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  1. It's kind of the Jazz to trade their beloved uniforms to the Nuggets! Apart from the similarities, those threads rock big time
  2. I would love for the Atlanta Hawks to remain on the classic White - Red - Black color scheme while also switching the Volt with this Peach color they introduced this year I prefer to , that way, the Hawks have a truly unique color scheme and leave the Ketchup and Mustard combo open for whenever the Houston Rockets rebrand!
  3. Is this thing I saw on the Bucks' Facebook page comments section legit? Or even if not, any chance blue becomes their next City uni?
  4. Standing ovation! I used to go to Staples Center games as a journalist and remember how much I loved to see which away jersey the visiting teams would wear. During that 3-year span I specially remember a Hornets visit against the Lakers and how happy I was to see teal versus gold for the first time! Due to the Lakers popularity and black-for-black-sake trend I had a suspicion the teams would wear black against LAL way more often than they would against other teams, so if I was bothered by the huge amount of visiting black I'd see on a given year I can't imagine how much it must suck to see the home team in their colors vs white all year long...
  5. Cool looking matchup! The Wolves wear the lime green on pretty rare occasions, and I must say I prefer when it contrasts against a dark uniform rather than vs the rival's white, same way I don't like this Lakers tendency of wearing gold against white.
  6. Here's a better look (in context)
  7. Watching a the fake trailer for the "movie" Moreyball on the Ringer I came across with this Houston Rockets logo... I didn't see it on the main site and I've never seen it before, new logo in the works?
  8. Sneek-peak on the new Clippers identity from Rare Design's video on the Minnesota Timberwolves' Facebook page? Or just some logo brainstorming?
  9. Well, here's a fresh brand-new atrocious color clash that might not happen ever again
  10. What do you guys think of Brazil's lime uniforms? I love both fluorescents they use, one of the few countries that can pull of such color-vibe sets!!
  11. Nice approach by the Spurs, but I hope they mantained the same side pannels... If I'm right there's still a lot new uniforms yet to be revealed: -Brooklyn Home&Away -Denver Yellow Alt -Golden State Yellow Alt -LA Lakers possible new alternate -Phoenix new unis? -Sacto new checkboard -Wizards blue alternate?
  12. Hi everyone!! Despite visiting this site almost everyday I don't post much. It can be because of my poor english level or because my maybe-poorest drawing skills. Despite these limitations, I tried to do the cover of my own soon-to-be-published novel but, in the end, I felt there were something left on it. Then I remember one of the many awesome series this site have ever offered to the eyes of the ones who, like me, come here often. Patchez and his talents were the missing piece for the logo to be as awesome as it can be. So I asked him to collaborate on giving his great touch in the cover and, luckily, he accepted. Now my space-related book is about to launch and I'm so proud of the mission patch I ended with. I wanted to start this topic to say thank you to the great Patchez for what he did for me, a 24 year-old soon to publish his own first book in Catalonia (not Spain, for the ones who don't know lol). Thank you so much for being one of the main reasons if this books turns to be succesful. For the ones who don't know, but now on will now, PATCHEZ IS AS GREAT AS HIS TALENTS PD: Please excuse my english teachers, unfortunately they're not so much better than me on it lol PD2: I'll upload the full cover next, I don't have it on this computer
  13. It's getting better Too PSG for my taste but I kinda like it!!!
  14. I've seen every team with the exception of the Nets and the Suns. New unis'? I'm also disapointed on the Bobcats, Warriors, Knicks & Thunder, I thought they're going to introduce alternates...