Gold bolts, gold numbers, white pants. Nice, clean, consistent look, with gold still playing a significant role (less than the previous gold pants sets, but more than the subsequent gold bolts/white numbers and white bolts/white numbers sets).
  8. I guess it's a good thing I went to those Gopher hockey games over the weekend...
  9. One thing that's amazing to me today is how Utah media in my twitter feed are defending Rudy in the face of the national backlash he is receiving. I expect that kind of stuff from some of my Jazz fan friends, but not necessarily from the local media (despite how rah-rah as local sports media has become these days). Folks need to acknowledge that he was an idiot for being so flippant about an epidemic that has already taken thousands of lives and directly impacted millions of others. You can't blame him for a stoppage that was inevitable, but you can blame him for propagating social-irresponsibility. But Utah is a strange place, so maybe my expectations should be readjusted...
  10. The old logo--though not without its flaws--has character. The new logo is generic among current designs, though I do like the mountains incorporated into the shield. They really should have just focused on cleaning up the old tiger.
  11. As I was saying, I think the closest analogue will be how the Utah Utes use the red-tailed hawk mascot within its overall athletics identity. Based on that, I imagine Illinois's current branding won't change much, but they will get to have a mascot at sporting events again. Maybe you'll see a kingfisher mascot logo used every once in a while in connection with mascot appearances or one off uniforms.
  12. If their usage is similar to Utah's red-tailed hawk mascot, I doubt we'll see much in terms of kingfisher imagery in the athletic branding. Utah has some red-tailed hawk mascot logos (http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/892/Utah_Utes/), but you rarely see them used. Like with Utah's block U, I assume it will continue to be a lot of block I-related branding.
  13. Seattle HC or HC Seattle. If they really wanted to troll us, instead of just HC, they could use the IHC--the ice hockey equivalent of association football's AFC.
  14. I find foreign pronunciations more unintentionally entertaining than obnoxious. It makes me laugh, e.g., to hear Giada go out of her way to pronounce "spaghetti" in Italian as if she feels she need to prove to us all that she really can speak Italian. That said, I'll never really understand why Italian place names were Anglicized when their Italian forms were perfectly easy to say in English--Roma, Milano, Torino, Venezia, Firenza, Sicilia, Toscana, etc. EDIT: Corrected Italian spellings as pointed out by Ferdinand Cesarano. This further illustrates the confusion caused by the unnecessary Anglicization.