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  1. I think this is pretty cool. But I can see this becoming more challenging to implement when players of Asian descent want their names in their native language, because romanization, pinyin, romanji, etc., shouldn't count as native language.
  2. As I suggested elsewhere, they should have then called themselves the Seattle Patricks and then reclaim the Metropolitans name when nostalgia inevitably demands that the NHL revert to the Patrick, Adams, Norris, Smythe division names.
  3. Mere coincidence? I doubt NYCFC would have used the “C” and the “City” if they weren’t under the City football umbrella. They would probably have gone with New York FC instead.
  4. If they really wanted to channel the Ligue 1, they would be called AS Saint-Louis.
  5. I would argue NY Red Bulls is Euro-inspired in that it is the only MLS team with a sponsor in its name. I know NYRB's sister clubs--Red Bull Salzburg and Red Bull Leipzig--aren't popularly named in exactly the same format, but to me that distinction is fine enough that I'd group NYRB into the Euro-inspired group. In fact, I recall seeing--I may be wrong on this--that the NY club's official name is Red Bull New York, but everyone (club included) uses the American standard NY Red Bulls to refer to the team.
  6. Am I missing something, or isn’t North Carolina known for being the birthplace of powered flight? I know the Wrights build gliders to test their flyer designs, but gliders at the time weren’t anything special. Naming the team the Gliders misses the point, so it should be eliminated.
  7. Chief Justice Roberts, and the ghosts of Justices Kennedy and O'Connor, trying to balance on a knife's edge.
  8. If I recall my history properly, Washington DC didn't exist during the Revolutionary War. Sure, DC represents American independence, but its ties with the Revolution are relatively tenuous compared to Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Trenton, Charleston, etc.
  9. Who knows. My best guess would be any unnecessary references to the team name would go, but the logo would probably stay.
  10. As I recall the trademark appeals board invalidated the name as being derogatory. But in a separate case decided while Washington appealed the ruling, the Supreme Court ruled trademark law's proscription of derogatory marks unconstitutionally abridged the right to free speech. As a result, the previous ruling in the Washington case became moot and the team could continue to protect their name.
  11. For the record, a red wolf is a particular species (or subspecies) of wolf. So it's actually more specific than your examples diamondback, terrapin, oriole, or marlin, each of which are terms covering several species.
  12. If I were litigating this, I'd figure out a way to include that quote in every single motion or brief I filed, regardless of the issue the brief addresses. And at trial, that quote would be blown up and put on a huge poster board for the jury to see. I'm guessing any action would not get past summary judgment in favor of the Washington Football Club, so in the it depends on whether Washington and the NFL are willing to assert their rights or if they are willing to proverbially "negotiate with terrorists" and just pay a nuisance-level royalty while avoiding litigation.
  13. Back when there were rumors floating that RSL was going to have to build their stadium on the Geneva Steel land near Provo/Orem, I was joking with my friends RSL would have to rebrand as Utah County FC.