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  1. Poland looks good. Too much monochrome in international soccer these days. Take France-Germany for example: Both teams could and should be wearing their iconic looks. France should be wearing white shorts while Germany should be wearing black shorts.
  2. They could do something in the spirit of that logo, but the original logo is such a mess. Two different fonts for the wordmarks and lots of issues with the wolf--its placement is strange, its white outline seems out of place, and its lines are a bit messy (maybe because this isn't the original?). But if you remove both the wordmarks and replace and redraw the wolf, you might be on to something.
  3. Fixed it. The Flyers' primary colored jerseys should always be orange.
  4. The Bruins in black socks and the Blues with white numbers neither look better nor look right.
  5. Genericide is only a concern for a tiny fraction of trademarks. It's not like the Seattle Kraken are at risk of the word Kraken in connection with hockey becoming genericized. And the bar isn't worried about the work Kraken in connection with bars becoming genericized. The biggest issue for either would be laches, which would prevent them from suing down the road. And it's not like you can ignore infringement in copyright, either: "No civil action shall be maintained . . . unless it is commenced within three years after the claim accrued." 17 U.S.C. § 507(b).
  6. If the NFL were sending cease and desist letters to get someone to stop using a logo that the NFL had scant rights to, I can see calling that bullying. But the NFL isn't doing that here. The NFL has clear rights to the original mark, and junior mark likely infringes that mark under US trademark law, so the NFL has the right and obligation to protect its rights, otherwise those rights disappear. Am I a bully if I try to prevent people from squatting on my front lawn?
  7. I hear ya. But try pointing that out on the BYU fans board and you get OK’boomered faster than it takes to incorporate a new multi-level marketing company in Utah County…
  8. I don't mind the Mets in black jerseys/hats on limited basis--after all, the Mets' colors are a blend of the Dodgers and the Giants--I just don't like when the black creeps into their other uniforms.
  9. Yep. If only it was that easy to dodge trademark infringement...
  10. I doubt the Ducks, the NHL, Adidas, or Fanatics would be using or selling anything without having the requisite formalities in place with Disney. So at the bare minimum there must be a license in place. I guess your point here is about trying to figure out the details of license--when was it signed, what does it cover, etc.
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