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  1. They might as well—since they’ve appropriated all the college hockey cheers and chants. All they need now is a pep band and a fight song.
  2. I didn't think we'd have an example of not having a left- and right-facing logo within a few posts after I posted--so much for common sense. The bear should be facing forwards on either side of the helmet.
  3. First of all, kudos to OSU for having separate left- and right-facing logos so that Benny is always facing forwards on the helmets. You'd think it would be common sense to do this, but we've all seen failures in this regard. But as everyone has pointed out, the full-color version is better than the monochrome. For colleges, I do like campy logos--but then, I'm a biased Gopher alum....
  4. From the article, the overall shape comes from the shape of class crests designed by each graduating class. The class crest shape is because the design has to go on the side of the class ring. So basically the shape of the patch follows the same general shape of a class ring. It seams to me they could have chosen a more meaningful patch shape than the side of class ring--especially given that the Air Force has plenty of patch shapes from which to draw inspiration. https://www.usafa.edu/about/traditions/class-rings/ https://www.jamesnancesculpture.com/usaf-academy-class-crests/
  5. Canuckjacked is the new Clevejacked...
  6. I'm basically fine with any former AFL team who still uses traditional AFL-era uniforms (or substantially similar as judged by me) to use the AFL logo. So Raiders and Chiefs are fine, but not the Jets since the change. I suppose I'd allow the Bills if they appealed.
  7. I keep 'em on so I can attach the fight strap to my belt, because you never know when you're going to drop the gloves.
  8. Growing up in Idaho in the 80s and 90s, I always thought the Smurf turf seemed bush league. But then BSU was a I-AA school, so I always justified it by the fact that the Broncos were literally bush league.
  9. Plus it seems like there's a huge laches issue here. I mean, if you're going to sue on your trademark/copyright/publicity rights, you should have done so a loooooonnnnnggg time ago. Seems to me like they could have ASU law clinic students spend 25 minutes to draft the response/summary judgment motion and be fine.
  10. I’m sure the stipulation to Nike was make the jersey an away version of their current royal home jersey (which already has either white or royal pants to pair with) so they can wear white and royal on the road in the future. The only real throw/fauxback element is the helmet.
  11. I agree with this. General discussion is broad enough that anything, including news, qualifies. But in the news forum there is plenty of discussion goes beyond simply news and should be put under general discussion. It’s hard to draw a distinction between the two. A better solution would be to go back to the combined forum and allow topics to be tagged as either “News” or “General” and add the ability to filter along those two broad categories. If for some reason someone wants to filter on one or the other they can do so, otherwise if they want to view the two together, they can also do that.
  12. Maybe I need to post this in the News forum, otherwise it won't get the views.
  13. For the record, I don't like that we're now making a distinction between News and General Discussion. Most of the posts in the News topics would qualify as general discussion. If we had a vote, I would say recombine the two forums. Also, if there is already a topic for this, please point me in the right direction so I can make my opinion known there.
  14. I'm with you on the non-matching home/road sweaters, provided the two jerseys have a similar design aesthetic. Here, I think Carolina have done a good job of that--though it would look much better with CAROLINA spelled out.